Creakwood Liege

Creakwood Liege

Creature — Horror

Other black creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other green creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a 1/1 black and green Worm creature token onto the battlefield.

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Creakwood Liege Discussion

Perfect_Phyrexia on Meren's Morbid Masterpiece

5 days ago

I really like this deck and it has been really helpful while I've been brainstorming about building my own Meren Pod deck.

I have some sugestions that you might like TheFanatic

If you want a creature control card that makes everyone uncomfortable and can be recurred I would suggest the Mindslicer. Depending on how your hand is built this guy can be insane or just meh for recursion shenanigans. At the end of the day if he's messed with though a lot of control players will have no hands and be very very sad and its not like you need to dedicate a lot of room for other discard for him to be good. I would also replace Decree of Pain with Damnation but is obviously not budget if you don't already own one. Massacre Wurm which you have already does this effect but cards like Toxic Deluge, Black Sun's Zenith or even Massacre are better for the -x/-x stuff if you only find that you cycle Decree of Pain for that effect. My choice of ridiculous expensive sorceries that wreck everything are Death Cloud and Exsanguinate which I will always suggest to anyone playing multiplayer magic.

In your pod chain it seems like you have 4 creatures with 4 cmc and 6 with 5 cmc. I have always questioned Shriekmaw's effectiveness since it can't kill black or artifact creatures but if it works in your meta then it could be really good spot removal. It would not work in my meta however so I would replace it with another 4 cmc control or support cards like Mindslicer, Creakwood Liege, or Phyrexian Obliterator (IF is doable for you). Genesis or Seedborn Muse might also be other fantastic 5 drops to add to the chain if the ones I suggested above seem un-appealing.

I hope this helped :)

NinjaFist on You thought it was spirits, but was I, CMC abuse!

1 week ago

@HalfLife4Mac You could swap out the voltron stuff (the hedron matrix, dragon shadow and fangs) for some good token spawners, such as Verdant Force or Creakwood Liege, or even put the eldrazi spawners that I took out in the January update back in. I unfortunately took the deck apart for a Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest deck, so I'm not entirely sure what else to suggest, other than a few more tutor spells, but depending on how much you wanna spend on it, throwing Urborg and Cabal Coffers in here would help a LOT. Anyways, glad you like the deck, and good luck playing!

sylvannos on Help me build a modern ...

2 weeks ago

Here is a super-sweet article on G/B Death Cloud. It's part of a whole series MtG Goldfish does on budget decks. It should help you out when getting into Modern with a Rock variant.

As far as immediate things to do goes, the deck I'd suggest would be:

4x Bloodsoaked Champion
4x Deathcap Cultivator
4x Mindwrack Demon
4x Creakwood Liege
2x The Gitrog Monster

4x Underworld Connections
4x Vessel of Nascency
4x Autumnal Gloom  Flip
4x Dead Weight
1x Necrogenesis

4x Drownyard Temple
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Hissing Quagmire
4x Llanowar Wastes
6x Swamp
3x Forest

You really want to get more disruption ASAP. Victim of Night, Smother, and Go for the Throat are good options. Duress can get you started until you can get a hold of Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek. Smallpox is fantastic when used with cards like Bloodsoaked Champion or The Gitrog Monster.

Your lands are also kind of "meh." Consider Woodland Cemetery, Dakmor Salvage, Treetop Village, and Overgrown Tomb. Overgrown Tomb should be a top priority, because then you can play off-color fetches (Bloodstained Mire, Windswept Heath, et al) and don't necessarily need Verdant Catacombs.

taurbeer on Help me build a modern ...

2 weeks ago

I will start out with saying that I am not a seasoned veteran, I've only got the knowledge I've been taught and what I've seen.

Secondly, you probably can't win local tournaments if these are the only cards you are going to play with. They don't work particularly great in modern, but that doesn't mean you can't win a few fights with them and have fun.

I will say I have no idea how to direct this deck, as there doesn't seem to be one thing it does terribly well.

It's usually easy to see who will likely win by turn 4-5 in modern (Sometimes the winner is declared on turn 3) and if you're going to try and make The Gitrog Monster one of the main cards in your deck, you'll need a lot of acceleration.

