Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Fog Discussion

CosiestMicrobe09 on Hilarious Budget Turbo Fog (Only $9)!

20 hours ago

I made this deck for modern, all the cards are modern legal. I still need to work on a good land base and a good sideboard, i was thinking of some cards that give you hexproof for example Leyline of Sanctity,Witchbane Orb for the burn decks. Anyway,here is he list (i still have to find the right number of each card to put in). one mana cost:Ethereal Haze,Fog,Holy Day; two mana cost:Angelsong,Dawn Charm,Defend the Hearth,Druid's Deliverance,Forfend,Pollen Lullaby,Tanglesap; draw spells & ecc:Comparative Analysis,Taigam's Scheming; MVP cards:Elixir of Immortality,Sphinx's Tutelage

kengiczar on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 day ago

@ Femme_Fatale If you play Isochron Scepter with a Fog underneath and they land Chalice at 1 then you cannot cast the Fog under the Scepter. Maybe? It does use the word copy but then there is a period and a new sentence using the word cast. I'm not sure.

Tyrannosary on Mill is the only win condition I need o/

1 day ago

I think you need more of a turbo fog deck. Rather than going mono blue you could run a splash of green for Fog check out my list to see an idea of what I'm talking about Hilarious Budget Turbo Fog (Only $9)!

TheHelvault on Planeswalker Combo

2 days ago

I would do all 3 planeswalkers.

Your first priority is to make sure you stay alive and keep your planeswalkers alive in the process, too. Fog is a classic, as is Swords to Plowshares. Those two and Path to Exile are going to help you out a lot.

The next thing is to make your planeswalkers as efficient as they can be. Chain Veil will give you another loyalty trigger. Doubling Season will double the number of loyalty counters that are added. Oath of Nissa will help you cast any Walker you want.

Finally, you want to make all the walkers you use have the best Ult they can. Hence the 14 Forests in here for Nissa, Worldwaker. Chandra Nalaar is good enough on her own, but Intangible Virtue will give Elspeth's tokens more of a boost before she's Ult'd.

Good luck!

alanwescoat on Funny Token Ideas

2 days ago

Squirrels are a thing some of use worked to develop way back when...

While Earthcraft is banned, the infinite squirrel loop works with Arbor Elf, Squirrel Nest, and Intruder Alarm. Concordant Crossroads makes the combo an instant win (unless you get Fogged or something).

I liked to play mono-green squirrels.

Turn 1
Forest, Arbor Elf (Though, back then, I had to use Llanowar Elves.)

Turn 2
Forest, Wild Growth (Though now, Utopia Sprawl is strictly better.), Chatter of the Squirrel using flashback to get a total of two squirrel tokens (but if you are using Arbor Elf, you could also get away with casting Acorn Harvest on turn 2.) Note: Parallel Lives is also a good turn-2 play if you have Arbor Elf. Garruk Wildspeaker works well, too, especially if you are holding Chatter of the Squirrel.

Turn 3
Forest (Provided you are using Llanowar Elves; with Arbor Elf, you are already set.), Deranged Hermit. You now have six 2/2 viscous, nasty green squirrel tokens. If the two which came out last turn can attack without getting killed, go for the throat.

Turn 4
Let Deranged Hermit's echo cost send him to the graveyard. Then cast Coat of Arms. You now have six 6/6 satanic green squirrel tokens ready to send your opponent to Heck. Alternately, without Coat of Arms but with Garruk Wildspeaker at 4 loyalty, you can pay the echo cost and used Garruk Wildspeaker's overrun ultimate.

Squirrel Mob also helps here, and Adaptive Automaton can be used as a squirrel lord as well. Swarmyard is pretty cool, too, and if you have Gaea's Cradle, things can get crazy in a hurry. (I wish I had Gaea's Cradle...L.O.L.

A basic squirrel deck goes like this:

4x Arbor Elf
4x Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth
4x Chatter of the Squirrel
4x Acorn Harvest
4x Squirrel Mob
4x Deranged Hermit
4x Coat of Arms
4x Echoing Courage
4x Squirrel Nest
22x Forest
2x Swarmyard

Squirrel Nest should really be a sideboard card because it is actually fairly slow, but you can work out your own deal. Squirrel decks are fun!

