Charging Monstrosaur


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Charging Monstrosaur

Creature — Dinosaur

Trample, haste

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Charging Monstrosaur Discussion

Tanhathan on Dinosaur Ramp

1 week ago

Indeed. I would sugest that Drover of the Mighty would be an improvement to your Druid of the Cowl as it would have stronger stats (in presence of your dinos) and would create mana of any colors.You made me discover Khenra Charioteer and Weaver of Currents, so thank you for that.

I am also realising that you got a lot accelerators and very little creatures spells destined to bring your opponent down. . The Ancient Brontodon is sure nice but I'm not a great fan: it takes only one anti-creature spell to destroy, may it be a 6/6 or a 9/9... I'm much more fond of you Colossal Dreadmaw.

As big scary dinos goes, I would suggest Charging Monstrosaur.

Ninjew42 on RW Dinostomp

4 weeks ago

I have some ideas for this deck.

Look at R/W Jurassic Park, The Scary Bit.

Izzinatah on Freebird

1 month ago

I've been running a (very) similar Naya deck with Approach as the win-con and have had good fun (and success) with it. I came across yours while looking for a creature-based Sunbird's deck and I quite like it. I have some suggestions though.

1- More 3-mana ramp cards. I've found hitting a ramp on turn 3 is crucial as it gets you to Hour of Promise and Fumigate on turn 4.

2- More Fumigates. Fumigate is great and you can play it right after you ramp. It doesn't matter that it kills your creatures too, as you'll want them out later in the game anyway.

3- More Dinosaurs, and more Regisaur Alphas if you can. The haste from the Regisaur is absolutely fantastic, and a 4-of should ensure your big dinosaurs can attack as soon as you drop them. I'd suggest Burning Sun's Avatar instead of the Cerodon, you lose the cycling but you get 3+3 damage and potentially Haste as well. In red it's fun to hit multiple of Charging Monstrosaur or Glorybringer but sadly at 5 CMC they can't fetch the great 6 CMC+ dinosaurs with Invocation, though you could try a bunch of 5 CMC haste creatures (those and Regisaur) to close out the game quickly.

Essentially I think it's hard to squeeze enough creatures in with the ramp & wipe needed to make it work (which is why I've been reluctant to swap away from Approach, which only needs four non-ramp/wipe cards). Therefore you want to make sure that when you drop your big bomb creatures they can close the game out before your opponent can react - hence Regisaur & big dinosaurs with haste or ETB effects. Also, the 'cannot be countered' ability of Carnage Tyrant isn't as valuable here as it usually is as your opponent is going to be struggling to counter all of the creatures you 'cascade' into anyway.

I hope that was helpful - sorry you got such a poor reception on Reddit!

SirSmellsAlot_ on The land before time

1 month ago

I would rather play Regisaur Alpha over Charging Monstrosaur. Yes it's a 5/5 with haste and trample but you get a 4/4 and a 3/3 with trample for the same cost. Also Otepec Huntmaster is strictly better than Drover of the Mighty as a ramp card just because you don't need to tap it to get the mana.

Ninjew42 on R/W Jurassic Park, The Scary Bit

1 month ago

backinajiffy Thanks for the great comment!
I like the idea of Sheltering Light as a way to counter removal. I will see what I can do to trade for some next Sunday.
I haven't had an issue with bad first draw, and even with six cards to start you still win by turn 7.
Even good control has a problem with how fast you can deal damage with turn 3 Charging Monstrosaur
About the only thing I know I want to change is to add another Kinjalli's Caller and take out the Frenzied Raptor.

zachdig on NAYA DINOS

1 month ago

Definitely a good start and has the right pieces of a Naya ramp deck. However I feel like you have a lot of rampers but not a lot of payoff. I dont think you need all 12 rampers, you could probably get by with 10. Also Id have 3-4 Dinos in your 5 slot like more Regisaur Alpha or Charging Monstrosaur since the point of ramping is to strike big and early and haste lets you do that a turn earlier. Im not particularly fond of raptor hatchling since Opponents dont usually have trouble dealing with it, I prefer like 2 or 3 Abrade or Lightning Strike in that slot. Finally I think you could probably drop a land and be fine, especially if you fit in 2 or 3 Inspiring Vantage. Put 2 Crook of Condemnation into your side deck, just trust me on this one lol, Ive been stomped by my own zombie Dinos a few too many times. Good luck!

IlGuale on BR: Revenge of the Homebrew 2.0

1 month ago

Hey, Thundermaw, thanks for your comment! Onestly, i haven't really thought about other five CMC creatures. Demigod of Revenge is what i usually play in that spot and it happens to synergize well with Pack Rat, which i love. Also, reading this primer ( i got the impression that a single Demigod is still a solid wincon as a sort of flying Reality Smasher even when it doesn't bring back another one of its kind. Considering other similar creatures (big, hasty and evasive) my thoughts are:

-Thundermaw Hellkite is usually similar to the Demigod, better against Tokens (which isn't very played atm), but always without discard synergy.

-Charging Monstrosaur is an inferior version imho, but it's a nice budget alternative.

-Stormbreath Dragon, again, it's usually like the Demigod, better against control/white decks.

-Glorybringer is an unknown, but i like it and its ability, while less relevant than it is in standard, still kills everything up to Thought-Knot Seer.

So, why do you value Thundermaw that high compared to the Demigod?

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