Destroy target creature with flying.

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Plummet Discussion

ChubyCryBaby on once bitten twice flipped

1 day ago

Plummet for Sideboard if a deck has heavy flying (I dunno if SB would be included in the cost?).Howlpack Resurgence Titan's Strength Rush of Adrenaline Tormenting Voice Lightning Axe (If you want to trigger Madness for the last two)

golgarigirl on Budget Feeding the Pack

3 days ago

I like what you're trying to do here! I just think we need to focus our game plan a little. Since we really want to kill our enemy with a bunch of Feed the Pack wolves, we really need to a.) find and b.) cast it. Since there isn't much quality draw in green (we could add Elvish Visionary and Abundant Growth, but that's about least Abundant Growth would help ramp you into Feed as well), I feel a 4th copy of Feed the Pack would be important. Later on, for a splurge, I feel like Garruk Wildspeaker would be a great addition to the deck...he ramps into your endgame, makes more fodder for it, and can overrun to seal the deal. In general, I think the weak spots in the deck that we could replace are Sapling of Colfenor, Steel Wall, Tree of Redemption, and Leyline of Vitality.

Ideas for adding black: Triskaidekaphobia (in this version, we'd keep Tree of Redemption to do sneaky things with this cute little combo), Behind the Scenes, kill spells and tutors. For upgrades, Abrupt Decay all the way.

Ideas for adding white: Starfield of Nyx, Nyx-Fleece Ram, Perimeter Captain, removal and tutors. I honestly think white is the better secondary color option. Then again, I like the idea of repeatedly sacc'ing neverending Rams to Feed the Pack (flavor for the win). Removal is a little more expensive, though, since you'd inevitably be looking at Path to Exile as your go-to. You could also lean on things like Oblivion Ring, though, since it's amazing with Starfield.

Sideboard: I'd try out some Vines of Vastwood to save your guys from removal or punch through for lethal. And if you're staying mono-green, Plummet should replace Raking Canopy, otherwise your off-color kill spells will do quite nicely.

AndyReveler on All things Wolven

1 week ago

I'll check it out BoB_6082

I'd honestly run Plummet over Clip Wings because of spirit/thopter tokens, but Moonlight Hunt can take care of pretty much anything in its own.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on 2016-04-24 update of R/G (Were)Wolves

1 week ago

Cool deck!

I see you have objections to Clip Wings, but I would strongly suggest it for the side board. It skirts Archangel Avacyn  Flip's and Dragonlord Ojutai's protections which are two of the most prominent flyers out there right now. Obviously if the meta is heavy with flying spirits, which there doesn't really seem to be a deck for it right now, then it is less useful, but even if spirits are thing, Clip Wings also gets around Rattlechains. The only thing it doesn't help against is Sigarda, Heron's Grace, but you can use traditional removal for her. If not, Plummet is still in standard for a while longer.

Also, have you thought about running Neglected Heirloom  Flip? It can be quite a powerful in combination with the many flip werewolves you have.

Lastly, I think you want Silverfur Partisan to be a 4 of in this deck. With so many werewolves and wolves it is a very powerful card. Not to mention your Rabid Bites now net you removal and a wolf token.


The_Riddlebox on SOI - G/B Control

1 week ago


Thanks for the suggestions; however I am going to have to disagree with them. Plummet is only better than Clip Wings if you are faced with multiple flyers. In most cases, if not all, when there is a huge flying bomb it will be the only flyer on my opponent side of the field. While Plummet can hit Olivia, Mobilized for War and Archangel Avacyn  Flip with her trigger on the stack, it can't deal with a flipped Westvale Abbey  Flip and you have to wait for Dragonlord Ojutai to tap before you hit it with Plummet. As things stand I believe Clip Wings to be better in most cases.

Like I mentioned in my long ass comment, I am probably going to shy away from Delirium even more so than I am now and I will likely only be using Mindwrack Demon or Traverse the Ulvenwald. I also mention I don't really have issues triggering Delirium anyways, so running something bad like Runed Servitor just as an enabler isn't worth it, not to mention I have no sac outlets so I need to wait for him to get removed in combat or get hit by removal spell, which doesn't make it all that worth it since he gets outclassed by my other 2 drops. A better Artifact Creature to run as a Delirium enabler would be Hangarback Walker, but alas I don't think he fits in the deck.

Gem_Raider on NayAngels (Gahiji)

1 week ago

The deck would work better with cards such as Plummet or Magmatic Chasm. You also need cards that will allow you to draw cards so that you can get to your combos. For example: Harmonize or Shamanic Revelation.

Vorodirr on

2 weeks ago

Plummet instead of Clip Wings

abby315 on BG Collected Company

2 weeks ago

Love the maindeck. Sideboard thoughts: Clip Wings instead of Plummet (it's almost always better, for hexproof or indestructible threats like Dragonlord Ojutai and Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip).

If RDW is really an issue you can side in some early walls like Jaddi Offshoot & the like in addition to Biting Rain.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Common
Magic Origins Common
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Magic 2015 Common
Conspiracy Common
Magic 2014 Common
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