Orim's Chant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planeshift (PLS) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Orim's Chant


Kicker *(You may pay an additional as you play this spell.) *

Target player can't cast spells this turn.

If the kicker cost was paid, creatures can't attack this turn.

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Orim's Chant Discussion

ironmindraph on Iam a fucking tryhard AND IM PROUD OF IT

4 days ago

Darkness and Holy Day are such great ideas. You should considerOrim's Chant too. Oh, and I really think you might need at least 2-3 more lands. I don't feel it's necessary to run mana rocks such as Coalition Relic and Chromatic Lantern. Keep going with land such mana Confluence, Reflecting Pool, Exotic Orchard, Vesuva, etc. and you should be OK.

I play Sen Triplets 1vs1 with a reanimator and control scheme. Its working pretty well, have a look at my list maybe it can gives you ideas... well I hope so !! http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/sen-triplets-ultimate-domination-hod-updated-copy/

ps: Sen Triplets is not bad at all. Really annoying commander against one opponent. Its hard to build around this card in multiplayer format through.

good luck

precociousapprentice on Konda's Yojimbo Learns Aikido

2 weeks ago

Love the deck. I am really partial to this style of play. It acknowledges that there are multiple players, and not all are your enemy at any specific point, especially if you play correctly. +1.

For some additional card ideas, you could check out my Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control deck. I have tried a lot of the cards in your list. In white, I would suggest that you consider Mana Tithe and Lapse of Certainty. Counterspells in white can really come out of nowhere. It goes well with Dawn Charm and Teferi's Protection . Also, it is worthwhile to consider cards like Silence, Abeyance, and Orim's Chant. They can be very powerful control elements that can allow you to dictate how turns play out. I would also consider Sun Droplet. It is a low CMC artifact that comes down early, and in multiplayer, it can buffer a lot of early attacks, even if it just decreases the total damage done without eliminating it. If you have the funds, Forcefield fits this category as well. When people are deciding between a decreased effect attack onn you versus a full effect attack on someone else, they frequently attack elsewhere. This is basically a 2 for 1 for you. And finally, check out Worship. It combines really well with your Near-Death Experience for a much easier to accomplish wincon and Pillow Fort all wrapped up in one.

Again, love the deck, and I can't wait to see where you take it. I may have to try out a mono-White Aikido as well. This looks great. I just might go with Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker instead.

djiin_tonic on BRAGO STAX

2 weeks ago

Hello Suns_Champion! Thank you very much for your attention and your fast and accurate suggestions: I'll have to think about them carefully. I'll add Hokori, Dust Drinker, Authority of the Consuls and Meekstone as soon as I find them! In my opinion Teferi, Temporal Archmage is very nice, but in this moment I'm trying to reduce the mana curve of the deck. I'm testing also Dispatch, Orim's Chant and some of the lands, and then I'll let you know. Thank you again for the analysis of my 1st deck.

Suns_Champion on BRAGO STAX

3 weeks ago

Hi again! happy to help! Sweet deck...I only play multiplayer EDH but I think I've got some good things for you to think about!

You have a great start here and there aren't a lot of non-budget options left haha

I like the inclusions of Muddle the Mixture, Mystic Remora, and Swan Song!

Hokori, Dust Drinker, Authority of the Consuls, Meekstone, will help with the lockdown. Teferi, Temporal Archmage will help you get around your own orb effects and at worst will draw you cards.

Dispatch may be a better Swords/Path Since you have 20+ artifacts.

Orim's Chant is a good way to shut down an opponent combo-ing off or anything else haha.

Rogue's Passage, Inventors' Fair, and Academy Ruins (or Buried Ruin).

Possible Cuts: Prophetic Prism, Oath of Jace... ehhhh I'm out!

Hope some of this helps!

precociousapprentice on Sente: The Politics and Metaphor of Stones

3 weeks ago

Some more changes.

