At end of turn, if no creatures are in play, sacrifice Pyrohemia.

(Red): Pyrohemia deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.

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Pyrohemia Discussion

legendofa on Breaking Enraged

1 week ago

Pyrohemia is a red equivalent to Pestilence.

If you're trying for a Reanimator angle, Unmarked Grave from Modern Horizons 2 and Entomb from older sets are worth looking at, depending on format and budget. For the actual reanimation spell, Reanimate and Exhume are generally better than Doomed Necromancer. These aren't exactly budget cards, though, if that's a consideration.

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Felfigor, Sentience of the Pyrohemia

Legendary Creature - Celestial Elemental

Protection from red

Whenever you lose life, you may discard a card at random. If you discard a red card in this way, draw 2 cards.

: Deal 1 damage to each creature and each player. Use this ability only if you control another red Elemental creature.


Ok, so there's no way that the name and mana cost would both fit on the same line. Whatever.

Also, this harkens back to TypicalTimmy's description of a Celestial. Sorry, bro, not allowed to post links.

Make a mono-green planeswalker who cares about snakes.

carpecanum on Draconic Rage Precon Upgraded

1 month ago

Pyrohemia could deal damage to Vrondiss on other players turn, every turn. Fire Ants is good against a lot of decks.

The dragons Vrondis makes die fast. Stalking Vengeance would be horrifying.

The only real weakness I see is Vrondis himself. He dies easy. Indestructible or Regenerate might be needed.

Superbabo on Best Dino Enrage Deck

1 month ago

WOW! Your Deck is pretty similar to mine! Have you considered Ripjaw Raptor or Bellowing Aegisaur? Ripjaw Raptor is pretty good for card advantage and it is in general a very good card and Bellowing Aegisaur is pretty good with Pyrohemia and Rite of Passage. Im not an expert but in my opinion these are pretty good. Your deck is pretty good and i really need to change my deck! :)

Beebles on Hit Me Baby! | Akiri Damage Ricochet | V-AFR

2 months ago

Thanks for stopping by king-saproling! Will look at your list soon. I like Justice and Shifting Shadow but I don’t understand the relevance of Gratuitous Violence. Is it because of the combo with an indestructible Boros Reckoner?

Frilled Deathspitter seems more at home in Pyrohemia-type decks. Or is there a synergy I’m glancing over?

Thanks again!

CaptainToll on Green Marchesa, True Hair

2 months ago

ghostfire86: thanks for the suggestions! Pariah and Guilty Conscience have already found their way into the deck.

  • Pariah's Shield is too heavy of an investment in a game for me (8 mana for the effect and then there is no protection against cheap removal).

  • Volcano Hellion specifically states that its damage cannot be prevented, so I figured it won't work.

  • Repercussion is nice, but I do not have one at the moment. Will definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • Vigor same as with Repercussion.

  • Pyrohemia seems very nice and I might find room for it.

  • Shivan Meteor while great art, is too narrow for me.

KBK7101 on Gishath: The Enrage Tour

2 months ago

Pyrohemia is a great card for enrage decks. Another one I've taken a liking to recently on Arena is Cinderclasm. Instant speed enrage/token board wipe if needed!

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