Crypt Rats

Crypt Rats

Creature — Rat

: Crypt Rats deals X damage to each creature and each player. Spend only black mana on X.

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Crypt Rats Discussion

Gobboleone on PDH Tormod/Halana

3 weeks ago

Hi again Nanten91, thanks for your new suggestionen!  

I considered running mass removal and if I would, Crypt Rats  and  Pestilence would certainly be my first choices. But since I am the one who tries to have the widest boardstate with this deck, I found a boardwipe would hurt me most too often. Also the deck is very dependent on Tormod, the Desecrator being alive, so I do not want to kill him myself.

The Everflowing Chalice is in my opinion better than the other options, because it scales better with the later phases of the game by helping to activate Halana, Kessig Ranger or pay for commandertax. Most people in PDH prefer mana rocks like  Arcane Signet  because they can tap immediately, but with this deck, I assume the green sorceries suit me better, because they leave a card in the graveyard afterwards. Oh an I just hate Wayfarer's Bauble , I feel its an overhyped and pretty bad card.

On another topic: If you like my Deck and are interested in PDH, why don't you join us on the discord? you can find the link on this site:

There are a lot of people to discuss decks or play online with there....

Nanten91 on PDH Tormod/Halana

3 weeks ago

I see, as I usually play with regular EDH decks, I thought gempalm would be a nice uncounterable way of dealing damage in case the 2/2 zombies aren't able to breakthrough. I looked onto other decklists and came to the same reasoning as yours for keeping Typhoid Rats and his friends away, there's just much more utility in your creatures. Also, I noticed no Crypt Rats nor Pestilence ; how do you go by without any mass removal?

What about Everflowing Chalice, is it better than an Arcane Signet or Wayfarer's Bauble ? I think I'd like to include both of them in this deck.

Talismancer on Mono-Black Control

2 months ago

A few more cards have been found wandering loose in my collection. So updates have been had.

+3 Pestilence

+4 Sign in Blood

-4 Crypt Rats

-2 Oubliette

-1 Cuombajj Witches

Peoyogon on An Old-School Nightmare

3 months ago

Unfortunately CaptainToll, Scythe of the Wretched is just not quite old enough for me to include in this deck. Mirrodin was the first non-core set to use the first iteration of the modern border style. It's kind of a weird limitation but I'm only using the old-borders found in sets from Scourge back.

I love Crypt Rats though - I might have to see if I can room for it!

CaptainToll on An Old-School Nightmare

3 months ago

May I suggest Crypt Rats from Visions as a possible boardwipe? Combos nicely with Scythe of the Wretched aswell and even goes infinite with Priest of Gix from Urza's saga.

Daedalus19876 on Patty's Pretties

6 months ago

Pauper EDH is always interesting, though I'm not GOOD at it haha. To me, the lowest priorities here seem to be Vault Skirge, Fleetfeather Sandals, and Lumithread Field -- they all seem like the lowest impact spells you have here.

I also really like that you have the ability to cast Spare from Evil then sink a bunch of mana into Crypt Rats, that's a sweet synergy... You get a +1 from me!

BigChauncey on Mono Black Discard

6 months ago

I have liked Funeral Charm so much that it has gone from SB to 2 in MB to 4. It never feels like a dead card. Knock out a fairy or elf, make them discard in their draw step, or give your angler swampwalk. I liked FC and Liliana's Specter so much, I've dropped Wrench Minds to 1 in my discard deck. LP trades with most flying stuff you run into, so you generally get a 2-for-1 with it. Kinda want to bump to four but will keep at three for now. Might drop Oubliette to 2 MB, 1 SB but not sure what I want to bring in for it. Maybe 1 Crypt Rats.

It's been great. Moved Chainer's Edict to SB. Upped Cast Downs.

Pabangue on Swarmyard Control

6 months ago

This deck need Crypt Rats asap

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