Cabal Coffers

Cabal Coffers


, : Add to your mana pool for each Swamp you control.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Cabal Coffers Discussion

Tyrant-Thanatos on Is Anyone Else Feeling Disappointed …

1 day ago

Is it possible to use it in an infinite combo?

Absolutely, the question is what kind of deckbuilding restrictions you're dealing with. Standard? EDH with it as commander? It varies. Assuming full freedom, Deadeye Navigator and some source of infinite life and you're there. The bigger thing though is just that tbh you really don't need to actually go infinite with it. If you just copy the activated ability a few times, Rings of Brighthearth , Illusionist's Bracers , etc you can get a LOT of mana. Maybe not infinite, but enough that a Torment of Hailfire should close out the game. It doesn't go infinite with Rings, but it does give you another untap, and you can tap all your lands and pool the mana in-between each ability resolving. So if you have say 10 lands, Rings out, and Bracers on Whitherbloom, you can pay 10 life and to untap all of your lands 3 times and get 38 mana. And that's assuming all your lands only produce one mana, and aren't something like a Gaea's Cradle , Cabal Coffers , etc.

I don't think the card is cEDH tier, but it's far from bad.

As for why it doesn't go infinite with Rings, Rings is a triggered ability, it will only trigger once, when you first activate.

Yesterday on Looking for cards that can …

1 week ago

I love Jegantha.

I think I was toying around with Cabal Coffers in 3+ colour decks at the time? Apparently forgot to reply again after, whoops.

Thanks for helping me out almost four years ago, folks.

dritchie on Edgar Markov Multiplayer

1 week ago

I dont know if you're still using the site or the deck but here are a few things that id recommend; Shared Animosity for extra power, id swap metallic mimic for Door of Destinies that way you can add in Cordial Vampire , id remove Taurean Mauler for Vampire Nocturnus , i dont see any real reanimation there id add something like Patriarch's Bidding , you don't have any in case of emergency board wipes Kindred Dominance is good because it doesn't effect you. Cathars' Crusade can hit like truck and its another way of bulking up your creatures. land wise you could run Cabal Coffers just for the extra black mana. Id remove Reforge the Soul just on the basis there is no reanimation in the deck

MystikSwordzManZ on my attemp at a deck..

3 weeks ago

Cabal Coffers Damnation Extinction Event Feed the Swarm Those are cards I would recommend real quick.Since it is creature heavy, I would also suggest Ayara, First of Locthwain

Gaminaire on Cassius's Tasigur | Game Knights #43

3 weeks ago


While it is clear that he took the standard cedh version of this deck and tweaked it a little to not make it a quick match and an overall shorter video, I do have a guess as to why he has something like Cabal Coffers with only 6 swamps. Obviously, it's main reason is because he is also using Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . However, it may also be because Ashlen also had an Urborg, allowing him to benefit off of playing coffers. I don't know if they go over their decks in any way beforehand and can change them up real quick but coffers is a lot stronger if two people are capable of playing Urborg. Plus, this kind of stuff is commonplace in cedh, so it's not like running coffers just for the sake of having a few extra mana off of 6 swamps is unreasonable given the playstyle of cedh decks. This holds true for Gaea's Cradle as well, since even getting two mana off of it makes it vastly superior to other lands.

Queen_Lulu on Out with the old in with the Dralnu

3 weeks ago

Given the lack of basic swamps, I would suggest Cabal Coffers over Cabal Stronghold . Otherwise good deck here. Also please rate and/or comment on my Dralnu deck, Dralnu Oracle Consultation.

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