Lava Coil


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Lava Coil


Lava Coil deals 4 damage to target creature. If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Lava Coil Discussion

Phyras on Ral, Niv-Mizzet

2 days ago

As said, either you're gonna play more wizard either your gonna drop some cards, If you're gonna put more Wee Dragonauts, maybe you should trade your Risk Factor against Maximize Velocity and it will turn to an aggro deck, then Wizard's Retort could also become an option.

But since you said "Izzet control" and that Wee Dragonauts wasn't your win condition, 4xLava Coil, and 4xRadical Idea would be a better match.

If what you're trying to kill with is Risk Factor, Banefire and Expansion / Explosion, then you're playing a burn archetype. Then you should consider 4xElectrostatic Field to grind opponent life.

Anyway, with two instances of each card you'll either win with a lucky top deck or lose because you didn't draw the fitting card. You might never get the feeling that some cards aren't doing their job. If you start playing three or four instances of each, you'll start to understand which cards are the safest, which cards are always sticking to your hand and change them to something closer to your needs.

ZendikariWol on Ral, Niv-Mizzet

2 days ago

I hate to be this guy and I promise I have an actual comment but let's get this out of the way... In your description, you list Instants and Sorceries as Instant's and Sorcery's. This implies one of two things; that Instant's and Sorcery's is either being used as a contraction or a possessive. If it were a contraction, then Instant's would be short for "Instant is". If it were a possessive, then Sorcery's would describe something belonging to a sorcery. If you're using the words as plurals, it becomes Instants and Sorceries. I'm so sorry. Time for my actual comment.

This deck needs more consistency. The only cards you have four of are lands, and that's a bad sign. I would recommend the following changes.

Replace Perilous Voyage with Unexplained Disappearance. Surveil is better than scry. It can get instants and sorceries with jump-start into your graveyard. Not only that, but it surveils no matter the target.

Replace Wizard's Lightning with Lightning Strike (or Lava Coil, depending on what you usually hit) or get more wizards. Right now you have seven wizards in the deck, and three of them are Goblin Electromancer, which makes the price the same anyway. So you have 5 cards in your deck that would make Wizard's Lightning better than a plain ol' Lightning Strike.

I would recommend switching your Crackling Drakes out for two more Wee Dragonauts.

Fight with Fire is usually going to be either a worse Banefire or a worse Lava Coil. If you get to nine mana, it's better than Banefire, but until you get there, it's a worse Lava Coil. Since a little over a third of your deck is lands, you'd have to draw approximately 22.5 cards to get to nine, unless luck is on your side. So unless you draw maybe 23 cards, and discard 0 lands to jump-start costs, Fight with Fire is worse than either Lava Coil or Banefire.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy's + is bad. His - is only okay. Why are you running him? If it's for the ult, then stop because planeswalkers never get to ult until you've already basically won the game.

KaladeshKat on Izzet Mill

3 days ago

You need 24ish lands. Only having 18 is going to cripple your win-rate.

You are running some non-optimal cards. Sinister Sabotage is Cancel with an upside. Devious Cover-Up is pointless here. Sabotage is better or you can put in Chemister's Insight.

Chemister's Insight is good in the 4-spot, you can cast it twice and it will mill at least 4 at a time.

Some removal would be good. Lava Coil, Shock, Lightning Strike are all decent red removal.

Overall if you are trying to win via mill with the corrosion effect you need more card draw (as well as a sideboard.)

KaladeshKat on Grixis Pain Directory

4 days ago

Im just going to talk 'bout sideboard. I think that Cast Down is a 2-of main-deck over 2x Lava Coil. I would try 2-3 Duress over 4x Unmoored Ego, usually bringing in 2 egos is enough, 4 is overkill and you will end up clogging your gameplan with a spell that doesn't do damage.

Ouroboros_47 on 4 Color Control - 2

4 days ago

What would you think about switching out the green for red? This would let you play Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip, Lava Coil, and maybe Deafening Clarion. If you take out the green you could swap Carnage Tyrant for Doom Whisperer or Dream Eater. Also a The Eldest Reborn in the mainboard might be nice.

Hexaflexagon on goblin frenzy!

2 weeks ago

I agree with BoyToy here. You need some type of removal. Have you tried replacing the Wand of Vertebrae you have for Lava Coil? You could also try splashing White for removal such as Conclave Tribunal and Ixalan's Binding and lord effects such as Radiant Destiny.

Rufus303 on American Armaments (Comp)

2 weeks ago


Thanks! I guess I have to try it without equipments. But I have to say, that I won most games just because of the power of Short Sword. :D

I guess I have to cutout Forebear's Blade and 1-2 other cards for just some copies of Deafening Clarion and Lava Coil. Got sometimes troubles against decks which flod the board with to many tokens. Also, would you suggest to replace Squire's Devotion with On Serra's Wings at least for 1-2?

vomitpile on 2018 Standard Maze's End

2 weeks ago

I feel like you're going to need more going on than just winning through Maze's End, you need at least 11 lands in play at that point and every land in the deck enters tapped which puts you behind also. Something like Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar can at least get huge and block, or swing for giant chunks, and you definitely need boardwipes/spot removal because anything aggressive will run this over. Deafening Clarion and Cleansing Nova are both good options, you could also add in fogs like Root Snare to help disrupt aggressive decks as well. I would suggest Pelakka Wurm, Knight of Autumn and Carnage Tyrant as good additions, they can singlehandedly swing games in your favor. Going for a bant (blue, green, white) core splashing red (Banefire, Deafening Clarion Lava Coil) and black (Assassin's Trophy, Ritual of Soot, Vraska's Contempt) seems like the best approach to this archetype. I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of mazeshift thing exists in standard but going so all in leaves you cold to basically everything that currently exists and I wouldn't expect the next set to change that. Good luck!

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