Tergrid, God of Fright

Legendary Creature — God


Whenever an opponent sacrifices a nontoken permanent or discards a permanent card, you may put that card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.

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Tergrid, God of Fright Discussion

dlombart on Maleficent

1 week ago

Hi, just want to compliment you with your build of Marchesa. I love the input of the MLD's as a wincon, since you'll mst likely take the win through combat damage while the opponents are rebuilding.

I also see that you have a discard subtheme (Dauthi Mindripper & Sadistic Hypnotist being personal favorites of mine!). Ever thought of adding Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip to the 99? She isn't the most popular card around, but would go very well with your MLD and discard. Maybe a 'win-more' card here, and as I said, not too popular in the community. But maybe on theme here. Tried it myself, but chickened out because nobody in my playgroup was really fond of it. But given you've included the MLD, it seems that you could very well be able to withstand the heat ;) An other possible inclusion, could be Vindictive Lich? Has the dying effect, discard theme and a wizard subtype with synergizes well. They could possibly fill in the slot of Thalakos Deceiver (though I love this card too :D)? Not really a theft theme in your deck?

You really have a whole collection of fun cards here! And I'm definitely going to consider including Bearer of the Heavens! 'Hey if you didn't want to lose all of your permanents, you should've have let you hit me with it! :D'

Kind regards!

Signious on Malfegor: Draw cards or die trying

2 weeks ago

I love the idea and with some of the newer cards like Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip from the newer set would be amazing in a deck like this, +1 and will definitely try it out!

Stardragon on God Deck

2 weeks ago

So i built a god deck but im looking to add Esika, God of the Tree  Flip, Kolvori, God of Kinship  Flip], Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip (if she isn't banned), Toralf, God of Fury  Flip and the The World Tree but i just can't figure out want to cut. Any ideas on what to chop pls let me know thxs in advanced. Note this is not meant to be competitive

Here a link to my deck The gods are not pleased.

trippy_mcfly on Mono Black Death Plague

1 month ago

Cool deck. I'm here to offer some suggestions after you pointed me here from your other deck.

Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip is a powerful commander and generates insane advantage in 4-player games. Let's take a look at this deck and see what it is doing, and then streamline it. I see three main objectives of this deck:


This is pretty much a primary objective of any commander deck, since if your only source of mana is playing one land per turn, you're going to fall way behind. Your main ramping plan for this deck is to double lands, using Cabal Coffers, Cabal Stronghold, Caged Sun, Crypt Ghast, Extraplanar Lens, Gauntlet of Power, and Nirkana Revenant. This is super cool and probably a pretty strong plan. We want to try to maximize this plan. How can we do that?

All of these cards want you to load up on basic swamps, which you did. We want to make sure we are playing a basic swamp every turn. Solemn Simulacrum is definitely a worthwhile add. Liliana of the Dark Realms is very helpful and I'm happy to see her in this deck. Often times Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is a worthwhile add for decks with Cabal Coffers. I think it is worth it here. Although you yourself don't have many non-swamps that will benefit from Urborg, you are likely going to be stealing people's lands with Tergrid, and counting those as swamps will be helpful for you.

How else can we keep getting swamps onto the battlefield to power up this strategy? Card draw. The more cards in your hand the higher the chance you will have a swamp to play every turn. Night's Whisper and Sign in Blood are great for this. Disciple of Bolas is solid too. Dread Presence loves swamps and is a must-add. I would add Phyrexian Arena, which is great card draw for you. Necropotence, one of the craziest cards in the game, is also a worthwhile addition. Not as good but worth consideration are Yawgmoth's Bargain and Null Profusion. Two other well-known card draw machines in black are Dark Confidant and Bolas's Citadel. You have some costly spells in your deck, so they might be a bit of a liability. If you want to include them, Sensei's Divining Top pairs very well with them.

Just because you are mainly ramping with land doubling doesn't mean there isn't room for other ramping as well. You have Black Market, which I have never personally tested, but is probably decent. Black has some explosive, single-turn ramp with Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, and Culling the Weak. These cards would do well in letting you get out expensive plays ahead of schedule, mainly Tergrid. Artifact ramp is also great in any deck. I would add Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Jeweled Lotus, and Jet Medallion. I would consider adding even more artifact ramp as well. Getting down Tergrid as early as turn 1 or 2 is just so good.


Once you have Tergrid out, sacrifice and discard become powerful effects that let you take control of your opponent's permanents. This is insane advantage and if left unchecked for very long will win you the game. Syphon Mind while Tergrid is in play not only puts you up 4 cards in comparison to each opponent (since they each went down 1 and you went up 3), but also could net you 3 more cards if they discard permanents that then go onto your field. That's insane. Let's take a look at all the cards you have that enable Tergrid:


Archfiend of Depravity - A one-sided, almost board wipe that repeats every turn? Pretty solid. Getting the creatures onto your field with Tergrid? That is nuts. The one issue is that some commander decks won't have that many more than 2 creatures on the field when this comes down, and if they do, then this card and/or Tergrid become a big target, but if you survive the turn, this and your commander will put you ahead so far.

