Sky Terror


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Sky Terror

Creature — Dinosaur

Flying, menace

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Sky Terror Discussion

multimedia on Dino boros

6 days ago

Hey, looks good for a budget Dino deck.

Deck building is about establishing a core for consistency. A core of cards that you always want to draw in games. These cards are the best cards for your strategy. The core cards are played in the deck as 4 ofs (4x of the card). Currently you have zero 4 ofs this will hurt being able to consistency draw certain cards.

Here's an example of a possible core using the cards you have here:

I've made two different two drops (cards with a mana cost of two) as 4 ofs I've done this because you want to consistently draw one of them to play turn two. Monstrosaur is the best Dino here for your strategy it can win you games you want to draw one every game.

Strike and Shock are the best removal spells because they can target a creature or a player. The strategy here is doing damage to your opponent with Dinos. Strike or Shock can give you that last bit damage you need to do to kill your opponent and win the game. I consider these burn spells core cards because they're cheap mana costs once you get a Dino into play you can use these spells to clear the way for your Dino to attack for very little mana cost.

Because they can hit a player they're also not dead cards at anytime of the game because if you have to just use them to damage a player.

I suggest you use Wonderine's advice and add Otepec Huntmaster. Huntmaster is another good example of a core card, you want to play him turn two because any other Dino that's played after gets a mana cost reduction and Huntmaster can give it haste. Giving Monstrosaur or Zetalpa a mana cost reduction makes it even better.

If choosing to add Huntmaster this is what the core could change into:

  • 4x Relentless
  • 4x Huntmaster
  • 3x Terror
  • 4x Monstrosaur
  • 4x Strike
  • 4x Shock

Adding Huntmaster as a core card gives you another two drop that's more important than Terror thus I have reduced Terror to a 3 of instead of a 4 of. The thought is that you want to draw either Huntmaster or Relentless and play them turn two before you play a Terror. Terror is less good then the other two.

Cards that are not in the core are not played as 4 ofs, but as 3 ofs, 2 ofs or 1 ofs. These cards are meant to support the core of cards. Here's an example seeing both using cards you have here and Huntmaster:

  • 4x Relentless
  • 4x Huntmaster
  • 4x Monstrosaur
  • 4x Strike
  • 4x Shock

  • Supporting
  • 3x Terror
  • 2x Zetalpa
  • 3x Cast
  • 2x Abrade
  • 2x Gideon

I haven't included all the cards currently here this is because these are the best cards of the current cards in the deck. The others that are not in this list I don't think are they're good enough and can be cut for other options.

Regisaur Alpha is a powerful card one of the best Dinos, but he doesn't fit with the deck because he costs green mana. Because of the budget here and not having many dual lands consider cutting green and just playing white and red?

Aether Hub is great mana fixing, but only when you're making additional energy from other sources. Playing Hub as the only green source of mana in the manabase is not worth disrupting all the other cards in the deck.

Cards like Relentless Raptor and Sky Terror have challenging mana costs if playing three colors. These two drop Dinos are more important than Alpha for the strategy here. Huntmaster can give Dinos haste to make up for the loss of Alpha.

Cards to consider adding:

I suggest consider cutting Hub and replacing it 4x Stone Quarry. This white and red dual land does ETB (enter the battlefield) tapped, but it has no restrictions of making colored mana. If you can get 2x more Vantage then great it's the best dual land for this deck.

Sunwing is a very good Dino his ability lets you attack with other Dinos and get through with more damage because creatures your opponent plays ETB tapped meaning opponent's creatures can't block your creatures the turn they're played. Sunwing also gives the deck a three drop Dino which I think is important to have at least one three drop Dino. You have Hammerskull in the sideboard which is good, but I think if you don't have any Sunwing then move it to the main deck. It's ability is also good and it's just what you want when attacking with Dinos.

Of the budget option four drop Dinos Aerosaur is a good one because it has flying and can pump another Dino as well as give it flying when it ETB. As a four drop Dino it's ability is better for the strategy here then Needletooth Raptor who's not going to be attacking.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • 3x Hatchling
  • 2x Alpha
  • 2x Needletooth
  • 3x Rest
  • 2x Hold
  • 2x Axis
  • 3x Map
  • 4x Hub
  • 2x Plains

Consider cutting these cards to add more copies of the better cards in the deck? For example cut 3x Hatchling for 2x more Monstrosaur and 1x more Relentless. Another example cut 2x Needletooth for 2x Aerosaur or 3x Rest for 3x Sunwing or Hammerskull, etc.

