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Hello everyone!

This is the first commander deck I've ever built, previously titled some version of Razaketh, the Foulblooded having smelly blood. Then I decided that I want the deck to go in a different direction. Basically, the deck wants to ramp, get some sac outlets, then bring out Razaketh. Once he's out, he tutors for the wincons (Fraying Omnipotence and Wound Reflection, or cards that do similar things), I'd probably need an extra turn to get them out because the cheapest version of that combo costs 11 mana.

The deck ramps and draws cards to get to the point where I can cast Razaketh for the win. I had to ask myself what kind of removal I needed, and what sac outlets/token generators make the most sense. Originally I had put in land removal as a preventative measure, but some very helpful people on this site steered me away from that since it's not effective as a preventative measure, certainly not in the quantity I was running.


I was describing the deck to my friend. "Mono black demons, I spend my life as a resource" and my friend said it's very "I'm going down and I'm bringing everyone with me". That made me think, land removal isn't a preventative strategy, it's a grossly exaggerated overreaction to the slightest knock against me. You counter-spell something I was excited about playing, I remind you of the name of the deck then target you with everything I have. It will cost me the game, and that's a price I'm willing to pay. I'm a very easy-going person irl but this deck seems to disagree.

Onto how it works:

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So, yeah, I'd love thoughts and opinions. I'm still working on it, I'll be adding the more expensive cards as funds grow available, but for now I'd love thoughts on the direction this deck is taking.


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Redid the deck, put land removal back in, did a bit more to count draw and removal, added more lands.


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