Rule of Law


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Rule of Law


Each player can't play more than one spell each turn.

Rule of Law Discussion

DespairFaction on Akiri-Bruse (RW) Aggro-Control

3 days ago

Hey so I am somewhat of a Boros expert myself with Aurelia being my main. Ive played your decklist 3 or 4 times and i have some questions. First one is, why run cataclysm and jokulhaups over something like Armageddon , Ravages of War , and Boom/bust? These help lockout the game when you're ahead, Cat and Jok only help when you're behind and are unplayable when you're ahead. I guess i just don't see the situation where you would want them. Next I really think you need to be running Smothering Tithe I was staring at Wheel and Idyllic tutor in my hand and I knew that would have been lethal on someone if it were in there. I also feel like without smothering tithe there weren't really good targets for idyllic tutor (outpost siege was already in play at that moment in time). Fiery confluence really has done much for me either, I replaced with Chaos warp. There were some other removal card choices that seemed odd as well, like Orim's chant. I am personally a wear/tear crush contraband, and return to dust fan if you're going to be spending that much mana. However certain metas do require things like Crush and Smelt . Also the land count seems light for the hedge mage. Ive had some inconsistent starts because of that. So yeah for me personally, I've noticed some issue in actually closing the game out and being able to stop opponents. Have you run into similar issues? What type of decks do you run against typically, since I know that can make a big different. I would guess at least some blue combo stuff with the REB and PBlast and the matrix. Rule of Law seems like it could be a strong addition especially if you are facing combo. I feel like some evasion equipments could also be really good something like a Tenza, Godo's Maul , Trailblazer's Boots or even Cobbled Wings . Anyway I wanted to get some insight on some of these thing. I am slowly working on my own list as my old one is quite outdated. But the idea is to lock up the game with land destruction, winter orb, or possibility storm.

IIITheJManIII on Consultation Kess: a Primer

4 days ago

Dramatic Reversal is still in without Scepter on purpose.

I definitely do NOT say that in the description anywhere - what part are you referring to specifically? There is no section that has that quote. The introduction mentions that we will sometimes use our draw step to win after mentioning we have the ability to play through Rest in Peace and Rule of Law effects, which seems pretty clear. In the winning the game section, I state: "Things don't always to go plan. We might have to play around something like Rest in Peace or Rule of Law . We can cast Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries , pass, and use Consultation / Pact to deck ourselves before our draw step for the win (or you could wait until a main phase if you are using Jace, Wielder of Mysteries )."

I'm not sure how I could word this any better but I am open to suggestions.

multimedia on Your Life? No - My Life.

1 week ago

Hey, nice budget deck. Budget cards to consider adding that can be repeatable sources of life gain or be value when you gain life are helpful especially if they trigger when your opponents play cards:

Cards to consider cutting are some that only give you a one time effect or they're not worth the mana cost:

  • Reviving Dose
  • Intervention Pact
  • Isolate
  • Sinkhole
  • Altar's Reap
  • Vizkopa Confessor
  • Seal of Cleansing
  • Consume the Meek
  • Slaughter the Strong

You mentioned switching to Kambal as Commander. I think this is a good idea; Kambal is underrated in multiplayer Commander. He effects any opponent when one them casts a noncreature spell that's powerful when you have three opponents. Even if you don't switch I would play Kambal in any Orzhov deck you make. Obzedat can be a singleton in Kambal, but I don't know if you even need him because his mana cost is difficult when playing 28 basic lands and not much color fixing such as Chromatic Lantern .

All my card suggestions can work just as well in a deck with Kambal as Commander. With Kambal as Commander you could combine life gain/budget stax/hate bears. Obviously these strategy will change your deck a lot, but it's worth testing. Budget cards to consider:

dingusdingo on The magic touch.

1 week ago

Alright lets break down your deck and take a peak.


Nothing too crazy with your land base. I'm not wild about the "two or fewer" lands, or the "two or more opponents" lands, but they work inside an EDH pod. Two or fewer is worse in my opinion. Forbidden Orchard is a card you should definitely consider, Gemstone Caverns as well. River of Tears is not reliable and I'm not a fan. Obviously the original Duals will serve you well here, but those are $$$.

Looks like your land base is trying to run High Tide as well as Tainted Pact . Those cards unfortunately aren't compatible, so you need to choose one package. I think Tainted Pact is a better choice because its a neat A + B with Laboratory Maniac , whereas you don't have a guaranteed outlet for all that High Tide mana. Consider trimming down to just 1x of all your lands, look at one time rainbow lands if you need budget Aether Hub Tendo Ice Bridge .


Simply put, you have too many win cons. Turn the slots from the weaker ones into support for your stronger ones.

Wanderwine Prophets is expensive to cast. It also requires combat damage to a player, meaning your combo is only live as long as you can swing freely. Regardless, its still a strong way to close games. You need to run proper support for reanimating. First, you need to increase reanimation density. Necromancy Apprentice Necromancer Exhume Shallow Grave . Next, you need to ensure you can get your reanimation targets to the graveyard. Careful Study is probably the only one I'd add, although there are certainly more options. Finally, it helps to have extra reanimation payloads in case Wanderwine is unavailable. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Consecrated Sphinx are both strong enough to cause you to run away with games from card advantage, most likely guaranteeing a win.

