Alhammarret's Archive

Alhammarret's Archive

Legendary Artifact

If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

If you would draw a card except the first one you draw in each of your draw steps, draw two cards instead.

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Alhammarret's Archive Discussion

Zedester on The Locust God

1 month ago

QuinnMartini Yes, there's an infinite combo with Skullclamp Lets you attach and kill tokens for 1 colorless mana thus create 2 more by drawing two cards, Ashnod's Altar will let you sacrifice one of the tokens to be able to do infinite combo with skullclamp, Alhammarret's Archive not sure would trigger every time you draw two cards, so you will be able to infinite draw, Phyrexian Altar same as Ashnod's Altar will let you sac creatures so infinite mana and draw, Mana Echoes this is where math goes wrong but if you create 4 tokens that's 16 mana I think and so on, Kindred Discovery you don't even need skullclamp or any of the other cards if you got this, just create one token and boom infinite draw and combo same goes to Sage of the Falls. All of that makes infinite tokens, and if you have either of Goblin Bombardment, Impact Tremors, Purphoros, God of the Forge it is basically game over

Sylandri on Multiple Cleric Class + Alhammarret's …

1 month ago


If I have 2 Cleric Class on the battlefield, then experience a +1 lifegain event, at least 1 of the 2 Cleric Class surely changes that into a +2 lifegain event.

My question is, does the 2nd Cleric Class then change that +2 lifegain event into a +3 lifegain event, or does only one change happen?

Also, if I have at least 1 Cleric Class and an Alhammarret's Archive, what does the game do when I experience a lifegain event? Does the one with the most time on the battlefield take precedence?

Many thanks! :)

KBK7101 on No, the OTHER Unicorn

1 month ago

As someone who started playing the game with a Core Set 19 Ajani planeswalker deck, lifegain is a theme that always appeals to me. Lathiel definitely has some potential to be a great lifegain commander! There are some cards I'd definitely recommend, though.

Icaruskid on Zombie Lazer | Varina, Lich Queen

2 months ago

Thank you Housegheist! I appreciate your input and recommendations!

Yes, Shadowspear, High Market, Disciple of Griselbrand, Bastion of Remembrance, and Blight Mound all add lifelink options. Bastion seems the most organic fit to the deck though I am still unconvinced I need additional lifegain support beyond Varina, Lich Queen, Necromancer's Covenant, and Alhammarret's Archive. Has it been your experience with Varina that lifegain or other protection like Radiant Destiny, Ghostly Prison, No Mercy, or True Conviction among your other suggestions should be included?

This also leads me to the realization that this deck is currently built 40% aristocrats and 60% zombie tribal aggro. I keep getting tempted to lean into one side or the other, either with more lifedrain for aristocrats or more aggro with 1 mana value zombies. I think I would prefer more aggro in the overall build as I only included aristocrat damage as an incidental win condition if aggro is not possible. Also, aggro requiring more cheap zombies in the early turns powers up the Varina activations and mass reanimation spells even more. Maybe the new Innistrad Midnight Hunt set will help settle this a bit.

Geschlechts on Veyran, The storm

4 months ago

I'd recommend running card draw doublers. Nothing sucks more in a storm deck than running out of things to play. Teferi's Ageless Insight and Alhammarret's Archive are great for this. Thought Reflection works too but a 7 drop is a bit hefty.

I'd also recommend more lands, at least 35-36.

Finding that right balance for a storm deck is crazy hard.

Housegheist on ♪She's a Soul Steeper... Tea Drinker!♪

5 months ago

What about using Plumb the Forbidden .

Alhammarret's Archive would be another great addition and Trudge Garden works so well with these little lifegain-effects.

The Elder Dragon Beledros Witherbloom would be a blast in this one

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