Equilibrium -> Muzzio, Visionary Architect: I want to incorporate multiple bounce elements, but not make them totally oppressive. Equilibrium also needs creatures, and is a dead draw at times. Turns out that Words of Wind is a much stronger card for this deck, since drawing a card is a more common event than playing a creature, and the ability to bounce permanents of all types and from every player is much more pertinent than just a creature from one player. Muzzio is a nice Dig card, and will most commonly be ramp when I get to pull out and play a mana rock. It will also work toward the overwhelming position of rocks plus Paradox Engine. It should have a similar feel to Proteus Staff.

Vedalken Orrery -> Baleful Strix: Vedalken Orrery has the same cost as Leyline of Anticipation but without the first turn cheat and with a more vulnerable card type. It is more expensive than Shimmer Myr, and while more versatile, we only really need flash to avoid hate on Sen Triplets. The Orrery does not have Flash itself, which is pretty clutch when you drop the Myr and Sen Triplets out of nowhere EOT before you untap and control someone's mind. Vedalken Orrery seems a little redundant for a card that does nothing by itself. At least Myr can attack or block. Baleful Strix is a nice little artifact blocker with some extra draw value, and adds to both offense and defense.

Illusionist's Gambit -> Tidehollow Strix: I really wanted to like the Gambit. It was even very evocative given my Go analogy. It has just seemed less pertinent than I had thought. I may try to work this back in, but for now, the addition of a body, especially with evasion and deathtouch, is probably superior. Also, the thematic addition of small drones to the mind controlling sexy robot team is fun.

Orim's Chant -> Hope of Ghirapur: Replacing a mind control, semi-Time Walk card with a similar card, only a drone with a body, is both thematic and potentially adds to the tempo fueled aggro rush possible with this deck. This could be a bad trade out, but I would like to trial it anyway.

precociousapprentice on Sente: The Politics and Metaphor of Stones

4 weeks ago

More testing and some ideas for new cards to trial.

Reins of Power -> Orim's Chant: Lower casting cost Fog that can sort of double as a not-Time Walk. After the feeling I got from my most recent games, I may continue the theme of making other people's turns not matter, giving me a not-Time Walk. Also, this fits onto Isochron Scepter. We will see if the Fog effect is more potent than getting all opponents with Silence, but that is another consideration.

Sun Titan -> Shimmer Myr: The Titan can be a bomb, but the surprise flash of the Myr followed by either Sen Triplets or Paradox Engine can be at least as solid of a play, and another early beater could enhance that aggression that I was able to bring with the small creatures and Unsummon effects.

Snapcaster Mage -> Windfall: Snappy has been somewhat underwhelming. With how well Jace's Archivist played, I thought I would try Windfall. I see this picking me up some lands from opponents, maybe get rid of a problem permanent or two after I have Unsummoned them, and making those Unsummon effects less likely to be card disadvantage, since a card in their hand turns into an extra card in my hand.

This is turning into an interesting experiment. I am going with what the cards and results of play give me, and it seems to be taking me in directions I was not expecting. Definitely having fun with this commander.

ZombieCat on Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

1 month ago

Couple of suggestions:

Academy Rector - Chump blocker with the added bonus of being able to throw down any enchantment in your deck. Celestial Mantle Eldrazi Conscription and True Conviction go extremely well if you add in Academy Rector

Platinum Angel - Stall until your board wipes go through or cast Avacyn

Tragic Arrogance - One of the more brutal board wipes since you choose how you want the field to look

Hall of the Bandit Lord - Haste in mono white for 3 life. Depends on if your build wins through combat damage more than other players giving up.

Hour of Revelation - You curve out at 4cmc, so this would go well in your build. Cast Avacyn and drop it for 3.

Just some fun other cards:

Orim's Chant

Spectra Ward

False Defeat


ohutchuk on Mono White Lifegain/Control EDH

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion, DnnyPrry! I went with Silence as it was part of my personal collection/what I had laying around at the time of building the deck, but Orim's Chant is definitely a better option between the two!

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