Hey everyone, if your reading this hopefully you enjoyed one of my many decks I have posted here. I love to deck build but you may or may not agree with how I build/play EDH.

I build with two philosophies in mind. The first is that I don't want to build a deck that works toward a goal typically. I build with flexibility in mind. Hopefully the way my decks play is that no two games are the same. I'm not looking for my win-con or combo pieces I'm just playing a strong synergistic deck that usually opens a lot of options to me.

The second is that I typically don't like to actually win. Now don't stop reading there as I actually win a lot of the games I play. I just don't like to actually win the game. I much prefer making all my opponents scoop (quit). For this reason I have earned the nickname "scoop-phase" at my LGS. This can be done in a million ways. Set-up to counter every spell, bounce all my opponents perms every turn, blow up all lands except mine, etc...

My decks run strong synergy. They are usually very toolboxy and I love a deck that has many lines of play and ways to manipulate what I'm doing on the field, in hand, in graveyard, etc.

I usually run a combo or two in most decks but I rarely run tutors and the decks aren't built (and I don't play in a way) where the goal is to use the combo. They are usually in deck for two reasons. 1. The various cards that made up the combo were good in the deck anyways so they were a natural fit. And 2, sometimes its just time to end a game and a well placed combo can do just that. But like I already said I'd much rather have everyone at the table concede than to actually win so combos really aren't my thing.

If you like decks that are resilient, fun/hard to pilot, and like thinking on your feet than hopefully you will enjoy the decks I put together.

As far as power-level goes they are probably 7-8/10. Maybe as low as a 6 but rarely if so. They don't classify as 9-10 because they are by no means "competitive". But they are definitely on the high end of casual.

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