The Threefold Sun Incarnate

What is best in life? Crushing your enemies. See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. - Conan, The Barbarian

Since you haven't already run away in fear...then clearly this is the deck and more importantly - Commander for you. Zacama can easily overrun and terrorize the battlefield all by herself, but there are times when you may need to employ a pack and it's tools to crush a wily foe. The design of this deck is as simple as nature: dominate and destroy all before you using the embodiment of pure savagery and might.

This deck embodies the cunning brutality of the ancient beasts that once dominated our plane of existence - and those who currently dominate the plane of Ixilan. Through the combination of Dinosaur Tribal (and their non-Dinosaur Agents), Enrage, and Enter the Battlefield (ETB) triggered abilities this deck's aim is to have explosive board warping effects leaving you as the 10,000ft tall monster staring down the table as if your opponents were ants. The method of execution for your prey may vary between combat damage (Commander damage is obviously a viable option), using Pyrohemia to deliver non-targeted direct damage to all opponents, exiling all non-land cards from all opponents libraries using infinite Etali, Primal Conqueror   ETB triggers, or using the flip side of the previously mentioned (I call it Dreadsteel Colossus  ) to deliver death via Poison counters.

This deck is not restricted by price - as long as the game piece is a worthwhile addition it should not be considered out of reach. While piloting this deck, death for a given opponent should be expected between turns 8 and 11. I would consider this deck to be within the Focused category within the power scale defined in How to Power up your Commander deck by The Command Zone.

The primary strength of the deck is it's potential to have explosive starts that warp the battlefield, and control it for multiple turns at a time. This explosion can be the early game summoning of Zacama through various ramp options. Zacama's sudden appearance guarantees at least a few mana rocks and/or dorks will be removed - with haste, then that puts an opponent on a 3 turn clock. Dinosaurs such as Polyraptor, Gishath, Sun's Avatar, or Etali - Primal Storm/Dreadsteel Colossus   can reliably put you in an advantageous position via combat step.

The weaknesses of this deck are it's high cognitive load, limited options for recursion, and generally poor politics. The high cognitive load manifests itself mostly during the main phases. Balancing Enrage triggers alongside ETB triggers and replacement effects - and getting the ordering just right to make sure you maximize each effect can be down right exhausting. I highly recommend you use the time allotted to you during each of your opponents turns to figure out what you're going to do on your turn, or more likely than not you are going to make a misplay. The lack of recursion isn't to say there isn't any as Jurassic Park   and Finale of Devastation can provide some limited options. But overall recursion isn't a main theme of the deck, and I genuinely couldn't find any options that would justify the slot. This is entirely a deck builder's preference - but if you see something I don't, please suggest it in the comments. A well timed boardwipe or the coordinated efforts of all of your opponents systematically destroying your board are extremely difficult to recover from. More often than not, I've found myself in such predicaments simply due to being the 10,000 foot tall monster destroying everything - as is in the nature of the deck. I've found that i've been limited to simply casting and recasting Zacama as that was the only option left to me until I could get additional resources to build a game plan or be killed off. Such is the plight of a deck with an intimidating commander.