Butcher of Malakir - Similar to Archfiend. If this guy sticks around for a bit, you're going to be at such an advantage. It costs 7 which is a bit high and very vulnerable to something like Mana Drain, so I wouldn't be super upset if you cut it, but it is great with Tergrid.

Gatekeeper of Malakir - This guy only costs three and steals a creature if Tergrid is on the field. Love it.

Phyrexian Obliterator - If someone is dumb enough to deal damage to this guy, then you're getting a lot of their permanents! I don't love this card for you. People will just leave it alone and then you just hit someone for 5 each turn or leave up a blocker, which is a bit slow.

Sheoldred, Whispering One - Similar to Archfiend. If this guy sticks around for a bit, you're going to be at such an advantage. It costs 7 which is a bit high and very vulnerable to something like Mana Drain, so I wouldn't be super upset if you cut it, but it is great with Tergrid.

Torment of Hailfire - Expensive and liable to be countered but if it resolves then you will get a ton of value!

Dictate of Erebos - I like it. Let's say you have 10 mana. Cast Tergrid, then somebody goes to kill him. Flash this card in. Now, you at least get 3 of your opponents creatures on the way out!

Grave Pact - I like this as well. You can't flash it in, but if you put this card on the field, then people will have to kill this before Tergrid comes down or else end up giving you their creatures.

The Eldest Reborn - Immediate impact with Tergrid on the field, pretty good value on its own. Definitely a keep.


Liliana, Defiant Necromancer - You need to flip her first, but once flipped she is great.

Syphon Mind - Great.

Torment of Hailfire - Expensive and liable to be countered but if it resolves then you will get a ton of value!

The Eldest Reborn - Immediate impact with Tergrid on the field, pretty good value on its own. Definitely a keep.

... and that's it. We need more cards that are busted with Tergrid! The following would be great adds to your deck: Smallpox, Dark Deal, Liliana's Triumph, Plaguecrafter, Soul Shatter, Mire in Misery, Innocent Blood, Vona's Hunger, Death Cloud, Burglar Rat, Demon's Disciple, Fleshbag Marauder, Elderfang Disciple, Liliana, Waker of the Dead, Bottomless Pit, Fraying Omnipotence, Rotting Rats, Cunning Lethemancer, Merciless Executioner, and a personal favorite: Smokestack.

Notice that all of these cards are typically even trades (ex: I play Elderfang Disciple, going down 1 card, everyone else goes down 1 card.) These aren't great on their own since it costs you mana to do so, and, in the case of discard and sacrifice, the opponent gets to choose an asset that they are least upset to get rid of, making them actually below-even trades. However, they become insanely busted with Tergrid. (ex: I play Elderfang Disciple, going down 1 card in hand for a measly 1/1. But, I get a Carpet of Flowers, basic plains, and Birds of Paradise on my field? Now that's an amazing play). Therefore, the ones that are recurring are better, since they give you more chances to make sure they resolve while Tergrid is on the field. (ex: I play Cunning Lethemancer and my opponent kills Tergrid. Later in the turn I play Tergrid again, albeit for 7 mana now due to commander tax. Next turn, with the Lethemancer trigger, I get some great value!)

Here are some other cards that work well with Tergrid, although they only target one opponent: Sudden Edict, Hellish Rebuke, Pharika's Libation, Diabolic Edict, Duress, Thoughtseize, Hymn to Tourach, Chain of Smog, Despise, and Divest.

Notice that in the absence of Tergrid, these cards are negative trades. They set you and an opponent back by putting you both down one card. The other two opponents are left untouched. Seeing them early in the game is not particularly helpful since you'd rather spend the early game ramping. They are great and slowing down whoever is winning, but at the expense of your own board. There is a trade-off here, since these can be leveraged politically. "Each opponent discards a card"" can give you tons of value with Tergrid on the field but makes you 3 enemies. "Target opponent discards a card"" gives you not as much value in general but you can leverage this to make someone else the common enemy or make a deal with a player ("if you don't attack me next turn I won't target you with my Duress"). Things like Duress can also target specific cards, which is an added benefit for you and an added detriment to the opponent.

I would run some from each category, probably with an emphasis on maximizing Tergrid value.


Blood Artist and other cards gain you one life and drain your opponent one life. This is cool and certainly an interesting archetype of a deck. It doesn't synergize with Tergrid particularly well. I personally would not use this strategy at all in this deck and maximize the Tergrid plan. However, Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond is an awesome combo and an unexpected way to finish the game for you while people are busy dealing with Tergrid. If you want to keep this, I would trim some of the other cards, such as Exsanguinate and maybe Underworld Dreams.

