50% doof and 50% farmer/writer/musician/several different woodland creatures.

I look forward to trying out a few decks here and am always glad to hear advice : ) Have a great one every one!

Niko9 says... #1

Ha, I bet you'd be great on a show : ) You've always got super interesting builds, so yep, best of luck with the dream. I'd watch that episode, for sure.

But yeah, I mean all of my complaints about GK are just because I love the old episodes. I'll still watch the ones with Grahm, Wedge, The Prof, Melissa De Torra, Cassius, Ashlenn, and they feel like everyone was having such a good time. People would get mana screwed, odd things would come up, and it felt real. It felt like a real game that was presented very well. But now (and I remember them talking about this on a podcast maybe) they typically don't have the guests play home brewed decks because if that deck doesn't do well the audience could interpret it as them being a bad magic player. And for the same reason, they free mulligan into the realm of best possible starts every game. Which all makes sense from the show perspective I guess, but you can feel when people aren't into it, and them playing what's actually a fake game just takes me out of it. Plus, I always liked the diverse cast they used to have. As a kind of atypical magic player, I really appreciated that they had people who lived very different lives all come together for games. Now it's kind of like, oh it's another youtuber, okay. It may be a played saying, but seriously, they kind of lost "the gathering" aspect.

But I'll keep trying every now and then maybe : ) I think they are great, but just have been missing the mark. I want to see it be great again, it's just, the way that they openly don't listen to their viewers is concerning. When they say like, we've heard the feedback, but here's why we do it this way, that's a little hard. Like, I'd rather you just consider what people are saying backstage as opposed to openly addressing it as a way of doing nothing.

June 13, 2022 7:56 a.m.

TypicalTimmy says... #2

Not wanting to derail the thread, I decided to move the conversation into the comments here.

I watched, up to a certain point, every episode of GKs. But they are unwatchable lately. It seems like when they do, essentially, product preview episodes it isn't so bad. For example, the CL2 episode had maybe 2 adverts in it which was perfectly fine. But there are others that seemingly have like 7 in a 2-hour episode. I think the difference is that when they showcase a new product, such as precons, WOTC pays for it and therefore they don't need as many advertisements. Meanwhile, when it's just "filler episodes", that's entirely on their own dime.

I have zero evidence of that, merely pure speculation from how finances and contracts work.

That said, it is one of my dreams to go on that show - or another one. I'd love to test some of my Timmy builds against the likes of what we see thrown out there. I have built decks that can win as early as T2 if you produce infinite mana, but that isn't my jam. I'd rather have an 8 - 12 turn slaughterfest than a Turn 5 combo and someone wins and you're just left holding your cards like "bruh wut"

June 12, 2022 10:19 p.m. Edited.

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Said on Should I Keep …...


I do think that Luminarch Ascension is a little slow without ways of proliferating or something like that. As far as what to add though, you can't really go wrong with sentinel or smothering tithe as generically good cards, but you also don't have a ton of synergy with either. Smothering Tithe is good ramp, but it's at it's best in an artifacts matter deck. And Esper Sentinel is amazing for card advantage, but I feel like your deck is more about attacking than necessarily value.

If it was me I'd probably look at this deck as a massive pump deck. Things like Ancestral Mask or Blackblade Reforged or even Eldrazi Conscription that can make your commander into a huge threat.

But it's all what you like to do. You have a very well balanced deck that can respond to a lot of things, and it looks awesome. I definitely look at Jenara, Asura of War and think that she could make a terrifying auras/enchantress commander, but that's just me : )

And maybe an odd choice, but I feel like Slippery Bogbonder is a very underrated card. It's like a counter plus a creature plus a really weird upside effect, and the hexproof counter is really hard for an opponent to get rid of.

So, I don't know, too much info maybe : ) Sorry. I do think that luminarch is a good call to replace, but you have tons of options. At least it's not the worst problem. Hope it ends up great!

July 4, 2022 1:52 p.m.

Said on Land Hate as …...


Grubbernaut is very right. The most effective use of this strategy in EDH is probably stacks, something like Winter Orb or Thalia, Heretic Cathar that just makes players not use their lands, but I don't know. Honestly, I don't get all the hate for land destruction, but it definitely exists : ) In casual at least. The cost efficiency for land vs creature removal is not really there. Stone Rain compared to Tragic Slip is like a birthday balloon vs a space shuttle, they sure both go up, but it's a kinda situation : ) And mass land destruction like Armageddon will slow down your combos too unless you have a way around, so it's all a bit hard.

But again, where there is a will, there is a lot of cards to maybe make it work with. It sounds like a great idea to me, and definitely worth a dive down the rabbit hole of available cards : )

July 2, 2022 7:50 a.m.

Said on Land Hate as …...


I'm no expert, but I'd think that it would be much harder to do a land destruction strategy without having a deck dedicated to it. Creature removal can wait and see what the biggest threats are, but land removal will be things you have to instantly play to set people back. And depending on your playgroup, if a lot of players do the trendy EDH play of ramp-ramp-combo, land removal will be hard pressed to actually set back three players on this kind of strategy. If it was 1v1 I'd think that it would be stronger. Creature removal also gives you a chance to set somebody's turn back because summoning sickness means they usually have to wait a turn to actually use their big things.

