Collateral Damage


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged (FRF) Common

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Collateral Damage


As an additional cost to cast Collateral Damage, sacrifice a creature.

Collateral Damage deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Collateral Damage Discussion

WItC on Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red)

1 day ago

Several interesting options from M19 for the red deck.

The new art on Guttersnipe is excellent (was also in iconic Masters). However, the deck isn't a typical red burn deck, and has several slots dedicated to either the Collateral Damage theme or the Kiln Fiend theme. The deck does not have a 3 drop however, and an argument could be made to trade in the Goblin Arsonist for the guttersnipe. Might be worth some trial runs.

Goblin Motivator could fit well, but most of our creatures have haste already.

Thud is a cheap fling, but with worse art. I like Collateral Damage better in this deck.

Gattison on Help building a Bloodbriar deck

1 day ago

Hey, you look familiar! =P

I've been obsessed with Brian for a couple months now, lol. The most important thing I learned in all my testing though, was this: don't mix cards that sac themselves (like Mogg Fanatic) with cards that need you to sac something else (like Collateral Damage). Maybe that's obvious to you, but it took me a couple go-rounds before I picked up on that.

If you dig deep enough, you can find synergies in all colors. Red's got stuff like Goblin Arsonist + Reckless Abandon. Or you could find self-sacrificers, like Wild Cantor.

As stated above, black is extra good at sacrificing things, so Golgari is a safe bet.

Mono-green could be strong. In addition to the Eldrazi-token deck of mine you saw, there's also stuff like Seal of Strength, Child of Thorns (which you already mentioned to me) and Llanowar Augur.

Even white and blue can join the party with stuff like Angelic Purge/Lunarch Mantle and Perilous Research respectively.

My friend eyes2sky and I have been discussing this guy a LOT lately, so if you need any more help, don't be afraid to hit either one of us up! And welcome to Team Brian!

Gattison on Bryar Fury, King of Iron Fist

4 weeks ago

FUL: Hmmm. Yeah, that all sounds pretty good, thanks a lot!

Lol, I took Rancor out just because it's so "trope," but you're right, I should have left it.

However, Wildsize and Ixalli's Keeper are my only Trample. Without trample (or another form of evasion) Bloodbriar can just be blocked for days. Since a lot of these creatures sac' themselves, I'm thinking some Collateral Damages and Reckless Abandons should probably get the cut instead. Hmmm.

Elmoisamac on Paper Pauper Plurality

3 months ago

Chain Lightning seems like a strict upgrade over Collateral Damage. Also you should consider a couple copies of Electrickery in the sideboard.

The list looks fun and affordable!

bazavini on X's Red rush

5 months ago

how about exchange one or 2 Browbeat for one or 2 Collateral Damage is usefull when using the Ball Lightning or the Spark Elemental all of then dies in the end of turn insted of onily sacrifices it you can do more damage.

troyisepic on I shat this Krenko deck out in 20 minutes

7 months ago

Sword is broken with krenko, especially like I said with the altar. Krenko with sword +any goblin and the altar creates an infinite combo for infinite 1/1 goblins. You could theoretically win turn 3 with it. Also cards I'd suggest tossing.Sparkmage Apprentice Doesn't help Krenko and the one damage it does when it comes in is inconsequential.Ornithopter It's a free flying blocker at best, but it doesn't offer you any real benefits other than a potential few extra life points that shouldn't matter since you should be faster than anyone else anyway.Forgotten Cave Cycling is awesome, don't get me wrong but you've got much better options than this, Look into a Wheel or something instead.Sure Strike The spell isn't bad, for most decks I'd usually say go for it, but goblins are a swarm tribe. You're looking for lots of tiny bits of damage, one guy doing an extra 3 doesn't do much for you.Collateral Damage There is no reason to run this over Lightning BoltTrial of Zeal You aren't running any Cartouches, this is basically an expensive lightning bolt.There's a few others I think are sub-optimal, but those are the big changes I'd consider making personally. As for ideas on what would be better in their place...Purphoros, God of the Forge costs some $$$, but you'll be dumping goblins all over the place so he can win the game for you on his own, definitely worth the investmentFervor Haste is gonna be important for your goblins, you have some creatures that do it, having something a little harder to get rid of that gives haste is definitely welcome.In the Web of War More haste and now all your goblins are 3/1 when they drop. Definitely a game changerRummaging Goblin Draw is important, and while discard is a pain, goblins have the best discard option ever, Squee, Goblin Nabob he can be a permanent way for you to grow your hand without ever having to actually lose anything important.Goblin Recruiter Red doesn't have a lot of tutors, this guy is great for that AND he's got the ability to pull as many as you want, gotta play him smart though.Goblin Assassin He might hurt you too, but with krenko pumping out buttloads of tokens, it's essentially a boardwipe for everyone except you.

Wiggyman on All Your Creatures are Mine/Dead

9 months ago

Villain17:I've thought about Fling but Bone Splinters and Collateral Damage do pretty much the same thing for cheaper. Maybe as another win condition?

Cabaye21: Almost every turn, you gain control of and then kill one of your opponents' creatures. A 3/2 flier with deathtouch for 1 is pretty darn good.

Von.Banamaor on

9 months ago

The problem with adding black is that it will significantly slow down the deck and I am a big fan of speed and consistency. I just don't feel like it is adding more than it subtracts. Perhaps I'll try it later, but for now I'd like to see how far I can get with red alone.

The big issue with Fling and Rite of Consumption is that you need a powerful creature to make them effective and there are a lot of decks that don't play anything much bigger than a 2/2. Collateral Damage give me 3 damage guaranteed and combines with Wrangle to give a great play with only three land.

Also, if the opponent's deck doesn't play creatures you need Mogg War Marshal for the deck to function. Getting three 1/1's from a single 2 casting cost creature gives you all you need plus some chump-blockers.

I've been on the fence with both Flame Jab and Needle Drop. So far, Needle Drop isn't really doing it for me and I think I'll ramp up to 3 Searing Blaze.

You are 100% correct about Electrickery.

I feel like I can either play Searing Blaze or Flame Jab and wanted to playtest both. So far, I like Searing Blaze better because it also gives me the option to play one or two Fireblast main or sideboard. So, I'm with you on that.

I've updated the maybe board for some other options too.

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