Legendary Creature — Demon

Flying, lifelink

Pay 7 life: Draw seven cards.

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Format Legality
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

Griselbrand occurrence in decks from the last year

Griselbrand Discussion

TheVectornaut on Mono black sacrifice control deck

23 hours ago

The biggest potential weakness I see in this deck is that there's a sort of "cost void" between your 1-drops and your big demons, and the biggest threats in the deck may not be the most mana efficient. For instance, I'd probably run Desecration Demon or Demon of Catastrophes in a sacrifice deck instead of Goremand . I imagine he's a pet card for you though, so maybe you could lean more into the reanimator angle to cheat him in quickly. Most modern versions seem to be running Goryo's Vengeance into Griselbrand and praetors still, but I tend to prefer the budget alternatives. Some additions to Blood for Bones and Gravewaker are repeated activation creatures like Hell's Caretaker and Whisper, Blood Liturgist . Unburial Rites is also fairly popular if you don't mind splashing white. For the discard, staples include Thoughtseize , Collective Brutality , Ransack the Lab , and Mind Rake . For sacrifice synergy, I think Smallpox and Sinister Concoction could be options too. I'm also a big fan of creatures that mill for this role such as Stitcher's Supplier (which helps to play the very useful Gravecrawler ) or the green Satyr Wayfinder and all its Mulch brethren. Reanimator lets you play other big threats too, some of which could be Razaketh, the Foulblooded , Eater of Hope , or Xathrid Demon to stick with the demon theme. Another card I see as being pretty expensive here is Soul Foundry . The aforementioned Hell's Caretaker can usually produce a similar result without the 1 mana tax every turn. Furthermore, the tokens it creates could interfere with Grim Haruspex , a card draw engine I usually prefer to Dark Prophecy (or maybe Harvester of Souls if I'm feeling spicy.) There is some downside in cutting noncreature permanents for their creature counterparts, so choose the option that is being hit by removal the least in your meta. If creature hate is a problem, maybe a Grave Pact or Dictate of Erebos could dissuade your opponents.

sub780lime on Taborax Shadowpostles

1 week ago

Thanks for the comments, Hardhitta7. You are right on Ashnod's Altar . I realized I was out of them and I'll be swapping it in once some new ones arrive. Halo Hunter is probably a little too specific and unfortunately Griselbrand is banned in EDH. Welcome to playing commander!

Hardhitta7 on Taborax Shadowpostles

2 weeks ago

I’m new to commander so sorry if my advice isn’t all that helpful.

I think Ashnod's Altar could be a nice sac outlet and help you cast some of your large demons if needed. Griselbrand might be good here, and depending what you’re playing against Halo Hunter could be useful to tutor up.

jethstriker on Demon-Dragon Deck

1 month ago

The thing about Dragons and Demons is that they are typically large creatures, and with its large size comes large mana cost. Most of the time you'll get run over by other fast decks before you can land your large creature. I can see your playing cards that accelerates your mana and reduces cost for your threats which helps, just not sure if its enough.

What I suggest is that instead of trying to cast your large threats, just cheat them out. You can play Tin Fins / Instant reanimator by using Goryo's Vengeance. Or cheat them from your hand by using cards like Through the Breach, Quicksilver Amulet, or Elvish Piper. Still not that fast, but at least you don't have to pay the full cost of the creature.

Another thing, don't just include large creatures just because they are hard-hitting in combat. Use creatures that have immediate impact upon entering the battlefield (like Griselbrand or Kokusho that you already have) or have abilities that seriously disrupts your opponent when not immediately answered (like Sire Of Insanity).

Jackfrost23 on {BUG} Praetor Reanimator

1 month ago

I like the idea of Griselbrand but I also like Sheoldred, Whispering One. How many copies do you think I need?

Balaam__ on {BUG} Praetor Reanimator

1 month ago

psionictemplar makes a good point. And that’s one of the strengths of a Reanimation build, the ability to select targets to exhume that can affect the table in multiple different ways. Without extensive playtesting we can only approach it with logic and reasoning, but you still get a decent idea of how it would perform against the common archetypes. I’d recommend copying Iona, Shield of Emeria first if possible, then Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur second. Sticking the first will greatly improve the odds of the second coming into play uncountered. From there you can set yourself up for subsequent turns. Griselbrand is worth considering too, maybe in place of Sheoldred, Whispering One. Lifelink and the draw ability will also help you out greatly.

stalydan on Toolbox Cult

2 months ago

osiczym - Ooh I do like that idea as an additional land. Paying life isn't too much of a problem in this deck because of Blood Artist and Griselbrand being able to recoup it and making sure there's less Swamps to draw into helps for setting up the combos better.

stalydan on Toolbox Cult

2 months ago

osiczym - Honestly the only reason they're in there is to filter out land from the deck so it's more likely to draw into the Apostles later on. For a more budget version, they're definitely not needed.

Harvester of Souls is one that I did consider but it does require a big set up and doesn't have any evasion. A potential "Pay B: Search for any demon, put it in play and draw 6" is amazing but really you end up paying 12 to 14 mana to do it. On the other hand, Griselbrand cuts that down to 7 or 8 mana and 7 life, the life being easy to regain when it's out on the field, and draw one extra card.

If this was an EDH deck, absolute auto-include because it would do extremely well. I can't say the same for this as you can't guarantee the game would go long enough to get the worth out of it.

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