While some people really like Acorn Catapult for some reason, the card is rubbish. Nut Collector is really slow. I personally have never liked Liege of the Hollows, but I might like it better if I had Gaea's Cradle. I never manged to figure out how to get Krosan Beast to work properly.

That leaves Squirrel Wrangler, which can be a pretty good card in the right deck, though I usually leave it out.

Omeros on First edh deck, Mazirek, kraul ...

3 days ago

Wake the Dead is nicer the more ETB triggers you can get from it, or as a very roundabout way to add a bunch of +1/+1 counters to your other creatures with your commander's ability. Other than that it is a bit weak unless your meta makes you feel like you need combat tricks. In that case it's a weird, costly Fog.

Protecting your commander is critical in a lot of games, unless you're not the biggest threat at the table so he can stick around even without it. Alpha Authority is just not the best way to give protection. I'd use Lightning Greaves or for a cheaper price, Swiftfoot Boots instead because they stick around past the first death and can be moved to other valuable creatures. In general, aura spells are very weak in commander unless they're immediate threats that have to be answered or if you can bring them back from your graveyard.

Yeah, cut Groundbreaker for now. If you get a recursion package in the deck later on you might reconsider him.

And try sideboarding Ashnod's Altar as well and see how it plays. The mana can be useful but also just the ability to sacrifice any number of creatures at once because it means you can turn a horde of weak tokens into a more modest horde of real threats at instant speed. My instinct is to keep it in for this reason but it's not like you can't add it back later if you find yourself wishing you had a mass sac outlet.

razelfark on Sphinx's "Mill"

4 days ago

Your deck seems very vulnerable. You have no fog or control for things already on the board. This would be fine if you had more draw spells to go through your deck faster but you lack any burst draw for the deck as well.

Spell options to defend yourself with:

AEtherize, AEtherspouts,Cyclonic Rift, Echoing Truth, Evacuation,Into the Roil, Whelming Wave, Whiplash Trap, and anyFog based spells could be useful

Cryptic Command is a great option if you can afford for defense and draw option (not budget friendly)

Draw Options:

Trade Routes, Day's Undoing, Edge of Autumn, Harmonize, Gitaxian Probe, Perilous Research, Thought Scour, Tidings, Visions of Beyond

Ground Seal denies your opponent from targeting cards you milled for reuse.

Creature options if you desire defenders:

Carven Caryatid, Wall of Blossoms, Wall of Mulch

If you want to switch to a full enchantment synergy:

Eidolon of Blossoms, Font of Fortunes, Dictate of Kruphix, Oath of Jace

Silly side deck option: Give / Take

Mana Ramp options:

Mind Stone, Serum Powder, Simic Signet

Solemn Simulacrum is an option but I don't think his home is here.

Some card advice would be to take out the Copy Enchantment as this sounds nice to copy Sphinx's Tutelage but clutters hand if you have not acquired the card. Would only leave in the deck if you plan to take the enchantment theme further and even then I would shave it down to 2 copies. I would also shave a couple copies if not completely remove Tormod's Crypt from the main deck in favor of Ground Seal for similar card effect or change it out for more draw or defensive cards.

These are the best cards I could find that you might want to consider looking over. I hope these are helpful to you in setting up your deck. Best of luck.

Thrasymachus0 on [[Primer v2.2]] - OM_RATH!!! (Oath of Gatewatch!)

5 days ago

irongills I have the same problem, I encounter Kalia the vast and Atarka, World Render commander decks in my primary playgroup so I need some recourse. World Breaker helps because of reach, Atarka's Command does the same + ramp, Eldrazi Monument and Akroma's Memorial both give flying, and my list also includes Dragonmaster Outcast to produce extra chump blockers. I usually see at least one of those in a game and that's usually enough to to swing it back in my favor. Other than that I rely on the hegemony that comes naturally from controlling a massive army of powerful and exploding elementals to politic them out of attacking me. If your running a more elemental tribal deck you can try out Tornado Elemental which i have had some success with in the past, there is also the classic Fog. Silklash Spider, Predator, Flagship, and Whirlwind are also options if you're desperate and don't mind a lack of synergy with other cards in the deck.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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