Sky Terror


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Sky Terror

Creature — Dinosaur

Flying, menace

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Sky Terror Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Dinos of the Perfect Curve

14 hours ago

Da5hcharl, Pygmyrhino990 its tough to be a competitive deck without Carnage Tyrant, as against control the best bet we have is try and get it out quickly. One thing to do would be to slow things down a turn and add in 4x Blossoming Defense so you can leave mana open to protect from removal. Once they see you're playing Defense, you can leave open a green mana to bluff you have one in hand, so try and keep a card in hand at all times. As for countermagic, without Tyrant you can use Prowling Serpopard but if you don't have that you can try and lower the curve to go wide. Try and get them to think you're going tall with creatures up the curve so they'll not "waste" counters on little 2 and 3 drops. Sky Terror is good early pressure that they won't likely counter, but there's always gonna be Censor that they're gonna try and use on early turns, so try and keep an eye on if the opponent has mana open. Ideally cast your important pieces only when they're tapped out (Regisaur Alpha for example). This may lead to turns when all you're doing is playing a land but eventually you'll have enough lands to drop some fatties. This is then where Carnage Tyrant is so clutch, as it provides some inevitability for the deck.

Perhaps use things like Raptor Hatchling to chip away at life total as they likely won't remove, counter or block it.

Blue is always tough to play against with a midrange deck, but if you have enough pressure on them it forces them to have to have the right cards at the right time or else they'll get worn away. Make them have to use 3-mana spells to kill your dinky guys and buy time to find a Tyrant. With the Communes, you don't need a playset. Even having 1 copy in the deck makes it far more competitive, as against control and Approach the games go long giving you time to find that one copy. It's down to like $24 currently.

Good points, I will give it more thought!

plakjekaas on Boros Aggro (ixalan Standard)

1 week ago

I'd say that Sky Terror would be a great creature to play in a deck like this

Quadar on Naya's Stand

2 weeks ago

Thank you! I bought a box and got one and then traded a foil Growing Rites of Itlimoc for another and a rip jaw and some other stuff... I will admit i spent way to much cracking packs but just getting back into magic it was loads of fun.

I see i have a mana shortage so im taking out some stuff and adding some lands. took out the 2x Sky Terror & 2x Kinjalli's Caller to add some land

Bl1tzKri3g on Nayasaurs!

2 weeks ago

The Carnage Tyrant is great, but only if you plan on paying for it. Ancient Brontodon is also a great curve-topper. The deck is good overall, but add in combat tricks(Dinosaur Stampede is especially great). I'm not too sure about Sky Terror, but it is your deck. I would cut at least one of them. My deck, which is similar but a bit broader in focus, is The Best Reason To Play Naya.

Mandalorian on Dino Deck

3 weeks ago

Otepec Huntmaster is another way to get he Dinos out early

Charging Monstrosaur

Sky Terror

Battlefield Forge

evannovak on First Modern

3 weeks ago


naynay666 can chime in here as well, but this is my analysis. You have many different things going on here, you need to pick one (Burn, Devotion, or Counters, and maybe Nathan sees more)

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit -- Not really doing too much for you here, she is helping towards your devotion to make your God a creature, but a 2/2 for 2 isn't something to be super stoked on. Plus she's legendary so you can only have one copy out at a time. If you're swinging with her you're risking losing her other ability. If you're not swinging it's not as aggro as you could be and you are stalling out the game for your opponent in hopes that your God creature will help out.
Honored Crop-Captain -- Seems to give you fairly good value, makes other attacking creatures stronger, but it a bit difficult to cast with your given manabase.
Iroas, God of Victory -- He's too slow to actually be able to reliably swing with, your only non-land permanent is an colorless artifact that does not count towards your devoition. Turn 1 Swiftspear (if you played a Mountain), Turn 2 hopefully your mana is set that you can play one of your RW 2 drop creatures. Turn 3 play another 2 drop (because you have zero 3 drops in your whole deck). Turn 4 you can play your God, but he can't swing that turn. Your devotion is now 7, you can swing next turn if your devotion stays at 7. But you're only giving your dudes menace otherwise.
Mikaeus, the Lunarch -- He's too slow, the value is not there, he doesnt do anything the turn he comes out cause he does not have haste.
Monastery Swiftspear -- Awesome creature.
Raptor Hatchling -- Could be fun, most effective an efficient? Probably not.
Sky Terror -- Flies and menace, but harder to cast due to the colors.

