Creakwood Liege


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Eventide Rare

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Creakwood Liege

Creature — Horror

Other black creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other green creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a 1/1 black and green Worm creature token onto the battlefield.

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Creakwood Liege Discussion

lonker on Best Thelon of Havenwood deck ...

1 week ago

Sorry for the double-post, but are there any cards that can synergize with all of these Saprolings? Like some Saproling Lords or anything that could synergize with having a ton of Saprolings. So far I already have Second Harvest, Beastmaster Ascension Creakwood Liege, and Parallel Lives.

Be-Bad-And-Play-Mill on Help to improve my Mortician ...

2 weeks ago

While I like the spice on Dark Prophecy, I'd toss it in favor of Dictate of Erebos, which is basically like another Grave Pact, and is less color intensive. I understand Disentomb and Eldritch Evolution, but dislike both. Killing Wave is a fun alternative for both of those, and hits both players. And if the opponent keeps a strong board presence, they pay for it in life, where you would prefer to keep only the minimal amount of creatures. I don't like Jarad, and would rather see more effective one drops such as Young Wolf, which can give you a singular double sac outlet or you can do the opposite and run Slitherhead, which can give you a single sac outlet, and then buff a creature later. You could also run both, as an option. And while I love Death's Presence as a card (much like I like Guild Feud and Possibility Storm), it's simply too slow with your lack of mana ramp. The end result would also move you off of red entirely, of which you're only running a couple of spells, and there are far better spells out there. While it is true Temur Battle Rage gives you first strike, I feel there are just better spells out there to help considering how color intensive some of the pieces are. Fists of Ironwood provides Trample and more creatures, for instance, Sheltering Word gives some nice bonuses, as does Heroic Intervention and Apostle's Blessing, the latter of which is an Infect staple for a very good reason. If you want to reduce the number of blockers, then you could run Alpha Authority, and for further beats, run Scute Mob. Then you could also shift over to Creakwood Liege if you really wanted, who would buff the creatures in your deck, and give even more sac outlets. Then there's Ghost Quarter, which could fill your red slots and kill creature lands on the spot, when they're creatures usually, and give you even more counters on the Beetle.

Phayd on Garruk, Apex Predator - Planeswalker

2 weeks ago

If you're going for a single-out-a-player-hunt-them-down theme:

I think the curses are pretty funny:

Curse of Death's Hold

Curse of Vengeance

Curse of Predation

Curse of Shallow Graves

Also, since you're removal heavy:

Grave Betrayal

Going to need some card draw:

Phyrexian Arena

Tireless Tracker

Recur some of your curses and other combo cards with:

Eternal Witness

Greenwarden of Murasa

Some other dick cards include:

Plow Under - Nothing says "Screw you" like setting them back 2 mana and 2 draw steps.

Kamahl, Fist of Krosa - Another way for you to animate lands.

Nature's Revolt - Another way for you to animate lands.

Some generally good cards:

Nature's Lore - Ramp that puts stuff into play untapped (can get Bayou and Overgrown Tomb as well as forest).

Demonic Tutor & Diabolic Tutor - go get that combo piece

Toxic Deluge - a scale-able board-wipe that can kill indestructible things

Maelstrom Pulse - Another removal spell that can hit walkers (as well as anything else)

Abrupt Decay - Another removal spell that can hit a ton of non-creature threats

Garruk Relentless  Flip - Also another token generator to feed into your Beastmaster Ascension or ultimate emblem.


Bane of Progress - too many artifacts and enchantments to run this guy

Burnished Hart - more for non-green decks that need ramp. The stuff you have in here is already way better.

Butcher of Malakir - Never a big fan of this guy, especially if you don't have ways to control when his trigger happens (with ways to sac guys whenever you want)

Creakwood Liege - Not a lot of 2-color creatures to take advantage of his buffs

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord - Works best when you use dredge mechanics to fill up your Graveyard. He doesn't look at opponent's graveyards, where - hopefully - most of the creatures will be.

Necroskitter - Only have 1 other card to enable the -1/-1 counters, so this guy won't be doing much.

Pathbreaker Ibex - Is generally considered a weaker Craterhoof Behemoth, but attacking in waves will be less frequent considering you'll be spending a good amount of the game using your mana to kill things.

Seedborn Muse - Not a lot of instants or other effects to use on other people's turns to run this guy.

Explosive Vegetation - You should be good with what you have ramp-wise

See the Unwritten - Not enough 4+ power creatures to use this. I'd be totally onboard if Garruk made 4/4s instead of 3/3s

Golgari Signet - You should be good with what you have ramp-wise

Ruinous Path - Might have too much removal, considering your PW is removal as well.

