Moment's Peace


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Common

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Moment's Peace


Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

Flashback {{2,G}} (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Moment's Peace Discussion

Monti_Jones on Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant Combo (EDH)

5 months ago

Hello again!

Thank you for your very detailed response! Let me start by saying: Please, there is no need to apologize at all! English is not my first language and the problems that come with this deck are quite complex. You are not missunderstanding, if anything it is me, not being able to communicate exactly what I want to convey. Let me continue by disappointing you: my deck is not on TO right now! Maybe I'll get around to type it in some time next week, but I can tell you our lists are very similar. I'll try to tackle your comment a bit differently this time as I think I see your train of choices and can understand why it is working for you.

Meta Decisions: My meta covers everything, from cedh breakfast hulk to precon decks. There are always over 15 changing players, at least 3 new decks, at least 1 completely new player, every week. I want my deck to keep up and be lenient enough at the same time to play with everyone. If I play Sasaya, it's either just another green ramp deck, a weak one compared to some, or just another combo deck, a slow one compared to some, or I have to remember everyone what the heck it even does. I spcifically prey on this situation and can throw people off by not doing anything for 5 turns or throwing an Oath at them turn 2. You are absolutely right, if your opponents figure you out, you don't have much chance with Sasaya. That's exactly why I try to confuse the table with cards like Oath, soothe them with a Howling Mine, kill them in ways they can't be mad at, like Domesticated Hydra. It is a very specific play style that, I would say, only works in a highly diverse meta with changing players.

Conquering your Meta: If your meta is starting to focus you can try playing more chumpers that search for a land, like Gatecreeper Vine and Sylvan Ranger . Just a single blocker is often enough to deter opponents from attacking. I swapped them one for one with a forest a few times and it didn't slow me down at all. Moment's Peace was working out for me too. Again I want to recommend Glacial Chasm , it just keeps you alive like no other card, buys you more turns than you lose by sacrificing and playing a non-forest. But realisticly, if the table really wants you dead, there isn't that much you can do. In my opinion, with a deck that's 75% setup, you just have to rely on smoke and mirrors for a fair part to get by.

Connecting Card Draw and Ramp: I have a general philosophy when it comes to card draw: don't ever pay more than 2 mana per card drawn! My deck wants to have at least 7 cards in hand all the time. By recommending Howling Mine I just wanted to state continous card draw as the best draw option pre-flip for that setup. In conjunction with "no maximum hand size" effects you can still fly under the radar with about 9 cards in hand. My ramp approach with Cultivate and Kodama's Reach, instead of multiple land drops. just feeds into that further. Why waste those hard earned lands for a land drop?

Comparing our Approaches: I know your approach is just different and can get there too. Going for multiple land drops keeps your hand size lower, "no max hand size" is not needed. Although, I guess, you rely more on that one burst step with cards like the Elder (he really is the best!), before you go off. I play those too, but only the one time uses. In my opinion, cards like Journeyer's Kite give you a card you need, but not want, for too high of a price, but does so at the right time. By playing general card draw instead of those continous land tutors, I have the chance to draw into a win condition mid game. My approach keeps options open pre-flip, has room for a few removal cards or has multiple win options post-flip. I can go lower on lands too! The tipping point for me are the mulligans though. As you know, going down even a single card delays the flip turn like nothing else. The two main reasons for a mull are too many lands or no win condition. I become less reliant on a win condition in my starting 7 while your approach deals better with too many lands. You also choose cards that can work after a fast ramp too, to offset the few times you can't get to the flip, that's not an option for me. I can't say which way is the better one, I honestly don't think one is. But if your flip turn is consistent for you, all should be fine. Overall I'd say I gain a few slots at for utility, removal or fun (=Oath), but not that many. The setup for Sasaya just has to have a certain size to work.

A Similar Mindset: Interestingly, our general evaluation of hand card economy and spell costs are quite alike. We just took a bit different paths to reach the same destination. In no way I think you should change your deck just because it isn't mine! Do what works for you! If you like it, stay with it! I just tried to give you an overview of what works for me.

Hope that clears up a few things. I'll try to find my old "full blown combo" list and upload it for comparison. If you want me to go more into detailed card decisions for your meta, I'm sure I can help, as I played Sasaya in different setups through different metas. I would just need a better understanding what you are dealing with on a regular basis (commanders, archetyps, avg. win turn, etc.). Cheers!

ClockworkSwordfish on Shadow folk

6 months ago

Since you're relying on all of your creatures being unblockable, you might appreciate Warriors' Lesson as a cheap way to draw some cards. Likewise, Phytoburst is probably more efficient than Giant Growth, since surprise value is kind of wasted on an unblockable attacker.

It might be need to run some fog effects - Fog and Holy Day are fine, but Tangle and Moment's Peace are ideal - since you can't block your opponent's creatures, either. That way you'll ensure you can win the damage race!

SchleyGuy on Midnight Gond

6 months ago

I will consider impact tremors as a sideboard card against decks that run many fog effects such as Moment's Peace, but I want to focus on one combo instead of going the sprout swarm route.

sriah001 on Uril ramp/control

7 months ago

Thanks hkhssweiss ! So I have noticed in 3-4 player EDH, if I can't draw enough mana ramp and Uril Auras in time, the board state could very well have a few 10/10 fatties and 30 artifact tokens all pumped with +X/+X. I also consistently run out of cards in hand around turn 8. I either have a opening hand full of mana ramp and lands, or some lands and great auras, but for those times when I can't win early game, I need to Day of Judgment or Constant Mists. Even if I get Uril souped up, my opponents find way to bounce/sacrifice/prevent any creatures to attack.

