Zombie Infestation

Zombie Infestation


Discard two cards: Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

Zombie Infestation Discussion

BRG24 on 10 Zombie Lords

42 minutes ago

Really nice deck. If you’re going all in on the discarding, Zombie Infestation or Key to the City might be interesting cards to try? Infestation is pretty aggressive with its discard, but the zombies it makes would be decent threats without all the lords. Key is more niche, but can really help with getting through board stalls. Not sure whether either would be good enough for the deck, just something to maybe consider.

Juha on Bat Cave 2.2

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment lagotripha. I concur your point about hand disruption being a strong tool in mono-. However as this is an aggro deck and there's a need to discard cards for Zombie Infestation and Call the Bloodline to create tokens I can't see a way to squeeze Delirium Skeins or Raven's Crime in.

I'll definitely probably have the discards ready in my sideboard when I take this deck out.

Destroyerbirb on Zombie Hunt

4 weeks ago

Scallywallwest The original deck was just 4x Treasure Hunt, 4x Zombie Infestation, 4x Reliquary Tower, 24 Islands and 24 Swamps. It also had no sideboard. It works just as good if you take nearly everything else. The thing about the fetch lands is they take up a deck slot, can find you Watery Grave and Fetid Pools, and thin your deck. They don't have to have all the colours, as long as they can find either the swamp or the island subtype. Also, I only own three of the non-basic land cards in the whole deck, one Flooded Strand, one Blast Zone, and one Castle Locthwain. This deck is just for fun on Untap.in or other online magic places. Thanks for checking out my deck!

Dankirk on Noxious Horde

1 month ago

I was thinking about Death Baron, but I feared killing him in response to my attack was too much of an issue that could cost me the game. Zombie Infestation could really boost Gisa's Bidding and I'm thinking about it. I fear the discard two (instead of one like the zombies do) could drain me too quickly, but I should test if there's really any issue. For now I'm testing Unbreathing Horde and Plague Belcher as secondary win conditions.

aogoli on Noxious Horde

2 months ago

Death Baron can replace at least 2x Deadly Allure. And if you want a second wining condition you could go more aggro. Zombie Infestation, for example, is a good option since it doesn't need to tap land to activate its abilities, and it also triggers madness more easily (or other graveyard related abilities). And following the aggro strategies you can use Rotting Giant if you want, but I believe it would require different sorts of lands like Evolving Wilds.

Also, two cards I believe that can match the art of your deck are Strength of Night (can give +3/+3 to all zombies) and Silumgar Scavenger which may help you to attack later on.

multimedia on Big Black Deck (K'rrik)

3 months ago

Hey, yes Insidious Dreams is an underrated, underplayed, tutor and it's an instant. If you have or can get Yawgmoth's Will then definitely add it. I didn't see that you're playing Zombie Infestation and you're right it can make a Zombie for Gravecrawler as long as you have two cards to discard which can be faster than Dreadhorde Invasion. I'm honestly not a fan of Infestation, but if it's working for you then great.

Other ways to consider to make your deck more competitive is more speed. Lower the avg. CMC with more one drops; cards that make mana and/or cards that can draw. One drops that draw can draw you cards faster because you don't have to pay mana for them as well as put more counters on Krrik faster. One drops that make mana are helpful to make mana for colorless mana costs of cards to assemble combos faster.

Rain of Filth and Bubbling Muck are powerful when playing a lot of Swamps. Culling the Weak and Sacrifice is good with Krrik or other creatures. All four of these cards can be particularly helpful when you're trying to assemble Aetherflux + Citadel which needs seven colorless mana. Sacrifice makes seven mana by sacing Krrik. Krrik is not needed after you assemble this combo and Sacrifice is an instant. You can pay Phyrexian mana for Citadel, pay Phyrexian mana for Sacrifice, sac Krrik to then make mana to pay for the rest of the combo.

Black one drops that draw to consider (I'm honestly only a fan of Wisps): Aphotic Wisps, Cremate, Scarab Feast, Fade from Memory. Cycling can be paid for with Phyrexian mana.

For your current deck there's less reasons to play so many high CMC creatures because you're winning with combo. Vilis, Razaketh, Pontiff, Sidisi and Gray are the best here. Instead of playing others, you could replace them lower CMC cards or other tutors: Mastermind's Acquisition and Dark Petition which can find important combo pieces. Tutors taking up high CMC card spots can better advance your game plan of winning with a combo rather than just having a big creature on the battlefield.

Traitor_Kratos on Big Black Deck (K'rrik)

3 months ago


Insidious Dreams is a card I was unaware of and has made it to the top of my buylist. That card with Bolas's Citadel out is a win. Entomb will be great for my Gravecrawler combo as well. I'm mostly not putting in most reanimating spells because I'm not really using many creatures for combos. I am however considering picking up a Yawgmoth's Will to recast combo pieces which have been removed. The top is definitely on my buylist as well.

The only reason I went for Zombie Infestation over Dreadhorde Invasion was because I could make the zombies at any given moment. I know Invasion is a better card for the most part though. I might play around with it in my deck for a while.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is another one I've been debating to play around with as well. I think if I do throw it in, it makes sense to add Walking Ballista with it.

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