Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Fog Discussion

NewHorizons on Atarka's Endless Hunger

13 hours ago

There's a whole deck that's pretty good based around 1-shotting with this commander.

It's got a lot of good comments on it as well if you need more ideas.

I would cut a lot of this though. There are just a lot better options out there.Cuts:

You already have an evasive commander & dragons with both Trample and Flying so I don't see why you'd need stuff like Prowler's Helm and Executioner's Hood as well. I would put in stuff that's more likely to keep your things alive i.e. Darksteel Plate, Dosan the Falling Leaf or City of Solitude.

Lemky24 on Soldier Elf Empire

2 days ago

Love the idea, I have a few suggestions for you :)

Crawlspace, Peacekeeper, Ghostly Prison and Norn's Annex are awesome pillow fort cards. Really stops other from laying the beat down on you.

Isochron Scepter combined with cards like Fog, Holy Day, Silence make sure your opponent is really locked down.

Some other token cards for you are: Hero of Bladehold, Catapult Master, Decree of Justice, Militia's Pride, Field Marshal, Nomads' Assembly, Precinct Captain, Preeminent Captain

Then you have your two Rhys the Redeemed abuse cards like Umbral Mantle and Sword of the Paruns

Card draw Skullclamp and Slate of Ancestry are really good.

Since you have Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite then you should always run Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, because it lets you kill their lands for only

I love the soldier take with more of a solid defense. Feel free to check out my own Rhys Deck, Rhys the Redeemed, Leader of all, Follower of none, it is more of an elf based take on the commander but I provide some descriptions of why i use a bunch of things that you might like that, or find some cool combos to include in your deck.

wisegreenbean on Experiment Kombo

2 days ago

Hello from /edhg/! 12 cards to cut, huh? I'll refrain from suggesting too many, though Kraj is close to my heart. I do have to pitch Morphling for the hard to stop commander damage win-con that nobody ever sees coming and combo fodder with that untap effect, but apart from that, I'll try to keep my peace. Ok, and Devoted Druid is great combo fodder, and Scavenging Ooze is great graveyard hate. Also, regarding your landbase...since the removal of rule 4, your blue green deck can produce other colors of mana. While it is meta dependent, sometimes you can pull off some amazing stuff using other people's creatures. Karlov of the Ghost Council, for example. So it makes City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Rupture Spire, etc a very interesting option for you.

One time effects like Strength of the Tajuru, Thrive, and Unity of Purpose will prove underwhelming.

Plasm Capture has a very punishing mana cost and will prove painful to cast. I'd say cut.

Lorescale Coatl is just a fatty and therefore does not pursue your primary win-con. Also, vanilla fatties aren't very good.

Once per turn untap effects like Kiora's Follower are not worth it. I personally don't even like Horseshoe Crab and its ilk, though I suppose it's subjective, but the follower can definitely get cut.

Jace's Sanctum seems like it will be underwhelming in a deck that REALLY isn't about instants and sorceries.

Simic Guildmage is pretty so-so, unless you're hating out an aura deck. For comparable prices, you can net +1/+1 counters rather than just pushing em around.

Replace Fog with reuseable fogs. Moment's Peace or Constant Mists are probably superior as you can usually pay a little more mana for a more long term effect, and it'll be pretty well worth it, much as you're doing with Spike Weaver

I'm dubious of the amount of value you're really going to get out of Retreat to Kazandu.

Aluren in your deck doesn't seem to have any obvious effect I can see, unless there's a combo I'm not noticing. It can easily be a dead draw, or worse seeing as it's symmetrical.

I prefer Sage of Fables to Novijen Sages.

JuhnZeiFox on Green/White Humans & Angels (Needs help please)

2 days ago

to tell you the truth just look at your mana-curve. your deck skips the 3 and 4 which causes you to miss out on some mid strength hitters. Secondly you deck is very swarmy and not in a good way. yes you have 5 creatures on the field, but all those creatures can at best be only 2/2's. better swarm but non-human would be Mercy Killing. That leads us to the Third point. Not A Lot of removal. Reprisal ,Path to Exile,Fog. back to my other point you have high costing cards that have good effects but take to long to get out. you need an in-between.Skinshifter its cheap mana wise and gives you a 4/4 turn 3 or a 2/2 flying by turn 3 yes it loses its human type while using its ability. so I would suggest Citadel Siege to help ad some more kick on turn 4 to your humans.


3 days ago

haha its cool until your opponent plays a Fog or can Ultimate Price, Murder, Hideous End, Doomblade, but i do like the deck. Very fun to playtest!

ActionMan on We are Slivers, We are Legion (Pauper)

3 days ago

I have played slivers since I started Magic, several years ago. I would keep the Virulent Sliver, because if you have more than one early in the game, the poison ability can lead to a very fast win if not stopped in time (I had victories as early as turn 3 in pauper)

702.69b If a creature has multiple instances of poisonous, each triggers separately.

To fix your problem with mana, I would include a few copies of Gemhide Sliver. In the sideboard, I would use Moment's Peace instead of Fog and 2 more copies of Dawn Charm.

QuantumSkies on Budget Modern Infect ($30)

4 days ago

Sideboard? Maybe Naturalize, Ground Seal, Plummet, or Fog? Plus Wild Defiance and Thrive goes well with infect. (Sorry for this spam, ideas are not instant).

saturnosring on Bewitched Untouchables

5 days ago

Thanks Boza for checking my deck! Lots of suggestions here, wow

It is true that hexproof creatures are protected against targeted removals, but can be destroyed by big blockers (ulamog crusher) or global removals like Crypt Rats or Pestilence (these are very common in my playing group). That is why I run Spider Umbra.

I didn't know about Commune with the Gods, that will make a difference since the cmc 3 is so crowded.

I don't know how I could forget Curse of Chains in the sideboard. I prefer new frame cards, so I'll stick to the Celestial Flare and add Fog too.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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