Destroy target creature with flying.

Acquire Plummet

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Plummet Discussion

anzew777 on Abzan Midrange

2 days ago

I would go Plummet instead of windstorm, but there really is no way to get around the hexproof unless they are out of cards.

Joeyrawr on Green Devo is still a thing

5 days ago

To the ones that care I've decided to replace Plummet with Windstorm because it affects all fliers and is more relevant play against multiple guys . Like today I sat and watched a hornets nest smash into my 16/16 and have a poop ton of hornets but I over came the challenge :)

Quadsimotto on MGD in a flying meta

1 week ago

Hornet Queen is a winner but if you dont want to run her you can always use Plummet or the aforementioned tactics. There are several flying removal cards in green right now so there are sideboard options. I would just run multiple copies of the queen as she a game winner as well as a way to stop those pesky fliers.

IonImplant on MGD in a flying meta

1 week ago

The meta seems to be shifting overhead. Mantis Rider and Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker are everywhere. Wingmate Roc & Ashcloud Phoenix are poking their heads out. Oh yeah and Stormbreath Dragon still exists.

So here I sit as an MGD enthusiast looking for answers. Arbor Colossus is the only response until you Chord of Calling your Hornet Queen or someone swings into your Hornet Nest on the ground. (I even see people Lightning Strike their own Goblin Rabblemaster to avoid that. Then there is just monstrous on Polukranos, World Eater to kill the threat or hit your own Hornet Nest

There is some removal opportunity for the sideboard in the form of Plummet , Windstorm and Skyreaping but I would love some more mainboard options. The rest of the reach or flying dudes are lackluster at best and don't really get rid of the threats on their own.

So I see these options

  1. Mainboard flying removal as the meta may fly enough to throw a few things at it. Ornithopter is a thing I guess and Butcher of the Horde and Herald of Torment but I hate to have any dead cards.

  2. Splash a color. Black - for Hero's Downfall , white for Banishing Light . I have done decks with both and MGD is just far more consistent. I could bring in red. It enables some more flying dudes for me. Gives me burn removal and ways to burn my nest for deathtouch dudes. The added benefit is I regain access to Xenagos, the Reveler

  3. Deal with game 1 and side in my only options heavy.

  4. Say goodbye to ramp. (Not gonna happen)

Would love to here others take on this.

RisingRogue on Temurity

1 week ago

My girlfriend and I had a matchup where she was Blue Beats (my other deck posted in my folder here) and I was 3WTD.

Game 1 she kicked my ass; fast and furiously. Now came time for the sideboard.

Game 2, her heavy hitters were crippled by my Singing Bell Strike and Plummet .

Game 3, I added two more sideboard cards, Anger of the Gods , for safe measure. It was a close game, for she had sideboarded Negate and Nullify . Yet victory was mine. And I got my just reward ;)

The sideboard won the game.

Square_Nacho on 2014-10-18 update of It's a ...

1 week ago

Thank's lemmingllama I do like Arbor Colossus but I'm only trying to use cards that I currently own at the moment. Plummet or Windstorm should do the trick if I need to side them in against flying creatures!

Zurgo on Modern Ramp Emrakrul

1 week ago

If I were you I would add two more Aerial Predation , 2 more Plummet , and 2 more Shredding Winds to your sideboard for now just to protect against flying. And I'd take out 2 Nissa, Worldwaker to get down to 60 since you already have Liege of the Tangle .

d10de on Full Green Spider Deck

1 week ago

I really like the theme, but even as a casual deck there's a few things I'd recommend changing.

1) The mana curve is far too top-heavy for the type of deck that this is. In playtesting I struggled immensely in reliably getting creatures out, which seems to be what this deck is dependent on doing if it is to be at all successful. I would suggest you either look at adding mana ramp options (Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a great and affordable start) in order to get your monsters out quickly, or cut down on the amount of big gribblies altogether - you don't need 11 creatures over 5 CMC, as you're rarely going to able to play more than one at a time, and every time you draw one before turn 5 you're slowing the deck down...and that's bad in mono-green.

2) Lack of removal options severely hurts this deck. When this deck goes up against anything that either has bigger creatures or is capable of getting it's creatures out faster, it gets bullied very easily, which is a problem. Decent removal options are admittedly scarce in Green, but you would definitely benefit from dropping a couple of creatures and running a few of the cards with the "Fight" mechanic - they combo excellently with your Deathtouch-ey spiders, and can help thin the opponents field whilst buffing your own stuff. Examples of cards like this are Hunt the Weak , Pit Fight and Prey Upon , but that's by no means an exhaustive list. Most of them are commons too, making them pretty easy to get hold of (in the last five KTK boosters I've opened, I've pulled three Savage Punch es, for instance). Enlarge and Giant Growth are also mono-green staples that would compliment Phytoburst very well, as dropping one or more of those at the right time can be absolutely devastating.

3) As cool as it is having all these different spiders to use, the problem that using just one or two of each causes is that you end up with very loose card synergy, and makes it increasingly unlikely that you won't pull the exact one you need right when you need it. Condense your 12 different spiders into 5 or 6 4-card playsets of the same spider, and not only will you find your spiders becoming more effective at what you want them to do, it also adds redundancy, since you've then got backups for any that get killed/milled/countered/otherwise incapacitated - if your lone Arachnus Spinner gets Murder ed before you can make use of t's ability, what then?

Couple of quick ideas for this: since you're running mono-green anyway, Kessig Recluse is strictly better than Giant Spider , so spring for a playset of those and drop the Giants. Also, Plummet or Aerial Predation are instant-speed upgrades over Stingerfling Spider that can be used far more situationally than the spider can, and finally Silklash Spider doesn't do anything that Windstorm or Skyreaping can't do better, so there's another couple of suggestion to help refine your creature base whilst also dealing with the removal issue.

Oh, and just as a general rule of thumb, any basic Magic deck wants to run about 40% land. While it's by no means a requirement, this ballpark figure more often than not balances the spells you want to cast with the spells your manabase actually allows you to cast, and adhering to it will help in mitigating the frequency of games in which you are mana-screwed (another problem I consistently encountered in playtesting).

I understand that you may not want to make so many changes to a deck that is purely for casual use, but trust me when I say that most of these will make the deck a lot more deadly, efficient, and better equipped to win - and winning is fun in it's own right :)

Happy deckbuilding! Price

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0.02 TIX 0.02 TIX
Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 7.98
Avg. cube pick 12.9


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Conspiracy Common
Magic 2014 Common
Magic 2013 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
Archenemy Common


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