Cursed Totem


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Mirage Rare

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Cursed Totem


Activated abilities of creatures can't be played.

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Cursed Totem Discussion

elfric on Endless Red Tape: GAAIV EDH

1 week ago

are Mulldrifter and Solemn Simulacrum really pulling their weight?also cmc3 counterspells that cannot profit from your commanders discount seem weak - atleast Absorb

i like Arcane Denial as a hard counter.

you could punish creatureramp and lots of creature combos with Cursed Totem or Linvala, Keeper of Silence.

Angel of Jubilation and Suppression Field punish fetchlands as well as other stuff like alot of infinite combos or necropotence.

then there are Torpor Orb or Hushwing Gryff which wouldnt hinder you with mullldrifter and jens gone. these hinder alot of value etb as well as some combos like kikijiki and further can protect your board against any kind of Aura Shards or Reclamation Sage.

your not going for MLD but play cruciblestrip lock as well as sun titan and wordqueller - i want to suggest Dust Bowl and Drownyard Temple.

Winterblast on Please Hold (Oloro Stax)

2 weeks ago

I still think the artifact/land balance doesn't make a good manabase. Without mana crypt or sol ring there is no turn 1 acceleration and you have only 30 lands in total. the land count is fine, but only if you have enough cheap other mana sources...preferrably those which produce more mana than they cost. there's still the 3 available moxen, Lotus Petal, Mana Vault, Grim Monolith (and Voltaic Key to untap the rocks that produce more than one mana) and with so many high cmc spells in your deck I would definitely play all of them.

With back to basics you obviously want to have more Basic lands but you can play all fetchlands that include your three colours, not only exactly your colour combinations. I would play the duals and shocklands, which means only 6 lands in the deck would be nonbasics (and other than back to Basics there's nothing global against nonbasics in your own deck anyway), Marsh Flats, Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand (exactly your colours) AND Scalding Tarn, Misty Rainforest, Arid Mesa, Windswept Heath, Verdant Catacombs. Then fill the rest with Basics and you still have a high chance of getting the colours you need.

And I suggest having at least one combo to end the game quickly when needed. Cursed Totem would be the better choice instead of Damping Matrix because you can set up a combo without problems, it's cheaper and creature based combos will still have a hard time. Aetherflux Reservoir fits so well that it's the most reasonable choice for a win option because you can either gain life by waiting or by using the draw ability of Oloro with Words of Worship. then maybe Helm of Obedience and Leyline of the Void/Rest in Peace or Basalt Monolith/Rings of Brighthearth. relying on the angel or faerie tokens is a bit weak, just like the one single eldrazi.

byxorna on Jhoira Eldrazi Funhouse

2 weeks ago

Scour from Existence is way too expensive imho. Better removal like Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, and Chaos Warp exists. I see no answers to jhoira hate; you probably need some sort of a counterspell package to protect Jhoira, because you are so dependent on your commander. Detainment and anything that shuts down activated abilities will freeze Jhoira out, so you probably need to pack in some anti-enchantment/artifact/creature hate as well to counter Arrest, Lavinia of the Tenth, Cursed Totem, etc. Note that UR are entirely devoid of things to deal with enchantments, so you are gonna wanna counter shit before it hits the table.

Spawning Breath seems cuttable. Swerve is interesting, but curious how useful this is compared to straight countermagic. If you want to go this route, look at Fork, Reverberate, and Wild Ricochet.

Suggestions to add: Treasure Cruise Vandalblast Smelt Shattering Spree

Suggestions to cut: Abstruse Interference Adverse Conditions Demolish Detonate Bash to Bits

Fun things to think about: Conjurer's Closet, Archaeomancer and Pull from the Deep for spell recursion

Winterblast on Kyle's Atraxa: I Hate Atraxa

2 weeks ago

In your deck I think Serra Ascendant is a must play. Umezawa's Jitte is also great with proliferate and it quickly ends the game with any infect creature...I'm missing an Inkmoth Nexus though! Contagion Clasp is a cheap removal for mana dorks and untility creatures like Dark Confidant, Goblin Welder, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben...whatever is annoying at the moment.

My personal preference is definitely more artifacts in order to make Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas a reliable draw engine (and he can also make inkmoth nexus a 5/5 flying infect). He is simply too good to be not played if you already have the colours in the deck.

Instead of Merciless Eviction I would use Cataclysm in your deck. Once that resolves and if Atraxa is on the board it's very hard to fight against a clock with increasing infect counters. In general I would say your build is cool but could need a bit more focus. There's quite a lot of "ok" stuff in the deck that doesn't do much for the overall strategy. You basically need cheap infect creatures to poison every opponent early, then a solid proliferate engine and stuff to protect it and as plan B you have some goodstuff creatures that either help in pumping up the small infect creatures to go for a kill in the late game or even win the game by normal damage. You just need to judge every card and throw everything out that does not do enough for your plan.

