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TheSilverBlade on Got Hydra?

19 hours ago
  • Depends. You could switch to mono-green pretty easily, which would reduce the price of the deck and allow you to replace all of your current ramp with the Utopia Sprawl /Overgrowth /Wild Growth +Voyaging Satyr /Arbor Elf Combo pieces, which allow some moderately insane plays, and then just replace the Archangel of Thune with another hydra, Path to Exile with Mutant's Prey or Beast Within , and Riot Control with Fog .
  • If you want to stay in the white, then I'd perhaps forgo a bit of the more expensive ramp in the deck in favor of something cheaper to cast. Most of your creatures cost 5 mana, and, with the exception of Sakura-Tribe Elder, your ramp spells all cost 3-5 mana, which means you'll probably be doing nothing until turn 3.
  • spyroswiz on hydras power , but need some upgrades i think

    3 days ago

    You already play Fog , so you dont need Predator's Rapport . How about adding a couple of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ? With devotion, you can have some explosive starts! Khalni Hydra and Primeval Titan are also great for your deck! I wouldnt play 4 Garruk's Horde ,cause of the CMC.

    Lucasco on Enlightened Control

    1 week ago

    Jeskai Charm is pretty much always going to be better/more relevant than Mindswipe . It has the ability to do more damage, the first mode basically reads "Exile target creature" and lifelink is something you'll need in a shell like this. I'd go up to four charms and down to two swipes.

    Suspension Field is a great card that you could consider running alongside in a balance with Banishing Light . In certain match-ups Banishing Light will pretty much always target a creature anyway and you may find you need the extra mana available.

    Deflecting Palm is cute, but it's not Lightning Helix . It may win you some games, but most of the time it'll be a sub-par Fog . If you want to play it I'd suggest more of a burn shell so that it dealing an average of four damage is relevant to your game plan.

    Ajani Steadfast seems sub-par here. Try playing Keranos, God of Storms instead. That kind of incremental game advantage will swing the grindy match-up in your favour.

    I personally prefer Steam Augury in place of Jace's Ingenuity . Test it out, there's a bunch of neat tricks you can do with it, like casting it in response to a spell they cast and forcing them to give you four cards or a counter-spell. Or in response to a swing and getting a Deflecting Palm or four cards! It'll always draw you an average of three cards anyway. In that context, you should also consider running 1-2 Dig Through Time and/or Treasure Cruise , because you want to play draw cards late game when you have cards in your graveyard anyway. Too much fantastic synergy to pass on.

    It seems like your winning creatures are heading towards a relatively early win, which is fine if you're looking to play the tempo game. I'm not sure if it's actually good, but maybe consider the Pearl Lake Ancient as a replacement for AEtherling if you want to go more late game.

    Props for developing a decent control deck, in a format where it's looking like control may struggle a bit. I'd love it if you could take a look at my deck and give me some feedback as well! +1 from me.

    Freeze! - The New Jeskai Tempo Playtest

    Standard* Lucasco

    SCORE: 8 | 9 COMMENTS | 709 VIEWS

    Evoksva_______ on Wanderwine Empires (3.0, constantly improving!)

    1 week ago

    Excellent feedback! Lets see what we can learn from it:

    Comments on suggested cards:Path to Exile , Swords to Plowshares will be cycled in, that's not a problem. Swan Song is a beautiful card, but I worry that the amount of Vorthos decks out there will find this beneficial. As mana is rarely an issue, having a straight up counter feels nice. Thematically, Swan Song is quite sound however.

    Mindbreak Trap On the edge with this one. Sundial of the Infinite is better and I'll explain why in a moment.

