Creakwood Liege


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Eventide Rare

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Creakwood Liege

Creature — Horror

Other black creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other green creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a 1/1 black and green Worm creature token onto the battlefield.

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Creakwood Liege Discussion

mack10k on Death Pits of Nel Toth

1 week ago

Some good cards to consider: Attrition, I use this card a lot, it's great but does have the potential of being a dead card. Evolutionary Leap is a fantastic enabler, just straight gas. Also why not run both Awakening Zone and From Beyond? I run those, Bitterblossom, and Creakwood Liege in my deck. I am going in a different direction I think though with sacrifice being the main engine in my deck.

After playing Meren for a while, I would suggest protection for her. Lightning Greaves, Darksteel Plate, and Swiftfoot Boots are great.

Here is mine if you want to look at it: Bring it back Meren

GS10 on Meren of Clan Not-Dead

2 weeks ago

@Wickked, first of all thanks for your feedback!

I've thought about mana dorks and I see a lot of lists running them in fact. At first I thought those would be silly in a Meren (or any reanimator for that matter) strategy, since they bring nothing else on reanimation. But they are early game ramp and if there's one thing they do even better than that is dying! All of them are extremely frail, and that's actually what's selling the argument of incuding them to me. I might lose some very splashy cards to include otherwise weaker options. My main concern about that is drawing them all late game, that would be one of the worst mayhems to possibly happen in most games with this deck.

Spike Weaver actually is pretty cool! I teased one of my friends who plays Ezuri, Claw of Progress and is fed up of losing against me that he should have included one himself, but never considered it in Meren. Sometimes Spore Frog isn't enough to keep me from a whole table playing against me. I've thought about Creakwood Liege too, and between it or Sifter of Skulls probably the Liege is better generally, but if I'm in a rough position, most of the times the Eldrazi is going to be better (and it's slightly bigger, but that won't be that relevant most of the times) and the fact that its tokens sac themselves for mana is hugely relevant, not only for the mana, but mainly because of Butcher of Malakir + Dictate of Erebos shenanigans (and experience counters of course).

I'll check your deck as soon as I can and I'll make sure to suggest whatever improvements I can come up too as well ;) Once again, thank you for your comment mate!

Wickked on Meren of Clan Not-Dead

2 weeks ago

The best way to lower your curve and speed it up at the same time would be to add more mana dorks. Creakwood Liege and Spike Weaver are other great early game cards. I'm a newer meren player, Best value in town, Meren EDH that's still experimenting with my build and would appreciate your critique. You seem to have a good understanding of Meren.

PartyJ on Thousand Victories: Saskia EDH

2 weeks ago

Hi Daedalus,

this looks tricky indeed! But challenging :) And surely in a casual environment.

So nothing else but creatures and lands.... hmmm

I had to give this some thought before I was able to get something 'valuable' down here.

The deck consists of 100 cards, which you want to get out of control in no time. This looks tricky, pretty tricky.... Hear my brains pop ;-)

I think a solid thought would be - knowing the lack of .... uhhh ....everything besides creatures - to add as much ramp&pamper as possible. So I would consider this:

1.) Ramp(ag)ing creatures

2.) Creatures pumping, so that even the rampers could go bonkers lategame...

If we want some level of consistency, I would at least use these numbers: 18+ ramp and 18+ boost




This turned out into a big list. I am curious how this evolves.... but as they say; no guts, no glory!

Good luckt mate!

vryidr on Black Tokens in Saskia

4 weeks ago

Brutal Hordechief and Siege Rhino are probably my favorite black cards in my own Saskia tokens deck. Creakwood Liege is nice if you're looking for some tokens, and Whip of Erebos because lifegain is nice on that scale of damage.

Triton on Get MaziREKT

1 month ago

I agree with a majority of the cuts. Gitrog was mainly in there because he is a draw engine, but I do agree that he may end up being a dead draw most of the time. I also feel as though Creakwood Liege could be swapped out for an infect creature.

Speaking of infect, here are some of the infect creatures I found that are cheap CMC-wise:

Also some others that may also be good, but I'll consider for now:

Any thoughts on the two I'm considering for now? I know the others are rather good in this deck. :) I'll also consider some more staxy cards such as Smokestack for later on, any suggestions on some more stax-like effects, perhaps?

MrDilliams on Deciding on a Golgari Commander

1 month ago

For Mazirek, I would say a swarm type of strategy would be very effective. Mycoloth, Avenger of Zendikar, Creakwood Liege along with Grave Pact and Chainer's Edict type effects to trigger Mazirek can get very overwhelming quickly.

Gitrog is a bit more attrition based. I have been toying around with a superfriends/dredge/landfall theme where you play many lands per turn, steal opponents lands and then just use your walkers to out value everyone. Although certain cards you would want might be a bit over priced.

ElementalEd on My Sacrifice

1 month ago

I almost forgot! Dimir House Guard would be perfect for this deck. A sac outlet, that can be transmuted into something else if need be. Notable targets in your deck. Parallel Lives, Grave Pact, Garruk Relentless  Flip, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, and Creakwood Liege. Again, Cool deck.

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