Rimebound Dead


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap (CSP) Common

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Rimebound Dead

Snow Creature — Skeleton

(Snow): Regenerate Rimebound Dead. ((Snow) can be paid with one mana from a snow permanent.)

Rimebound Dead Discussion

lagotripha on Modern Snow Mill?

1 week ago

Iceberg Cancrix is interesting in that it can be extra copies of Hedron Crab -the question is what that means and how to use it. Crab is amazing because fetches become mill six, while cancrix still only mills two.

Scrying Sheets is a great payoff card for moving to slow, but it does point to a slower, more control deck style.

This means that non-land snow cards need to be looked at- Coldsteel Heart , Skred , Into the North , Boreal Druid , On Thin Ice , Marit Lage's Slumber , Dead of Winter , Ice-Fang Coatl , Arcum's Astrolabe & Rimebound Dead / Icehide Golem .

They don't exactly scream 'we have planned an archetype'.

I feel the most likely list you might build would be a sutai self-mill list looking to cast Splendid Reclamation / The Mending of Dominaria to put 10 lands onto the battlefield milling six cards each, with a Scapeshift backup plan. Just lots of instants, scrying sheets and hall for value and a lot of exile effects.

dingusdingo on Weather Outside is Frightful

2 weeks ago

Scrying Sheets is free, reusable card advantage from a land. The only downside is that if you up fetchland density (which you should for deckthinning purposes) it has less effectiveness.

23 lands is really high. You can cut down to 20 rather easily, especially with the scry/draw you run. Frost Marsh should 100% go, ETB tapped. I would also cut Watery Grave Breeding Pool and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , your color intensity really isn't that high and they aren't snow permanents. If you up Coldsteel Heart to 4x, you should not have any problems with color requirements, especially with fetches.

Consider Rimefeather Owl as a possible 1x or 2x finisher. Its like the Treefolk except it flies and can generate further snow advantage. I'm also surprised you aren't running the Treefolk as a 4x.

I think Icehide Golem or Rimebound Dead both are better than Phyrexian Ironfoot . You aren't using ironfoot to combo with the untap + payload, so it just means it becomes a mana sink. Icehide is better if color intensity is too high, Rimebound better against aggro decks.

Also peek Centaur Omenreader .

hydrothermia on Soul sisters + snowlandwalk zerdruu

7 months ago

Welcome to TappedOut!

Coldsnap can be problematic mostly due to the majority of the cards are made with a high mana cost with sub-optimal abilities. As much as I love the set, it's still mostly bad. There are a few gems that exist though.

Rimebound Dead | Skred | Rime Transfusion | Gelid Shackles | Boros Reckoner

You can combo Boros Reckoner + Skred for any target.

I'd also suggest you put in a few check-lands like Clifftop Retreat, Isolated Chapel and Dragonskull Summit to smooth out your mana base. Scrying Sheets might be an option to let you filter through your deck with the snow permanents you have.

Harbinger_of_Eternal_Pain on Skeleton Warriors!!

9 months ago

If you want to use Rimebound Dead just remove Restless Dead and swap your swamps for snow covered swamps, they do the same thing as swamps, but count as snow covered so they work for regenerating Rimebound Dead. This will make your deck better since they're half the cost of Restless dead

ClockworkSwordfish on Sp00ky Skeletons (ULTRA Budget)

1 year ago

You should get on the Rimebound Dead Train! If you swap out your swamps for their snow-covered equivalent, he's one of the best skeletons around.

GolgariGravedigger on I GOTTA BONE TO PICK WITH YOU

2 years ago

This one has some power compared to mine, lol. I wish Death Baron wasn't so expensive. I really like the the addition of Rimebound Dead. +1

Neotrup on Snow Business

2 years ago

107.4h The snow mana symbol S represents one generic mana in a cost. This generic mana can be paid with one mana of any type produced by a snow permanent (see rule 205.4f). Effects that reduce the amount of generic mana you pay don't affect S costs. (There is no such thing as "snow mana; snow" is not a type of mana.)

You cannot pay mana produced by a nonsnow permanent such as Gilded Lotus, and you cannot use a snow permanent that does not produce mana such as Rimebound Dead to pay the cost. The reason it says "can" is nothing compels you to pay the cost, you can simply not pay the cost and not regenerate the dead.

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