  • Temur Sabertooth + Zacama, Primal Calamity + *12 Lands (or 6 lands and a mana doubler) - Tyranno Omniscience 1 - Infinite Mana - During the main phase with Temur Sabertooth and 12 untapped lands in play, cast Commander. This results in floating mana and an ETB trigger. When her ETB trigger resolves use two of the floating to activate Temur Sabertooth’s ability targeting Zacama leaving mana floating. Tap all 12 lands once again and cast Zacama leaving floating mana and another ETB trigger. Use to activate Temur Sabertooth again, and now I am at a net positive of floating mana. Access to infinite mana has been proven.
  • Cloudstone Curio + Zacama, Primal Calamity + Other Creature – Tyranno Omniscience 2 - Infinite Mana - This combo must be played during the main phase with Zacama ready to be cast, Cloudstone Curio, and one Other Creature in play. Lastly, the player must have access to an amount of mana at least equal to (Zacama’s Casting Cost) + (The Other Creature’s Casting Cost) + 1. Upon casting Zacama, all land sources must be tapped. Once Zacama’s ETB trigger resolves the player will have an amount of floating mana equal to The Creature’s Casting Cost + 1. Cloudstone Curio will trigger because of Zacama hitting the battlefield. The Other Creature must be chosen as the Curio’s target to return to hand. Cast the Other Creature, once it enters the battlefield the amount of mana left floating will be . A Cloudstone Curio trigger will occur and Zacama will be chosen as the target. Cast her tapping all lands once again and the amount of floating mana remaining should be equivalent to The Other Creature’s Casting Cost + . Access to infinite mana has been proven.
  • Sanctum of Eternity + Zacama, Primal Calamity + *13 Lands (or 7 lands and a mana doubler) - Tyranno Omniscience 3 - Infinite Mana - With 13 lands (or 7 with a mana doubler) and Sanctum of Eternity - cast Zacama, (note: you are always tapping all lands except Sanctum of Eternity). Once Zacama's ETB effect triggers, you'll have floating. Use to activate Sanctum of Eternity, returning Zacama to hand. You will have floating. Recast Zacama and you'll have floating. Use to activate Sanctum returning Zacama to hand. You'll have floating, netting you mana. Recast Zacama, and you'll have floating, netting mana. Pay to activate Sanctum returning Zacama to hand - you'll have floating, and then after casting her - you'll then have mana, netting you . Access to infinite mana has been proven.
    • With infinite mana I can reach critical mass by funneling it directly into Zacama – removing all artifacts, enchantments, and creatures I don't control. Then gain 1 billion life. To try and end the game I can attempt to and kill them off one by one with Commander damage while maintaining a favorable boardstate. If Shivan Gorge is on the battlefield I can then use it's ability to end the game when combined with Zacama's ETB land untap ability to end things faster.Alternatively, when Temur Sabertooth or Cloudstone Curio are on the field I can use and reuse Etali, Primal Conqueror  's ETB effect when infinite mana is established to try and end the game.
  • Forerunner of the Empire + Polyraptor + Rite of Passage - P.O.U.S - Polyraptors of Unusual Size - Infinite* Polyraptors - To explain this combo, i will just quote the article Brewer's Minute: Rivals-Seven Modern Combos by SaffronOlive: "The basic idea of the combo is that we get Rite of Passage on the battlefield, use Forerunner of the Empire to find our Polyraptor, and then when Polyraptor enters the battlefield (perhaps with the help of something like Through the Breach or Dramatic Entrance), we make an infinite number of infinitely huge Polyraptors! Each time a Polyraptor enters the battlefield, Forerunner of the Empire does one damage to everything. Normally, this would kill off the Forerunner of the Empire after three pings, but with a Rite of Passage on the battlefield, every time Forerunner of the Empire pings our creatures, our team also gets a +1/+1 counter! The end result is we make as many Polyraptors as we want while also sweeping away all of our opponent's creatures and making all of our Dinosaurs huge with +1/+1 counters!"
  • Forerunner of the Empire + Marauding Raptor + Polyraptor - A Nest of Raptors - Infinite* Polyraptors - Note, this combo requires that Polyraptor be the last card cast. When Polyraptor enters the battlefield, it's Enrage trigger will be on the stack due to Marauding Raptor's passive first ability "when another creature you control enters the battlefield, Marauding deals 2 damage to it". A new Polyraptor will enter play, which will also have it's Enrage trigger activate - ad infinitum. To prevent the infinite Enrage triggers from stalling out the game (resulting in a draw), trigger Forerunner of the Empire's ability - "Whenever a Dinosaur enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Forerunner of the Empire deal 1 damage to each creature." 3 times. Note: Forerunner's ability is a "may" ability - so you can choose trigger it after you generate number of Polyraptors first. The 3 Forerunner ability activations will kill all creatures with toughness 3 or less - removing itself along with Marauding Raptor - ending an infinite trigger loop and leaving behind an army of Polyraptors.
  • Marauding Raptor + Polyraptor + Zacama, Primal Calamity - Herald of Raptors - Infinite* Polyraptors - With 9 lands (and access to Naya), Marauding Raptor and Zacama in play - cast Polyraptor. Marauding Raptor's ability triggers off on each instance of Polyraptor entering the battlefield. After creating an arbitrarily large number of Polyraptors, end the infinite Polyraptor triggers with an activation of Zacama's first ability targeting Marauding Raptor. Note: the order in which these cards are played matters - make sure Polyraptor is the last card to be cast.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to this deck, as there is an alternate commander (it is legal to swap commanders between games).However, the alternate commander of this deck is not actually legal- enter Grimlock, Dinobot Leader  . He is the epitome of what makes Dinosaurs cool - but turned to 11. Silver-bordered cards were temporarily legal in commander from December 01 2017 until January 15th 2018. But there is always the rule of cool - if your playgroup is cool with the use of silver-bordered cards that aren't too disruptive (refer to the silver-bordered cards that remained banned while Silver bordered cards were legal). With Grimlock   at the helm, the deck loses it's ability to control the board as easily and effectively boils down to Turn Right. Win Fight.. With Grimlock as your commander I would recommend him for games with a more casual game/meta (threatening to win between turns 10 and 13).

