Temple of the False God

Temple of the False God


: Gain . Activate this ability only if you control five or more lands.

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Custom Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Temple of the False God Discussion

5colourchaos on Riku of Two Reflections - Duping & Infinite combos

1 week ago

Thank you both very much for you input! I went to my local card shop and made a few more changes to my deck. I had Neoform already, and took it out cause I didn't think it would gel, I appreciate you pointing that out to me.

These are all the changes I made:

Glimpse of Freedom ---> Brainstorm

Armory of Iroas ---> Solemn Simulacrum

Gruul Guildgate ---> Cragcrown Pathway  Flip

Khalni Garden ---> Riverglide Pathway  Flip

Rugged Highlands ---> Barkchannel Pathway  Flip

Hamletback Goliath ---> Mana Reflection

Temple of the False God ---> Glasspool Mimic  Flip

Seer's Lantern ---> Kodama's Reach

Wall of Runes ---> Llanowar Elves

Neoform ---> Burnished Hart

Replacing Burnished Hart is more so because it's a very curvy holo that sticks out in my deck too much, and drives me crazy lol.

X-Factor11105 on Anarchy Burger

2 weeks ago

Let's stop praying for wheels and start making the draw happen!

-1 Temple of the False God +1 War Room .

You have plenty of mana here and a low-enough curve not to worry about needing the 2 CMC for the (bad) condition of TotFG. Go draw some cards!

-1 Dwarven Mine +1 Valakut Awakening  Flip

No seriously, go get more cards! Both of these can ETB tapped, and the upside of Awakening is WAY higher than Dwarven Mine. You'll be happy you're making this swap!

-1 Insult +1 Wheel of Misfortune

Go get more cards! Also, damage someone!

-1 Slagstorm +1 Valakut Exploration

Go get more cards AND damage someone, all in one turn!

-1 Fire Diamond +1 Hedron Archive (whichever you prefer)

Add some more mana to your pool and give yourself more mid and late-game cards!

-1 Burn from Within +1 Runaway Steam-Kin

I just love Steam-Kin in every mono-R deck that wants to cast a whole bunch of instants. Have fun with more explosive turns!

kpres on I just wanna gain life, dude

3 weeks ago

I built a Trostani deck that focused on making big tokens that I wanted to Populate. This deck instead focuses on his first ability, and you have lots of big creatures that will gain you lots of life. OK, I like that. It makes me want to rethink how I built my deck.

Maybe a few flicker-type cards would help. Stuff like Second Sunrise that protects your big creatures from wraths, but maybe not because it doesn't protect your tokens. I know there's a white spell for 3 mana that gives everything indestructible and has populate.

Trostani can go nuts if you are able to untap him, or if you are able to duplicate the number of tokens you make. Illusionist's Bracers and Doubling Season , etc.

One of the problems with my version, and I think yours might suffer from it too, is that you need about 10-ish low CMC cards that provide decent ramp at the beginning of the game. Consider replacing Mirari's Wake despite how good it is, and Zendikar Resurgent with a little creature that provides mana, or even just lands since you only have 34 lands. Something like Command Tower and Temple of the False God . I count 7 mana rocks and ramp spells with CMC <= 3

kharsonist on Orvar CEDH

1 month ago

Grind Coral Atoll might be worth the inclusion. I think im fine with that taking the place of an island for specific combos. Something like Ancient Tomb or Temple of the False God is not useful due to needing blue for most spells. Thanks for the recommendation.

Grind on Orvar CEDH

1 month ago

sweet deck!!
i always liked the idea of using Coral Atoll or Guildless Commons or Temple of the False God with Cloud of Faeries to get value on bounce or copy. it gives you a path for infinite faeries if you have that land, whim of volrath, and your commander. but it is probably such a niche play that it is not worth a land that ETB tapped. maybe Ancient Tomb would be playable but then you can't get infinite faeries. just rambling here... anyway cheers and have fun!

Grind on Daxos token creation

1 month ago

sweet deck!!
i really like Oketra the True in the 99 for token generation. also Strata Scythe is great in mono color deck!
have you looked at Weathered Wayfarer ? he is great in mono white.
also, you could trick out your mana base a little bit. just my opinion, but I would run Temple of the False God , War Room , Kor Haven , and Strip Mine over radiant fountain, evolving wilds, cryptic caves, and a plains. those lands give you ramp, repeatable card draw, protection, and threat removal! they're great!
cheers and have fun!!

Grind on Rograkh with His Mistress

1 month ago

Cool deck!!
Underworld Breach is great late game, think about it.
Also im not convinced on your slow fetches. I would either run real fetches like Bloodstained Mire Wooded Foothills , basic mountains, or alternatives like Temple of the False God , Forgotten Cave , or Blinkmoth Nexus

Grind on Kemba

1 month ago

Sweet deck!!
I think Strata Scythe should be an auto include!!
Also if you want to look at your mana base, Weathered Wayfarer is a cool creature and there are some good lands like War Room, Temple of the False God, Strip Mine, Kor Haven that could be useful!!
Cheers and have fun

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