Cathartic Reunion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Cathartic Reunion


As an additional cost to cast Cathartic Reunion, discard two cards.

Draw three cards.

Cathartic Reunion Discussion

BlackDeegs on Earth Breaker

4 days ago

Hey sergiodelrio, thanks for commenting!

Koth of the Hammer was in this when I originally brewed (although this is a very different deck now). And it felt like the only real synergy he brought was adding for casting more. Too often I was hitting too many non-mountain lands for it to be worth it and drawing Koth with nothing to cast was letting the opponent out of land lock too frequently so I cut him. May try him as a one off again now that the deck has moved away form creatures a little more but Chandra, Torch of Defiance is just a better win condition, a + for mana instead of minus, and can generate card advantage for us.

Cathartic Reunion is an interesting card... I may have to give that a try and see how it goes. The extra Gemstone Caverns can get pesky, as can late game rituals. Its rare that having an extra Chandra in hand is bad but could always use it for more gas when those decisions come up. I'm gonna test with this a little and see how it goes.

sergiodelrio on Earth Breaker

6 days ago

Love LD decks and yours looks very nice! +1

I feel like your deck more often than not would draw doubles of cards it doesn't really want to play, like multiple of the same 'walkers, gemstone caverns, late game rituals. Maybe add an amount of Cathartic Reunion to filter those out, or prevent land flood?

Also, Koth of the Hammer could fit nicely.


abbatromebone on Bouncer at a TITI bar

2 weeks ago

Faithless Looting is banned. Decks like dredge now use Cathartic Reunion as a replacement

thescottromney on Don't Discard the Minotaurs!!

1 month ago

Hey this is great! I have a very similar deck and really love it. Grisly Survivor is seriously underrated I think and often gets overlooked in the first game. Spinehorn Minotaur and Grisly Survivor are both really good targets for Unearth and can get out early if you loot on the first turn.

I would definitely think about adding Unearth to use that added synergy to your deck and Fists of Flame enabled very scary plays with Spinehorn Minotaur . If I were you I would go for a full playset of the spinehorn so you can have two real threats in the 3 slot. 4x Faithless Looting is also the way to go. It costs 1 and can be used from the graveyard so it just activates your big threats more regularly than Thrill of Possibility or Cathartic Reunion .

I splash green for Deadshot Minotaur as well because cycle + removal + minotaur = Love

I really like this deck and am glad to see someone else noticed the good synergies. Keep up the good work with Winotaurs!

Here is my decklist

TheRoaringBlaze on Temur Phoenix

1 month ago

What about Cathartic Reunion to try and accelerate the discard process?

StopShot on Custom Keyword: Ignite

1 month ago

Ignite N is a keyword for instants & sorceries as well as activated & triggered abilities of permanents. "N" can be any number which will be specified on each card that has it such as, "Ignite 1," "Ignite 2," "Ignite 3," etc.

To Ignite N you must exile N cards from your hand and/or nonland permanents you control facedown, then you draw a card for every two facedown cards you own in exile. Until the end of your next turn you may look at and play only one card exiled this way.

Ignite is intended to be another way for red to draw cards without breaking the color pie by merging concepts found in cards such as Light Up the Stage and Cathartic Reunion . Initially ignite starts out as a bad trade as you have to throw away 2 cards in order to draw 1 in return, but the more facedown cards you can accumulate in exile the more cards you'll be able to draw off of consecutive ignitions.

Ignite can be used outside of red too, for example in black there could be a three mana black sorcery that reads, "Target opponent Ignites 2." which would be comparable to cards such as Mind Rot and Doomfall . In this case the opponent would have to choose and exile 2 cards from their hand and/or nonland permanents they control facedown, however they would also cantrip afterwards and would be able to recast one of the two cards that was removed on their next turn.

Ignite can also be used as a drawback if a high ignite cost is added to a strong card like, "as an additional cost to cast this spell, Ignite 5." which would require that you have 5 resources to exile in order to cast the spell. Furthermore it can be used as a balanced effect as well that requires all players to ignite, such as an enchantment that reads; "At the beginning of your upkeep each player Ignites 2."

What are your thoughts? How sparingly or openly should an effect like this be used if implemented? Do you think this effect would work/fit better in another color? Should cards that feature Ignite be expensive or cheap to cast or should there be some other restriction to keep it from being too weak/over-powered?

Darth_Savage on Pio Grixis H1

1 month ago

Hollow One in Modern was a base red deck, blue red might make sense, since it gives you Izzet Charm, Cathartic Reunion and Merchant of the Vale and I had a similar idea Hollow_One_Pioneer which is more spell based. The Royal Scions mean that almost every creature can trigger the ferocious ability on Flamewake Phoenix, in addition since my version is more spell heavy it can play Arclight Phoenix too. I could be wrong but I feel that stretching to 3 colours, when a similar idea can be achieved in 2 might not be the best option.

Xica on Living End Lives!!... at least, ...

1 month ago

...tiers tend to describe how popular a given deck is.
In the sense that "how likely am i to encounter the deck in question during a major tournament?"
So no.
Your homebrew won't ever be a tier deck, unless it blows up, and everyone starts t copy it left and right.

More importantly you need some way to fight through hate cards - in this case Rest in Peace & Leyline of the Void .
The cascade living end decks do this by swapping Living End for Crashing Footfalls and casting big angry beat sticks like Archfiend of Ifnir or Horror of the Broken Lands .
The UR variants tend to swap to a control game plan that is enabled by Curator of Mysteries .

This deck accomplishes none of that.
Its simply a dredge deck without cards that feature the titular mechanic, or answers card for the hate that is going to come your way in game 2 & 3 in your 75.
(And Cathartic Reunion is terrible with living end, as the deck is risky enough already against counterspell decks and the card just increases the problem.)

While its true that before the ban of Faithless Looting "go-fast living end" variants were able to succeed via ignoring hate and jamming whatever hit hardest into their creature suit, the card is banned and the sub archetype is effectively dead as a result.
Right now you cannot "go under" interaction with living end decks.

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Cathartic Reunion occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.15%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Red: 0.38%

Rakdos: 0.19%