    In a competitive environment, Cosi's Trickster can easily hit about 13/13 before people have to end up dealing with it. All for a one drop. The amount of fetch, shuffle, and numerous other cards all make her obscenely strong. Because people would rather have their shiny card than deny her counters, she sits ignored and beats on people until she's too much to handle, which she then becomes destroy bait (which is fine, bolt bait for 1 blue is acceptable, brings people off my other cards). And she's eh in other decks, but most decks have mana ramp or some other shuffling. Even in decks with very little, she at least gets to a 6/6. Same argument as that one ascendant whats-her-name that white gets that's great in EDH (6/6 lifelink flying for 1 white if you start with 30 or more life)

    Equilibrium has already been cycled out, the deck is in the middle of being changed again and I haven't updated everything yet. The card was included for other purposes, which involved token spam shenanigans.

    Rootwater Matriarch has two reasons, but I have been gravitating more towards your own comment for some time. One, she's a slow 1 turn swipe that never ends ever unless they bounce their own enchantment (tee-hee) or bounce the creature. Lasts after she's gone. The other reason for her is for enchantment denial, as a constant threat, she will prevent others from spending time beefing up creatures. She is a form of bait. Cost 4 bait. Too expensive for it's effect. Eh, I'll end up changing this one out, who am I kidding.

    I've playtested Propaganda , Ghostly Prison , Norn's Annex , and Teferi's Moat probably more extensively than any other card set. In nearly 70% of all matches, the only creatures that mattered got through easily by paying the cost (the same was true with Norn's Annex ) with flying colors. Mana ramp is easy to come by in most competitive environments, and the cards reflected such. Many EDH commanders run with non-creature based win conditions, in which case I would just pick a different color and say, ruin the Green Elf deck. A hard bubble has proven time and time again to be more beneficial than anything I could provide at the time, and it's powerful by itself. Ghostly Prison , Norn's Annex , and Propaganda all proved to be powerful, but only against those with mana problems, which at a competitive environment didn't happen. (Often)

    I need a better version of Spelltwine that causes graveyard reclusion, both for creatures and spells. Spelltwine was merely what I had on hand, but had the added bonus of being able to cast two things regardless of cost, like, say, two Austere Command . Mana hasn't proven to be that much of a problem anymore since deck 1.5. I'd add Memory Plunder but it includes black. I wish Sygg had an Esper variant.

    Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur is a good win more, but here's the thing, this deck doesn't have too many problems with mana. I've hit 10 mana easy by turn 5 multiple times. The flash is useful for surprising players, the effect is powerful, and there are multiple mana multipliers everywhere, from the obvious Caged Sun to the not to obvious Merrow Reejerey with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Temple of the False God . There's a lot of ways to play with mana, and most playtesting (and games) end up having way to much mana, though this isn't because of land comp but rather due to excessive card draw.

    Notice how I kept Time Stop and Sundial of the Infinite last, and that's because I love the utility of these cards (but not the cost). I'll begin with what Time Stop provides vs Sundial of the Infinite in a moment.

    Time Stop is like a version of Cryptic command with a half billion uses, just like another super charm like Austere Command . In no particular order, Time Stop is a: Mindbreak Trap , Draw counter, Squelch , Infinite combo breaker, counter to storm combos, counter to fetchlands, counter to mana ramp, a way to make people lose the game to Pact of Negation , Phage the Untouchable , or other similar cards, a way to counter quest cards, tutor effects, Fog , delaying a turn (useful sometimes!), and so on.

    Sundial of the Infinite is Time stop, but an unlimited amount and on your turn. I had a hard core spike call this a janky card to my face and shook his head like I was a moron. The following game, and several others afterward, he lost because of it alone.

    He had a Marchesa, the Black Rose deck that revolved around having an uncounterable/unboard-wipable/sacrifice in response to anything deck. He was fond of using a combination of cards, one of which let him sacrifice creatures to do damage to things and another to draw cards at the end of everyone's turn. Marchesa, the Black Rose would then activate and he would proceed to do so to everyone non-stop. Once my turn rolled around, I used Sundial of the infinite and proceeded to exile Marchesa's abilities, to which he couldn't respond because he had used Marchesa, the Black Rose as a cost to sacrifice already. He board wiped himself.

