Tolarian Winds


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Seventh Edition (7ED) Common
Beatdown Box Set (BTD) Common
Urza's Saga (USG) Common

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Tolarian Winds


Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards.

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Tolarian Winds Discussion

Daedalus19876 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

2 months ago

IamKJ: Ehhh. I tried it, and I didn't really like it. When I had enough cards in hand for it to matter, I already had another way to win, and when I had few cards in hand, I wanted to refill my hand rather than casting a more expensive and color-intensive Tolarian Winds.

Approximos on Big 'ol Flappy Lizards

4 months ago

Always love dragons.

For some win-cons I would try Kindred Summons and Genesis Wave.

For stuff like this where everything is huge (both mana and toughness) I like Heartless Summoning as well as Mirari's Wake and Zendikar Resurgent. That last one will also help with some draw.

I also like running some good ol' necromancy tricks with some hand cycle. I'd consider running Scion of the Ur-Dragon instead, so you can tutor out and load up your graveyard, then drop some stuff like Patriarch's Bidding, Twilight's Call, Rise of the Dark Realms, and a favorite Living Death.

If you like the last idea, run some Ancient Excavation, Jace's Archivist, Collective Defiance, Windfall, Dragon Mage, Incendiary Command, Tolarian Winds, Magus of the Wheel, and Wheel of Fate to fuel that graveyard. And if you are feeling cheeky Traumatize yourself and confuse everybody.

Also, try out some cluestones, keyrunes, obelisks and such to help with that mana ramp. I'd recommend around 8 or so to balance out the pace, unless you wanna fork out for Azusa, Lost but Seeking or Oracle of Mul Daya

Demo102 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

4 months ago

Tolarian Winds on an isochron scepter.

Too cute, or actually insane?

chadsansing on Good replacements for wheel effects ...

5 months ago

I would like to pitch as many recurring wheel effects as possible to include either more counter magic or more political draw cards in Revenge of the Nibblers, my The Locust God EDH deck.

What might be the best counter magic or political cards to replace others like

bem77 on Akiri & Kydele, Private Investigators

7 months ago

I would look into some more wheel effects such as Tolarian Winds, Molten Psyche, and Jace's Archivist. These really help Kydele get going.

I think you need more lands. 34 in a 4 color deck is tough. You have a good amount of artifact ramp and built in ramp with your Commander, but if you don't have the right colors early enough, it won't matter. I would run at least 36, if not 37 lands in a 4 color deck.

I really like Mechanized Production in this deck. I love the idea of enchanting a clue token and winning the game on the spot.

Overall, this looks like a very fun deck. I like the fact you have put a lot of thought into all the potential combos.

Lucky_Felix on super budget $20 mana severance edh

8 months ago

Have you thought about Tolarian Winds in place of Frantic Search? It gives you more draw power chaper and an outlet in case your Brainstorm gets axed.

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