Monastery Mentor


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Mythic Rare

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Monastery Mentor

Creature — Human Monk

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a 1/1 white Monk creature token with prowess onto the battlefield.

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Monastery Mentor Discussion

theSturg on Esper Control

1 day ago

i honestly say just take Gurmag Angler and Monastery Mentor out and run Cryptic Command and going up a few basic lands in case you run into the occasional blood moon. Just my thoughts

haberdashdsgn on American Prowess

1 day ago

Thanks! I want to put in the 2x Monastery Mentor for playtesting. I'm going to get them this week and find out. So far I keep going 2-3 or 2-2. Ironically due to mana flooding here and there or the infect deck. He might help out. Mutagenic Growth was a great addition. Link me your deck, Konjiikhan!

xxJoexx on Orzhov Tokens

1 day ago

Always got a +1 for tokens! I made a couple of these myself, I would recommend Gather the Townsfolk instead of Timely Reinforcements. Also, Hero of Bladehold could probably replace Hour of Reckoning. Other suggestions could be Zealous Persecution (Maybe in place of tragic slip?) And if you want, Monastery Mentor and/or Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip.

Ohthenoises on God Sram It!

3 days ago

Clockwurk if you are equipping for free to gaveleer every kite shield gives a static +2/+3 to gaveleer.

TheRedGoat yeah, gaveleer is fine although it, Swiftspear, and Storm Entity all fall victim to easy removal. Monastery Mentor will always leave behind at least one Monk token so it's much harder to 1:1.

As far as additional grapeshots I don't really need/want any, any more than one can be a dead draw when you needed another equipment and if you are storming off you are going to be drawing your deck anyways.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

4 days ago

feyn_do_alduin: I have indeed! It's entertaining, especially since the CMC in this deck is low enough that I can usually cast my whole hand before I wheel it again. My personal favorite, though, is Gift of Immortality+Generator Servant: the second Sol Ring!

With regards to your changes, I'm curious how they will pan out for you. I have considered all of those before, and eventually cut them - lemme give you my reasons, and you can tell me how you mitigate these problems.

Strata Scythe: MUCH better in mono-color. I rarely have more than maybe 3 lands that share a name, and for a total investment of 6 mana I want more than a conditional small power boost. Loxodon Warhammer is already my weakest equipment, and in this deck it's MILES better than Strata Scythe. I will say that Strata Scythe has an interesting synergy with Sword of the Animist.

Various equipment that draw cards: Of the ones you listed, the weakest two by far are Skeleton Key and Rogue's Gloves. I wouldn't be caught dead playing either.

Infiltration Lens and Mask of Memory are cheap enough that they might be playable IF you can find slots for them. And Skullclamp is an amazing card, but honestly it doesn't play well with anything in the deck except Monastery Mentor.

And honestly, I implore you to play Scroll Rack some more. Having played literally a thousand games with this deck, the card is one of the best draw engines in the game if you use it intelligently. I will keep any hand with two lands and a Scroll Rack. Particularly, it's fantastic to dump a bad hand then use a tutor like Enlightened Tutor. Sensei's Divining Top doesn't even give you any permanent card advantage, since it's "draw mode" replaces your next draw. It just doesn't do anything in this deck.

But regardless! Let me know how your changes work out for you :)

frusciante7 on Meta Situation/Shift?

6 days ago

I hope Fatal Push means Esper will become viable!

I'm working on several Esper builds - control, Monastery Mentor (less good without Probe) and UWb midrange - and Push is... well pushed.

I just think we'll see more grixis and more Tron. Eldrazis remain very viable and consistent so I wouldn't expect huge changes aside from less infect and less dredge tbh.

Konjiikhan on UR Delver

1 week ago

i popped in 2 (for now) maybe go to 4 , Monastery Mentor

mahanhen on Esper Delver

1 week ago

Why Kitchen Finks? I'd cut it for something like Monastery Mentor.

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