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Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Fog Discussion

Rhadamanthus on The Highest Amount of Damage ...

33 minutes ago

I've probably technically done more than this, but this is the story that sticks out most clearly in my mind.

I was playing a friend and we were each using one of his decks. He was playing Slivers and I was playing a deck that stalled with Fog effects, gained life, ramped mana, and killed with Hurricane. So the game has gone on for an incredibly long time, and he has a ton of creatures including Winged Sliver. I go to end the game with a 20-point Hurricane but he responds with Reflect Damage, causing me to deal exactly 900 damage TO MYSELF.

Scytec on What a good way to ...

23 hours ago

A buddy of mine ran a sultai ramp deck in standard back before rotation. Between Corpsejack Menace, and 2 Kalonian Hydras on the field, he got a hydra up to damn near 9 million counters. He kept Foging himself to get more counters...the guy he was playing was pissed. I thought it was funny.

ChiefBell on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

2 days ago

1) Fog is always bad.

2) read the part again where I said your removal spells should cost 2 mana. Seriously Journey to Nowhere costs 50cents.

3) read the part again where I told you to not include large creatures that have no interesting abilities or are hard to kill.

Loperenco on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

2 days ago

ChiefBell Thank you a lot for your huge work I really appreciate it :) It took you a lot of time to show noob some basics, thanks again :D

So, according what you has said..

First: Okay, I won't have control, I will have some mid-range with control aspects. So, for mid-range Fog is good, as it will help me if something will go wrong :P

2:I guess I can afford Condemn - do I have to have 4 of it?

3:Do you recommend for my deck style Mending Touch or Savage Punch?

4:Do you like my deck above? I'm still trying to make it more playable :/ Do I need some creatures, like 2,3-drops?

All my questions :)

Loperenco on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

2 days ago

pookypuppy6 Thank you for great help, you have given me advices I was in need of for so long! Now I know how to rebuild my deck! I love you XD

My new deck will be:

Mana(22):9xForest9xPlain4xBlossoming Sands

Spells,Enchants,other(20):4xFog4xArrest4xDivine Verdict4xGuildscorn Ward2xGods Willing2xCollective Blessing

Creatures(18):2xSerra Angel4xRisen Sanctuary2xAmbush Viper2xHigh Sentinels of Arashin4xDazzling Ramparts4xElvish Mystic2xAbzan Battle Priest

Is this good control now? :D

P.S. I am wondering about adding Mending Touch and Savage Punch. What do you think about it?

Thanks everyone for advices :)

ChiefBell on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

2 days ago

Loperenco: Ok I have some time so I'll explain some points to you.

1). A control deck wants to actively disrupt what the opponent is doing. This does not mean playing Fog because fog doesn't actually affect what the opponent has played. This means playing Path to Exile to actually get rid of what the opponent just played. Fog doesn't do anything - it doesnt actually change the state of the game. Path to Exile does. Control spells are those that actually get rid of what the opponent has done. Path to exile makes things go away. Fog doesn't. Equally things like Counterspell are control spells because they make things the opponent plays go away.

2). A control deck wants to make as few plays in their turn, so they have mana open in the opponents turn to react to what they do. A control deck does not play many creatures, a control deck does not play many sorceries. In fact a control deck will usually play an extremely high number of instants with just a few creature wincons. (wincon is short for win condition - the card that wins you the game).

3). Now, because control wants to maximize the number of spells they can cast in the opponents turn they will minimise the number of creatures they play. I discussed this above. This means that each creature control plays will be nigh on unkillable. Because they don't have many creatures they need to ensure that those they do have are very tough. AEtherling for example is flexible because you can remove it from the board in response to killspells so it doesn't die. Or something like Thrun, the Last Troll can't be targeted by spells and has regenerate so if it woulddie in combat you can pay mana to stop that from happening.

The tricky part: If you cannot afford things like Path to Exile, Condemn and Swords to Plowshares you cannot play a successful control deck. Full stop. No arguments. You NEED these instant speed cards to ruin what the opponent is doing. If you can't get them then you can't play control.

But I'm not worried

I'm not worried because you don't want to play a control deck. You want to play a midrange deck.

