Life and Limb


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos Rare

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Life and Limb


All Forests and all Saprolings are 1/1 green Saproling creatures and Forest lands in addition to their other types.

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Life and Limb Discussion

rhystictutor on Inch by Inch, Row by Row

6 days ago

Life and Limb for the win! It would make this deck even more funny. Concordant Crossroads to give em all haste!

Or just play Sporemound along side Life and Limb and break the game.

There's also Living Lands, Living Plane, or Nature's Revolt

Wood Elemental would also be very lulzy.


Waiting in the Weeds

The7thBobba on 10,000 Fists

2 weeks ago

Sure thing mate. Life and Limb states that all my saprolings count as forests, and will thus create an infinite flow of new saprolings/lands with Sporemound :) the loop is unbreakable, unless I destroy the enchantment, that's why we have Naturalize :)

Shadow29870 on Game Breaker?

4 weeks ago

If I had Sporemound and Life and Limb, then played a Sprout, would the infinite saproling combo make it to where the game could not continue? And if not, then why?

The7thBobba on A Flood of Spores

1 month ago

Nice and stramlined, love it ;)

Psychotrope Thallid offers some nice and cheap draw power.

If you're made of money, then Doubling Season is made for this deck. So is Primal Vigor

If you're as despicable as me, you might be interested in the infinite combo that is Life and Limb+Sporemound.

If you'd be willing to splash other colours, then:

White nominates Pallid Mycoderm.

Black nominates Deathspore Thallid.

Blue... don't get me started on blue :p I'll just direct you towards my sapproling-deck: and they keep on dancing...

Stay frosty!

Shadow29870 on Fungus Among Us

1 month ago

Thank's for the suggestion, especially since it's cheaper money-wise than Spider Umbra.

As for the mana curve... I'm hoping mostly that Utopia Mycon and, once It's out, Life and Limb would help. If you have any better ideas for mana ramp, they'd be appreciated.

VraskaTheCursed on Life and Limb Landfall

1 month ago

Yes. Since Life and Limb makes the saproling a land right from the instant it enters the battlefield, it will count as a land entering the battlefield, therefore triggering Retreat to Kazandu.

Shadow29870 on Life and Limb Landfall

1 month ago

Just a quick question, if I had Life and Limb on the field with Retreat to Kazandu, and played Sprout for example, would that indeed trigger Retreat to Kazandu, as the token is a land? I think that's correct, but I like to make sure.

chosenone124 on What is the interaction between ...

1 month ago

Suppose I have a saproling creature. I cast Life and Limb so it becomes a 1/1 green Land Creature - Saproling Forest.

I now cast Blood Moon. This makes my Saproling into a Land - Mountain, so it is no longer affected by Life and Limb

When Life and Limb stops affecting it, it isn't affected by Blood Moon, which means we have a saproling creature (loop start)

Did I get the interaction wrong?

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