Land: A tip would be to look at my deck called 'Eli Modern', Eli's modern deck focuses on simply, high value creatures that are harder to cast due to their cost. The deck is white and green. There are a lot of 3/3 for 2 (WG) so on and so forth. Look at the manabase to be able to see why those lands are beneficial. You also do not have enough lands. At this rate your deck is less than 30% lands. Consider in commander this percentage is closer to 40%, as well as within standard. There are less lands required for modern and your deck has to be more fine tuned, but you also need to make sure you have the correct mana. Let's take a look at your lands:

2x Boros Garrison --Too slow, also, if somebody destroys one of your lands, it will likely be this one as for what it taps for. In order for your deck to 'get off' you need to have the least amount of tapped lands as possible.
3x Inspiring Vantage This is a good one, but I would probably only have 2 if you do stick with them.
5x Mountain -- Yep
4x Plains -- Yep
3x Rugged Prairie -- I thought this card is good also for Eli's deck, it makes it so you can tap it and a land for whatever color combination you need of 2 colors. Right? The things is, if your opening hand only has one land in it, and it's this can't play Monastery Swiftspear. It can potentially benefit you, but at the cost of messing up your turn 1 play.

I would recommend highly getting some other lands that include: Clifftop Retreat, Sacred Foundry and most importantly Arid Mesa to get exactly what you want. If you are serious about a manabase for this deck and are open to suggestions it may eventually be:

4x Clifftop Retreat
4x Sacred Foundry
4x Arid Mesa
4x Mountain
3x Plains
2x Inspiring Vantage

Since my R/W deck is 'Allies' I run 4 Cavern of Souls. There is no reason in the current state of this deck to get Cavern's for this. We discussed the benefit of Cavern's in your tribal commander decks.

Sorcery/Instant: Those are all efficient cards for these colors, you may have to cut some back as 16 is a high number for all of that.

Artifact: This card makes sense if you are playing Burn specifically, outside of that I don't think it helps you too much....rather....there are better things to put in that 3 open spots that are not this card.

Sideboard: We'll update that as we figure out more closely what you want to do. Those are all totally sideboard cards though.

randomguyguy on Not So Friendly Dinosaurs

3 weeks ago

Hi - here are a couple of suggestions.Sun-Crowned Hunters and the Ferociodons are a little weak for standard, since a lot of the meta will be faster than you so the Ferociodons are likely to work against you. If you compare the hunters to your Burning Sun's Avatar you will see the latter is better, and the avatars are less than a buck. Since price seems to be a consideration here, I'd recommend investing in a playset of the rare Ixalan duals over some of the expensive cards here (i.e. ripjaw raptor and especially Huatli) because those will retain value for a long time. I recommend playing 25 lands, a little more ramp, and a second Wakening Sun's Avatar as that card is a 1-sided wrath here. I would also either change out the dowsing daggers for a more reliable source of ramp (Channeler Initiate or Gift of Paradise or something) or make sure you have 7+ evasion sources from 1-3 (probably 4x Sky Terror 3x Kinjalli's Sunwing to push it through. Note that menace is weak against it, since it makes 2 tokens and you really want to flip the turn you play it on turn 4. You might also just have enough ramp with your 8x dino cost 1 less effects. I'd play a playset of Priest of the Wakening Sun in the sideboard for aggro, and note that Lightning Bolt isn't standard legal. I'm a little concerned about your ability to draw in a stalled board state, so including the priests allows you to have wakening sun's avatar for that scenario. I'd put 1-2xConqueror's Galleon in the sideboard for the grindy matchups as it will allow you to never run out of cards.

windlnk on Ixalan Spoilers

3 weeks ago

I found Dowsing Dagger to be a great card at my prerealease. Not only did the extra 2 damage on my Sky Terror's help a bunch but when flipped at the right moment was able to net me extra dinosaurs right when I needed them thanks to the extra mana. (also was used by my opponent in the one game I lost.)

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