Night's Whisper

Night's Whisper


You draw two cards and you lose 2 life.

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Night's Whisper Discussion

TrueSharinganx on Snek

1 week ago


Helm of Obedience if not going combo route

Arisen Gorgon Too dependant on Liliana being on the field

Gorgon Recluse Too high CMC for what you do

Infernal Medusa Medusa /= Gorgon

Keepsake Gorgon Too high mana for one and done

Korozda Gorgon Too high CMC && not running heavy +1+1 Presence

Ohran Viper As you are in blue, you have better options for card draw, especially because this one means you have to deal damage to player first.

Oona's Blackguard Cut unless you are rogue heavy

Pitiless Gorgon All your snakes will typically have deathtouch or be able to gain it, at 3 mana this should do more.

Venomous Hierophant Currently you aren't running much recursion cards I.E Reanimate

Night's Whisper not too useful, in blue if you need card draw, maybe a Blue Sun's Zenith or something


Gaze of the Gorgon A little too high mana but hilarious at the same time.

Killing Glare not bad spot removal, however, it may be more impactful to consider something like Doom Blade which is cheaper, and works on all but white.

Vraska, Relic Seeker Might be better for pirate deck, it's not on flavor at all here, and not in line with or as powerful as your other walkers.

Vraska, Swarm's Eminence This is useful however high mana for what it does, totally up to you, this could go either way.


Chromatic Lantern To ensure you make colors. Given you're going heavy black we may need to revise this item.

Eternal Witness , Maybe cut Pharika's Mender for this, as it is 2 less CMC for almost the same thing.

Chevill, Bane of Monsters super value at 2 cmc

Baleful Strix Super value at 2cmc, fly, dedtouch, card draw

Fathom Feeder value town, and if you yank combo pieces this can help facilitate a win with it's ability

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons 2cmc, high high values and makes SNEKS!!!!

Hythonia the Cruel Yeet cannons all non-gorgon creatures + big creature

Seshiro the Anointed SNEK SNEK +2+2 to all SNEKS! Draw card wen snek do damage!

Kaseto, Orochi Archmage Unblockable +2+2 SNEKS!

Prowling Serpopard Make's your Sneks and Gorgon's Un-Counterable

Stonecoil Serpent cool snek, but I think you might already have cooler in deck & on list

Orochi Hatchery Funny stuff this one, totally up to you

Bow of Nylea all creatures get deathtouch + more check this one out

Ohran Frostfang Gives attacking creatures you control ded touch and when your creatures damage a player, draw a card.

Kodama's Reach Mana Ramp

Search for Tomorrow Mana Ramp

Three Visits Mana Ramp

MrXilas on Lurrus of the Armory

2 weeks ago

Depending on your budget, Monastery Mentor would clean up here. Having the extra bodies in a voltron deck is always good and you have more than enough non-creatures to justify it. I'd cut the Alseid's of Life's Bounty for it. Depending on it's purpose, I'd cut the Wall of Omens for Night's Whisper unless it's there strictly as a blocker. Finally, if you are doing Voltron and are feeling REALLY MEAN, Grafted Exoskeleton takes the clock from 21 to 10. Hope these helped! Love seeing non-combat commanders get Voltron decks.

fatalzintomyum on Collected Conjouring, CoCo's weird cousin

1 month ago

With black in the deck you get Never/Return as well as Grim Tutor, maybe fetching another Collected Conjuring. Inscription of Ruin in dreamland can be cast with kicker off of conjuring, but it still has two relevant options, killing tarmogoyfs and shadow cards. Pain's Reward is very risky, can draw tons of cards, but I would play it in a deck that can consistently have your opponent be at less life or have pressure on the board. Pelakka Predation  Flip is kind of a freeroll, so that might be an option. Waking Nightmare effects might be too slow. Though the most value might seem to be accrued though getting 3 cmc cards, this is not as ruling as it is with coco. Thoughtseize is excellent hand destruction and has proven itself. Collective Brutality is just another way to sweeten the two for one. Night's Whisper and its ilk can be good, but better than the blue card draw? It would take testing to tell.

enpc on Greed or Erebos, God of …

1 month ago

TriusMalarky: Night's Whisper gets used in Doomsday lines as well, since it is mana efficient (in the cEDH scene). So it doesn't always come down to the money card cost of a card.

Peligrad: EDHREC is not the best argument. Sure, a lot of people run a card, but I see a lot of really trash cards run in a lot of decks, so that's not always a good argument.

