Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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Your opponents can't cast spells this turn. (Spells cast before this resolves are unaffected.)

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Silence Discussion

Aethaleon on Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

2 days ago

Well, let me revise that comment a little. You would also need Unwinding Clock to go with the scepter. With those two cards in play, you imprint Silence, then you can cast silence every turn, so your opponents would never get to play anything, unless it's at instant speed.

Thraxx on Thopters on a stick

5 days ago

Silence is in the sideboard specifically to counter decks like Ad Nauseam, Tron, and Living End. Also, I don't think I can use comply when it's imprinted onto scepter. At best Failure seems to be a low-grade remand with a 1-time control effect with Comply in the graveyard.

mcborkbork on Hush Child

1 week ago

LeaPlath thanks for the input! I knew this deck really lacked direction going in, which is why I put it up for help. I'm fairly new to constructing a deck so I wanted to get it under the eyes of people who are more experienced at it. The three foundation cards are Isochron Scepter, Silence, and Grand Abolisher. The initial idea was to counter a spell heavy control deck that constantly threw out counter spells. Getting out Grand Abolisher provides a safety bubble to cast spells within my turn.

With what you mentioned about trying to rush them out, do you think it would be best to drop Leyline of Sanctity and Privileged Position?

Also with this deck being on the artifacty side, you think it would be better suited to go more artifacts and add in a Darksteel Forge? With that in mind I could swap out Elspeth, Knight-Errant for Saheeli Rai and/or Tezzeret the Seeker to help get things out onto the battlefield.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

landofMordor on Jeskai control on a budget

1 week ago

Okay! Thing in the Ice  Flip we can work with. With Thing, you'll want a lot of cheap instants (and sorceries, if you must) to achieve a flip as fast as possible, then smash face for the win.

First, I'd suggest Spell Pierce, Dispel, Ephemeral Shields, and/or Turn Aside, all of which will be vital for protecting Thing from opposing removal. Then, I'd use Temur Battle Rage or Assault Strobe as a win condition (after Thing is flipped), since your opponent will likely already be within killing range from their shocks and fetches. Cantrips like Niveous Wisps, Ponder, etc will be pretty good to you, as will multiple-use spells like Faithless Looting, Think Twice, and so forth. If I were you, I actually might be tempted to take out all W except just a splash, if Thing is your main win con. Although I guess at this point, your deck becomes aggro...

If you care about the control part of things, I'd trade your Ulamog for Emrakul, the Promised End (she's better with Nahiri) and dial up the W element of the deck, leaving R just as a splash for Nahiri and Helix. Azorius Charm, Failure / Comply, Hindering Light, Silence, Angelsong, Censor, will all be crucial in extending the game long enough to swing in multiple times with Thing and maybe even get Nahiri to ult.

Either way, I suggest only splashing your third color -- 4-6 spells of that color max. Then, I suggest you build your land base with all basics except for 4 Evolving Wilds and 4 of the tapland of your 2 primary colors (for RU, Izzet Guildgate or the like). Split the basics evenly between all remaining colors.

Hope that helps! Despite what some other posters seem to think, I strongly believe you'll be able to build a fun and effective 3-color deck on a budget, especially if your goal is casual fun. However, I do think that you might be frustrated if you have a mana-intensive deck on a shoestring budget, which is why I so strongly recommend just splashing one of your 3 colors. Mention me on your decklist once you get some cards smashed together -- even if it's not pretty, I'll do my best to help you out! Best of luck.

xyr0s on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

1 week ago

Lightning Bolt to the face is, indeed, not removal. That was also not was I was saying. But it is a removal card that is not being blanked merely by not playing any regular creatures. As for the pointedness or pointlessness of shooting it at the dome, I think I've heard of a deck where that is how it tries to win. Along with the two other cards mentioned, those 3 are the removal you are most likely to see, at least according to mtggoldfish - exactly the removal which is not blanked. But Abrupt Decay, Maelstrom Pulse and sorcery-speed sweepers are, indeed, useless against this deck (all of which sees at least some play in modern). The same list as contained Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, and Fatal Push as some of the most commonly played cards in modern, also put Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize in the top 10. Those are somehow also problematic, when you have exactly 1 card for the late game win.

Of course there are decks in modern, that doesn't play any of these cards, but then they have their own kinds of annoying (Aether Vial/Cavern of Souls for tribals, Silence and Pact of Negation for some combo decks, etc).

I went and looked at UW/x control decks at mtggoldfish, now I was looking at meta anyway, and noticed that they all have a couple of things in common: higher threat density than this deck, and Ancestral Vision. One might be related to the other - it's easier to play more threats, when you draw 3 cards of one card, for 1 mana (this deck spends 1.5 cards to do the same, and somewhere around 5-7 mana). Those threats also, mostly, blanked sorcery speed removal (planeswalkers and creatures with flash). But the most important thing was, that they had more threats. Sitting for 20 turns, with no reason play anything, means that your opponent gets to plan his hand and line of play meticulously. The average counterspell costs more than 1 mana, the average threat does not (necessarily) so a hand full of cheap spells might actually be enough to get a couple of threats on the table.

If you instead had a threat, even a slow one like Bitterblossom or a token-producing planeswalker, your opponent can't just sit there and make a really good plan with a perfectly sculpted hand, but needs to at least try and do something or they'll lose.

PickleNutz on Boros burn

1 week ago

Oh, and Silence is great in a control Boros burn deck. You really should focus on getting the CMC of the deck down to an average of about 2.0-2.3, that way you can run 22 lands and no signets and still effectively cast every card according to the odds.

icehit6 on New Planeswalker, Hardhitta!

2 weeks ago

I think that only scrying for two would be a pretty reasonable effect as well! Just having the option to do both is really strong - it's essentially ponder, except you scry two instead of three, and there was a reason that effect was banned in modern haha it was gamebreaking for control or any deck that runs blue.

As for the minus two, the only reason I would say the exile effect would be more fair is because with the current effect you can do things like on your opponents turn play something like Silence, then on your turn, return it to your hand, their turn silence... you see my point. It would just be a broken, endless cycle and not allow your opponents to do anything basically. Especially if you're playing some type of control.

nslm on Isochron Myth

2 weeks ago

I had completely forgot about Mana Drain, so bonkers. But a little bit out of budget for me right now. Now the Silence recommendation it's a nice piece of advice, I will try to implement it. What would you take out to make room for it? Thanks a lot :)

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