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Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Fog Discussion

FurryKnight117 on Dr Hydras

1 day ago

I would improve your mana ramps by replacing Elvish Mystic with Arbor Elf and Priest of Titania with Voyaging Satyr then replacing your 2 Llanowar Elves and 2 Naturalize with Utopia Sprawl and Fog with Overgrowth as you can use the creatures to untap the enchanted lands and add however much they produce again. You should also consider replacing Feed the Clan with Primal Command and adding Beast Within and Nature's Claim to the sideboard everything else looks fine.

seuvius on Emrakul & Company (opinions please)

2 days ago

Also would you recommend I take out Serum Visions for Fogs or Holy Days?

Ferrari_420 on Biovisionary Combo

2 days ago

Why all the land base? This deck is not mana intensive in the slightest. You don't need all those lands, just use some forests and islands.On the other note, what do you use all the mana for? You have a ton of mana ramp, and nothing above 4 cost. Just put in some control from blue instead of the mana ramp to allow you to get your combo working. Mabye a Dissolve instead of Noble Hierarch, and 2 more Fog instead of Birds of Paradise.

Simplynew on 2015-05-23 update of The Lion, ...

5 days ago

I'm a bit late to the party, but this is a pretty sweet deck and has given me a few ideas. I'm building an Aura/Exalted Voltron with either Giest of Saint Traft or Daxos of Meletis depending how competitive the game is. :)

I agree with mtgnooblord in that the swords are a good include if you can afford them. (I know I can't)

Dawn Charm would be a good way to either tap all your guys out to get damage through because you can Fog with it next turn, or save Kemba from removal, or stop some burn/edict/notnice spell.

Lastly, as much as I like Emeria, The Sky Ruin, I don't know if it's worth it coming in tapped, because I a few "games" to see how long it would take to get both Emeria and 7 Plains in play and the earliest I saw it all come together was around turn 16 - 17, and from what I can tell your deck will have won by turn 12 max.

Anyway, it's an excellent deck and I'd love to watch it played :) +1

jimmynitos on Tiny Hydras

5 days ago

Prey Upon, Pit Fight and Kessig Wolf Run are good options in this deck. You can replace Kargan Dragonlord, Raging Ravine, Fog and Wild Slash.

4W3S0M3 on The Great Tiny Peace

6 days ago

where is Fog

Clawed6 on 2015-04-19 update of Mana and ...

6 days ago

Returning from the dungeons you sent me to, had a look at your deck.

I think the deck needs more dig effects to find key cards like Sands of Delirium and Kruphix, God of Horizons. I guess Telling Time or Anticipate are options. Index or Sage Owl as well though they don't move away cards you don't want to the bottom of the library.

Void Snare is a tempo card, don't think it fits here. Cutting two would free up two spaces for running two of the card dig effects above

Your deck doesn't have enough way to deal with problematic creatures that hit the board - Void Snare is just a temporary measure and you can't counterspell the recast creature with your Negate. You won't always have Fog either, and again it is temporary. So suggest two Narcolepsy or similar blue aura. I would drop two Elvish Mystic as the Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid should be enough ramp.

On the mana, it appears you are going budget hence no shocks or fetchlands. I guess the cheapest decent option then is Hinterland Harbor.

Kutdra1 on Ajani the silent

1 week ago

Wow. So ponder and pacifism were the cards I was most insecure about Haha.And I was wondering if there was a way to do Fog and Silence. That's perfect, thanks.

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