As for the case for Phyrexian Arena, nobody is saying it's bad - it'sa greawt card. The problem is that there are a lot of scenarios where you just want the cards now and you're happy to pay a bit more life for a one shot to draw some cards, since a lot can happen in two-three turns. Arena is great for drawn out games, where you see six-seven cards from it. But the more competitive you go, the more you value cards in hand immediately, which is why you don't see Phyrexian Arena in higher end decks. You see more Dark Confidant as A) it's less mana and B) there's no double black casting cost.

As for Necropotence, that's a tricky one. The card is definitely powerful and it has made a name for itself in hte history of MtG. but in a casual mono black deck, I don't think it's that good if I'm being honest. Most casual mono black decks run pretty high mana curves and from a lot of the ones I've seen on T/O don't run enough ramp. Which means that you're potentially only casting one-two cards a turn if you're being proactive (less if you have removal in hand you're holding onto). Which means that you may be drawing one-two cards a turn off of it. Sure, it's great when you cast it a then draw five cards, but after that you can be back to drawing not much, which you would have just gotten at the beginning of your draw step anyway.

I've played Necropotence in both a casual mono black deck that ran a crapload of ramp and I've also run it in a <2 average CMC cEDH combo control deck and I've found it to have mixed results for both. I actually cut it in the cEDH deck, since I wasn't running the Angel's Grace + Windfall line, which is where you see the most value from it.

@everyone: I think the key here is that while you can have some hard and fast rules about cards, you need to be willing to break the rules to suit the actual meta you're playing in. Phyrexian Arena is an awesome card, but if it doesn't suit the deck or how most games are played (over in 10 turns, lots of removal, etc.) then you may be able to do more consistent work with that slot.

Same thing goes for Greed (my preference) and Erebos, God of the Dead. If your games go long and you have lots of mana, I'm sure either is fine. But if the games are shorter and mana is an issue, you might get more value from Ambition's Cost or Ancient Craving. But the worst thing you can do is just say "this card needs to go in every deck" or "EDHREC says this card is good".

Peligrad on Greed or Erebos, God of …

1 month ago

Yeah, except Phyrexian Arena is the auto-include lol.

EDHrec agrees.

Phyrexian Arena is in 37,000 decks which is 16% of black decks. Night's Whisper is in 15,000 decks, less than half, at 7% of black decks.

The EDH community as a whole says that Phyrexian Arena is the stronger card that you should auto include.

Apollo_Paladin on Gray Merchant Pauper

1 month ago

Personally I'd toss in some Night's Whispers for that all-important Card Draw.

You might also look at Unearth for pulling some of your cheap-cast creatures out of the graveyard. It's pair well with your Eye Collectors there (could maybe even get away with adding more if you decide to play to this strat a bit)

Either way +1, I'm only recently into Pauper format so it's nice seeing what everyone else is using for sure.

RambIe on Greed or Erebos, God of …

1 month ago

p.s.s. i do completely agree with enpc with picking Night's Whisper over Phyrexian Arena

Night's Whisper is 2 mana for 2 cards and considering black has lots of tutors to top it can combo well in most decks

Phyrexian Arena is a great card as is Dark Tutelage, Dark Confidant
all offer fantastic card vantage, however they don't draw the turn they come into play
they have to survive 2-3 rounds to get the card draw vs cost value and that doesn't always happen

thats what makes cards like Erebos, God of the Dead & Greed so tempting to run
yes they are higher cmc but they combo well with tutor to top spells providing instant responses to situations
while also providing the possibility of drawing 5+ cards at your opponents end step

enpc on Greed or Erebos, God of …

1 month ago

MagicMarc: Night's Whisper is probably the go to "draw 2, lose 2" sorcery in black. And the cheap (and easy) to cast mana cost makes it pretty enticing over Phyrexian Arena. In a multi-coloured deck, Painful Truths is super good and I would tend to lean towards it before Phyrexian Arena, as having the cards now generally trumps having them later and you've just cashed in 3 turns worth of addtional draw for no extra cost.

It definitely does come down to how long games go and what your meta is like of course. Don't get me wrong, a T1 Dark Ritual into a Phyrexian Arena is bonkers, but you can't always count on a turn 1, or even a turn 3 PA. It's awlays worth keeping a mental note of whenever you draw these kind of cards to see how much value you actually get from them. If you find you're typically seeing 3-4 cards before the game ends or it gets blown up, you might find you just get more value from a single draw spell. But effects like Phyrexian Arena or Greed are still worth testing in most decks (cEDH not withstanding).

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