In Garruk's Wake


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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In Garruk's Wake


Destroy all creatures you don't control and all planeswalkers you don't control.

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In Garruk's Wake Discussion

Kreshnic on Budget Scarabs!

2 days ago

Here are a few suggestions: Liliana's Mastery, Waste Not, In Garruk's Wake, Wit's End, Necrotic Ooze just cus you do have a few activated abilities so it cant hurt to be able to use them from anywhere, Corpseweft and Phyrexian Delver.

SirSgtCire on The Raging Grave

4 days ago

No Maelstrom Pulse, no Demonic Tutor, instead put in In Garruk's Wake and Golgari Charm. We shall see if we need/want to take this deck THAT far.

TheDeckMaker2300 on List of Interesting cards some may have forgotten

1 week ago

Part 2

Urborg Justice oh you just played In Garruk's Wake esc card I'm taking you down with me.

Well of Knowledge if you pay a fee we will grant you a bonus card for your draw step

Avenger en-Dal once per turn and only during combat but we got a machine gun of exile attackers

Spiritual Asylum let's buy some time to get ready for battle shall we

Kill Switch holy crud the breya ramp is getting to fast ...HIT THE EMEGENCY STOP QUICK!!!

Imi Statue looky looky Winter Orb for artifacts

Dust Elemental for two more mana a Whitemane Lion but two additional creatures and it can do itself...nice flicker and panic button use

Treacherous Urge you heard of Slave of Bolas right well this one can steal and sac from the hands of opponents and let's not forget stuff like Telepathy

Detritivore delicious nonbasic land removal that's untouchable and the chances of targets being on the field same odds of finding a cow on a field near a farm

Mana Maze oh that's evil star especially since I'm using it in eldrazi decks with devoid cards wich is a loop hole around this.

Backlash another Reflect Damage catergory card

Hammer Mage a driver for the street sweeper of artifact cards in play

Fountain Watch just play a Asceticism with this and you just gave your whole board immunity to spells and abilities

Volcanic Wind hmmmm only six to do easily atleast 20+ damage to creatures and sweep...amazing

Once a upon a time someone just cast Wrath of God esc card then all the sudden I play Natural Affinity then after resolve I cast Eerie Interlude or Teferi's Protection and either resolve every one surrenders and possible a table flip happens because now it sweeps the lands and creatures excepts mine the end.

Centaur Omenreader how convenient I also have a Cryptolith Rite in play

Thermopod only red but that's Phyrexian Altar on a creature

Soulquake a board sweep and group hug at the same time sweet

Sages of the Anima and this isn't a Animar staple because?

Fight to the Death hey I also played a all creatures are forced to block a particular creature escape card earlier board sweep for one player

Death Pits of Rath let's give everything deathtouch even instants/sorcery plus this is a budget No Mercy

Nature's Revolt no need for Living Plane this only needs a few coins to buy living plane needs Benjamin franklin bills

Head Games/Jester's Mask lets rig a opponent's hand with nothing but junk

Balancing Act is that what I... IT IS!!!


Teferi's Protection your board then they have to sacrifice all the permanents

Well hope you like my stuff might have more in the future

DrMegaWhits on Jodah and His Friends

2 weeks ago

Regoober Thanks for taking a look and for the suggestions :)

Expropriate is absolutely on my short list of cards to get for the deck. Speaking of which, I should get around to writing up the "maybeboard".

While Plague Wind may be worse than In Garruk's Wake I think it could be better than Supreme Verdict, in this deck at least. I'll have to give it shot.

I like running fist of the suns as some redundancy of the commander. I'd much rather cast that that pay for 7+ after Jodah dies a couple times. But I haven't got a try too many games yet. It may end up a dead card more often than not.

As far as Urabrask the Hidden, he was in the deck at first. I just felt that Maelstrom Wanderer was a more impactful haste enabler and there is only so much room in the deck. And the Vorthos in me likes that the one praetor that is not in the deck is the the called "the hidden"

Raben-schwarz on Jodah One For Me

2 weeks ago

Hey, i love this commander :) I think you could replace things that hit just one card like Anguished Unmaking with more spells that hit more than one permanent, like Duneblast or In Garruk's Wake for example. They are really good cards on their one, but they seem to be created for this commander.Hope this helps a little bit. Feel free to have a look at my build of Jodah, Archmage Eternal.