Thornbite Staff - Best coupled with Deathtouch, which I'm not seeing any of in here

Attrition - The non-black clause is pretty touch to swallow, and you have better removal already

Blowfly Infestation - Is this just in here for Necroskitter? lol

Food Chain - You have better ramp

Palace Siege - Not feeling either mode.

Make Obsolete - Might want to trade this in for something more versatile like Doomwake Giant or Pestilence

hoardofnotions on Mazirek, Shaman of the Swarm ($60 budget)

3 weeks ago

I've been tinkering with the deck and here are the swaps i've made

Foundry of the Consuls for Throne of the High City-I want some more card draw, and i've cracked the foundry 2-3 times. It's very expensive to use for the amount of benifit i'm recieving. I think the throne is also expensive to crack, just a little cheaper and i think getting the monarch up and running will entice people to attack more which will open themselfs for devestating counterattacks!

Life's Legacy for Smothering Abomination-I orginally swapped Tireless Tracker for the legacy and wasn't impressed with the change. So i'm swapping the legacy for abomination. I think i have enough creatures to feed the eldrazi, and with mazirek it's more synergy. This swap could also have been for The Gitrog Monster. If anyone has opinions on the matter i'd love to hear them!

Woebringer Demon for Custodi Lich-The demon has a higher upside for sacrifice effects, but also dosen't live all that long.The lich only gets one sac, though it can repeat. I think that getting the monarch started will be helpfull against control decks with lots of wraths and also create more combat between players taking the monarch.

I've also discovered this really awesome/mean combo. Nature's Revolt and Archfiend of Depravity/Dictate of Erebos I'm considering taking out Noosegraf Mob for it. Any people think this is a good idea to explore?

I have some room in the budget for something cool and i've been re-reading folks suggestions and have narrowed it down to these,

Ophiomancer, Creakwood Liege, Sidisi, Undead Vizier thanks seb9011

Phyrexian Arena thanks ObamaIsIlluminatiOhYeah

Meren of Clan Nel Toth thanks bushido_man96

Nether Traitor, Smokestack thanks Opifex

JustinEndymion on Snakes & Snails & Sacrifice

1 month ago

Golgari Germination would be a better slot in than Recurring Nightmare, Tukatongue Thallid would be a decent 1 drop to throw in. Creakwood Liege would be better than the slum reaper.Tribute to the Wild would be good artifact and enchantment removal Victimize would be good and Mycoloth

Savaaage on Ghave, Guru of Counters

1 month ago

What about Creakwood Liege?? Another token generator and helps buffs faeries and plant tokens. Not worth a spot?

vbfabled on World's End

1 month ago

My main suggestion for making this deck more effective is prioritizing. Your deck will run much more consistently if you have less 1 ofs and putting 3 or 4 of cards that really help your deck, so you're more likely to draw into them when you need them.

For example, Yeva's Forcemage, Peema Outrider, Embraal Bruiser, and Harvester Troll don't seem to do a whole lot for the deck. You'd be better off running more of things like Bellowing Tanglewurm.

As for some suggestions of things you don't have yet, I can tell you like casual, so I won't get too in-depth with super-competitive combos and things. If you like Ring of Xathrid, consider Ring of Kalonia. If you have both on a 2-color creature like Lord of Extinction, the ability will stack and it will grow even faster.

On the subject of 2-color creatures, I really like Creakwood Liege for this deck, he'll boost all your creatures and make even more creatures to boost. His ability will also stack for 2-color creatures, giving them +2/+2. Baloth Null is also a solid budget card. Works as a big creature, and gets back some of the creatures you're sacrificing.

I don't think Predator's Gambit will help you much, because in testing I usually had several creatures out, but there are plenty of solid enchantments to replace it with like Gift of the Deity or Aspect of Gorgon.

lagotripha on This is a Black Deck (Suggestions Please)

1 month ago

Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my big list of fun cards for mono-black. Profane Command is very powerful in lists like this and a very underrated card. Fatal Push is a no-brainer in my meta. Beseech the Queen can be very helpful if you want to run a 'silver bullets' type sideboard. I've had some fun testing Creakwood Liege/Bitterblossom/Bad Moon as a devotion list, especially as they move Gifted Aetherborn out of bolt range. Mimic Vat is amazingly powerful not just in the 'I have a killspell and get your creature' way, but also for disrupting graveyard shenanigans. Pithing Needle(plainswalker hate) and Ratchet Bomb(token/clutch enchantment hate) for similar reasons. I prefer Sadistic Sacrament to Lost Legacy, but I understand the choice.

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