Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Judgment Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Creature — Incarnation

At the beginning of your upkeep, if Genesis is in your graveyard, you may pay . If you do, return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Genesis Discussion

Iron_Cube on A Journey of Self Exploration

5 days ago

Army of the Damned is a cool finisher that you can still cast from your graveyard if it gets milled, a lot better than Empty the Pits most of the time. But I'm not sure about Ulamog, it doesn't work with graveyard cards (Splinterfright, Life from the Loam etc. and also Laboratory Maniac) I would play more controllable effects to avoid accidental graveyard shuffle.

I think Brawn, Wonder, Filth or Genesis would be great here. Svogthos, the Restless Tomb and Volrath's Stronghold would also be useful in this kind of deck...

KailDaemon on Samut Elfball

1 week ago


All are great inclusions, and for a higher competitive meta, i would include all of these.

However my personal reason for building this was to actually use a new commander, use a few of the new cards like the cat snek and the vizier, and its basically a slower, more "Fun" version, of my Yisan list. My Yisan is a little more straight forward and finely tuned and highly competitive, and my LGS and casual playgroup tends to throw a hissy fit when i play Yisan, so lowering the power level a small bit makes the larger games more fun and gives my friends a better chance of winning rather than getting stomped every game.

However, with your suggestions, for a more competitive list i would make the following changes:



Genesis wouldnt be necessary any more to lower the curve

Aura shards is just fun tech but soley reliant on my turn or some instant speed interaction to cheat a creature (not hard just not optimal just to blow up an artifact or enchantment)

SDT is no longer necessary since we dont really need top of deck manipulation

Bloom tender realistically would only tap for , rarely and almost never full Naya

thuih on Omnath EDH

1 week ago


Never noticed it said "both your main phases" on Frontier Siege. That's twice as good as I thought it was...

Added in Winding Canyons and Yeva, Nature's Herald. Felt strange to take out Genesis, but it's been a dead draw for me many times (might just be the meta I play in). Also could get rid of Acidic Slime, but damn I do love tutorable artifact/land destruction.

Also took out Extraplanar Lens (has gotten me 2 for 1ed too many times) and Time of Need (honestly just leftover from when Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary was legal).

Thanks for the suggestions yo!

CaputStercoris on Jarad dredge deck

3 weeks ago

Hey, just a few ideas I use myself...I hope they help.

One of my favorites for something like this is Sewer Nemesis...not only does it boost the crap out of your creatures...but its a crap monster!

A strong card in any deck like this is: Gnaw to the Bone I cannot tell you how many times this one has saved my butt in a similar deck play.

Also, for a great deal of control from the grave, I would suggest adding at least 1 of each: Vengeful Pharaoh and Genesis (Perhaps in place of your doomblades)...

I would personally prefer Dawntreader Elk to the Birds of Paradise simply because it has potential to boost both land and your creatures from the grave...but its ultimately up to you.

One card that can deliver a death-blow from a deck like this is: Haunting Misery, but I wouldn't go overboard (Learned that one the hard way)...not modern or standard legal...but neither is Tendrils of Despair a great alternate to one you already play.

And if you feel like smashing the piggy bank...Crucible of Worlds (This can be strong in conjunction with things like Walking Atlas or Skyshroud Ranger...Or perhaps Groundskeeper would work better than all of this and save you a little cash...

Not sure how well red jives with this deck. I personally play something similar with blue (for the hand filter) but go out and find what works for you! I hope I helped and didn't just confuse you more.

Errast on Wait Until You Sidisi All These Dead

3 weeks ago

I play a Spider Spawning deck similar to this list, and I'd like to throw out some cards that have served me well in the deck.

These are all cards that care about your graveyard, and I've found that all of them can be great tools in a self-mill deck.

Aftertherevolution on Database of card image descriptions?

1 month ago

There are many, many ways to search for cards. ie.

But I wish there was one that had a field with a description of the images. I get that it would be very subjective and difficult to boot, but has anyone attempted this? Particularly useful when building thematic/tribal decks.

I'm imagining a crowd sourced type DB that might have a field for image descriptor tags. For example, Genesis might have: centaur, dragonfly, insect, forest, rebirth, green goo, calm

Wishful thinking maybe?

dlamars on Getting Back In (Deck Help)

1 month ago

No love for Harmonize, Sylvan Library, Life's Legacy or Shamanic Revelation yet so I'll throw those out there. Also Craterhoof Behemoth fits right in, he's being reprinted soon so wait to buy him though. Genesis and Basking Rootwalla could work well here too possibly. Anyways good luck and never sell allllll your cards!

greatdevourer on Suck it Chandler, Ulrich Can be Good!!!

1 month ago

Here's some idea's you may not have considered. Obviously your meta-game is different than mine, but in my multi-player commander games, we get a lot of board wipes. As a result, I tend to ignore 'number of creatures you control' effects because they don't help much when you don't have any. Mana Echoes is cute but I think there are better uses of that card slot.

Genesis, and Loaming Shaman can help with graveyard recursion.

Bower Passage and Spidersilk Armor can help deal with flying creatures.

AEther Sting, Berserkers' Onslaught, Fervor, Gruul War Chant are all helpful combat spells.

Hand to Hand and Heat of Battle fit your theme and can work in your favor.

What about replacing the Alpha Brawl with Arena? The Alpha Brawl is a one-shot but you can use the Arena repeatedly.

I hope you like these suggestions. Good luck.

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