Next, Tainted Pact / Demonic Consultation + Laboratory Maniac . I think this is the strongest win condition you're currently running. Important that you pack density of "draw a card" effects to guarantee same turn winning. Make sure to optimize your land base so Tainted Pact is a guarantee!

Mind Over Matter + Azami, Lady of Scrolls is your weakest combo. Its needlessly expensive at 11 mana! The pieces are also the hardest to cast and tutor. The 4 blue in MoM makes it prohibitive sometimes, same with the 3 in Azami. The pieces are also found by the fewest amount of tutors you run, while the tainted pact combo is far more easily searchable.

Doomsday is strong but you are lacking some necessary cards. Gush and Gitaxian Probe will make your life far easier. Same with Lion's Eye Diamond . I would currently cut this from your deck.

Dualcaster Mage / Naru Meha, Master Wizard + Ghostly Flicker / Illusionist's Stratagem is also relatively weak. Requires you to hold then dump all the mana during the same turn, and 6-8 mana is not a fantastic range. The cards are also rather weak outside the combo, but not horrible. You can add additional value by getting more ETB creatures or blink effects for combo. Twinflame Heat Shimmer Cackling Counterpart Imperial Recruiter


Looks like you know what you're missing as far as moxen goes. You should also consider running the Signet cards, gives reliable ramp that avoids land hate. Also adds artifact density for when you get that Mox Opal . Wayfarer's Bauble is bad and should be cut.

Card Draw

You are lacking some card draw that would help you. Dark Confidant Mystic Remora Rhystic Study . Sensei's Divining Top works extremely well with fetchlands and would provide value here. Top would also allow value wincons to be inserted like Dramatic Scepter or Paradox Engine . Kess, Dissident Mage gives massive value here and helps you escape from grindy mid games against other control decks. Wheel of Fortune and Timetwister will obviously help here, but are $$$. Windfall is extremely strong as it neutralizes opponents who get massive card advantage early in the game, or helps you after you dump a fast hand.

Interaction and Removal

Pyroblast is worse than REB and you shouldn't run it. 13 counterspells is certainly too high, you can also cut another. You currently run three spells that can deal with a resolved enchantment, Chain of Vapor Galecaster Colossus and Venser, Shaper Savant . A Rule of Law or Arcane Laboratory that has resolved ends your game. Galecaster is pretty low value and should be removed. Dismember both hits for a lot off of Ad Naus and costs a lot on your Ad Naus to be low costed to cast. You should swap it out for a sweeper like Pyroclasm or Earthquake , you already have strong targeted removal. Abrade is the exception, and should be added due to its flexibility.

Closing Thoughts

You are definitely on the right track. Cast a critical eye towards anything 3+ CMC, as those greatly rob your Ad naus and are harder to cast. Archaeomancer and Galecaster Colossus specifically stand out as removes. Test out a few different Grixis flavored wincons and see which one feels the best based on the paper cards you have. Take a peek at Kiki Jiki + friends, as well as Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal . Kiki fits into reanimator, and dramatic scepter is extremely easy to slot and assemble. Test out Dualcaster/Meha with additional combo payoffs, because there are quite a few that let them combo off. Your deck is currently at a point where you need to start greatly considering card quality and slot intensiveness. The fewer slots, the easier to cast, the more the pieces have value alone outside the combo, the better. You also need to start considering the hate pieces other decks are going to run. How do you handle Torpor Orb for example?

LiquidGaming on Geddeon

1 week ago

I like the aggro white lists and using armageddon against the bigger control decks is hilarious. Turning off a mana base then using gideon to lock them off viable threats is a solid plan and good synergy. I would consider Rule of Law for combo decks, or even Defense Grid

SynergyBuild on S.o.s Generals!!!

2 weeks ago

To not lose to easy hate.

Unfair decks have answers that can shut the decks down. Using fast mana and artifact synergies to storm off with Jhoira? Damping Sphere , Null Rod , Karn, the Great Creator , Rule of Law , Stony Silence , Arcane Laboratory , and plenty of other cards single-handedly kill that strategy.

Think graveyard lists, then Tormod's Crypt , Relic of Progenitus , Leyline of the Void , Rest in Peace , Ground Seal , Silent Gravestone , etc.

Fair decks do less busted things, but have less cards that hate on them.

BMHKain on cEDH Boros (RW) needs more ...

3 weeks ago

"Who can make the impossible, possible...? Nobody. Only nobody can transcend the weakest to be as strong as the strongest being in all of media; much less our own planet's worth..."

cEDH Boros is so CRUEL, they'll never give up!

Commander / EDH* BMHKain



Now I'm nervous. XZ

ahem. For the longest time, I've tried every trick in the book to make of that of Tier 3 or more. I just wanted help in some way or another. Shameful I don't have enough ideas to back this up. Much less remove the opposing of my cause-that's-misguided, looking back at my 1st version of this post.

