Price of Glory


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Uncommon

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Price of Glory


Whenever a player taps a land for mana, if it's not that player's turn, destroy that land.

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Price of Glory Discussion

Suns_Champion on OH LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRE! | Neheb EDH

1 week ago

TheRedGoat thanks for the thoughts! After some play testing, I agree with you on Jaya. I thought she'd be good but turns out you were right on all counts. I still have high hopes for Fury though!

No update yet, but for anyone interested here are some changes to look forward to!

Out: Jaya Ballard, Price of Glory, Loreseeker's Stone, Nim Deathmantle, Akroma's Memorial

All potentially on the line to make room for the testing of Treasure Nabber, Endless Atlas, Enchanter's Bane, Sunbird's Invocation.

cdkime on Kaalia of the Vast

1 week ago

It’s no bother at all - happy to help!

I do not think you need any of those creatures. Indulgent Tormentor gives your opponent three options, allowing them multiple ways to pick whatever will work best for them. Resolute Archangel will often not make that big of a difference in games. Hoard-Smelter Dragon is nice if you have Artifact-heavy opponents, but most of the time you’d rather just use Hellkite Tyrant. I gave your list another look - Chancellor of the Annex is a fairly solid card if you’re looking for something new.

I think your Price of Glory substitution makes sense.

I don’t think I would cut Diabolic Tutor. Tutors are a very important part of EDH, as they allow you to find that one copy of the card you desperately need. Diabolic Tutor is very marginal, as far as tutors go, but it’s what you get for budget builds.

Titus78 on Kaalia of the Vast

1 week ago

cdkime hello its me again to bother you with more questions, I have a few more cuts for you to consider Mordant Dragon for either Indulgent Tormentor or Resolute Archangel or Hoard-Smelter Dragon

next is Syphon Mind for Price of Glory

Lastly is Diabolic Tutor or Insurrection

cdkime on Kaalia of the Vast

2 weeks ago

I would probably cut one of the recursion spells for Price of Glory.

I do not think Utvara Hellkite is a great addition, and think you should focus instead on enter the battlefield and combat damage triggers. Because of how Kaalia works, you do not get to use

Utvara Hellkite's ability the turn you cheat it into play--it never actually "attacks" as it merely enters the battlefield already attacking. Instead prioritize ETB effects and combat damage triggers (particularly as they are on flying creatures), as these will make an immediate difference in the game.

I also am not sure the Wrath of God substitution is necessarily the right answer, as that can make quite a difference. If the demands of your meta require a versitile wrath that can also deal with artifacts and enchantments, consider instead Austere Command--given how powerful your creatures are, it gives you the option of wrathing their small blockers, leaving your own side intact.

I think your other proposals make a good deal of sense.

Titus78 on Kaalia of the Vast

2 weeks ago

cdkime I would REALLY like to put Price of Glory but I can't decide what to cut. I was thinking possibly for Disciple of Bolas but I know it would go well with Utvara Hellkite. I have decided to cut Tariel, Reckoner of Souls for Iona, Shield of Emeria and then Mordant Dragon for Utvara Hellkite next is Thunder Dragon for Balefire Dragon next is Wrath of God for Akroma's Vengeance next is Sire Of Insanity for Dragon Mage. do those seem reasonable?

cdkime on Kaalia of the Vast

2 weeks ago

To answer your additional questions:

Insurrection is a powerful finisher, but it does have some downsides, most notably mana cost. I would personally be reluctant to run it because it will often just languish in my hand.

Price of Glory means any time an opponent taps a land on another's turn, that land will be destroyed--it is not simply one land per spell cast. Remember, this is a mutual effect, so some of your instant-speed removal will suffer as a result. That said, since your commander has a built-in way to cheat out creatures, and instants are not really your focus, this is much more likely to make others suffer than you. Note, depending on how competitive your group is, I would be wary about running this card--land destruction is seen by many metas as unfun, and will result in players disproportionately targeting you.

I'm not impressed by the Yosei, the Morning Star. Tap effects work best when (a) you can control them, and (b) you can use them prior to combat. Yosei fails both these points, as it requires your opponents to kill the creature (or you to burn a removal spell), and the most likely scenario for its death is from combat damage--after blockers have already been declared. It has some use if you are running multiple combat phases, but that's about it.

Titus78 on Kaalia of the Vast

2 weeks ago

cdkime sorry to bother you again, but I'm thinking about maybe adding in these for my graveyard recursion cards Insurrection, Price of Glory(Does mean all lands they tapped for the spell or just one???), Yosei, the Morning Star

blud_roze on

2 weeks ago




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