Kraul Harpooner


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Kraul Harpooner

Creature — Insect Wizard


Undergrowth — When Kraul Harpooner enters the battlefield, choose up to one target creature with flying you don't control. Kraul Harpooner gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the number of creature cards in your graveyard, then you may have Kraul Harpooner fight that creature.

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Kraul Harpooner Discussion

jwingzero1 on Budget Golgari Undergrowth

9 hours ago

Thoughts on swapping in Kraul Harpooner from sideboard? What do you drop out?

crusafix22 on W/G Midrange?

3 days ago

Pretty cool deck dude! I have also made a Selesnya midrange and the two decks are pretty cool to compare. I think that Merfolk Branchwalker is ok, but I think that like my deck this one is pretty scared of flyers if they are able to get something to block our path. I personally thought that Kraul Harpooner was a pretty good two-drop that is pretty strong in its own right and it deals with flyers.

I really think running x2 Carnage Tyrant is probably just better than running one and a Ghalta, Primal Hunger.

I think that Graveyards are a huge deal in standard, especially with Dimir, Golgari, and Izzet all benefitting from it. I really think that Deathgorge Scavenger has become a pretty relevant card in green decks.

If you wanted to take a look at my deck and compare its Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!). Again I really liked comparing the two that we've come up with and I would be very interested in your thoughts.

I am not sure if your deck here is based on cards that you currently own or if it is a blueprint for your finished deck. Also, I recognize that we both participate in different FNM cultures so yours would be more attuned to the competition and meta of your local community!

Great deck +1 from me :)

Orion93 on Golgari intro

3 days ago

I want to suggest a few cards. Charnel Troll- feeds off creatures you put into your graveyard early on. Good beater.

Price of Fame- decent removal with a mechanic that can filter your deck and play to your strengths.

Izoni, Thousand-Eyed- great for a late game bomb. It helps against enemy tokes and can go wide against a big stompy deck. Control stuggles against tokens too.

Find // Finality- get back creatures or potential board wipe.

Kraul Harpooner- good against angels.

Journey to Eternity- bring back creatures.

And any Planeswalkers in the right colors except for the starter deck ones. They are usually bad. Which is a shame.

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

6 days ago

Second Update

Main Board


x1 Kraul Harpooner

x1 Knight of Autumn

x3 Assure / Assemble


x2 Beast Whisperer

x3Heroic Intervention



x3 Prey Upon

x3 Pause for Reflection

x3 Rallying Roar


x3 Prowling Serpopard

x1 Kraul Harpooner

x3 Settle the Wreckage

x2 Carnage Tyrant

Recognized that the deck's primary weaknesses were board wipe and blue counter control. Prowling Serpopard is a great counter to the blue control decks along with Carnage Tyrant. Settle the Wreckage helps deal with other green midrange decks, token decks, and aggro decks like Boros. Added Beast Whisperer to help against board wipes and games that go long so we don't find ourselves top decking every turn. Heroic Intervention replaces Assure / Assemble as Heroic Intervention is better than every way as we will not be using the assemble option very often as our Nullhide Ferox makes it difficult to afford.

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

1 week ago

Hey lords2001 I really appreciate the feedback, I'll respond to each of the points you have made.

So in regards to your concern that I need some kind of card draw to help sustain a game that goes late or worst case someone wipes my board, I agree! I am not sure what the best solution is, I have toyed with adding Beast Whisperer and he is currently in the maybe board.

I definitely understand the criticism of Nullhide Ferox but I still think he is pretty valuable. My justification is that all of my non-creature spells are relatively cheap so adding 2 mana to remove Nullhide Ferox's isn't enough to make me sideboard such a powerful card. The exception to the cheap non-creature spells is Conclave Tribunal however it does have convoke which gives me some options to pay for that two additional mana. The assemble ability from Assure / Assemble would increase to a staggering 8 mana, however, to be honest, I am primarily adding this spell for it's instant and cheap indestructible ability. This is mainly to protect my vulnerable Shalai, Voice of Plenty or Nullhide Ferox after my opponent makes him vulnerable or responds to me removing his ability. Like you mentioned a 6/6 for 4 mana is great and I have the potential to cast it on turn 3.

Finally the issue of flyers and nasty stuff :p. I know you recommended Seal Away do you find this to be a much better solution than Conclave Tribunal? Would you replace Conclave Tribunal or play both? In repect to the flyers I do also have the Kraul Harpooner, now I realize that he is not a reliable solution to the higher toughness flyers but I do think that between it and Conclave Tribunal I have some reliable options, perhaps adding Seal Away to the sideboard in place of Prey Upon would be a more reasonable solution?

Again I appreciate the comments and I hope we can continue discussing your suggestions and concerns :)

Spazz on GB Stompy (GRN Standard)

1 week ago

You definitely want all 4 Kraul Harpooner in this deck. Also, I have much experience with a very similar deck to yours and I can tell you Vine Mare isn't that good. Control will almost always have a Counterspell waiting for it by the time you have 4 mana. Yes I know, turn 3. I'd rather max out on Nullhide Ferox. Also, Vine Mare is not good for swinging in against aggro, they will almost always have 3 power to block it with. Another reason why I like Nullhide Ferox over this guy.

Just figured I'd give you this info since I've been testing a variant of this deck about 20 games a night every night for the last week and a half. Vine Mare is junk bro, trust me, been on a winning streak since I dropped him.

Naj187 on Oops No Spells (mono-green stompy)

3 weeks ago

I like a lot about this. With so many creatures you should definitely consider Adventurous Impulse (i know, it's a spell!) and if not that, I would definitely up the land count to 24 or 25. And if not that, i'd consider adding some Druid of the Cowl for additional ramp to your big creatures. You're going to find it hard to cast Carnage Tyrant and some other high drops when you need to. You're also missing some critical 2 drops, i would recommend Thorn Lieutenant and Kraul Harpooner

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