Tectonic Instability


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Invasion Rare

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Tectonic Instability


Whenever a land enters the battlefield, tap all lands its controller controls.

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Tectonic Instability Discussion

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Zo-Zu Hates Your Lands

1 month ago

Mana Web!!! Make it more stax oriented! Tectonic Instability, Goblin Rabblemaster... It could be so cruel.

MagicalHacker on Please? Can I Give You a Free Hug?

5 months ago

Lol by types of hugs, I just meant like different types of ways to group hug, like making everyone draw cards, or giving everyone tokens, etc.

And by unfocused, I just mean that there's not really a clear synergy or a way for you to use the group hugging to your benefit. For example, if you want to group hug by way of giving opponents creatures and buffing up creatures, then you can capitalize on that by playing a lot of pillow fort (the type that protects you without protecting your opponents).

I think that example makes sense, but since your commander cares about drawing cards and helping more lands enter, maybe capitalizing on when opponents/you draw cards and when lands enter would be the best direction. So I was thinking like Consecrated Sphinx, Mind's Eye, and Psychic Possession to get an advantage from helping everyone draw cards, Lifegift and Shattered Angel to get an advantage from helping everyone draw extra cards, and Ankh of Mishra, Tectonic Instability, and Zo-Zu the Punisher to punish opponents for getting extra lands even though I wouldn't run punishing cards in a deck like this.

I do notice a few cards related to triggering when you draw cards, and I think those are fantastic. Three other ones are Horizon Chimera, Moonring Mirror, and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.

If you want to abuse those cards, I could suggest a subtheme of wheels, but those arent really group hug cards.

In conclusion, my suggestions regarding focusing the deck are to cut any group hug card that doesn't help your opponents draw cards or get more lands out and add cards that give you advantages when they do that. If you have more room, maybe add more cards that help opponents get more lands out or draw more cards.

the_earl_0f_grey on Monkey Stax

5 months ago

If you're interested in any more stax effects Damping Engine can be fueled entirely by Ragavan once you take the lead, worst case scenario can sacrifice itself. Price of Glory combined with your War's Toll (occasionally Tectonic Instability) will keep counterspells, Cyclonic Rift, and Seedborn Muse at bay. Im sure you've already considered Blood Moon but Planar Chaos is all but forgotten these days and does a fantastic job at keeping spells at bay and Torpor Orb can shut down most things while only stopping your own god and tremors triggers. Kill Switch can shut down artifact heavy metas while also being another method of manipulating your orbs. Portcullis can also be backbreaking in a stax shell. Ragavan can also be used to fuel a Helm of Possession as well.

SomeNerd on FORCED SUICIDE! A 16$ story about tapping!

6 months ago

If you could find a spot to fit in red, Lust for War could be good. Especially if you put it an Seizures on the same creature. Also Tectonic Instability. War's Toll is also of note, but possibly a bit expensive, since your description makes the low cost seem pretty important.

Mana Short or Gulf Squid could also be handy. Gulf Squid isn't as evasive as your other creatures, but it's meant as a tap effect, so you can cut a non-creature spell for it.

god_dammit_nappa on EDH Saskia's Warband

6 months ago

Just found your decklist and brotha, I gotta say, this is the flavor deck I've been trying to build with my own Saskia!

I am motivated to help you.



Let me help you add more rebellion in your deck. And draw power later.

Seems like you need cards like Tectonic Instability strategy for aggro is to tap out and swing anyway, so this wont hurt you; tap all lands for mana in response to the trigger, War's Toll, Defense Grid (super good against control decks), AND MAKE THEM SUFFER WITH Curse of Marit Lage AND Price of Glory.


You need these in your deck to draw lots of cards:

Hope this helps! Keep raging against the tyranny of Blue Control, comrade!

Adamaro on Zo-Zu Hates Your Lands

7 months ago

Thanks for the compliment Suaz14! Here are some more. Please excuse my need to recommend creature spells... It's my favorite card type. I'll be sure to include some non-creatures as well!

You'll probably want to be drawing cards while your opponents are forced to discard cards because they're missing land drops or just barely making the cut at 7 cards in hand. In any case Sandstone Oracle is a budget friendly draw spell. There are plenty of other better options too, but it was just a thought.

I'm not going to be cruel and "suggest" the cards above, that's a lot of clicking around for you to do. So I'll just leave the list here. Hopefully you see something that sparks some interest!

MagicalHacker on Land Hate help (4 color)

7 months ago

The only things I found even close to more cards like those are Tectonic Instability, Invader Parasite, Overabundance, Scald, Storm Cauldron, and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.

Most, if not all of those, are not exactly the type of cards that seem like they would be all that powerful in the deck you're building... However, maybe among the following cards, you might find cards you like that are close enough to that strategy: Avatar of Fury, Gift of Estates, Knight of the White Orchid, Land Tax, Oreskos Explorer, Rivalry, Surveyor's Scope, Tithe, Weathered Wayfarer, Acidic Soil, Carpet of Flowers, Ignition Team, Price of Progress, Power Surge (This one is really the only one that I really like...), and Primal Order.

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