Artifact Creature — Dragon

Domain- Draco costs less to cast for each basic land type among lands you control.


Domain- At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Draco unless you pay . This cost is reduced by for each basic land type among lands you control.

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Draco Discussion

azja on Yuriko (Optimized) Primer

1 month ago

Hey Cyclonious24, good question!

Essentially I value the extra 4 cmc of Draco more than the cheaper cost and extra abilities of Scion of Draco . A 4/4 creature that gives our other creatures hexproof and/or lifelink is just not powerful enough for an 8 mana spell. Our mana is much better used to ninjutsu another ninja, hold up counter magic, or take an extra turn. On the other hand, tutoring up Draco and dealing 4 extra damage can be extremely relevant, possibly the difference between winning or losing the game. Hope that answers your question :)

azja on Yuriko (Optimized) Primer

4 months ago

Hey Snake57, good to hear from you again!

So far, I haven't seen many possible additions from strixhaven. I think Baleful Mastery is awesome if you can get a small favour from the opponent who draws the card. But my playgroup is all too familiar with my shenanigans, so they don't make deals with me anymore :')

Lotus Petal seems like a good addition! Even with 33 lands, sometimes find myself with too many, so it's probably reasonable for me to cut a land for it too.

I've been pretty satisfied with Spell Pierce , but you're right about it being narrow. If your opponents are playing a lot of ramp, or tend to pass with mana up, then Spell Pierce might be too weak. I don't think I'd play Pact of Negation because the upkeep cost is too much of a downside (if you can't win the turn you cast it). I think Pact of Negation is best suited for combo decks that can win right away if their spell resolves.

As for the cycling cards, I really like Street Wraith and want to find room for it. I'm not totally sure about Boon of the Wish-Giver , but it seems promising enough to try out!

I haven't been able to play much commander lately, but I feel pretty confident about my most recent changes, so I'll try to add them to the primer soon! I do miss playing Commit / Memory since it was a key target for Personal Tutor and Mystical Tutor , but I just don't think it's strong enough.

Speaking of Personal Tutor , I've been considering cutting it since it can't grab Draco or Blinkmoth Infusion . Another potential cut I've been considering is Unnatural Selection , it's felt kind of weak recently.

A couple of additions I'm thinking about are Street Wraith , like you mentioned, and Run Away Together since it can bounce two of my opponents' creatures, helping Yuriko connect on the following turn.


Balaam__ on All hail the torments of sacrificial Draco!

4 months ago

How about Shallow Grave instead of Reanimate ? It costs more, but it dodges the massive chunk of life you’ll lose reanimating Draco , and if you just intend to sac him again anyway then Shallow Grave ’s drawback is irrelevant. At least this way you’re less open to a cheap shot. A couple well timed Lightning Bolt ’s on the opponent’s part just after you reanimate Draco could really ruin your day.

CaptainToll on Volrath's Big Dawg Demons

5 months ago

Draco evaporates enemies with Volrath the Fallen 's ability

azja on Yuriko: the 忍者 code | Commander

5 months ago

Hey! Your decklist looks great, it has all of the essential parts down pat (cheap/evasive creatures, powerful ninjas and lots of topdeck manipulation). You could definitely play it as-is, even if it's been a while! But I also want to mention some ideas that I have for potential cuts/additions:

  1. Bitterblossom : Earliest it can create a creature is turn 3, personally I found this too slow. I prefer to play an additional enabler instead, such as Ornithopter or Mausoleum Wanderer .

  2. Deep-Sea Kraken : Very unlikely to hard cast, and you can probably win the game before removing all its suspend counters. Instead, you could play Blinkmoth Infusion or Draco , which are equally uncastable, but deal more damage.

  3. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni : Definitely one of the coolest ninjas, but just too slow in my opinion. Some ninjas you could replace it with are Throat Slitter , Fallen Shinobi , or Mist-Syndicate Naga .

  4. Conspiracy and Xenograft : I played these for a long time, but ended up cutting them in favour of more extra turn spells, which are more consistent for closing out the game. My favourites to play in Yuriko are Temporal Mastery which can easily be a Time Walk , and Temporal Trespass which can be cast for UUU, but deals 11 damage.