It would be awesome if you could make it work though : ) Would be into seeing it. But just off the top of my head it feels like, that would be hard.

July 1, 2022 8:54 p.m.

I agree with pretty much all points here, and just wanted to add that speculation also had a big part to play in MH2. As much as a lot of these cards need a reprint for modern to be healthy, healthy being a format that's both fun to play for the people here and will also attract new players, but at the same time they need to not be sitting in boxes that will never get opened. MH2 was the perfect storm for people to want to sit on crates of boxes, and players have to pay for a market that legitimately has nothing to do with the game.

But yep, at the same time it's all very pushed gameplay wise. As a casual player who really enjoys the game, I'm starting to look at modern the same way that I do legacy, just a, nope, not getting too far into this. And the sad thing is that it wasn't always like that. I've built janky modern decks before and had fun playing them against my more competitive friends, but that game now, that game is too much of an uphill climb.

And the worst problem though, they actually made a card that's a monkey pirate that I don't want to play. How? Just how : ) ? I'd be hard pressed to think of a creature type that makes me smile more, and yet, any card that makes me sigh harder.

July 1, 2022 7:48 a.m.

PartyJ That's awesome! It was a great time, and I remember my Sivitri Scarzam deck fondly : ) Sometimes it just feels like the format changed so slow and other times it feels like it changed so fast, but when I look at my decks now they are so different than they used to be. It's great that your group can get some of those good ol' games in : )

And yeah, in general I don't think that the format needs to be split, just that it might be more fun if it did. Also, maybe a better cutoff would be pre-Eldraine. Most things before that set seem to play alright together, but that was really when the new cards started taking a bigger chunk of the format.

June 28, 2022 4:12 p.m.

I feel like commander is at the point where the format has a bit of an identity mix up, and in a lot of ways I like it, but at the same time I do miss older games. Commander has always been about blending the old and the new in ways that the cards were never quite meant to play, and for a long time that has lead to really interesting builds, really awesome ideas, and just really fun games. But is that how it is these days? Kinda, but less, definitely less. And I feel like a big part of the format feeling like it's less is the new cards being added, as odd as that is.

A lot of old classic cards just don't hold their own anymore. Do you really need a Chromatic Lantern if every deck can generate treasures? Will Clone see any play if Sakashima of a Thousand Faces can be half of what's in your command zone? I mean, you can absolutely have fun playing old cards, but if you want to optimize, decks will start to more and more favor new cards, while also using the old cards like Sol Ring that were essentially gameplay mistakes when they were printed. Necropotence was too good for it's time, and they will never print something like it again, so it will always have a place in EDH, but the same can't be said for basically the entire rest of Ice Age.

So, odd question of the day, but what do you all think? Could there be some kind of split to commander to make it into a pre-Legends, and post-Legends format, similar to Legacy and Modern. Or is it fine, or is there a better place to split the format?

I mean, I love commander. It is still the most fun and exciting format for me. It's just that things are starting to feel samey as new things happen, and I just thought it might be fun to explore the idea of commander classic and the new hottness not necessarily being always put in the same blender.

June 28, 2022 12:59 p.m.

That's a really great synergy with Teferi. I haven't seen him played too much, but he seems like such a cool card, and this is an awesome place to use it. Nice one!

June 27, 2022 7:48 a.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


Now if there was a mono green commander that could tutor creatures or artifacts, that would be busted. Can't tell you the number of times I've had infinite and just had to pass the turn : ) Good opponents will even save counters not for the infinite combo, but for your outlets, and that can be really hard for mono green to work around.

June 27, 2022 7:44 a.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


That's a good point that Rofellos doesn't need the same one-line 99 that Marwyn does, but yeah, neither of them are busted at all. Giving mono green access to more mana just doesn't cut it anymore. A tuned green deck by turn 3 would be looking to Fauna Shaman put down a Beast Whisperer or Green Sun's Zenith in order to assemble the win by turn 5-6. Rofellos makes a lot of mana, but you absolutely can be looking to win at 4+mana, so it will always be more optimized to have two Llanowar Elves and a Fauna Shaman at turn 2.

Heh, sorry, I spent too much time with elfball. So many games with it, for years, and Rofellos wouldn't even be top 3 commanders for mono green ramp. Honestly, Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy is by far the best ramp commander, and Rofellos isn't even close. Two Llanowar Elves plus Kinnan at turn 3 is 7 mana and a way to use it.

June 26, 2022 9 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


plakjekaas That's actually really interesting about playing Golos because I always played against Golos, and never found him to be a problem that way, but hadn't considered the player using the commander. And I guess that does raise a larger point of, who does a ban work for? I feel like the majority of bans are to prevent one player from being overly hurtful to the rest of the table, but maybe there is room for bans to make players stretch. I don't know : ) It feels kind of strange, but at the same time kind of makes sense. Thanks for the perspective!