Archers' Parapet actually seems like an okay way to help against rush decks. There are better alternatives out there, but it works.

Bloodsoaked Champion is a great card for a rush-down deck. It would be better if it had haste, but it works great to establish a presence.

Catacomb Sifter seems okay, I don't know of it's modern popularity, but it's not bad. You'll be drawing a lot no matter how you build this deck and as so, scrying is great.

Creakwood Liege is great if you've established a board presence already. It's only problem is it dies too easily and you'll likely never want to attack with it.

Deathcap Cultivator is weird. It's a mana-dork with potential deathtouch. It's got 1 toughness which makes it kind of bad for a 2 mana mana-dork, but it works for the colors and you need speed. I'd definately run 4.

Mindwrack Demon is too much of a risk in my opinion. If you don't have 4 different card-types, it'll take at least 20% of your health every turn, while only sometimes taking that off your enemy.

Rot Shambler seems weird. I'd only run it in token-decks, so if you're getting the deck in that direction, I'd use it, otherwise I wouldn't.

Sifter of Skulls gives you a 1/1 per creature you control that dies. In theory that might work okay, but you'd prefer it if your creatures didn't die in the first place and protection would work better. It's up to yourself to use this as it's more of an experience knowledge wether your creatures will die or not.

Autumnal Gloom  Flip only works well if it supports other cards aswell. You don't have many things that work well with the graveyard other than The Gitrog Monster, but it could work.

Dead Weight is a weird card to me. It's a destroy spell for weaker creatures and a weakener for stronger creatures. It would work against Goyf, but I'm not sure how often it else would be useful. It could be a fine removal spell though, so depends on your local group.

Necrogenesis seems okay if you're going for the graveyard/token direction of the deck, otherwise I wouldn't use it. Dredge isn't the biggest threat in modern and as so there often isn't that big of a need to remove things from other player graves.

You won't be using Sinister Concoction if you're smart as it gets you -2 in card value. You remove 3 cards from your hand, field and library respectively to kill a single creature which isn't optimal.

Underworld Connections is a good card. You however don't have any life-gain what so ever in the deck and you'd want some way to mitigate the damage it does to you.

Vessel of Nascency works kind of okay. Normally, I'd see it as a bad card, but if you need cards in your graveyard, it works okay.

Grave Birthing is not the best card ever because you remove people's chance of reusing cards, not using them the first time around. Decks that don't interact with their graveyard wouldn't care for this spell and it would just be a 1/1 token for 3.

Lands are lands.

Bone Splinters works great in a creature-heavy deck. Do run it.

Kin-Tree Invocation works fine in your deck, though I don't see it helping you with synergy. It's a good card, it just doesn't help you with doing anything.

Macabre Waltz is a +0 for 2, but you chose exactly what you want to keep and as so it's a good card.

I just tried to run down every card here after what I think about them. I don't hope I got you thrown off of making the deck you want, but the cards are not optimal and as so running through them just gives a bad picture. With the right idea it could probably work, it just need the idea, which I can't give with just these cards.

Caligula on pskinn01

3 weeks ago

I'd also be interested in your foil Wilt-Leaf Liege and Creakwood Liege along with The Gitrog Monster.

What were you interested in?

joeyb11223 on Help on slight alterations to ...

4 weeks ago

cheers for the advice man.

So further thinking....

I could cut Creakwood Liege for Bloodspore Thrinax

Could cut Predator's Howl for Hooded Hydra actually since for 4 mana Hydra is also going to create 3 creatures (itself and then 2 snake tokens)

Giant Adephage I liked due to it's action with Primal Vigor and Parallel Lives with it making trampling tokens. However I see the point that if I'm in a good board state, I should have an army of other tokens with higher p/t anyway and just swing in. In which case Champion of Lambholt would be a better fit, so could swap them.

Awakening Zone in place of Pulse of the Tangle

Gatekeeper of Malakir could be cut for Smothering Abomination

Holtzman on Help on slight alterations to ...

4 weeks ago

First off, the link to your deck isn't done right Mazirek's mates, prepare the sacrifices

If your lacking card draw Smothering Abomination works really well with Kaz

Now for the cuts

I hope my thoughts have helped your decision

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