Rule of Law


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Mirrodin Rare

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Rule of Law


Each player can't play more than one spell each turn.

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Rule of Law Discussion

Kalladdin on No Spells

5 days ago

Rayze_Darr thanks for the input! Silence is a spell that I've been contemplating for awhile. On the plus side, it's only one mana, and can stop the opponents from playing multiple spells in a turn. That sounds great, but it only stops from playing spells during that turn, if I'm in a multiplayer game, that can only stop one opponent, and I don't even know if they were going to play something that was going to be problematic. It's all about balancing the control deck with the prison deck. If I stop them from playing spells for too many turns, they might build up enough stuff to do a lot in one turn that I can't counter, i.e. Silence builds up card advantage for the opponent(s). That being said, I don't care about how many spells they have to play if I have a flipped Erayo and/or a Rule of Law.

So if I'm playing Silence then I definitely want 4 copies of Erayo. Another reason to keep Erayo as a four-of is that it's easily removed if I haven't succesfully flipped it. Being that the plan of the deck is to stall out with counter spells or things like Gigadrowse/Silence till I can play & flip Erayo, I think that dignifies playing 4.

Baral, Chief of Compliance is the card that has me most conflicted in the deck, I think. On the plus side, he's a decent 2 mana defender with a kick-ass ability, especially if I have a flipped Erayo, (Automatic 1 card per opponent's turn, assuming they choose to play). However, once I have one out he becomes a dead card if I draw another, (though keep in mind he is subject to common removal like an unflipped Erayo). So with him, I have to find the perfect balance of how many I want in the main: how much is he worth by generating card, (and mana) advantage vs drawing a dead card once I have him down. Honestly, for this one, I think it's going to take a lot of playtesting to really decide, and even then it might be more of a preference thing than one number is truly better than the other. If I decide to take a few out, Judge's Familiar, Wall of Denial as well as Fog Bank are all very good substitutions.

Render Silent is interesting... on one hand, it's a Counterspell and Silence all in one. On the other, sometimes the difference between a 2 mana counterspell and a 3 mana counterspell can be a huge difference. Unlike Silence, this one counters and locks the opponent out, so there's not as much of a card disadvantage problem. If I'm going to put this in I think it's going to be a two - of in place of 1 Counterspell and one Remand, but I'm not sure, any advice for fitting this in would be great.

Viarax on Zedruu, the Control Freak

6 days ago

Hi Dankey, thanks for commenting!

When it comes to playing against top tier commanders, this deck is hit or miss. If you are playing against someone who plays those higher tier commanders such as leovold, yidris, or edric, etc. you will need to play more efficiently. You gotta be more political against those kind of decks and make as many friends as you can and keep counterspells handy.

I constantly go against Tasigur, and Derevi decks in my playgroups and still wind up on top during most of the game. Even against Nekusaur, which in my opinion is a direct counter to Zedruu. I one time went against Leovold and tricked the guy playing Leovold into drawing me a bunch of cards when I had omniscience out and destroyed his Leovold and won the game.

The decks I will constantly have issues against is Daretti, Yidris, Kaalia, and Edric. Those decks are way to fast and powerful that I would need a perfect hand to compete against them. But honestly, those are just REALLY good commanders, most decks don't do their best against them. Combo decks that win a few turns, no matter how unfun they are, exist and there isn't much you can do about it but hope you have removal at the right time.

If you are looking for a more "competitive" (I use that term loosely because Zedruu is the furthest thing from competitive) you might want to go for an Enduring Ideal variant of the Zedruu deck. This deck has shown to be the best variant for being competitive since you can get Paradox Haze out and then next turn find two enchantments with Enduring, usually some stasis combo, like the card Stasis or the usual combo of Possibility Storm + Rule of Law. After that you find Divine Intervention or Test of Endurance to end the game.

I overall like my decklist when it comes to playing against "top tier" (I personally hate the idea of tier lists) commanders. I have definitely made a name for myself in my playgroup and people have been scared of my Zedruu deck before. They also think that it is one of the most creative decks they have seen since this deck isn't the usual Zedruu deck. You would probably be fine with this decklist, but again, a enduring ideal list would probably be more competitive.