So, now that we know what the 3 objectives are, and have maybe cut the third, we have a bit more of a plan. I've suggested adding some card draw and mana rocks for ramp, and tons more Tergrid synergy. What are the cuts? I would say anything that doesn't fit in with the objectives, so basically any card I haven't mentioned already, unless it gives great value on its own. I'll go through some:

Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor are incredible cards and provide great value. Diabolic Tutor, Scheming Symmetry, and Shrouded Lore are worse tutor effects and should probably be moved to the maybe board. Sudden Spoiling is interesting and stops somebody from comboing off on their turn so is probably worth it. Reanimate is good value and should probably stay, same with Animate Dead. Demonic Vigor protects creatures but not Tergrid, unless you want him going to your hand. This is risky but probably fine. I could see him getting countered and then removed from your graveyard which puts you back majorly, but I could also see you avoiding commander tax. Worth looking into. Undying Evil is strictly better since it has instant speed and keeps him on the field. We might also want to protect him with Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots

Coffin Queen is too expensive and vulnerable. Drana, Liberator of Malakir is cool for aggressive strategies and can help you close out the game but is out of place in this deck. Falkenrath Noble is an overcosted Blood Artist. Gonti, Lord of Luxury is a value creature that if you can get his ETB many times, which your deck can't really do. Grave Titan isn't worth it in this deck. Gravedigger is fine but might be a bit slow. Helldozer is probably not worth it unless you want to pick on somebody lol. Korlash, Heir to Blackblade is not worth it. Massacre Wurm might not be worth it. Nighthowler isn't worth it. Opposition Agent is always a good add. Phage the Untouchable is too slow and vulnerable. Sepulchral Primordial might not be worth it. Skirsdag High Priest is probably not worth it. Syr Konrad, the Grim is not worth it. Wight of Precinct Six is not worth it. Tainted Strike is not worth it. Lashwrithe is not worth it. That's about 15 cuts right there.

Props to you for building Tergrid and having an interesting ramp strategy. I think if you go more in on the Tergrid plan by cutting unrelated cards for cards that ramp or are good with Tergrid then your deck will be a lot more reliable. After all, the most fun part of this deck is going off with Tergrid!

Hope this helps.

atingtdm on Built From Scratch Upgrade

2 months ago

Profet93 Thank you for your message, I think you deserve a complete reply.

This deck is a pre-con deck improvement. As time goes by, we see that a planeswalker from 2014 is really struggling to survive in increasing creature power creep. If you are on a table with a lot of Aggro players, honestly, it is not recommended to use Daretti, Scrap Savant as your commander.

That's been said, there is another question, "What's my thought about updating this deck?".

In recent years, we have received many new card enhancements,(Valakut Awakening  Flip, Wheel of Misfortune, etc.) but with it comes more powerful Anti cards Opposition Agent, Dauthi Voidwalker, and fucking Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip. We have to increase the number of removal spells. If they keep on board, there will be no game experience or only pain in the arse for the rest of the game.

As the situation of the first two is more critical, it is more flexible to use the multi-function burn spell with low CMC like Cathartic Pyre, Abrade should be good. The last one is most likely will be some opponent's commander. Even if you remove her once, she is likely to reappear. At this point, please make good use of political methods.

I hope you can be satisfied with my reply.

Dracoson on Tergrid vs other Grave interactions

3 months ago

In the example cited, there's a different outcome for each.

Grave Betrayal sets up a delayed trigger for the beginning of the next end step. As Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip's triggered ability goes on the stack without delay. So if a creature is sacrificed by someone other than you, Tergrid will bring it back under your control, and Grave Betrayal will have nothing to return. If a creature an opponent controls dies, but was not sacrificed, Tergrid will not trigger, and Grave Betrayal will bring it back at the next end step (assuming it hasn't left the graveyard for some other reason).

Now, Dauthi Voidwalker is different, as it has a replacement effect instead of a triggered ability. While it is on the battlefield, your opponents cards never go to the graveyard, they go to exile so they cannot be returned by Tergrid's triggered ability.

Finally, let's use Lim-Dul the Necromancer as a third relevant example. As both Tergrid and this have triggers that go onto the stack right away, you will choose which order they go on the stack. Whichever one resolves first will return the creature.

Samus_Saran on Tergrid vs other Grave interactions

3 months ago

Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip

How does the Grave thing works with Tergrid and another Example, if I have both on the Field?


Grave Betrayal or Dauthi Voidwalker

DrukenReaps on Mono Black Braids Unban

3 months ago

I'm trying to decide if I would rather face Braids or Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip. I haven't faced a Tergrid deck but I have gone against Braids a long time ago. It was annoying but the tuck rule existed then so not that terrible.

In today's Commander you can't really get rid of either of them. An early Braids can definitely end a game and there is a scenario where Tergrid comes down and does nothing. I think I'd rather face off against Braids though.

The Braids deck has to keep up with her trigger too and while y'all can joke about Braids and 99 lands there are still answers to that deck. At some point you get your sol ring and your land into 2 or even 3 other plays depending on the number of 1 and 2 drops in the deck and that all lands Braids deck is going down.

When things are going well for Tergrid I don't know if I have any hope of ever keeping up. One Fleshbag Marauder and Tergrid is up 3 creatures in an optimal scenario. The potential value off of effects that are... ok, is ridiculous.

So I wouldn't like sitting across from Braids but I would be thinking at least it isn't Tergrid. Or crossing my fingers they aren't using Tergrid. Lets be real though, they would be lmao.

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