Pyretic Ritual


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set (M11) Common

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Pyretic Ritual


Add 3R to your mana pool.

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Pyretic Ritual Discussion

Kingdomsteel on Cheating, an Enlightened Commander

3 days ago

Omg, Narset. I used to have a Narset deck once. Removed the deck since I didn't want people to scoop in turn 2. I used the all-known Enter the Infinite and Omniscience combo, together with Beacon of Tomorrows.

Getting Narset out is you main purpose. You can make your ramp and color fixing as expensive (moneywise) as you want. Using every type of fetch you can helps. Using cards like Lion's Eye Diamond, Crystal Vein, Ancient Tomb, Pyretic Ritual, Simian Spirit Guide, Mana Vault, Mana Crypt or Lotus Petal Will get you there faster aswell, but it comes at a price. Literally.

Once you get narset out, you should be able to swing with her. So haste enablers like Mass Hysteria, Fervor, Generator Servant, Hall of the Bandit Lord or Ashling's Prerogative will definitly help.

The swings are important because you want extra turns, or extra attack phases. (=EXTRA COMMANDER DAMAGE) Expropriate, Temporal Mastery, Walk the Aeons, Time Warp, Time Stretch, Relentless Assault, Waves of Aggression, Seize the Day, Fury of the Horde,...

Essentially you want to cast Omniscience with narset and an Enter the Infinite after that. Swing for 21 commander damage total and win.

"Yeah that is IF you get to cast Omniscience". Just plant it there with Long-Term Plans or use an Enlightened Tutor before you swing with Narset. Find a Long-Term Plans with a Merchant Scroll or Mystical Tutor. Or maybe if you already have an Omniscience in hand, you can use or find a Brainstorm.

Besides the winning part, you have to be able to protect yourself. Defense Grid, Grand Abolisher, Misdirection, Wipe Away, Path to Exile, Force of Will or even an Armageddon or Boom/Bust will help you save your game.

Possibility's are endless. People will be targeting you. People will delete you from facebook. In the end, it's all about the fun. Narset takes away the fun. She's mostly there for competitive play IMO.

Go get 'em tiger. You got this.

freakingShane on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

1 week ago


I actually used to run Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Spinerock Knoll a long while ago. I took them out, because in this specific build games don't typically go passed turn 8 or 9, so I needed all of my lands to come in untapped.

As for Neheb, the Eternal, All Is Dust, and Comet Storm, they are all very good cards, but this is an Aggro-Combo deck, and it typically seals out the win on turn 5-8. I really don't worry about true mid- or late game because it really doesn't go that long.

Thank you for all of the suggestions, though! All good cards, but just not ideal for this specific build. :)


Yeah...I added Imperial Recruiter...he is super expensive, but definitely a strong card! If you are looking for a replacement card, I would suggest Tormenting Voice, honestly. Any card that gives you more card draw to help get the combo or needed cards!

As for Sol Ring and Ruby Medallion, I would recommend Sol Ring between the two. Sol Ring is a great replacement for either Desperate Ritual or Pyretic Ritual. I would not recommend Ruby Medallion though, because it is a little too slow for this build.

Thanks for stopping by, man!

ArcticJohn on Tricky Budget Tokens (Turn 3 Emrakul)

2 weeks ago

Hi there, your deck came across my sight and i liked it a lot, i have a couple of questions and suggestions.

Have you considered going for a turn 3 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn with one of the rituals??? Desperate Ritual or Pyretic Ritual.

Also, why no Faithless Looting, i think it is better than Cathartic Reunion.

And you can also have Dragon Fodder as token producer...

As for sideboard do you have anything going on, since you don't have it in here...

xyr0s on BR Dragons

3 weeks ago

Xica yes, haha, planeswalkers are rituals, sure enough. They do give mana, but they delay a turn. And the rituals that were talked about were Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, and Geosurge. Besides that, those two planeswalkers would really help on any big-red-creature deck. But here, I suspect that chandra is too expensive, and koth doesn't work very well in a multicolored deck, unless some surprise fetch/shock lands show up.