One thing I haven't added to this deck yet is a Forcefield. Eventually I DO plan to get one and put it in this deck. Forcefield would definitely bring this deck over the edge and help out a LOT against the stronger decks at the table. Eventually updating the counterspells with better ones such as Pact of Negation, Force of Will, or Mana Drain would obviously improve the deck as well. If you have a spare Moat laying around, definitely put that in a Zedruu deck too. Mind Over Matter is also an extremely broken card that allows you to get a discard outlet for free enchantments while potentially tapping out an opponent or ramping yourself.

Also, Lastly, If you are playing 1v1, don't. This deck is not meant for 1v1. You will have a very low chance of doing things.

I hope this helps out for you!

trulychaos on Sen Triplets Need Help Please

1 week ago

Rule of Law and Arcane Laboratory tend to shut most combos down if that's your goal

Myfler on Cockroaches Company

1 week ago

Really neat take on this type of deck, personally I believe that Viscera Seer would be better than the Blood Bairn and a couple of the Blasting Station's, since costing 3 mana is quite a bit in modern, for not much more impact than Viscera Seer.

Also, you were asking about sideboard options, white is arguably the best color for sideboards in modern, allowing you access to Stony Silence because Affinity will always be a popular deck, Blessed Alliance is good in several matchups, Sin Collector is good against combo decks, Rule of Law is good in a few specific matchups, but they're much fewer than the others mentioned. If you're worried about graveyard style decks, normally Rest in Peace is the go-to option, but that also hurts your deck immensely, so I'd probably suggest a few Relic of Progenitus since it also cycles itself, Grafdigger's Cage is also good against some graveyard decks and also any Chord of Calling decks. Pithing Needle can also be very good in specific matchups, as well as Duress, or Thoughtseize, but I was trying to keep these cards more budget friendly.

There are countless other sideboard cards in modern, if you're looking for any against a specific matchup, just reply and let me know.

Hope this helps!

foxboy93 on Alesha's Red Wedding V2.0

1 week ago


Hey thanks for the advice, I'll try to break down what was brought

Kaya, Ghost Assassin was a test card, looking at some of the card draw options, this was one with very little downside. As well, it has a sort of "flicker" effect for creatures with ETB effects. So far, it has been doing fairly well actually. If I find something else to put in, Kaya might come out.

Eldrazi Monument. Provides indestructible to the team, not just flying. Meaning with the Giant, I can't be damaged. Agreed, it doesn't provide ALOT of effects, but it is also another form of evasion.

Key to the City sIs a bit of a political card. I can feed my own reanimation. There are times where I've used it on my enemies to help them get in for more damage. Maybe I might find something better, but making things unblockable isn't always bad

Rule of Law One thing I have noticed, is that alot of people try to "rebuild" after a board wipe and things like that. RoL stops alot of decks that try to rebuild, OR storm decks or decks that just play lots of things. I considered the Ethersworn Canonist, since it is a creature, lower CMC ect. Problem is, if I'm up against something like Sharuum deck or Breya, they can pretty much cast everything. I do know it is powerful, but perhaps it should be reconsidered

Possibility Storm This is one card I am likely to remove. Not sure what to go in quite yet.

Cathars' Crusade was used in place of Anafenza. Reason being is because with some of the tokens, Anafenza wouldn't trigger off of the tokens. Crusade would also help with getting my creatures bigger and maybe help to kill people.

Behind the Scenes Was used for the evasion, since alot of the deck is like 2 power creatures, I'd likely get in for some damage, but agreed, not the "Best" card for the deck

Aura of Silence With some of the more casual people I sometimes play against, I have stopped a player from playing their Grim Monolith. As well, it IS also used for the removal, but its not a "Leave mana open to do it" sort of thing, which was the reason it was in. Not to mention the actual "taxing" part of it too.

Angel of Invention is a token generator that, if something happens, this can help me to bring in some blockers if I fall behind. Really fun thing I did was have Cathar's Crusade out and played this and got a 5/4 and two 4/4s. Was quite good. Plus it has lifelink so it can be helpful if anything

Anger There are times where having haste was good to have, like using Anger and getting Alesha out and attacking the same turn if I don't have another way to give haste. Is it needed all the time? No. But is it better than needing Boots or something else? Possibly.

