Dryad Arbor


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Realms Mythic Rare
Future Sight Uncommon

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Dryad Arbor

Land Creature — Forest Dryad

(Dryad Arbor isn't a spell, it's affected by summoning sickness, and it has ": Add to your mana pool.")

Dryad Arbor is green.

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Dryad Arbor Discussion

theovermind on We Revere the Skyraider (Clone Decklist)

2 days ago

Also, you don't want colorless lands. So, remove Kher Keep, Wasteland, Volrath's Stronghold, Homeward Path, Ghost Quarter, Jund Panorama. Add

Let's continue. No reason not to run the Khan fetches, they are cheap. Removing 2 Swamps for:

Bojuga Bog is a good card but enters tapped - unacceptable! In goes Dryad Arbor (can be fetched on T1 with GSZ). We'll need to tune the basic land so, make these changes first

AzrielBarakiel on Omnath smashes the kitchen table

6 days ago

i would also throw in a Dryad Arbor, its risky because of board wraths, but you can Green Sun's Zenith on turn 1 for it to cast omnath on turn 2. and you can use it as fodder for Survival of the Fittest it's a great spot to add extra utility to your deck. it also lets your Craterhoof Behemoth for 1 more by fetching a land, and worst case lets you sac it rather than something better for Grave Pact like effects.

MrHighscore on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

6 days ago

Thanks for all the feedback. These are really good suggestions and I'm incorporating them into the deck...


  • I'll add in all the lands you suggest. I'm taking out mountains, and I am also taking out mountains for dual producing lands to mitigate the hit on my green mana. This makes some of my ramp spells less usefull.



  • Ivy Lane Denizen is a pretty nice combo with Ulasht, but is also quite usefull with the doublers and the theme. He'll get a spot.
  • I should probably just build an Marath, Will of the Wild deck, just to compare before I purchase ;)

Change List

Cheers, and thanks again :)

xantm70 on Hapatra and the Infinite Snek

6 days ago

A few initial thoughts:

  • I'm a bit unclear on why you're running Darkheart Sliver--is there a synergy there that I'm not seeing?
  • Why omit Mox Diamond and Grim Monolith? Running the mana-positive rocks seems like it furthers your game plan in a pretty real way.
  • In much the same way that Vampiric Tutor is good, Imperial Seal is good. I'm not sure you need Grim Tutor, but it's certainly worth considering.
  • I'm very leery of Veteran Explorer; I know it easily gets you two more lands during your combo turn, but it also gives two lands to everyone else, and that's a dicey trade-off if you plan on pushing through disruption. What does including it do for you?
  • SquirrelCraft seems a bit cute, especially since you're light on free sac outlets. Seeing as you're already running infinite mill as a meaningful line, Altar of Dementia doesn't seem an unreasonable option to consider if you're keen to win by squirrels for days, but I feel there are stronger options--Exsanguinate comes to mind.
  • Elvish Spirit Guide seems largely inferior to Lotus Petal in this context; it's a 3-drop (Ad Nauseam/Dark Confidant) that only ever gives you one of your two colors.
  • What are your main targets for Reanimate and Unearth? Is there any merit in Entomb, or are those purely ways to recur combo pieces?
  • Dryad Arbor over a basic Forest could be very strong; you can grab it off fetchlands, and it makes T1 GSZ a ramp spell.
  • On the topic of fetchlands, your colors give you access to seven* of them, and you should almost certainly run them all.
  • If you haven't already, consider Toxic Deluge as an additional board wipe--it may never make it in, but it's an extremely cheap and potent card
  • Depending on how full your graveyard gets when you're starting to go off, Cabal Ritual feels like it would be naturally at home alongside Dark Ritual and Culling the Weak
  • Bloom Tender in a two-color deck feels dubious, but I'm not quite prepared to say it's necessarily wrong, either.
  • Given your reliance on mana dorks, Benefactor's Draught functions as a ritual that cantrips; if you choose to pair it with Isochron Scepter, it also draws you your deck while giving you an outrageous amount of mana.

I hope some of this helps! I like the direction you seem to be taking this.

*The other six are Bloodstained Mire, Marsh Flats, Misty Rainforest, Polluted Delta, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Meren in need of an upgrade

6 days ago

Dryad Arbor is a good land include, as it can be sac'd and then returned if needed.

thecakeisalie42 on EDH: Rhys the Redeemed - Competitive Enchantress

1 week ago

Dryad Arbor is fetchable turn 1 by a GSZ so might as well put it in for a forest.

Magus_of_the_Crow on THE BEST DECK EVER!!!!

1 week ago

Y'all didn't want Dryad Arbor, so it's gone

flluid on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

1 week ago

Hey man just taking a look over this deck since its about my favorite commander :) A few recommendations when it comes to lands, Skarrg, the Rage Pits is one that I recommend since you look to be wanting to do a little more voltron with Ulasht and giving him another way to gain trample is never a bad thing. Opal Palace is a hidden gem that I personally love in my Ulasht deck since I find myself killing him off a few times to make tokens and to just have him come back that much more beefy is such value. Khalni Garden makes a dude and dudes are value in this deck! Dryad Arbor Idk about budget but this land is a dude and a land that is just nuts for this deck. That is all the cards I will litter your comment section with. If you have any thoughts or need suggestions check out my deck Army of Mushrooms and Friends on Mushrooms. Enjoy :)

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