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zachi's Binder

Welcome to my trade binder. it is completely out of data and im cleaning up my collections to reflect what I currently have and updating decks to see what I need.

Please ask if I have cards but just keep in mind I may no longer have it until I get around to fully updating my collection.

Pre-release promos

Fevered Visions

Metalwork Colossus

Champion of Wits

Silverfur Partisan (Still sealed)

Angel of Sanctions (Still Sealed)

Quicksmith Rebel

I have the 2 sides foil zombie token from eldritch moon

If you are looking for anything bulk wise, Please ask as I am redoing my collection right now. I have binders for Hour of devastation back. They might not be full, but please ask.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
Card Has Wants Set TCG Price Matches Rarity Format Type Subtype Color

Last Update: 1 week ago

-1 Plague Belcher want
-1 Remember the Fallen want
-1 Noosegraf Mob want
-1 Temple of the False God want
-1 Isolated Chapel want
-1 Suture Priest want
-1 Myriad Landscape want