Tergrid's Lantern

Legendary Artifact

: Target player loses 3 life unless they sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card.

: Untap Tergrid's Lantern.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Tergrid's Lantern Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Everything Has a Price

3 days ago


You can always play Tergrid's Lantern since you're either gonna force your opponent to lose life, discard a card, or sacc something. The constant life loss from the other spells puts pressure on them to choose to lose resources, and its untap ability is a good mana sink in the late-game, in turn giving it an advantage over Torment of Scarabs

DanMcSharp on Orzhov Control actually OKAY?

2 months ago

Yeah I ended up in the same position, I built the entire deck around Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip but eventually figured that it was still almost always better to use Tergrid's Lantern instead.

She still sees some play either as the 2nd copy I draw, or when brought back from by Elspeth Conquers Death though. Sometimes against deck with few or no removal she works wonders too. For what it's worth, running a must answer Rankle, Master of Pranks sometimes makes it more likely that she survives later as well.

As for what you could cut, I would also go with Doom Foretold mostly because I tend to cut 4x higher cmc first when I try to make room, and yeah cutting an Elderfang Disciple seems fine too since running 8 of those weak creatures that make the opponent discard can make for pretty weak top-decks eventually.

Btw, any reasons why you play 4 Vanishing Verse rather than maybe 2 of those and maybe 2 Heartless Act to have more removal conditions to work with?

MagicMarc on Cast Your Deck In 1 Turn in Kaldheim Standard!

5 months ago

It is pretty disgusting, huh? The really odd part is that I stumbled across the combo in a weird way.

I have seen some decks online that use the Mystic Reflection + Nyxbloom Ancient + Phylath, World Sculptor combo to make a lot of copies of the Nyxbloom Ancient . And then the decks just use it to make big shark tokens or to play out what they have in hand. Or to instantly resolve a Midnight Clock or similar.

So I decided to put the decks I saw online together and found out I only have one copy of Midnight Clock and 1 copy of the Nyxbloom Ancient . So I proxied the elemental because it's so expensive to get and I wanted to playtest for a while and decide if I wanted to invest in more copies of it. And I had to figure out another way in standard to dig into my library and fill my hand as good as the Midnight Clock or as close as I could get.

So I did a scryfall search for draw cards and found Niko Aris . The Shard tokens you create when you play Niko let you scry and draw. And I had gotten a playset of them for collecting reasons. So I put 1 Midnight Clock and 3 copies of Niko Aris in the deck. They were going to be placeholders until I got more copies of the clock! I still had not figured out what I had on my hands.

Then I started playtesting the deck and realized I can make an insane amount of Shard tokens that will let you scry and draw through your whole deck with the psycho mana this deck can produce.

I had already known the Epitaph Golem was in standard because I am a fan of using Reito Lantern with Sunforger as a kind of recursion engine in decks and had marked it as useful before. I found the Stonework Packbeast when looking for a way to funnel the mana the deck produces into for the Tergrid's Lantern before I decided that was an mean way to win.

Then I added the Archon of Sun's Grace when I realized the Nyxbloom Ancient and the Shard tokens were enchantments.

So the whole deck sort of developed just because I was playtesting a janky deck idea I did not have all the cardboard for.

cmurphy1321 on Sygg, River Nuisance

6 months ago


DuTogira on Tergrid's Lantern viability in Modern

6 months ago

TriusMalarky The Rack and Shrieking Affliction both kill faster than Tergrid's Lantern . If you want to win faster in 8-rack, find more rack effects and build 12-rack. Lantern doesn’t consistently hurt the opponent, and if you end up out of cards in hand and out of permanents vs an 8-rack player (which is when the lantern finally starts helping you win faster), you’ve already lost.
For that matter, I genuinely can’t remember the last time I saw an 8-rack player with 4 lands in play...

MagicMarc on Tergrid's Lantern viability in Modern

6 months ago

Not that it's a competitive deck for Modern but there's a not-quite infinite mana combo in Kaldheim Standard where you could use the Tergrid's Lantern as many times as you wanted in a single turn. Then it can win a game.

But, again, it's too slow for Modern or even Standard to be honest.

DuTogira on Tergrid's Lantern viability in Modern

6 months ago

The only deck that might have appreciated it was Lantern Control, because it’s the only deck that was ever so painfully slow and grindy that Tergrid's Lantern might pay off.
Ever since the Mox Opal ban, lantern control hasn’t really been that good.
Additionally, lantern control itself was so slow that mill was and probably still would be a better wincon than Tergrid's Lantern .

The truth is that the lantern just doesn’t do enough on activation, even in rotating formats. You tap a 4 mana artifact to have your opponent:
Sacrifice their worst non-land permanent.
Discard their least valuable card in hand.
Pay 3 life if they’re in a really good position and can afford to.

Basically the lantern won’t kill when you want it to, and won’t grind out resources when you want it to. That’s pretty bad for a 4 mana card.
If I wanted to put my opponent in a laughable pickle, I’d run Perplex instead, which by the way is frequently a worse card than Cancel

PurePwnage on Tergrid's Lantern viability in Modern

6 months ago

Recently I had a discussion about Tergrid's Lantern 's viability in Modern and there is a general consensus that this card is a no-go. Its high CMC, and low immediate board impact precludes it from ever seeing any real play in Modern's T4 format. I believe it has some potential in prison and discard shells but other than EDH or Standard it's virtually a lost cause in any eternal non-rotating formats. Any thoughts?

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