Raging Swordtooth


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Raging Swordtooth

Creature — Dinosaur

TrampleWhen Raging Swordtooth enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to each other creature.

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Raging Swordtooth Discussion

magicsheep on Does an attacking creature with ...

1 week ago

EX: Dragon-Style Twins is equipped with Captain's Hook and attacks (not on the same turn, prowess DOES NOT trigger. Opponent double blocks with 2 5/5s (say Raging Swordtooth). What creatures die?

skoobysnackz on Is Temple Altisaur OP?

2 weeks ago

Supersaulty having 4 3/3 dinos and a 5 cmc altisaur seems pretty unlikely. Also keep in mind that if your opponent has ghalta on the battlefield, they almost certainly have 1 or 2 other big guys out there as well. I think the problem with Temple Altisaur is that it is almost too little too late. It can't protect itself and does nothing in the face of "destroy" or "exile" effects. For the 5-drop, I personally would rather have Raging Swordtooth, Regisaur Alpha, Trapjaw Tyrant, hell, even Charging Monstrosaur and Snapping Sailback in the right deck seem better than the altisaur in my opinion.

Pskytzo on Siegehorn Ceratops + Forerunner of ...

3 weeks ago

Here's the question... Siegehorn Ceratops (no counters on it) and Forerunner of the Empire are already out on the battlefield. If i then play Raging Swordtooth. Would the ceratops get the counters from the damage dealt by the forerunner and THEN take the damage from the raging swordtooth or are both damage happening at once therefore killing the ceratops before it gets any counters?

Force_of_Willb on Yet another Zacama commander

3 weeks ago

I know your starting out so here are some cheap recommendations to improve. You might be able to get these cards for free by going to a store that gives away free commons/uncommons.

Drover of the Mighty, Kinjalli's Caller, Otepec Huntmaster, Savage Stomp, Ranging Raptors, Steadfast Armasaur, Ravenous Daggertooth, Raging Regisaur, Raging Swordtooth, Territorial Hammerskull, and Thrashing Brontodon.

These are some rares that won't break the bank: Priest of the Wakening Sun, Temple Altisaur. If you can affoard it trade for Ripjaw Raptor and Trapjaw Tyrant

then work on the instant, sorceries, and enchantments. Maybe add more "fight" type effects to take advantage of enrage triggers like Setessan Tactics, ]Savage Punch, Ambuscade etc etc.
I would remove Consulate Skygate, Fanatical Firebrand, Gleaming Barrier, Goblin Trailblazer, Lobber Crew, Orazca Raptor, and Sun Sentinel to start

Hyperalgialysis on Gruul Dinosaur

3 weeks ago

When you can, get some Charging Monstrosaur to use instead of Raptor Hatchling. He is just a better creature. For your sideboard, it should probably be something like 2 Sentinel Totem 3 Raging Swordtooth or Sweltering Suns 2 Slice in Twain 3 Magma Spray 3 Heroic Intervention or Blossoming Defense (there is an even more budget three drop that gives everything hexproof too but I cant remember the name) and 2 Lightning Strike you could also try Abrade but I think between Slice in Twain and Lightning Strike you won't need it. Like the deck tho, good job for a first timer, the only card I don't care for is Raptor Hatchling because it is a defense only card, it will never be blocked unless they have 1 life. You could also come down 1 or 2 copies of Dinosaur Stampede as it is situational as well, if you do add more Lightning Strike to the mainboard and go up a copy and put the rest in the sideboard. It is a dead card if you don't have dinosaurs, it has huge potential to win you the game but you might have too many copies for it to be impactful.

KillDatBUG on RAWRMAGEDDON! feat. Gishath (EDH) (Updated)

3 weeks ago

Would strongly consider Pyrohemia and AEther Flash as good ways of triggering Enrage. As it is, you only have Raging Swordtooth and Burning Sun's Avatar to trigger it.

swl0728 on R/G Dino deck

1 month ago

Dual Shot is a way to hit two creatures and that can be helpful. Raging Swordtooth while a higher cost damages everything when it enters so that could help as well.

typhon126 on FNM Dino's

1 month ago

I disagree with you AgentJackjohn. Yes, it does replace the 3 drop slot that was Rampaging Ferocidon however I don't think "City's Blessing" is going to viable for dinos. I'm sure it can be done, but consecutively I don't think so. Main deck wise I would cut 2 Carnage Tyrant as they are you top end and replace them with 2 more Lightning Strike or 2 Blossoming Defense depending on your LGS meta. I don't think a playset of Carnage is nessecary. The 4 Raging Swordtooth's I would cut down to 2 and cut 1 Regisaur Alpha for 3 Ripjaw Raptor's. 1 Cmc cheaper and the ability to do the single most broken thing in Magic:The Gathering....Drawing Cards. Plus with Haste from Alpha or Otepic it's a nice 4/5 for 4 that if blocked draws you something. With the extra 3 spots in the side now open, I would take a look at Prowling Serpopard. 3 Drop 4/3 that makes creature spells you cast uncounterable. Since RR and Temur took major hits in the bannings, that leaves combo, vamps and U/B God controll as the next big decks. You are going to need ways around Cast Out or Ixalan's Binding which you do with hexproof ways like Heroic Intervention and possible Blossoming (If needed). U/W Approach and U/B controll like to counter stuff early/mid game so serpopard helps there. And The Scarab God is a scary threat, so your only option to get around it is to make creatures fly, Hour of devistation it, or . Build the sideboard to your meta. If your planning on GP'ing with this deck, I would build the sideboard around what you expect to be there. Good Luck!! Hope my insight was somewhat helpfull.

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