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zachi's Binder

Welcome to my trade binder

What is inside of here are going to be my actual trades along side my bulk mythics, legends and foils since i play alot of commander and i know other play it too. Please ask about uncommons and rares that would be considered bulk and i will be glad to look at see if i have them as i keep up to a play set.

I am specifically looking for promo ports right now

ebay I sometimes have cards listed on here as well incase you want to take a look

here are the list of promos im after for modern and legacy promo list

--lists of non formatable cards--

-Emblems-2 Dovintamiyo (eldritch moon)chandra (kaladesh)jace (shadows over innastrad)ob nixilis (Battle for Zendikar)koth (Duel Deck)kiora battle for zendikar)

-Prerelease promos-[Gisela, the broken blade][Sun titan][silverfur partisan]

-multiple printing-160a and 160b of [brothers yamazaki]

-other language-[stonehewer giant] fron shadowmore is Japanese one [caged sun] is japanese[raksha, golden cub ] is japanese

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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