The_Dark_Adonis on Fisting the Suns

2 weeks ago

Overall loving what i'm seeing here. 5C scary cheaty things is always fun. If you would like a couple suggestions check the spoilers.

Suggestions Within Show

Regardless of if you look at the suggestions +1 upvote and i'll likely be using this as a base for my own Jodah EDH in the next few months.

Neotrup on Really deep into Perplexing Chimera

3 weeks ago

I don't think you understand the stack. Here's a couple breakdown's of what could be happening:

Situation 1:
Player 2 casts In Garruk's Wake, Perplexing Chimera's ability triggers, nobody responds, so you choose to use the ability and gain control of In Garruk's Wake while Player 2 gains control of Perplexing Chimera. Player 3 then decides to cast Final Reward targeting one of your creatures, and Player 2's Perplexing Chimera triggers. Again, nobody responds and Player 2 get's to decide whether to make an exchange. I'm guessing they won't because they have no stake in the a spell targeting your creature, but let's say they do. Player 4 then decides to cast Archangel Avacyn  Flip hoping to make their side indestructible, but Player 3's Perplexing Chimera triggers, and once resolves Player 3 decides to make the exchange, getting Archangel Avacyn  Flip and getting to use it's trigger. Your In Garruk's Wake finally resolves, destroying all creatures of Player 2 and Player 4, as well as any planeswalkers Player 3 controls.

Situation 2:
Player 2 casts In Garruk's Wake, triggering Perplexing Chimera. For some reason Player 3 doesn't want to see what you'll decide and casts Final Reward right away targeting one of your creatures, again triggering Perplexing Chimera. Again not wanting to see what happens Player 4 casts Archangel Avacyn  Flip triggering Perplexing Chimera for a third time. Now out of response players start letting the stack resolve. As there's an In Garruk's Wake on the stack you very much want to use the topmost trigger to gain control of Archangel Avacyn  Flip and get the trigger for yourself. Now Archangel Avacyn  Flip resolves, triggers, and the trigger resolves as people are out of responses. You're now left with the question as to whether you want to give Player 3 Perplexing Chimera and Player 4 Final Reward. As you'll get to choose the new target you promptly say 'Yes' and choose a creature of Player 4 or Player 2's for a reason that will become apparent. Now the creature gets exiled and your asked one final question: do you give Player 4 In Garruk's Wake or leave it in the hands of Player 2? As the spell doesn't target you'll gain no benefit from changing the controller, but you will get to choose which one of them's creatures and planeswalkers get left unscathed.

pedroedmarcos on Really deep into Perplexing Chimera

3 weeks ago

Ok, I'm really perplexed about a situation with this card. So, Perplexing Chimera says that: "Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may exchange control of Perplexing Chimera and that spell. If you do, you may choose new targets for the spell. (If the spell becomes a permanent, you control that permanent.)"

There is an part of the rulling that says:

"In some unusual cases, you may not control Perplexing Chimera when its triggered ability resolves (perhaps because the triggered ability triggered again and resolved while the original ability was on the stack). In these cases, you can exchange control of Perplexing Chimera and the spell that causes the ability to trigger, even if you control neither of them. If you do, youll be able to change targets of the spell, not the spells new controller."

I'm an EDH Player, so multiplayer is a reality to me, and by that comes my question:


Let's say is a 4 player game, and I'm player 1, and I am the owner of the perplexing chimera. Player 2 decides to cast In Garruk's Wake. I, as the controller of the perplexing chimera decided to change control of the chimera and the spell. Player 3, decided to vanish one other creature of mine with Final Reward. It triggers again, so I change the control of it. Then, player number 4 flashes Archangel Avacyn  Flip. It triggers again I change the control of the spell, Player 4 casts an Counterspell on his own Avacyn. Again the triggler happens and I change the control of it. And FINALLY, it resolves. Am I the player that will decide the target of all of those spells regardless if I am or not the controller of the chimera? Since the Archangel Avacyn  Flip will enter first on the battlefield can I choose her as the target of Final Reward.Sorry If I'm talking nonsense but I'm Perplexed

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