Duplicant Primarily used as a "cheat" rather than a straight up cast. As well, compared to something like Nekrataal or Bone Shredder, its not limited by anything. Could something better go in, possibly.

Erebos, God of the Dead Used mostly for the draw, agreed. However, with cards like Karlov of the Ghost Council or Oloro, Ageless Ascetic for example, even Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, this shuts them down. There have been decks that run Aetherflux Reservoir, this hoses that.

Iroas, God of Victory Mostly used for the protection to attack and evasion so if they could, Alesha wouldn't die.

Palisade Giant Has actually saved me quite a bit. protects my creatures but also protects me if an opponent tries to all out kill me and forget about him.

Silent Arbiter Fun interaction with Alesha, since they could only block with one creature, Alesha was likely to get in, or the unblocked creature gets in at least.

Stingscourger was likely to come out. Havent decided what is going in instead of it.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan is indeed a sac outlet, but it can make itself indestructible if a wipe happens. So its also self protection.

Return to Dust Used to get rid of anything nasty. One thing that is ALWAYS an issue is the Gods. Purphoros, God of the Forge in a Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is vomit inducing. Return to dust is one of the many ways I know to get rid of them.

Blasphemous Act currently, Act is usually a 1 mana board wipe. As well, Deluge would be alot better if i had a way to gain life, but as of now, not alot of ways to do so.

Merciless Eviction Another way to deal with "indestructible" things. On top of that, Atraxa, Praetors' Voice Superfriend is the most ANNOYING thing I can deal with. There's not alot of ways to get rid of Planeswalkers, other than direct damage or making them sac them.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar Flying blocker primarily. Early or late game, gives me access to blockers in the air that I normally dont have access to.

To the "auto includes"

Dark Confidant Not going to lie, I've been back and forth on him. Free draw in exchange for life is fine. But I feel as though I might end up flipping a 6 mana guy and killing myself. If I run him, I likely want lifelink

Imperial Recruiter As much as I'd love to justify a 200$+ card, I cant. Recruiter of the Guard, while less powerful or impactful, does close to the same thing. The deck is usually full of 2/2's and what not so that is why Recruiter is in. Plus, you know, saving 185$ XD

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit Originally in the build, I felt Crusade and Anafenza were sort of at ends with each other. Having two copies that do similar things isn't bad, but one triggers off of tokens and one doesn't. In that sense, I swapped them out for each other.

Necropotence is a card I also highly considered, especially since its pretty cheap now. Problem I have is that if I discard stuff, like a creature for reanimate, Potence gets rid of it.

Stranglehold There isn't alot of "extra turn" players where I live, so I didn't think it to be important.

As for land base, not sure what you mean. Realistically, I can't afford the Filter lands or the OG Duals. Those are literally unrealistic for me. The mana base seems to be doing fine. I like the Temples cause they help me fix my top card. Could the bounce lands come out? Sure. But I don't have anything as effective to put in for them. I'm open to suggestions though.


In conclusion, I feel as though I am not focused, or not focusing correctly. Right now, I have a "Death and Taxes", "Reanimator", "Combo" like deck. I feel like I really need to sit down and decide what I want as a player. Do I want Tier 1 deck? Not really. Do I want a deck that is strong? Sure. Do I want a deck that I pull out and people go "Oh he's playing that! Kill him!". Thats why I pulled Hokori, Dust Drinker, it was "too" strong and got me hated out really quickly.

Death and Taxes was my "evasion" to a stax deck. I don't like when people can't play anything and are just sitting there with their thumb up their @$$, waiting for someone to win. This says" You want to do something? Do something extra". I feel as though I either need to go less of the combo route and more reanimator, or scratch D&T's all together (which sucks cause I spent quite a bit for Alesha already -_-)

AngryChewie on Alesha's Red Wedding V2.0

1 week ago

Hi, these are the cards I'm personally not a fan of in your deck. I'll try to offer some input for each.

Kaya, Ghost Assassin, too slow. The value isn't good enough for the cost.

Eldrazi Monument, too expensive.