A midrange deck is different to control in that what it wants to do is play some control spells like Path to Exile in the early part of the game so it doesn't die, but then in the later part of the game play lots and lots of strong creatures so you can stomp your opponent. The different between control and midrange is that control will keep playing controlling spells for the entire game and finish with just 1 or 2 creatures. A midrange deck will stop playing controlling spells after a while and start playing HUGE threats.

So, how do you play midrange?

Fairly simple. You find yourself a small amount of control spells that cost 1 or 2 mana. You find yourself a small amount of creatures that cost 3 and 4 mana. You mix them together. In the early game you disrupt the opponent. In the late game you attack the opponent.

Controlling: Ambush Viper, Crystallization, Journey to Nowhere, Last Breath, Path to Exile, Puncturing Light, Reciprocate, Reprisal, Selesnya Charm, Smite, Suspension Field, Terashi's Verdict, Valorous Stance, Weight of Conscience,

Nice tough creatures: Wolfir Avenger, Great Sable Stag, Paladin en-Vec, Mystic Enforcer, Kitchen Finks, Troll Ascetic, Dungrove Elder, Thrun, the Last Troll, Voice of All, Hedge Troll, Mirran Crusader, Cudgel Troll

Interesting creatures: Eternal Witness, Augury Adept, Ohran Viper, Master of the Wild Hunt, Hero of Bladehold, Restoration Angel, Obstinate Baloth, Heartwood Storyteller, Dauntless Dourbark, Creakwood Liege, Wilt-Leaf Liege, Loxodon Smiter, Boros Reckoner, Emeria Angel, Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Penumbra Spider, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Dauntless Escort

Notes: Don't overload your deck with things that cost more than 4 mana. This is bad. You want your deck to be able to cast things quite quickly. The more mana a card costs the harder it is to cast - that makes your deck slow. Slow decks lose.

Don't include creatures that do literally nothing. All your creatures need to have some special ability or something that makes them tough to kill or gain a lot of value for you. You don't want to pay 4 mana for a creature that has no special ability, even if it's like a 7/7. Seriously. If it doesn't have a special keywork - don't use it.

pookypuppy6 on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

3 days ago


If you'd like to turn a G/W deck (primariy creature-based colours) into a controlling deck, it's possible bt not easy. You'd want to lean towards defensive cards that will block and stop your opponent before your big stuff comes down and finishes your opponent off. Looking at your list, a controlling game plan would want to hold off your enemy until you take over with High Sentinels of Arashin or plop down your Risen Sanctuary. or Serra Angel.

I'd suggest seeing if you max out your Ambush Vipers: they are as close as green gets to Doom Blade as a control card. Arrest is another card you should have 4 of, but if you can't find those Pacifism is a great budget enchantment that's easy to find and just as effective. Deathtouch creatures are great for defense and green does them well, from Deadly Recluse to Acidic Slime. Vigilance is also a fantastic mechanic for a creature-based control deck, from Dragon Bell Monk to Sentinel Spider. Reach and/or flying is also pretty important, as flyers love to wreck a green deck's day.

I'd drop your Dryad Militants as they are more aggressive-based than defensive-suited cards, along with your Guildscorn Wards and probably your Plummets. Removal spells in white are a good replacement; common ones from recent sets include said Divine Verdicts, Sandblast, Kill Shot, Smite the Monstrous and Angelic Edict. These allow you to nail the enemy threats instead of trying t merely ignore them for a turn like Fog would typically do. Green removal does exist in the for of "fighting", and cards like Time to Feed r Hunt the Weak would work quite well with

There are plenty of controlling creatures in white too, while green often just deploys good beefy things. If you want to add to the +1/+1 counters theme, multiple Longshot Squads would do well to block flying creatures. My personal recommendation is for Dazzling Ramparts, a big beefy wall that can tap down the creature that is bothering you. A green deck can speed up very well with mana-producing creatures, such as Elvish Mystic or Whisperer of the Wilds; it helps you to not get stuck for mana to cast your answers and helps you inch closer to a quicker Risen Sanctuary.

Color(s) Green
Cost G
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 9.53
Avg. cube pick 13.57


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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