We had a Golos player who was very strong in my group, but it eventually just evened itself out. Most of the other players and me started making decks that were more aggro and Golos generally just couldn't keep up. When one person was aggro, they had a hard time. Then two people were aggro and it became generally the winning strategy. Then three players were mostly aggro, and when that happened, you really didn't want to be the Golos ramp build : )

June 23, 2022 6:26 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


Sorry to double post : ) But more specifically I think that they probably want to ban wheels, and are trying to warm up to it. Golos was a fairly inexpensive card, but still made a lot of people have to remake their decks. It's the small start to scale up to a place where they could ban things that players have spent tons of money on.

Heh, maybe at least : ) That would be my grand conspiracy in it. But no matter what, just play your deck with your friends, bans be, well, unbanned.

June 22, 2022 6:22 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


If we are going into conspiracy territory (let's do it!) then I'd say that rather than gates, the Golos ban could have been a way for the RC to hit a big card in the format and set a precedent that bans can come down despite how popular a card may be. That way when they want to ban something else that will make people upset they can say, hey, this isn't the first time we've done this, we banned the most popular commander too. I think if anything, the Golos ban was just a way to crack that door open. Because strictly speaking, Golos is not that bad. No one thinks that he's that bad. He can be stacked with a no-fun 99, but anything can. You could make Phelddagrif ramp-stacks that would be just as bad to play against.

Bans, honestly, just don't make a lot of sense in commander. And I know this has been talked about, so sorry to repeat, but it's a casual format, so how do you even do that? For Modern or something they can look at actual data from tournaments and see how a card is in the format, but there is no numbers, no arbitrary way to evaluate. It's a small group of people who make up a speck of the total commander games who decide what is banned, based on their perspective. It's a system that won't work, ever, really.

And in the end, everything is playgroups anyways. I say, ban the power 9 and everything else is open discussion for your group. That's the only way that players will get the games in that they want to play. It's a format that's meant to evolve within your group, and not necessarily to evolve as a format.

June 22, 2022 6:13 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


Ha, yep Child of Alara can make things tough : ) The thing about Coalition Victory that I like is that it just wins or gets countered in some way. It's not Omniscience that goes on forever. It's not Narset who probably will hit extra turns but might not. It's not Approach of the Second Sun that sits there waiting to get a second draw. I'll definitely take a card that just wins over a card that just wins but doesn't quite win right away.

June 22, 2022 12:45 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


Coalition Victory is definitely a very weird ban. I get it, wins out of no where, but it's also just a bad card. The "every color" clause makes your 8 mana win the game button fizzle to Unsummon or any spot removal. It gets hit by counterpells, removal, on board effects like forcing sacs, or Strip Mine. There are just better and more reliable alternate win conditions. Coalition victory would literally replace 0 Thassa's Oracles in EDH decks.

June 22, 2022 7:58 a.m.

Said on A Landslide of …...


I'm not sure how useful it is, but I've always loved Enter the Unknown for creature and lands together decks. It's an extra land with the benefit of allowing you to modify your next draw, and it would play nice with Steppe Lynx It could possibly give lynx +5/5 on turn 2 if you have enough lands in hand.

Nothing revolutionary maybe, but I do love the card : )

June 21, 2022 5:55 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


A little out there, but how about they reprint the original dual lands in a commander set? Because the price tag creates a pseudo-ban, especially for newer players. The reprint of Mishra's Factory didn't tank prices of the old cards, but made it available, and they've even printed it into the ground now.

And while we are at it, maybe reprint a bunch of reserve list jank. Serious players won't use them and casual players won't buy them, so while they're not banned cards, they sit unplayed just the same.

: ) I mostly just want to make a Master of the Hunt deck, but can't wrap my head around making an expensive janky oldschool casual deck.

June 21, 2022 4:40 p.m.

Said on What ONE card …...


I definitely agree on Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary In an elf deck, I'm not even sure if he'd make the cut. There is just so much mana generation at this point that a green creature that ramps would have to be nuts, absolutely nuts, to actually be broken.

Honestly, I think they just need to reset the banlist at some point. The way that things have been added and taken off over time leaves it in a disjointed state. If everyone sat down, had a set criteria, and came up with a new list every few years, it would be a much more cohesive list.

June 21, 2022 9:18 a.m.

Said on 5C Niv Meets …...


This deck is pure gold : )

June 21, 2022 7:09 a.m.

I do like the idea of, there are no bad mechanics, just mechanics used badly : ) Because yeah, I'd normally not think much with infect, but this looks like a really fun list with it. I think I like it because your opponent can see the threats. The creatures are there, and they can decide how to play against your infect creatures, and that feels fair even if they have combat tricks and things. It's the infect decks that kind of combo out all at once that feel less fun. I don't know if it's just me, but it's always super awkward to play against a deck where you know they are just sitting there, waiting for a combo win or dying. But this looks active, synergistic, and a lot of fun : )

Also, I really like Ranger's Guile I hadn't seen that before and it looks just great!

June 20, 2022 7:55 a.m.

Said on Snow-Covered Lotus...


And that art is just great : )

June 18, 2022 3:46 p.m.






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