Looking at the Colors & alone, the former can utilize some degree of Freedom. This may seem like a rebellious feat, but what about 's Peace? Some clerics are already capable of this, but combine the two: while there is Chaos & Order in this identity, both qualities should be able to use either one when it's truly needed; meaning they can act like a War Hero one moment, & even be an immaculate Priest w/ no current opposition the next until the situation declares it to be. Boros also has a Heroism like Trait, having a good sense of Good & Evil differentiation. This is basically like Kal-El (Superman) of DC Fame. Just wanting to protect the peace; in contrast to Bruce Wayne (Batman) who seems to do this on a level more dark, & dreary than thus; basically making ol' Kal-El more Boros like than Even Batman (Who I'd be incorrect if I stated ol' Bruce is more based.).

After that research, WotC might need to learn from the other kinds of characters in fiction aside from their own, maybe...

However, the basic principles of EDH sill apply...

  1. I need to have 100 Cards; 11 chopped off. Any replacements are fine.

  2. Since this format is all Infinity Budget, I'll accept some truly expensive garbahge; just don't expect me to even buy any of it; they'll be as poor quality as Proxies.

  3. Right now, the deck seems to be in Stax form, but imagine if somebody has a way to bypass damage; requiring a different wincon entirely; X-Burns, Attacking in general, etc. are all banned here for this notion.

  4. Boros has stuff in their colors w/ incredible effects. Just doing continuous research might do some good...

As a rule of thumb, I believe as a start, one should check the individual colors mentioned for this first. does have its flaws, even I'm aware of this.

Obviously, 111 cards. 11 to kill from the list. I'm not trying to oppose your suggestions, but the ones I mentioned sometime back just won't work in even Tier 3 at best Boards.

After all that; I apologize for all this; (I was mentioning something here, but it was ridiculous, so it was removed.), & I just wanted some constructive criticism, not Ilharg-style hating despite requiring constructive criticism.

So, being the reckless imbecile of a being like myself (NOTE: I'm an independent being of my own kind, wanting my ideas to be such, thus my "Quasi-Rakdos " trait, A Growth Mindset that only gets bigger almost all the time, analyzing ideas from both history & fiction (Hey, Hindu Warriors had their share of No-Dachi Wielding badassery as well.), while keeping an amount so big, It's reserved as a part of the most complicated Comp of all. Thus, Dimir . But I'm mostly Izzet for my Raw Emotion, Reasoning that "Mostly" is flawed in some aspects, & Creativity to make what kind of Legendary Creature should be made based on their already mentioned traits, while following Boros' Guidelines, all w/o Color Bleed of any size), well, what I just Parenthesized...

So? I actually wanted help here despite what I have thus far...

So, what would you cut? Would you believe should be right for the Color Identity in question for cEDH? Should they stand alone? What would you recommend, & as an exchanging of some kind, cut all in one comment? I already have quite the "Displacer Package" that is probably slower that what I want it to be, should I keep Eldrazi Displacer & its combo pieces? The Lab Maniac Team told me not to worry about getting below CMC2; I don't think that's what this kind of deck wants either; but I don't want to be too high either.

All that said & done, the few who do care, I talked about this for so long, if this can't be done, Post-WAR; it can't be done at all.

I'm already talking nonsense, but I have a goal to reach; & in this case, I think everyone can (Kinda?) understand it? If one is confused about my goal, I'll go ahead & respond to it. If that doesn't make sense after that, I should perhaps remind you via a comment?

Well, w/ the little info I provided, what would you reccommend & cut at the same comment for this post?; It seems to be that of Stax-Type ideas, but I wonder if it can do any better...

Thanks for the help until now, I apologize for any inappropriate discrepancies mentioned throughout; & anything similar. You guys might actually be up to something, but stop opposing my ideas, please. I'm trying to help the cause, not feed the solar flare.

So... Any ideas?

UPDATE: In case anyone wants to talk mental health; I am slightly Asperger's, & sometimes I can be Bipolar. I guess my part of my Grixis Identity overpowers all other colors of mine. But can you guys not try & hate such an idea that I know NOW is misled; I wanted to keep it Tier 3; I just, didn't know Winning be T3 is a Tier 1 only perk.

Oh, & as for the references:

Genie from the Alladin Live Action Reboot (Will Smith > Robin Williams. Sorry.)

Jet from Season 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Um... I dunno? Tokyo would imply a Kaiju-Genre Film; most likely the Localized version of Gojira.

Sadly that's all I can remember. I wish any of you can help; but I knew this was going to happen, Tibalt-Style Foresight wise.

I hope this helps. It seems forgiveness is an impossibility. X/

quadmiller7 on Choas

1 month ago

Rule of Law or Curse of Exhaustion + Possibility Storm is a lock your opponent has to exile the first spell to possibility storm but cannot cast more than one spell so they cannot cast any more spells

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Rule of Law occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%