I play Atraxa as STAX for several reasons...

The number of good tutors is extremely high in these 4 colours (this is my choice, although there are more):
black: Imperial Seal, Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor
white: Enlightened Tutor, Academy Rector
blue: Fabricate, Transmute Artifact, Muddle the Mixture
green: Crop Rotation

Atraxa's triggered ability can win the game when everything else is locked down. With proliferate you can keep up a Tangle Wire as long as you want, Smokestack gets big really fast and all the while you can collect counters on a planeswalker with an ulimate that ends the game. The result is an almost creatureless build with lots of global creature hate like Humility, Cursed Totem, Torpor Orb, Porphyry Nodes...

I'm not a fan of too many planeswalkers because not all planeswalkers are good enough. You absolutely don't want to have an opening hand with cards with cmc 4+ and most walkers cost that playing too many you have a high chance of getting hands filled with 2 or more cards that can only be played with extraordinary acceleration and if someone counters your first mana rock you are completely fucked and out of the game for several turns.

If you want you can have a look at my Atraxa list here:

Atraxa's super(un)friendly Stax

Commander / EDH Winterblast


Winterblast on Thrasios and Tymna (Aluren)

2 weeks ago

Hard to give advice on a deck that already looks good and runs every available acceleration and tutor for a two piece combo.

What could be a problem is that you have a lot of mana coming from creatures, below 30 lands, no good duals and only 3 basic lands. If you go undisrupted in the first two turns that is surely reliable, but anything that messes with your mana dorks (Cursed Totem, Anger of the Gods), your few lands (could be just a Wasteland or Blood Moon) or your artifacts (Null Rod, Stony Silence) could be game over. I guess one thing alone won't get you down but if two aspects come together you have a hard time. Let's say someone counters the first mana dork and then a Blood Moon resolves...would be quite bad.

I would cut the painlands and replace them with basic lands, probably more forests than the other ones. Maybe remove 2 of the worse tutors and get the lands to 30. Academy Rector could also be a nice addition, finds all combo pieces at once with Eldritch Evolution.

freakingShane on ☭ Soviet Russia: The Deck ☭

2 weeks ago

Okay, so I am going to spout off any cards that I think are cuttable, but let me stress that it is only a suggestion.

Forewarning Show

Cut Suggestions Show

Anyway, this is what I got to suggest. Your deck is great as is, but if you are really trying to fit any extra synergy I'd take a look at these first.

Extra Room Show

Thanks for reading my second novel on your page, as always, this is only my opinion and I hope it was useful to you!

Winterblast on Calling all Dicks and Douchebags!

3 weeks ago

Wurmlover what you need is stuff that actually stops combo, not something against attacking creatures. I also think it will be hard to have Brago survive and deal dmg to get any value out of him. It might be tough for your budget but I'd suggest going rather creatureless in that meta and ditch brago for Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Oloro, Ageless Ascetic or Sen Triplets.

Against food chain I suggest using AEther Barrier because the extra mana can't be paid with food chain mana so prossh can't go infinite. Overburden and Pendrell Mists also helps. Play Humility, Cursed Totem and Torpor Orb to disable most creature based strategies.

Winterblast on Janky Lands.dec

1 month ago

I have some really funny suggestions that your playgroup will surely like in this deck:Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite makes a nice surprise with Living Plane and Nature's Revolt. In addition to the Magus I would also recommend Pendrell Mists for an aditional tabernacle effect. I assume you don't have The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale but that would also be cool here. I would play MUCH more mana artifacts though, because you end up killing all lands and creatures and let people fight each other with what is left on the table. Another really funny way to meddle with the creature lands is to drop a Cursed Totem and make them just stupid 1/1 or 2/2 beaters without the ability to produce mana anymore. Humility is another great card for amusing gameplay with animated lands...just make them creatures with no abilities!

With all the land animators you already have in the deck, especially those that make all lands creatures or all under a certain player's control, I would focus totally on that aspect of the deck. People will ask themselves what you are doing with all that stuff until they find the table full of animated lands without any purpose other than being a creature.

Also in your colours are Mycosynth Lattice, March of the Machines, Titania's Song and Null Rod, which have amusing interactions with the mana base of all players. You just need any triggered ability, maybe something with landfall or an upkeep trigger, for winning. With some adjustments this could be an extremely amusing deck to play.

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