Creakwood Liege


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Eventide Rare

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Creakwood Liege

Creature — Horror

Other black creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other green creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a 1/1 black and green Worm creature token onto the battlefield.

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Creakwood Liege Discussion

jaeger_Konig on Meren's Naughty Graveyard Shennangins

1 week ago

If you wanted some motivation you could take a look at my Meren deck. One Meren time, yet again.... I don't have any infinite win cons, which you could easily add in no problem. Some of the under performing cards that i have noticed are Creakwood Liege, he is just all together really slow, however for a more casual game he is fine. Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest she is good, but not what my deck was doing. if you go wider then she will be fine. a possible replacement could beCraterhoof Behemoth, he is super good and a win con by himself. again, i feel that Mycoloth is probably to slow as well as Eldrazi Monument generally i was trying to cast or reanimate something that had a bigger impact or an immediate impact. These are my opinions and you can completely disregard them if you want. Last but not least, try and reduce the number of lands that always have to enter tapped to about 6 or less. This will make the deck more consistent. However the same goes for making sure you can hit your colors when needed. I might suggest removing a land or two to add in some more ramp, preferably creature ramp to reuse and abuse.

strembl7 on Mazirek's mates, prepare the sacrifices

2 weeks ago

Ok, so, I have been playing Mazirek since it was released. My meta is fairly competitive, so I'll have had a different experience than you will, but I can offer both some card advice, and some priority cards to focus on finding if your budget ever increases. I'll include a link at the end of this comment if you want to look.

First things first: everything with persist is a combo with Mazirek. It dies, it gets -1/-1, and then gets the +1/+1 from Mazirek. These cancel one another out. Aerie Ouphes goes infinite on its own with Mazirek - no sacrifice outlet is needed. Woodfall Primus is always going to be worth playing. Puppeteer Clique is also worth using and re-using to get all creatures from the graveyard with infinite +1/+1 counters. Not too shabby. There are others depending on how much of a combo deck you want this to be.

Past that, there are some cards that are just completely broken in Mazirek. One such card is Dark Prophecy. It will give you a massive amount of card draw. I also can't help but notice that you do not have a Phyrexian Arena in here. It is more or less not optional in these colors. For a little higher budget look to Necropotence, the best card draw in Commander. If you can afford to buy both, you should run both. Primal Vigor is worth playing if your friends aren't also playing a token deck (or an Atraxa deck).

For token generation, the most powerfulnoptions for this shell are without a doubt Bitterblossom and Awakening Zone. From Beyond, Creakwood Liege, and Master of the Wild Hunt are all very good as well. Then, to sacrifice them, you're going to want either an infinite sac outlet (especially if you are trying to do a persist combo) such as Phyrexian Altar or Ashnod's Altar. If you want to play a little more fair, Evolutionary Leap is awesome. Don't forget Tomb of Urami as a finisher.

As for non-budget cards: fetch lands are each a sac trigger. My deck has all of the possible fetch lands (such as Verdant Catacombs) and a Crucible of Worlds. If you go that route, there are plenty of lands that sac for various reasons. See my deck for a convenient list. One of the best cards in this playstyle is Earthcraft, and it makes infinite tokens with Squirrel Nest. Scapeshift in the later game will make most of your creatures lethal.

Mazirek Token Horde

Commander / EDH strembl7


Loco-Motive on Meren's So Damn Good in the Sac

2 weeks ago

Hey there, Mortiferus_Rosa, thanks again for popping in.

I like some of the suggestions you threw up there and I think I'm going to affect some of those changes.

Things I'll be taking out: Gonti, Lord of Luxury (this was a try it for a F of it card, and you're absolutely right about it), Creakwood Liege (he's nice and has come in handy more often than not, but yeah, there could be a better something in his place), and, I know this wasn't meant to be something to take out, but I'm going to take out Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. He's fine in this deck, but he's actually much more awesome in my Atraxa deck, lol, and I only have one. I also don't have much need for infinite damage as I've found controlling the board isn't too hard with this deck and a lockdown in more often how this deck wins.

In their place, I am going to add Vampire Hexmage (this was my favorite suggestion of them all...I love it, Hell's Caretaker (he used to be in here a while ago, but I'm willing to give him another go), and Corpse Connoisseur. This is a great suggestion and one I hadn't considered it.

For various reasons I'm going to forego the other suggestions for now. Some things I'm keeping because of personal preference or just the fact that playing them for months has shown me their true value. I will be making the three switches though, and thank you.

Oh...and that Conjurer's Closet...? Don't doubt it! LOL. My playgroup HATES it when that thing comes out. There are some ETB effects in this deck that Closet just makes horribly, horribly better.

Appreciate all the time you spent for the suggestions! Those two cards outside of Hell's Caretaker are now on order.

Mortiferus_Rosa on Meren's So Damn Good in the Sac

3 weeks ago

Ok, im back. Here is a list of recommendations/suggestions. I am going to break your rules somewhat.

Ok and here are some thoughts on some cards in your deck that you could evaluate for taking out in favor of any of the above mentioned cards (other card suggestions below as well). Just want to emphasize that this is merely my opinion and nothing more.

  • Gonti, Lord of Luxury. I feel like he is, best case scenario, a win more card. If you are relying on him to hit something of your opponents to win you the game you are either in dire straits or toying with your food.
  • Conjurer's Closet. Reusing enter the battlefield effects is nice, but it only nets you one extra a turn. Kinda slow imho.
  • Crop Rotation. This one im confidant on because i dont know if you are aiming for a specific nonbasic land or not. If you are might i suggest either Expedition Map so you dont have to sac one of your own lands to get it or Life from the Loam so you can get them out of your graveyard.
  • Creakwood Liege. He is a very very slow token generator. Would you tutor for him, or do you find yourself going for someone like Ghoulcaller Gisa instead?
  • This one is more personal preference. Harvester of Souls is better in the later game. Grim Haruspex is better for the earlier game.
  • Same deal, Sadistic Hypnotist works quite well in your deck since you have so many token enablers. I prefer to be more... ah... abrupt? and use Mindslicer. You discard your hand too but a) you can easily refill it and b) it hits everybody all at once.

Hope some of this helps.

Zimmers_0 on Hapatra Poisoned The Well

3 weeks ago

Delta-117 Yeah I was just thinking about cycle lands so added a few and westvale. Creakwood Liege is definitely a good though with the token gen. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Delta-117 on Hapatra Poisoned The Well

3 weeks ago

Yeah It That Betrays I realize may not be the best option here, even though I like it, it's costly.

Oh but I know what you can add, some of the cycle lands like Barren Moor, Polluted Mire, Tranquil Thicket, Slippery Karst, Blasted Landscape and Ash Barrens. I just thought since you had Archfiend of Ifnir you might want perhaps 2 of these or something.

Additionally here are a few other considerations:

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Westvale Abbey  Flip, Creakwood Liege, and Dictate of Erebos.

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