Here's an example combining some of my suggestions of a possible Dino base to consider:

  • 4x Relentless
  • 4x Huntmaster
  • 3x Terror
  • 4x Sunwing or 3x Hammerskull
  • 2x Aerosaur
  • 4x Monstrosaur
  • 2x Zetalpa

If this advice was helpful to you I can continue with other suggestions and more advice. Let me know.

Good luck with your deck.

marikrizu on DINOSAURS!!!!!

1 week ago

So, a few more notes over the deck now that I look over it again.

First, Dragon Arch is only useful if you have more multicolored creatures than the 2 you have at the moment.

Second, here is some more dinos and stuff I think you may want: Wayward Swordtooth, Silverclad Ferocidons, Regisaur Alpha, Ripjaw Raptor, Wakening Sun's Avatar, Goring Ceratops, Thrashing Brontodon, Rampaging Baloths Rampaging Ferocidon, Raptor Hatchling, Sky Terror, Selvala's Stampede, Elemental Bond, Huatli, Warrior Poet

Kizmetto on Mono-Red Dinosaur Tribal

2 weeks ago

Hello! You were looking for some help so i'm here to give some suggestions for your build.

Did you want to remain strictly mono-red? I think you should run some Needletooth Raptor and maybe 2 copies of Forerunner of the Empire which allows you to tutor and also ping everything on the board which can deal with wide strategies or make combat more favorable for you as it also triggers enrage. And maybe Reckless Rage for some higher reach whilst also triggering the enrage.

though if you added red, you could run Sky Terror and Relentless Raptor and Radiant Destiny and Baffling End and Kinjalli's Sunwing and Path of Mettle  Flip perhaps.

KaladeshFavorer on U/W Favorable Winds

2 weeks ago

Nice build, I would move the Aven Mindcensor to the sideboard just so its not a dead card. I'd replace it with Nimble Obstructionist. I have A flying deck that also has red for Glorybringer, Sky Terror, and some removal. Its working well for me. Controlling From the Air +1

Pabs4444 on The Titans of Theros

2 weeks ago

Sun Titan seems quite good in addition to Ghostly Prison which will allow you to more freely swing out without the fear of getting counterattacked. In order for Sun Titan to be effective, I would recommend more creatures with lower CMC. Some that come to mind are Sky Terror, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, and Aven Mindcensor. Good luck with the deck!

ganzmtg on Borosaurs

2 weeks ago

PlatinumWare Thanks for comment-- I took out the Sun-Crowned Hunters because it cost too much for my liking. I added Tilonalli's Skinshifter to get more copies of Frilled Deathspitter or Sky Terror which are my primary damage sources.

x12721 on Hungry, Hungry, Dinos

3 weeks ago

Firstly, I would make sure you have just 60 cards in the deck (right now, you have 62). Second, your CMC is over 4, meaning that your early turns will suffer against aggro, and will likely lead to bad things against control as well. You have a lot of good cards in here, but I don't think you need all of them. I'd focus on one or two specific dinos that you plan to win with, and cut the rest. I like the Tyrant and the Alphas, and based on what I'm seeing here, Gishath might not need to be here. You might want to try Cherished Hatchling and Wayward Swordtooth in place of a Scavenger and two Ghaltas. Also, Blossoming Defense is a great card, as your dinos will often be vulnerable to kill spells. Forerunner of the Empire and Atzocan Seer are also pretty cool. For the Sideboard, Thrashing Brontodon is pretty cool, as well as Prowling Serpopard. Cast Out or Baffling End are also good cards to have as well. There are also some excellent cards in white as well, such as Relentless Raptor and Sky Terror.

entropicthunder on Sky Terror, you salty little slut you

3 weeks ago

I threw that hot little thot Sky Terror into a casual Mardu deck, and now my m8s are choosing to h8 and not appreci8 what a saucy and menacing minx it is.

Side note Territorial Hammerskull will help keep the rest of your creatures clean when it's time for the dino ding-dongs to start swingin'

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