    The thing about End the Turn effects is that they don't skip to the end of turn step; they skip right to the cleanup step which is utterly unrespondable, you can't cast spells or effects during that phase if it resolves. It's a niche Hindering Light on command without the draw if someone wants to nuke me on my turn, or if someone wants to draw cards at the end of my turn, then that effect is also exiled. It is a highly, highly, highly underrated card which people don't understand until they've had their morph countered by it. End the turn counters Laboratory Maniac 's effect, btw, along with a half dozen other insta-win combos. it also counters Fetch lands for a handy cost of 1.

    Both Academy Ruins and Riptide Laboratory are thematic and fit nicely, I'll try to find a couple.

    Sword of Feast and Famine , what am I, made of money? (looks at deck cost) Oh.

    Crucible of Worlds is being debated. I can't counter every effect, but I sure can make it so it doesn't work. I've replaced this card with extra counters and trickbinds to counter anything that would make me do something ridiculous with my lands. Has 0 place in a casual setting but all the place in the world in the competitive setting.

    Femme_Fatale on Turn One Kill...Monastery Swiftspear

    1 week ago

    Soo ... if you don't go first you lose. Turn 1: Thoughtseize /Inquisition of Kozilek /Path to Exile /Fog /Holy Day /Silence /Dismember /Swan Song /ANY CREATURE.

    Yeah I'd rather play infect. Or bant exalted.

    MindAblaze! on Lets play a game: Spellstorm!

    1 week ago

    Fog , so I don't get hit with the Pestermites

    TheGamer on

    1 week ago

    Those are pretty good in the deck anyway. It's cards like Fog , Abundant Growth , and Wild Growth that don't fit. Also, in my infect list I only run 14 creatures.

    asasinater13 on Temur Hydras n stuff

    1 week ago

    if you want things on separate lines hit enter twice on tappedout.

    you're too many cards for commander is the first problem I see. it woul dbe good if you added a more specific description, not necessarily card by card, but throw out some of the interactions and specifics in the deck you like to play/you see as good. help people realize how you play the deck instead of letting people wonder about how they would play the deck.

    your ramp is very not optimal. Birds of Paradise , Cultivate , Sylvan Caryatid would all be awesome to get in here. Traveler's Amulet just feels sub-par. even Font of Fertility feels better than it.

    your deck isn't built well to use Howling Mine effects efficiently. you would want a deck that will be playing multiple things a turn, so you can outplay your opponent and make their card advantage spells less valuable. if you /need/ the draw, Dictate of Kruphix is better for you because flash. you would be better off running things like Harmonize , Momentous Fall , Inspiration , any blue draw spells really. you don't want to feed your opponent resources, you don't have a deck that can stop that.

    Kiora's Follower could act as a ramp-card and do cool things with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Karametra's Acolyte , Gyre Sage , or Vorel, the Hull Clade for the extra bonuses. pretty cool card.

    urzatron feels unnecessary here, unless you get some lucky Tempt with Discovery , you're unlikely to get it online and it's just colorless lands.

    you'll want some form of board wipe. Cyclonic Rift is awesome. Nevinyrral's Disk is cool and fits any deck, worth having a copy. Windstorm works if you don't have anything else around. possibly even Bonfire of the Damned . AEtherspouts is even better than nothing.

    you'll want some way to protect your creatures. Archetype of Endurance , Soul of New Phyrexia , Asceticism , Spearbreaker Behemoth could all serve this role. Paleoloth could be recursion.

