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Greetings from the Netherlands. We are a Dutch couple who have loved playing MTG since we were teens, which was when Unlimited first came to our country. As a matter of fact, we got to know each other while playing this game with many other friends. We got married in 2014 and we now have two beautiful daughters (2016 and 2018).

Our collection spans 25 years of playing MTG. We've sold off a bunch of the older, more valuable cards a few years back, so that we could spend a bit more on our new house. Each Friday evening, a group of regular friends comes over to play MTG with us. We play EDH exclusively, as we prefer the games that become drawn-out affairs. These we have found, are often the most hilarious to play.

On this page, we intend to eventually post all of our EDH decks, but we have quite a few so it will probably take a while before they're all here.

Please enjoy!

NV_1980 says... #1

Hi mary1919, we are well thank you; enjoying a well-earned vacation. How are you?

December 22, 2018 3:55 p.m.

mary1919 says... #2

how are you

December 22, 2018 12:32 a.m.

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Said on Neheb EDH need ......


Hi there,

Thank you for expressing so clearly the problems you're facing with your deck; that allows us to answer specifically too.

Tuvasa is indeed hard to counter with a mono-red deck. The one red card that would be perfect to deal with her that you seem to not have considered yet, would be Aura Barbs . Maybe Jaya Ballard, Task Mage can help you in some cases (also against the Niv Mizzet deck). Red Elemental Blast and cards like it also come to mind. The other suggestions we could think of are already in your deck.

We've been very successful with our own version of a Neheb deck: enter link description here. Maybe our list can help you fix your issues in ways we have not figured out yet.

Good luck and have fun playing!

With regards,

Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

January 16, 2019 5:20 p.m.

Said on Engulfed In Energy...



Thanks for commenting on our deck!

We had considered Ghalta, Primal Hunger but decided not to add it because most of the other creatures we're using are more versatile and have more going for them other than just being really big.

The combo you're mentioning with Temur Sabertooth and Regal Force is nice, but we feel we would be adding these cards just to enable this combo; especially Sabertooth. That's not enough for us. And sure, Force is a great draw-enabler, but the deck contains plenty of ways for us to draw cards already and most are much cheaper to cast and use.

We took out Rhonas's Monument from an earlier iteration of this deck. We felt it was just a win-more card and didn't add enough to our overall strategy.

Survival of the Fittest and Earthcraft would both make this deck more powerful. However, we currently do not own them and we've stopped buying MTG cards. This means we would have to find someone who is willing to trade these with us and we've found this to be hard.

We have mixed feelings about Protean Hulk. It too was in an earlier iteration of this deck and it's not bad, but it's rather expensive to cast. It happened a bit too frequently that by the time we got to use his tutoring ability, we were usually already winning anyway, so we didn't really see the point.

We like your Ulvenwald Tracker suggestion. Great way to get rid of pesky utility creatures in the opposing side that won't block our monsters in an attack. Especially good combined with some of the untap enablers in this deck, so that we can use it more often. We're going to think a bit about what it will replace.

Lastly, Selvala's Stampede is wonderful but we found that it's not very handy when you're using lots of creatures with variable mana costs, so we decided to not use it in this deck.

Thanks again for all your thoughts, we appreciate it!


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

January 11, 2019 1:14 a.m.


Nice deck. Looks a lot like what we've built: Engulfed in Energy.

Have you considered Uncage the Menagerie? Bit less powerful than Genesis Wave but still, ...

Also, for all of that (infinite) mana you're going to hoard, you could consider some more creature-outlets on which to spend it like Heroes' Bane, Hydra Broodmaster, Polukranos, World Eater and Primordial Hydra.

Last but not least, Staff of Domination can also help Selvala go infinite. And during the early game, we've found Instill Energy and Nature's Chosen to also be great with her.

Have fun brewing and playing.


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

January 10, 2019 2:09 a.m.

Said on The Queen's Requiem...



Nice deck. Have you considered adding Attrition? This can be painful for your opponents in a token deck like this (depending a bit on the colours they play). Also, if you're running Swords to Plowshares, why not also go for Path to Exile?

With kind regards,

Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

January 8, 2019 2:03 a.m.


We've never considered this approach for The Locust God before, but looking at your deck-list it looks like this could work. Here are some additional cards we would definitely recommend:

  • Keranos, God of Storms; burns someone whenever you reveal your first draw of the turn if it's a non-land card (and if it's a land, you get to draw again, so no down-sides there).
  • Breath of Fury; not really a burn card, bu we would recommend this card for all Locust God decks as it can potentially end games, if you happen to have enough Locusts. Attach it to a Locust, attack with all Locusts. Sac one of the Locusts, attach it to another Locust and attack again. Repeat this until all your opponents bite the dust or you run out of Locusts.
  • Goblin Bombardment; can make someone severely regret board-wiping your army of Locusts.
  • Shared Animosity; also not a burn card, but a really nice, cheap-to-cast booster for a Locust army. As an example, just five Locusts and this card turns all of them into 6/1 flyers; ouch.
  • Burn at the Stake; if you do not want to attack with your Locusts, this card can also make use of them quite well for a magnificent burn.
  • Molten Psyche; nice burn card in this deck, if you have enough artifacts on the field.

Other than these cards, some we feel fit really well with Locust God are:

  • Altar of the Brood; this becomes really frustrating for your opponents when you're drawing as much as this deck allows.
  • Enter the Infinite; we know, it's expensive to cast, but combined with many of the permanents in this deck that damage opponents whenever you draw, this can potentially end games (not to even mention the army of Locusts this would generate).

In case you're interested in our entire decklist, please feel free to check it out: My Power Will Eat Your Face!. As a matter of fact, we admire your creativity and are kinda hoping you would be interested in checking out more of our decks and providing some feedback. We of course would gladly do the same for you.

Happy brewing and gaming!

With kind regards,

Mrs and Mr NV_1980

January 8, 2019 1:35 a.m.


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