Key to the City interesting way of trying to discard/draw, but feels too slow and the unblockable ability only really pairs well with Master of Cruelties. It's a pretty fun and cheeky combo, but you'll immediately become the biggest target once you try taking out one of your opponents. Personally, I think Master of Cruelties is a powerful card and can catch an opponent off guard, but if you're going for a kill then you best kill everyone or else you're next on the list.

Rule of Law, It's not a bad way to manage the tempo, but I feel like there are better options to tax/affect the board. Here are some more common options that you have available to you: Loxodon Gatekeeper, Magus of the Moon, Magus of the Tabernacle, Tangle Wire, Thorn of Amethyst, Stony Silence, Blood Moon, Ethersworn Canonist, Hushwing Gryff, Kataki, War's Wage, Vryn Wingmare, Glowrider. Angelforge's list definitely focuses on the stax plan, so maybe look towards his list for more ideas.

Possibility Storm, just a bad card if you're looking for a competitive list. Way too costly and the effect is more geared towards casual fun.

Cathars' Crusade, too expensive and slow.

Behind the Scenes, just very bad. Slots in the 99 are competitive and this card doesn't deserve an inclusion for what it gives.

Aura of Silence, a lot of the artifacts you care about are your opponents mana rocks. A Mana Crypt doesn't get so good when you're paying for it. However, those sort of cards are primarily amazing when you're slamming them right out of the gate. At 3 mana, you're not getting this out too early (and if you are then you're either being very defensive or don't have much else going on) so the nice tax effect becomes less effect. Most of the time it'll serve as enchantment/artifact removal, but there are cheaper options out there then.

Angel of Invention, too expensive and not sure what the point of it is. Are you trying to win through combo? Then you shouldn't be wasting slots on buffing creatures. True, hatebears can occasionally just beat face but don't invest cards into that strategy. Think of that as a backup plan.

Anger, is there a desire for your creatures having haste? Beatdown strategies aren't too great since a 4 player game means you are virtually trying to do 120 points of damage. Kind of the same argument I have against Angel of Invention.

Duplicant, way too expensive.

Erebos, God of the Dead, seems like it's mainly there for the draw ability, but that's too slow.

Iroas, God of Victory, again I don't really like dedicated beatdown cards.

Palisade Giant, way too expensive for what it does.

Silent Arbiter, kind of meh. It slows down aggro decks that like to go wide. Are you playing against those sort of decks a lot?

Stingscourger, not worth the bounce effect. Rather would just have plain removal.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan, I'm assuming this is here as a sac outlet? There's cheaper and better sac outlet options.

Return to Dust, pretty expensive removal. I don't know your meta, but if you aren't playing against some really annoying enchantments/artifacts then it probably isn't worth it. A lot of taxing effects don't bother you too much anyways so the cases that do are pretty fringe.

Blasphemous Act, if you want mass board removal, there's better options. Toxic Deluge maybe?

Merciless Eviction, way too expensive. The effects are probably overkill when truly major threats can usually be dealt with by just using spot removal.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar, not sure what's going on here but this card doesn't give much value.

Cards you are missing and should add regardless of what path you take:Dark ConfidantImperial RecruiterAnafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, you're already running Redcap. This combos with it.Goblin Bombardment, cheap and simple sac outletNecropotence, you want card draw?Stranglehold, more stax. This one can really hit some people hard

There's probably some tutor effects you're missing. Feel free to look at my list or Angelforge's for those.

Your landbase needs fixing. It's too slow, but I understand how upgrading it can be really costly.

xyr0s on Potential deck idea...needs help

2 weeks ago

Too slow for competitive modern, but you can do funny things with Omen Machine. All it says is that no one gets to draw cards. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas circumvents this by searching for artifacts (not drawing them). Others do this by exiling a card, and letting you play it from there (like Abbot of Keral Keep).

Overall though, you get a bit of problems with decks that find your "one-spell-per-turn"-rule to be ok. Like jund. One removal, discard or creature pr. turn. Sounds just about fine, considering how powerful each card is. But if you make it like that anyway, consider looter-effects, as multiple Rule of Law or Curse of Exhaustion are useless. I think counterspells is the best way to keep this kind of lock in place - maybe especially Remand.

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