Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Fog Discussion

miracleHat on Turbo-Fog Modern Viable?

2 days ago

I feel as though if you are going first and can shove in enough Spell Pierce/Spell Snare/is there another 1 mana counterspell(?!) to protect yourself, then you can do fine. Also: the deck should be able to function without Isochron Scepter, but greatly benefits with it on the battlefield.

From what I can see, Kolaghan's Command is only used in Jund, and while jund is a big part of the meta, Kolaghan's Command is easily answered by any of the following: backup Fog, any counterpsell etc. The bigger problem would be Liliana of the Veil grinding the deck out...

Edit: I can provide a theoretical decklist soon!

miracleHat on Turbo-Fog Modern Viable?

3 days ago

Currently looking at The Modern Meta and seeing the following:
Midrange, Aggro, Midrange, Aggro, Aggro, Midrange, Combat-Damage Combo, A bunch more Combat Oriented Winning Decks, and a random Lantern Control(?!).

So in looking at this: I am currently thinking the following:
Turn 1: something
Turn 2: Isochron Scepter + Fog
Turn 3: counterspell/fog
Turn X: Consecrated Sphinx/Jace Beleren
This keeps happening until you finally win...

Why doesn't this work? The biggest problems towards this deck idea is the color blue and Abrupt Decay on scepter. Spoiler alert: you can cast the Fog in response to the decay, and Wizards has banned blue from the format (don't deny it, Ancestral Vision unban meant nothing). Also: I am not referring to this garbage (but it is close to the idea that I have), I am talking about a deck that actually uses protection and self reliability rather than hoping that you draw good and your opponent draws horribly.

Denial048 on Flayer of the hatebound questions

1 week ago

Fog would do nothing in this scenario, as Fog only prevents combat damage. This is regular damage.

Catalog9000 on Evolving Wilds: The dumbest question ...

1 week ago

Can we tap Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse for colorless mana?

[Ignorance Intensifies]

So for real, hear me out. Let's just say I have three lands on the battlefield. Let's make it easy; I have three forests.

In my hand I have Longshot Squad and no other lands. I want to play him this turn, but my only land is Evolving Wilds.

When it enters the battlefield, it does not come in tapped. It has an activated ability which everybody knows of, so I'd have to sacrifice it, pull a land, and wait until next turn to play Longshot Squad.

Now here's the thing: 602.2a The player announces that he or she is activating the ability.

There is absolutely zero ruling involved that we MUST activate said abilities. For example, suppose I have Elvish Mystic out. My opponent goes to attack and I decide to block. Yes, I tap him, but no, his ability is not activated. Similarly, I could tap him to activate his ability for one mana and cast Fog.

So if I choose to not activate the ability on Evolving Wilds (And Terramorphic Expanse), and since it does not come in tapped, does this mean that I could play it and tap it for colorless mana?

notorioez on Green/Black Tainted Remedy

1 week ago

I think you misunderstood the card. It says if the opponent would gain life, he loses life instead.

You gaining life or life linking with creatures won't do anything.

The deck is not standard.

Replace Defend the Hearth with Fog.

dannecticut on Gruul Landfall

2 weeks ago

Fog and Jaddi Offshoot seem more like sideboard cards to me unless your meta is super aggro-heavy. I would run a play-set of Bloodstained Mire if you have them to really pour on the landfall triggers. Have you tried any early game threats like Scythe Leopard, Makindi Sliderunner, Plated Geopede, or Snapping Gnarlid?

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