Beastmaster Ascension


Whenever a creature you control attacks, you may put a quest counter on Beastmaster Ascension.

As long as Beastmaster Ascension has seven or more quest counters on it, creatures you control get +5/+5.

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Beastmaster Ascension Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Hapatra, Chemical Warfare

4 hours ago


It would indeed! I am trying to get this together before the weekend to test it out IRL at the shop. At the moment I am having a hard time balancing between all the things I want to do.

-1/-1 counters are the focus for sure, but do I have a win condition? My main strategy is simply to keep the board in check and plug away when I'm able while hopefully staying innocuous to my opponents. Triumph of the Hordes is game over for one player most times for sure, but something like Beastmaster Ascension or maybe even Seshiro the Anointed would help out a lot in the long game. I feel like Seshiro would take this deck in a different direction though.

I feel like this deck might be TOO focused on the -1/-1 counters. But I would like to test it out before I start swapping things out for other Golgari staples.

Abhinav7354 on Hapatra, Chemical Warfare

5 hours ago

Running Beastmaster Ascension would be helpful to buff all your snakes.

LittleBlueHero on Hapatra, Vizier of Sneks

5 hours ago

Hey there,

I am also building Hapatra and I just want to point out a couple things.

First, as much as I love Archfiend of Ifnir it just doesn't work here. If I am looking at this right you only have one way to discard cards and zero cycling effects to trigger it. Meaning its just a 5/4 flier for 3BB.

You said this was your first Commander deck so I will let you know, a lot of people HATE poison/infect. Not saying you shouldn't run it if you love it, just that it may put a big target on your head you don't really want.

Also, one time effects aren't great in commander. A lot of your instants are combat tricks will only really ever help you out once. Since you are running infect at the moment I understand their inclusion but you might consider cutting at least a few for some cards that would have a more lasting effect on the board state like wrath effects (Plague Wind) or even more ways to pump your tokens (Beastmaster Ascension).

Just some food for thought. If you want to check out my take on the Vizier of Poisons you can do so here:

ibstudent2200 on Ghave, Guru of Spores

1 day ago

Attrition and Mind Slash turn your tokens into useful effects.

Aura Shards does an amazing job at getting rid of enchantments and artifacts.

Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, Martyr's Bond, and Butcher of Malakir turn Ghave into ": Each opponent sacrifices a creature".

Beastmaster Ascension is disgusting with tokens. Collective Blessing provides a similar boost (without the trample).

lurara on Nath-ing 2 see here

1 day ago

I have talked to my playgroup recently, but seems like they couldn't settle in an agreement about the return of Sadistic Hypnotist. :/ I will, however, add Painful Quandary and remove Beastmaster Ascension (never seems to work for me). I will also replace Liliana's Specter for Damnation.

Voltron3030 on Yasova has her Cake and Eats it too! (90$)

5 days ago

I used to run a Surrak Dragonclaw deck and Yasova was a stand out card in that deck. I liked using her with Beastmaster Ascension. If you can get it triggered, she can steal much bigger things. The ascension buffs that creature for hitting it's owner too.

sanddeviljack on Kitty Kommander

1 week ago

This is a cool concept. Ajani's Pridemate and Ajani's Sunstriker have some powerful synergy, and are both 2-drops.

On one hand, Ajani's Chosen wants lots of enchantments. And your choices of enchantments are solid--Beastmaster Ascension and Collective Blessing and both serious powerhouses, for instance. They are both worth keeping no matter what else you do. But Kemba, Kha Regent will net you a lot more tokens if you load up on the equipment. Right now, you have one non-bo (Blade of Selves) and three that are redundant (if placed on Kemba) out of your six equipment. But I can see wanting to showcase a lot of different cats, so I am guessing that is your main thought. Raksha, Leonin Elder, Leonin Shikari and Sigarda's Aid also all work better with more equipment, so if I were building the deck, I would go that route. Working both ends would require a lot of deep cuts elsewhere--probably far more than you really want to make. And your commander wants lots of creatures. Equipment might be the best avenue forward. Maybe you go a little off theme and slide in Eldrazi Displacer so that your creature ETBs can cover some of the resulting gaps?

Without getting too pricy, there are a slew of great equipment, like Behemoth Sledge or Assault Suit, or even Prowler's Helm or Bladed Pinions that would both turn on your guys and offer anything from a small secondary benefit to some impressive extra firepower, even on someone else. Rancor might not measure up, once you start digging in.

You might not have enough lands or card draw to make Burgeoning worth much if it's not your opening play. A lot of Ajanis ensures you get one or more, but there are definitely better and worse. I know a lot of people play Goldmane and Steadfast, but my favorite by far is Caller of the Pride. Some well-thought out rankings would help you find some room for all those cool toys your guys want.

You've got a great first draft here, so you know you're on the right track. I think a cat tribal deck would be a lot of fun! I hope this was helpful. Good luck!

Rzepkanut on Spy vs. Spy Commander Edition

1 week ago

My favorite pump spells you aren't running for this deck are Gaea's Anthem, Captain's Claws, Quietus Spike, Empyrial Plate, Sword of the Animist, Beastmaster Ascension and Pathbreaker Ibex. You can also get a lot of millage out of Kessig Cagebreakers, usually the deck ends up with a bunch of dead 1/1 critters in the yard by the 6th or so turn. Happy gathering!

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