I am trying to find the balance of: play enough ramp/aura draw cards so then I can swing before anyone has a chance, therefore I don't need to reset the board VS take a few more turns to draw for those game-winning cards, but in trade draw a wrath that may control the board to justify my taking a few more turns. I have lost to tokens/fatties damage after swinging with Uril at one person and not able to kill ALL players, so I have found that I need some way to survive another turn and keep Uril on the field.

I am planning to buy Sylvan Library (on my SCG shopping cart), and Hunter's Insight definitely syncs with Uril swinging ANYTIME (or even a turn 1 Serra Ascendant, which I have Aura'd up turn 3-5 and won.

Sage's Reverie is conditional like Daybreak Coronet, but for , I get some card draw out of it and vanilla "+X/+X damage". At most I have seen Uril with 4-5 enchantments and I already can kill someone at that point, so I don't know if it's the best 4 mana for (at most in my situation) 4-5 cards.

Every time I think about adding the enchantresses, I can't think of what I would take out. Manalith is already covered by Darksteel Ingot, Eldrazi Conscription is win more, Boros Garrison, Selesnya Sanctuary, and Gruul Turf bounce a land, but they still produce 1 more than Rith's Grove, so maybe I'll lose the Rith's. Acidic Slime is great with the deathtouch and destroy x, so it's a good blocker AND can take back an Aura Graft'ed mana reflection.

Blessing of the Nephilim and Ethereal Armor are great vanilla damage boosters. Blessing adds a guaranteed +3/+3, while Ethereal on it's own gives +1/+1 and first strike, but will need 2 other attached auras to add the +3/+3 that Blessing gives. Now Uril isn't swinging with only an Ethereal armor, so as long as Uril has 2 other enchantments, we get the equivalent damage, AND first strike. Having both on Uril would total +9/+9 for Uril for only , but without a trample Rancor or Shield of the Oversoul, I'm not swinging for lethal yet nor getting damage past blockers.

What I do want to consider is adding in more cards that give extra combat phases like Aggravated Assault. Maybe Seize the Day or World at War since they have flashback/rebound, or Combat Celebrant since it's only , but it has to survive a turn on the field.

I recently mainboarded Sigarda, Host of Herons since I hate sacrificing an indestructible Uril, and I can always Aura up Sigarda and swing, but I may consider swapping sigarda out for Tajuru Preserver since it's cheaper for the same 'prevent sacrificing' effect and can be cast early game, but I lose a hexproof flying swinger.

I also mainboarded Pariah as an alt way to prevent/redirect damage. I slap it on an opponent's indestructible or fat creature and now they have to either destroy the aura or remove their own creature before being able to deal damage to me. I know I could run creatures that "when damage is dealt to it, do X", but I would have to have both of those cards on hand to get the benefit, and unless I made it indestructible, it's only giving me utility 1 turn. Ghostly Prison also deters tokens/weenies from swinging at me since the opponent can't pay for all of them, and mana-strapped opponents with large creatures may want to save their mana and instead swing at the other opponent. I kept an opponent from swinging his fatty at me with my Soul Snare and I had a Moment's Peace in hand for the next turn after I popped soul snare.

Any thoughts on cards I can cut/replace?

killer_eye on Golgari Song (cycling deck)

8 months ago

thanks for looking into my deck and providing suggestions VeggiesaurusRex, specially the general sideboard ideas it will really help alot. about Mulldrifter main, yeah i'm already considering to add the 2nd Mulldrifter, i'm looking to cut x1 Fume Spitter for that slot but not Moment's Peace at this time, i have a very aggro meta in my LGS that's why peace is in the mainboard right now. but on general those 2 are the first considerations for it.

Help: about Crypt Rats and Songs of the Damned, majority of the songs deck that i see are using 3/4 splits between rats and song, do you have know why is it the case?

my reasoning behind using only x3 songs is that i'd like to see the card after i establish/build a reasonable creature count in the grave. i have tried using 4 copies of songs before but i often have it in my opening hands only to have few cycling cards (*cant recall the number of cycling cards im using that time but that was pre-amonkhet block, haven't tried it again since then).

VeggiesaurusRex on Golgari Song (cycling deck)

8 months ago

Hey, killer_eye! I'm glad you're still playing Songs! Your mainboard looks solid, but I would look into squeezing in two more copies of Mulldrifter. Drawing two cards and putting a creature into the grave is a great deal for just 3 mana. I recommend cutting Moment's Peace and one Fume Spitter to make room.

You should also be playing the full playset of Songs of the Damned. I suggest cutting Grisly Salvage to make room.

Your sideboard lack focus. I recommend running something like this:

2x Dispel

2x 1 CMC Lifegain Spells (Life Goes On/Blossoming Wreath)

3-4x Hand Disruption Spells (Duress/Wrench Mind)

3-4x Removal Spells

2x Pieces of Graveyard Hate

1-3x Pieces of Artifact/Enchantment Hate

This general format should serve you well against the current pauper metagame and most LGS metas.

Lanzo493 on Thantis' Fog of War

8 months ago

Constant Mists and Moment's Peace are great effects for protecting you from attack. Arachnogenesis is an all star. Cards like Dread, Vigor, and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs give a pseudo-fog effect because nobody wants to attack into them.

Now for some Voltron cards. I would suggest Assault Suit, Berserkers' Onslaught, and Rage Reflection.

Triumph of the Hordes will give you a win out of nowhere. Copperhorn Scout can keep all of your creatures untapped.

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Moment's Peace occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%