Hyperalgialysis on BR Dragons

3 weeks ago

Forget Infernal Plunge. You need Heartless Summoning. A Pyretic Ritual turn 3 would let you cast a 5 cmc dragon. Turn 1 could be Thoughtseize Inquisition of Kozilek. Run 3 each of Pyretic Ritual and Desperate Ritual, 4 Heartless Summoning. 3 Terminate Inquisition of Kozilek Thoughtseize. 4 Lightning Bolt and add dragons to taste. If you find it moving to slowly, you can use that mana gen for a sweeper effect like Earthquake to hit both players. Run Blighting Lava Spike Bump in the Night for game 2 and send it all to the face. Skeletal Scrying is good if you dump and go again with Pyretic Ritual.

UltimatHedgehog on BR Dragons

3 weeks ago

So I want to add Pyretic Ritual/Desperate Ritual and Infernal Plunge along with free creatures like Ornithopter to power it in order to get mana quickly. With the right cards, like Geosurge, I can get bigger dragons out in the first few turns, even turn 1 with just the right hand but that would be extremely lucky. The question would be how to balance those cards with the kill/discard spells.

Juppe on Ramos, The Unforgiving Storm

1 month ago

Ok after looking on this for a few minutes I'm still as confused as or even more than in the beginning. I love your take on Ramos, this is nuts!! Never thought of building him in this particular way..

Did you playtest it yet & how did it work out? Looks to me like your mana curve on mostly 3cmc is either too high or you run to few mana-producing artifacts/Rituals for really combo'ing out reliably..

When I hear storm (probably because I've been playing UR Storm in Modern for a loong time now) I usually think of a mostly blue deck.. so i would suggest loading up on cantrips such as Ponder, Brainstorm (therefore running fetchlands), Serum Visions and more of the 2cmc ones.. maybe adding some countermagic? what about the rituals? Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Manamorphose, Seething Song just to name the obvious ones..

I hope I understand the way you want this to go right due to you only saying it's for Duel Commander.. A bit more information in which direction you want to head with this nice pile of 5c stuff would be awesome :)

really love it tho, hopefully you can build something great out of this start!

miracleHat on What to remove, Red White ...

1 month ago

I mean, your custom categories make the decklist extremely difficult to follow... You have a category listed angels, and then there are angel creatures outside of the 'angel' category. As for your 'tempo' cards:
Avarice Amulet is a lackluster equipment that gives negligible p/t buff, limited draw potential, and not worth spending a 6 total mana to cast and equip.
Conqueror's Galleon  Flip is a horrible creature, 2/10 is nothing but worthless. Needing to be crewed is just insult to injury. The flip side land is not worth it (6 mana Regrowth + Jayemdae Tome is bad).
Humble Defector would be fine, except that it is weak and gives your opponent card advantage.
Inheritance's ability is overcosted. You do not have enough ramp in the deck to have 3 mana left over to also utilize that enchantment effectively.
Magus of the Wheel is risky, like all a-symmetrical cards. You're opponent might end up better than you and you have no way to mitigate any bonuses that your opponent(s) would receive.
Well of Lost Dreams (forgot that brion had lifelink*), Sol Ring, and Skullclamp are all good cards that enhance the deck. The other 5 cards listed do not (as stated above).

Cards that you need to at least 'consider' adding:
better removal, i.e. keep Angel of Serenity (do not remove it ever), but find room for Wear / Tear, Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Wrath of God, and/or maybe Austere Command.
Lightning Greaves, Sword of Feast and Famine/Sword of Light and Shadow, and or Loxodon Warhammer to make your artifact/equipment tutors viable once Sunforger is already in play/hand.
As mentioned previously you have minimal ramp, and this is a serious problem. Sol Ring, Boros Signet, Pearl Medallion, and Land Tax should all be considered. If you are interested in more explosive plays, Neheb, the Eternal, Seething Song, Pyretic Ritual, and Vessel of Volatility (and such forms of fast mana) would be worthy of consideration.

So: I wonder if I am trolling you or just giving advice that you do not wish to hear?

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