    Bioshift feels unneeded, but maybe helpful if a hydra is dying anyways. Manamorphose also feels just bad here. no real need for it. Signal the Clans is just worse than a Worldly Tutor .

    creatures that could help: Woodfall Primus , Acidic Slime , dragons in general would be good for some evasion, or sphinx's. specifically: Hellkite Charger , Utvara Hellkite , Sphinx of Uthuun , Consecrated Sphinx (really dangerous. if someone has Notion Thief then you auto-lose the game). Hoard-Smelter Dragon , Arbiter of the Ideal .

    things that look sub-par. Hamletback Goliath is just a big creature. as lame as it may sound, lacking evasion, protection, and trample it isn't the best thing to run. at 7 mana you could get a better creature with utility. Heroes' Bane is in the same boat, potentially giant that has nothing to keep itself alive and nothing to make sure it isn't chump blocked. Fog Bank just doesn't feel good. in the early game of commander you shouldn't have to worry about the blocking, and later on you should have enough board presence you shouldn't care. at that low mana you need something that produces mana (signets, banners, keyrunes, cluestones, Darksteel Ingot , would all run better) to make it at all relevant in the late-game. I'm not seeing enough draw in the deck to make Kruphix, God of Horizons ever too necessary for hand size. if he's for holding onto mana keep him. Master Biomancer , as cool a card as he is, just doesn't seem to be filling out his role in the deck. he's a four-drop. you want an early threat, ramp, or not a four drop on turn four. By then you'll hopefully be at 5-6 mana for surrak or another threatening creature. Realm Seekers might be sub-par. I've never played with it and only seen it in play once, where it was immediately stolen then used to kill the person who played it, so it didn't do much but be a /big/ creature (I was in the pod with zegana as a commander, so massive hand). Mana Bloom seems worse than other ramp options because of the not always getting bonuses from it. your landbase looks very painful and very tapped. I haven't personally run tri-color commander in a while, but with ramp spells and color fixing mana rocks/creatures/ramp, I can't see that harmful a landbase being necessary. specifically the pain lands. I already mentioned I think tron is unnecessary, you don't have beasts. don't run Contested Cliffs . unless it's important to where you're playing, Homeward Path feels like nonbasic for no reason. more basics to tutor for and keep you on time with your plays. Thespian's Stage probably isn't the best it could be. you could probably use another 3-4 lands. I like to be land-heavy in commander so I don't usually run without 37, but at least 35 for consistently getting to your creatures, especially in a deck that wants extra mana. you're in three colors. Caged Sun just feels like the wrong card to have here. Fling feels unneeded, Fog is a card I personally don't like using, especially in commander. Maybe I just haven't played it enough or haven't used it as well as is possible, but it feels like it's a dead draw pretty often, or it just gives one extra turn. I love turbofog, but just a singleton fog seems like it would be better as a bigger creature or a land. Plasm Capture is excessively color intensive. Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker might not be the best walker for you. he's a dragon sometimes and a removal sometimes, but I feel like the m15 chandra that gives card advantage and stops things from blocking could be better for you. can't remember the name to tag.

    all over I love the idea of the deck, these are just some ideas going off of no description for what's in the deck for what purposes and how you play it, generally in commander I like to kind of play with a toolbox deck. nothing exists for only one purpose. mana dorks are about the only exception there, where everything else has to be beater+ to make the share of nonmana creatures, or they have to have really powerful abilities like Prophet of Kruphix .

    sorry for the long response. put a bit more than I meant to when I started typing. Price

    Low Avg High Foil
    $0.03 $0.15 $0.75 $0.43
    Color(s) Green
    Cost G
    Converted cost 1
    Avg. draft pick 8.32
    Avg. cube pick 13.36


    Format Legality
    Heirloom Legal
    Standard Legal
    Legacy Legal
    Vintage Legal
    Commander / EDH Legal
    Modern Legal
    Pauper Legal

    Printings View all

    Set Rarity
    Magic 2014 Common
    Magic 2013 Common
    2012 Core Set Common
    2011 Core Set Common
    Archenemy Common
    2010 Core Set Common
    Seventh Edition Common
    Classic Sixth Edition Common
    Fifth Edition Common
    Mirage Common
    Fourth Edition Common
    Revised Edition Common
    Unlimited Edition Common
    Limited Edition Beta Common
    Limited Edition Alpha Common

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