Commander's Plate

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Commander's Plate

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +3/+3 and has protection from each colour that's not in your commander's colour identity. ((Remember the acronym debt.) This creature can't be damaged, enchanted, equipped, blocked or targeted by any colour that's not in your commander's colour identity. Anything of this colour attached to this creature immediately falls off.)

Equip commander

Equip (: Attach this to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This enters the battlefield unattached and stays on the battlefield if the creature this card is attached to leaves the battlefield.)

griffstick on Unblockable artifact creature

1 week ago


Sanctuary Blade

Sword of Fire and Ice all the swords of cycle

Etched Champion

Commander's Plate

Also if you want to try Rebbec, Architect of Ascension, you might find it easier to have unblockable creatures

Profet93 on Imodane’s Flames

5 months ago

No worries, just wanted to offer my 2 cents on how to optimize it. I agree, it's a bit overkill for one card. Alternative should you be so inclined, you could add Scrying Sheets and/or better yet, Extraplanar Lens to make it worth it.

Wish I could upvote again.

Commander's Plate?

Azoth2099 on The Lonely Loner (Seems to free his mind at night)

5 months ago


Wuddup! Vadrik, Astral Archmage is so busted, man. Probably the best Commander p4p imo. I've been brewing him for a while now.

I see you're already running Seething Song, which is great. I'd highly recommend adding Desperate Ritual & Pyretic Ritual as well. Functionally having 2 copies of Dark Ritual in a deck is insane. Mana Geyser is pretty decent, but at Sorcery speed and at a minimum cost of , it's really not worth it compared to the others.

I would also recommend Mystic Retrieval & Mizzix's Mastery over Call to Mind & Finale of Promise respectively. As well as adding Past in Flames.

2 pieces of Equipment that I noticed shone very brightly with this Commander are Conqueror's Flail & Commander's Plate. The added bonus of cost reduction makes their power here difficult to overstate.

Buyback is a popular mechanic in typical Vadrik decks, but the only ones that are truly worth consideration are Capsize, Reiterate & Clockspinning. Haze of Rage & Seething Anger are obviously great, but they don't facilitate wins with the same frequency as those other ones. Sorcery speed sucks.

Never doubt that you need those Tutors, son! Solve the Equation, Reckless Handling, Merchant Scroll, Fabricate, Bribery & Acquire are all pretty much too good to pass up here. Reshape can also be great, depending on your Artifact list.

Free spells like Misdirection, Blazing Shoal & Commandeer can be pretty great here, given that they are likely still cheap to cast if you can't cast them for free.

Lastly, try to get yourself copies of Sea Gate Restoration  Flip, Shatterskull Smashing  Flip & Jeska's Will for this one if you can. Amazing!


Torekai92 on Etali, Primal Chaos

6 months ago

Dangerwillrobinson79, thanks! It’s been really fun to play. Only had about 2-3 runs in my play group which is also interaction heavy. Luckily they’ve been silly enough to leave it be and she produces tons of value. Board wipes are the main cause of losing her so far. If it gets rough I may look at more protection like Commander's Plate and Darksteel Plate, etc.

Azoth2099 on Izzet Vadrik Fireball-slinger

7 months ago


Hey dude!

This Commander is so underrated, a strong contender for the best in Izzet imo, good choice.

Having built and playtested the crap out of this one already, I'd recommend running Firemind's Foresight! Even if you're not using it as a 1-card wincon - which I recommend - it's still great value. Recursion spells Past in Flames, Mystic Retrieval, Mizzix's Mastery & Finale of Promise also pull a lot of weight. Buyback cards like Capsize & Reiterate are very strong here as well. Other Buyback cards that normally see no play like Spell Burst, Clockspinning & Seething Anger suddenly become pretty decent!

Equipment like Conqueror's Flail & Commander's Plate are also even better than they usually are with this Commander. Clout of the Dominus too!

Baral, Chief of Compliance could reasonably join the party as well imo!

SufferFromEDHD on The Little Brother of Eldrazi Titans

9 months ago

Deserted Temple!!!

Erratic Portal you are running some epic ETB, another Zhulodok cascade trigger and it can remove potential threats depending on opponents mana situation.

Meteor Golem speaking of good ETB. Worth a spot.

Defense Grid since you won't be interacting on opponents turns make it difficult for them to interact on yours.

Commander's Plate very neat tech!

DrukenReaps on Alternate Ban List

10 months ago

Caerwyn A number of these things is why I'm just spitballing the idea of this here. Obviously Falling Star and Chaos Orb need to be on my list and they aren't xD There are cards which just don't belong in a game like this. Looking at you Ante...

For Coalition Victory I see little reason for confusion over it referencing a creature's colors rather than identity. We have many cards that reference color all over the place with Bloom Tender and Sisay, Weatherlight Captain to name a few. All the devotion gods. To add to that we also have cards referencing identity with Commander's Plate. These are cards which often see play and I've never once seen anyone confuse a card's colors with the card's color identity.

Iona in the 99 doesn't feel like any more of a major issue to me than Void Winnower. I've played with and against Void Winnower and it has the same result more often than not of Iona. Frankly Void Winnower can be meaner, since it always hits every opponent. There are a number of these hefty lock pieces that come down and then everyone at the table groans or people even concede. I played against Iona when she was legal and I do see with Painter's Servant she has even more potential. I just see other cards that are just as effective and "unfun" not banned.

Trolldier_of_Fortune on 「̵̺̰͖͍̚A̸̰̪̝̍W̸̭̱͑A̸̮͎̾̊͝K̶̜̣̈́͘͜͜E̸̛̟̔̇̃N̶̨̮̱̟̿͝」̶

11 months ago

Commander's Plate is already there, just hard to see in the pile of artifacts.

In my experience playing the old deck, playing low key is really hard to do in multiplayer when you have a commander with scary stuff written on it like "Annihilator 4" and "12/12". My old way around that was to just try and run people over faster than they can do something about it, but you know as well as I do that removal spells are a hell of a lot cheaper than my 10 drop commander here. One of my new ways to try and get around that involves Assault Suit so I can try and play some politics with my giant monster, but that's just one card.

Hedron Archive found a slot pretty easy, really not sure how it wasn't already in here. I do love my big Mind Stone.

I really like where your head's at with Spatial Contortion to bluff interaction, but I'm just not sure I see enough value in it to get it on the list just yet.

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