Alpha Status


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scourge (SCG) Uncommon

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Alpha Status

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 for each other creature in play that shares a creature type with it.

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Alpha Status Discussion

SirupyTuna on Cats & Rats

1 week ago

Hope is to block attacking creatures with a Pride Sovereign or any cat with Alpha Status until you can get one of the combos set off. Crypt Rats can kill most of your opponents creatures if you can get enough or with deathtouch from Ogre Slumlord, but the deck is certainly not invincible!

I considered adding something like Cartouche of Strength or just a good old Doom Blade for spot removal, but I have trouble deciding what to let go of. I'm sure as I get some real play with this deck, It'll eventually evolve into something more well rounded :)

troyisepic on Bear Hug, like Group Hug but with BEARS

1 month ago

Alpha Status I feel like would greatly help you get a great big bear going. Though I suppose it's likely going to throw a great big target on his head.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #59 - Slivers

2 months ago

I'd also like to touch on perspective here, xyr0s. Things were just different back then. You seem to be coming from the perspective of a competitive Modern player, which is fine. And you're correct to say that Slivers are just not a threat there, because they aren't.

Here's the thing though: back when Sliver Queen and the like hit the public, we didn't know what was coming. Stronghold was released March 2, 1998, a whole six months before Google was founded, September 4, 1998. We didn't have the Gatherer, we didn't have Google, most of us didn't know what "the internet" was. Few players even played "competitively" back then. What we currently know as "Kitchen Table" magic was, back then, known as.... Magic: the Gathering.

Now, I wasn't even playing the game that far back, and I know how terrifying Slivers can be at a "casual" level. I didn't start playing until 8th Edition, but even at that point, all of my friends who played the game still had all those cards from that time, and they were crazy. Half the cards they played, I could scarcely even believe existed. Land Tax? Sol Ring? what is this crap!?

And that's another thing, there's a lot more to old-school Slivers than the slivers themselves. Somehow, a decent selection of non-sliver cards made the slivers so much worse. Sol Ring, Urza's Incubator, and a ton of tribal support from Onslaught block only strengthened them further. Cryptic Gateway, Harsh Mercy, Aphetto Dredging, Patriarch's Bidding, Alpha Status, Mana Echoes. All of which, iirc, are not Modern.

And just to clarify, I don't mean to argue here, I just want to throw my perspective in. I get that Slivers aren't as threatening as they used to be to most players.

Necro on Slivers

3 months ago

ghostpepper : Tribal Unity and Alpha Status are weak. I need permanent solution, as a Coat of Arms.

I think about Kindred Summons and all other Kindred-cards. But Summons with 7CMC is too high for me. Maybe in tomorrow.

Door of Destinies is a big question. Its good with casting Slivers. But, when i create Sliver tokens throught Sliver Queen, it makes nothing. Of course, boost all my Slivers for each casted, ...but now, i dont know, if put this card in deck.

Steely Resolve :D :D yes, amazing protection. But now is better Crystalline Sliver. Enchantment can be destroyed, Sliver cant. But i must say, this enchantment is in future my Number One from Protection cards.

ghostpepper on Slivers

3 months ago

Tribal Unity and Alpha Status might help.
Kindred Summons and Door of Destinies could be useful too. Steely Resolve would give them all shroud.

NippDip on Fish and Chips

3 months ago


Stoneforge Masterwork and Alpha Status: I prefer Coat of Arms to these, as it affects my whole team, making me less open to removal.

Quest for Renewal: In. No question.

Cryptolith Rite: While it may look good, I need my merfolk more often for Kumena's abilities and attacking then I need more mana.

Legendxp on Fish and Chips

3 months ago

Stoneforge Masterwork and Alpha Status are really good for getting commander damage through. Quest for Renewal, Cryptolith Rite, Curse of Bounty, and Awakening are good utility choices.Lastly, wakethrasher is just good in general.

ThePavlova on Which Tribe? Every Tribe!!!!

7 months ago

Holy shit, I was just about to make a changeling edh deck, looks like you beat me to it tho :). Personally I prefer Sliver Overlord as commander just to tutor Amoeboid Changeling and then take control of opponents creatures. Surprised you don't have Amoeboid Changeling in there, he's my fave changeling and could do some cool shit like making your commander a sliver, idk you've probs already considered him. Call to the Kindred might be an alternative to Descendants' Path. Also Grim Captain's Call is a neat card to resurrect changelings. Harabaz Druid is my preference over elvish archdruid cause it's any colour. Also Myr Galvanizer and Alpha Status. That's about all i can think of right now, I really like that you put together this deck at this price point, I'll be sure to reference it when I make my own with Sliver Overlord as commander. Also if janky combo decks are your thing I'm making a modern changeling combo deck Changelings Combo (Infinite Mana).

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