Additionally, you get to live out the fantasy of the following episode of transformers:

If you were wondering about what transformer I use to pay for Grimlock  's activation cost I chose the MP-08 Grimlock Masterpiece, pictured below:

Grimlock @ Amazing Spiral Show


Updates Add

After running this deck through Spelltable and going up against Higher Powered Decks (decks that have stronger staples like Jeweled Lotus, Gaea's Cradle etc.) I realized that unfortunately this deck is too slow. I assess that the deck simply didn't have enough ramp to consistently build a board state that can threaten to disrupt or outright kill an opponent by turns 5 to 8. I made some changes - cutting Welcome to ...  Flip and The Great Henge to make room for what I think are more consistent cards that contribute more to the deck's themes - namely Explosive Vegetation and the brand spanking new Vaultborn Tyrant. Vegetation was included because Welcome to ...  Flip is barely playable. I had to be honest with myself here - Welcome to... is a fun and very flavorful card - but it's just too darn slow. I need it to flip immediately - not 3 turns from ETB. Vegetation is honestly the last option for decent ramp as the deck pretty much has every other usual suspect I could think of. If i'm missing something please let me know!

Vaultborn Tyrant took the place of The Great Henge as it has effectively the same function in that it provides reliable draw - but has greater synergy by allowing me to take more advantage of creature ETB Triggers. The benefits don't end there - Vaultborn Tyrant is a Dinosaur instead of an Artifact (upon inital casting), so it can be targeted by Gishath, Sun's Avatar's ability, gain cost reduction from Marauding Raptor and Urza's Incubator, or be tutored up by Forerunner of the Empire, Sylvan Tutor, and Worldly Tutor. Henge is objectively a good card - but Vyrant provides more consistency. Also, ill admit a sucker for a Giant 3 headed Tyrannosaurs Rex if it wasnt obvious. I also cut Turntimber, Serpentine Wood  Flip - I always found myself just not really using it's flip side because I always had something better to do with my mana on a given turn. I just swapped it for a basic Forest. I briefly flirted with the idea of going for another Gaea's Cradle, but I don't feel like spending all that money. Maybe I might go for one in the future if I really think it'll help the deck, but not now.

Another change I forgot I did - I removed Abundance. It was originally only in for Sylvan Library as the combo is pretty cool, but ultimately the card was far too niche to really stay included in the deck as the synergy simply wasn't there. It was cut for Farseek.

What do you all think? Are these overall good changes? Please give me your thoughts.

enter image description here

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