Tectonic Instability

Tectonic Instability


Whenever a land enters the battlefield, tap all lands its controller controls.

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Set Rarity
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Tectonic Instability Discussion

Ravenrose on Ixalan Park [Pet]

8 months ago

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip need to be added in and what sort of a dino deck does not have Star of Extinction?! It is too flavorful not to go in! Tectonic Instability is also something to consider.

Raven Rose

McToters on Fireheart

8 months ago

Sweet brew! I really like the idea of Chandra tribal. Not sure if these suggestions will gel with the deck but they crossed my mind while looking at your list: Sunbird's Invocation to help speed up board state and casting things, Tectonic Instability and Price of Glory for some additional land hate, and any of the double-damagers Gratuitous Violence, Dictate of the Twin Gods, or Furnace of Rath.

How do you find the deck to play against other decks?

Gleeock on Lathliss' Brood

10 months ago

I'm a fan of Ashling's Prerogative , Citadel of Pain makes alot of sense too in a deck that primarily runs during your turn. I know that card tortures my meta & players hate to use up enchantment removal on a 3 cmc global enchantment that doesn't truly STOP them from doing anything :). Tectonic Instability is another oddball I've used.

Caerwyn on Red Stax Enchantments

11 months ago

Stax is generally a cEDH strategy--more casual metas do not take kindly to decks that shut down playing the game, and will generally make that clear to the would-be Stax player. I think the red Stax pieces you outlined are strong cards for tuned, casual metas--but they're not enough to see play at the competitive level where you start to see more Stax.

Generally, cEDH games tend to have a lower reliance on creatures, decreasing the efficacy of Smoke and Mudslide . There's just much more utility in shutting down lands--everyone needs lands, regardless of if you are running creatures, artifacts, spellslinging, etc., and Winter Orb effects have a nice synergy with generic tax effects, like Static Orb . The anti-creature Red Stax effects are only going to work against a few decks, such as those with Green, whereas other options cover the whole table. They're just far to susceptible to what your opponents are playing.

Now, Tectonic Instability is a card that goes against lands, but it's really easy to circumvent. In the early game, when you're likely to use all your lands on a turn, you can simply tap for mana in advance of Instability's trigger resolving, and your play is unimpeded. You also give your opponents the option to simply not play lands. As the game progresses, and the need for new lands diminishes, Instability only gets worse.

dingusdingo on Red Stax Enchantments

11 months ago

I just learned of some awesome new red stax enchantments and was wondering why they don't see more play.

Smoke is like a red winter orb for creatures. Most competitive green decks run a suite of 1 mana cost dorks, so this slows them drastically. Slows draws from Tymna, and beat down from stax decks. It has some serious defensive applications against wide decks.

Tectonic Instability seems like an obnoxious card, and potentially back-breaking with Winter Orb Static Orb Hokori, Dust Drinker Mana Web . At the very worst, this card reads "Your opponents lands ETB tapped"

Mudslide is another creature hoser, and while players can get out of it, it seems strong in combination with other taxing effects like Sphere of Resistance and friends. Once again this card robs mana dorks of their speed and resilience.

Are these stax effects strong enough to be viable?

McToters on Tajic Hatebears

1 year ago

More red/white hate:

Price of Glory

Aven Mindcensor

Loxodon Gatekeeper

Imposing Sovereign

Tectonic Instability


Sulfuric Vortex

Blood Moon


Heat of Battle

Heat Stroke


I see you are already running some creatures like Leonin Arbiter that does what Stranglehold does, but thought i throw the suggestions out there anyway.

Another option for ramp which I'm sure you are well aware of is Smothering Tithe .

And i would personally run Vandalblast over Mogg Salvage unless it works well in your meta. Dont get me wrong it’s a sweet way to cheat cmc but it’s very contextual.

Maybe Assemble the Legion or Crescendo of War for funsies?!

McToters on

1 year ago

Storm Cauldron seems like a shoe-in for this type of deck.

Tectonic Instability maybe?

From the Ashes if your meta plays with a bunch of nonbasics.


McToters on Rise of the Underworld

1 year ago

Woops! I swore I checked your enchantments before I suggested Captive Audience. Sorry about that. If you want to take the deck into a more Cruel-control direction there’s also Sulfuric Vortex , Price of Glory , Psychogenic Probe , Tectonic Instability , and Stranglehold . All would follow that theme that Captive and Havoc tap into. I know you’re deck is more about the creature tribal so no worries if these aren’t up your alley.

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