  5. Bolas's Citadel : A bit of a nonbo in Yuriko decks, which generally want to play super-efficient, high cmc spells. I don't have a direct replacement in mind, but I'll include more suggestions at the end.

  6. Massacre and Toxic Deluge : Yuriko needs creatures on the board more than most decks, so I generally don't play boardwipes that destroy creatures. I prefer to play something like Evacuation or Devastation Tide so I don't lose them permanently.

  7. Teferi's Veil : I'm kinda unsure how this synergizes with Yuriko. Could you let me know if I'm missing something? I'm not super familiar with phasing.

Miscellaneous Suggestions:

  1. Universal Automaton : A very simple, yet effective ninja

  2. Deadly Rollick and Fierce Guardianship : Free removal/counterspell as long as you control Yuriko!

  3. Scheming Symmetry : Can win the game before your opponent draws the card they tutored for. Best paired with Blinkmoth Infusion and Draco if you decide to include them.

  4. Curtains' Call and Coastal Breach : I love the undaunted mechanic in Yuriko decks. Heavy hitters that you can cast for cheap.

  5. Force of Negation : Does a reasonable Force of Will impression to get your opponents who think you're all out of answers.

  6. Mox Amber : Acts as Mox Sapphire / Mox Jet as long as you control Yuriko.

  7. Sea Gate Restoration  Flip and Agadeem's Awakening  Flip: Although their abilities are not too relevant, lands that also deal damage with Yuriko are very powerful.

Sorry this got so long, I hope all of my points made sense! Feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks again for the kind words about my primer!

azja on Yuriko and the ninjas

5 months ago

Potential Additions:

  1. Spectral Sailor : One of my favourite enablers. You can pass turn and hold up your mana, then flash it in on your opponent's end step if you don't use your mana. Can also draw cards later in the game.

  2. Augury Owl and Spire Owl : Let you rearrange the top of your library for Yuriko's trigger. Although, don't add too many 2 mana enablers since they are pretty slow. I'm currently playing 4 of them in my list.

  3. Swan Song : A very efficient 1 mana counterspell that hits most removal and board wipes.

  4. Coastal Breach : A board wipe that you can generally cast for 3U, but has a cmc of 7.

  5. Blinkmoth Infusion and Draco : When I started playing Yuriko, I was against playing these un-castable cards in my decklist. But they deal an absurd amount of damage and really make your tutors lethal.

Hope that was helpful! Let me know what you think! :)

SlushyJones on Dancing in the Grave, with Volrath

6 months ago

I like Volrath, I designed a deck based around him too: I stepped out, I did not step down. I think you might enjoy adding Draco , as he can give Volrath +16/+16!

My method of making Volrath unblockable was giving him Swampwalk and then adding enchantments that make enemy lands into swamps. You might like this because I noticed you have Funeral Charm included already.

As for the combo you mentioned with Endless Cockroaches, I do not think it would trigger. I believe the Endless Cockroaches only return to hand if they die from play, not if they are discarded. Although I admit Endless Cockroaches could still be nice when used in conjunction with Soldevi Adnate

Cirdan13 on Card creation challenge

6 months ago

@seshiro_of_the_orochi I see your point but convoke makes it easier to cast and I didn't want it to be too easy. I think what happened was that the ultimate wasn't quite as broken as I was thinking it would be before I got to it. And as far as costing so much, it's a friggin' planet. 20 CMC is VERY low considering that Draco (the most expensive creature) at 16 CMC is nothing compared to an entire planet. The closest in terms of power thought would probably be Emrakul, the Aeons Torn who's physical representation, while huge, is no where near the mass of a planet so I think the extra mana is totally appropriate. Anyway, after typing so much I should probably do the challenge. Here goes:

Daniel LaRusso, Martial Champion

Legendary Creature - Human Warrior

: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to ~.

: Destroy target creature with a +1/+1 counter.


So the white ability comes from the first movie and represents Miyagi's ability to heal him so he can continue fighting. The red ability is sort of a counter to Lawrence as I feel Daniel should be.

If you are enjoying this, create a card based on a favored character from TV or film. If you are not into this, then just do a wild.

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