Cabal Coffers

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Cabal Coffers


, : Gain for each Swamp you control.

plakjekaas on What ONE card would you …

1 week ago

Have any of you actually played with Golos in the command zone? It's just boring. "Generic 5-color commander, you could literally go any direction building your deck, what do you mean boring?" Well, no matter the cards in your deck, the play pattern is always the same: race to get Golos out, then use the activated ability as many times as you can. It doesn't matter what cards are in your deck, if you're Shrine tribal, Chair tribal or Scout tribal, just ramp out Golos and go and play the top three cards of your deck as many times as you can. There's no creativity with it, and if you try to combat the strategy with removing the commander as much as you can: oh look, he fetches Ancient Tomb on etb, that's the commander tax accounted for, he'll be back next turn. "Cool mono black deck you built there, but have you considered Golos as your commander? It can find Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Cabal Coffers when you need it, and if you just include Cascading Cataracts you will still be able to activate him without rigorously changing your mana base."

Golos is horribly homogenizing, and despite its open-endedness, the most boring commander I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I'm not sad it's gone.

articred on I've got something up my Slivs

1 month ago

hey TinyyTitan,

Curious on a few things, who is your commander for this deck? I didn't want to assume, as I was comparing this to my sliver deck Sliver me timbers as I don't see many sliver decks these days.

Noticed also that you are running 104 cards, you looking for suggestions for trimming down?

With running a near tribal sliver deck, cards like:

  1. The World Tree I could be not understanding the deck mechanics as this feels like an odd addition to look up god cards in a sliver deck?
  2. Hivestone wouldn't your changelings slivers?
  3. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth your black mana cards are very few in the deck to need every mana count as a swamp. Cabal Coffers I see makes your mana base bigger, kinda see where you are going.
  4. Laboratory Maniac might be something to consider if you draw your deck and someone pulls a Fog type instant to nullify your sudden armada summoning.

This card Spirit of Resistance I'll be snagging for my deck, this is just a card to annoy my POD a little bit more.

I am more curious than criticizing.

legendofa on Scarab God UB Zombie Tribal

1 month ago

Welcome to the club, PaleBlueEyes96!

My first question is usually How much money are you willing to spend on this? There are options for everything from pocket change to the big spenders.

generally isn't great at generating and sustaining mana by itself. Dark Ritual, Bubbling Muck and High Tide, and Cabal Coffers or Cabal Stronghold can help boost your mana for a turn or two, and other artifact sources like Dimir Signet or pretty much any artifact with Dimir in the name can help with longer-term production.

Another approach that can help with your mana efficiency is reducing the mana curve. You have a lot of cards that cost 4-5 mana and not as many that cost 1-2. If you trim off some of the higher mana value cards and switch them out for lower-cost cards, this will also help. Bladestitched Skaab, Ghoulish Procession, and Ghoulcaller's Chant are some options to start with.

For card draw, this is one of the strengths of these colors. Necropotence and Phyrexian Arena are classics. You already have Distant Melody, which is good. Other sorceries and instants that might help are Sign in Blood, Notion Rain, Preordain, and Windfall.

amarthaler on Rakdos Festival of Fire

1 month ago

This is a nice looking build, and I'm curious to hear how it runs. You might have trouble getting some of those 5+ CMC cards onto the battlefield, however. I'd recommend running Dark Ritual, Seething Song or Jeska's Will for some ramp. Or you can toss in Cabal Coffers or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in if you have them.

The biggest issue I've had using Rakdos, group slug decks is the amount of attention they get. I have a build using Kaervek as the commander, and it does a good job of speeding up the games. I'd love to hear your comments/suggestions on it!

Mionkry on zombie

1 month ago

I did some looking around, a great land to add would be Cabal Coffers it makes the endgame casting a lot easier if you can't get Rooftop Storm out

Chasmolinker on The Meat Grinder

2 months ago

Love it! This could benefit from a Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth manabase. Any opinions on Profane Tutor?

Nick_V on CEDH Tergrid Stax

2 months ago

Profet93 .. A lot to unpack here and its late but I want to respond before I forget.

Maralen of the Mornsong, It would just be another option to lock the game when I am ahead. I do not currently have the card though and I am loathe to spend $20 on a card that might just sit in my binder. This will only be tested if I can trade for one.

Mox Opal I agree. I do have a bit of artifacts in my deck and I do consistently have the extra 2 needed to trigger metalcraft. The chance it is a dead card though in the early game could cost me the game itself. Like the Maralen, unless I can trade for it to test it out I am not willing to drop more $ on a possible binder card.

Karn, the Great Creator I do like him as a stax piece just in my current game environment the only consistent thing it is turning off are mana rocks, which to me is less impactful then what else I could be using the 4 drop on. If it does change I can see him being a good add. I have Karn though so it might be worth testing out.

Cabal Coffers + Deserted Temple + Rings of Brighthearth = GG. This might be worth adding as another win condition. I didnt add one of these win conditions before because I didn't want to add cards that had no use on their own. I am worried that Rings is slow.

Opposition Agent + Wishclaw Talisman. Ya I knew about this. I like wishclaw as a 1 mana tutor to finish up the game. It replaced Grim Tutor, it was a little to slow.

Bitterblossom + Contamination The times I have had it out on the board it has done very well. It has shut off my own Coffers before but the lock was enough. I have also used it just to slow them down a couple turns and let it sac itself. It is not perfect but it helps me break parody and get ahead.

Crucible of Worlds in this deck I am not fond of it. It takes a valuable 3 drop spot and has no impact when coming in. It does look better if I had the 5 sac lands to go with it, but its still a hard sell for me.

Bloodstained Mire Marsh Flats Polluted Delta Prismatic Vista Verdant Catacombs, I would like to get these in the deck I just do not currently own any so its a $$ thing.

Urza's Saga has done well so far. It gives me early gave protection with constructs if needed and a direct line to artifact mana or in some cases more importantly Sensei's Divining Top

This is a 3am response so I hope I didn't butcher it to much. TYVM for the insights though, its all worth trying and seeing what happens.

Chasmolinker on Mono B

2 months ago

Looks close. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Cabal Coffers, and more Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth are great in mono B Devotion.

Rotting Regisaur is a nice 3MV creature in place of Mardu Outrider. I personally like Ayara, First of Locthwain for a creature, although Liliana of the Veil is probably the right card for the 3MV slot.
Liliana, Waker of the Dead or Gravelighter could be a budget option.

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