Collected Company


Look at the top six cards of your library. Put up to two creature cards with converted mana cost 3 or less from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Collected Company Discussion

MangaVentFreak13 on Shamanism on a Budget

9 hours ago

My RG Shaman build: Deck-large:17-10-16-shamans I'm kinda doing a budget build but I'm not as budget as you are, since I decided to invest in it a bit (Hence the Collected Company and Manamorphose, I had the Atarka's Commands from it's Standard season).

I hope you can get some ideas from my build. I personally found Wolf-Skull Shaman to be too slow, but that's just me and Flamekin Harbinger is much worse than Fauna Shaman, because Harbinger only puts cards on the top of your deck while Fauna puts the card in your hand. But it is pretty expensive which is why I'm not running it.

SlappyBob on Glittering Company

17 hours ago

I've actually been able to play around Blood Moon just fine with my current set-up. I'll have either a fetch or a basic in my opening hand, and just keep getting basics. Then I can either be able to cast a hate card like Qasali Pridemage or Necrotic Sliver, use Glittering Wish to grab Abrupt Decay, or, if I only get one forest, wait to cast Collected Company and cheat something in. Now my only dilemma is do I want a Fulminator Mage on the side or not to Wish for, or, if not, what would be better?

PTsmitty on INSANELY Fast Humans

1 day ago

Hey, I am glad I came across this deck because I will definitely use it as a reference for my deck. I was curious, have you ever ran the cards Experiment One and Hamlet Captain in this build? I have them both in my version and was wondering how they performed. I was thinking Experiment would not be too bad of an option due to the Evolve mechanics, but am worried that Hamlet Captain is too slow. I am currently working on getting my decklist set up before I buy all of the cards I am missing to complete the deck. Your input on Collected Company was interesting as well because I was thinking the same thing about that card when I was playing testing my deck when I had it in there. Lastly, do you have many problems when playing against graveyard based decks?

PTsmitty on Advice on my Humans Deck

1 day ago

I was say somewhat budget. I am willing to splurge for a playset of Collected Company, but a playset of Noble Hierarch is way out of my price range. So recommendations for cards in the $10-15 range would be okay.

Dorotheus on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

2 days ago

I really don't want to seem like the Debbie Downer, more like a voice of reason and moral ambiguity. There are card choices in here I very so would support like Dungrove Elder for obvious valuable reasons, more so I believe retain in a Fatal Push meta.
However, there are just too many card choices I cannot and do not support. Some just because the amount and others, at all. I could not call this a competitively placed deck, unless your LGS is very much more along the line of budget or more-so casual. Do no confuse this with me saying the deck it bad, or choices are bad. I do not do that to people, and I understand many peoples' directions in which they build. That is not being argued here. Again there are just too many missing cards here like Spellskite, Assault Formation, Nyx-Fleece Ram, toolbox potential cards like Selfless Spirit, and Fiend Hunter. The tribal-theme outweighing more visibly playable cards along the same strategy, is choice. If that is exactly what you want then that's you but cards by specific name that I believe are being ignored here are Collected Company, Chord of Calling, Path to Exile (Crib Swap is no where near the strength of Path, but I understand it as a 1-of), and Scavenging Ooze.
I feel like this is a question that always itches at the back of your mind, and maybe many people have questioned also, but, is the Treefolk-tribal theme, actually strong enough?

Sliverfanboy on The Sliver Legion

2 days ago

I agree staroceansurfer, however, I managed to swap Ward Sliver for Ghostflame Sliver. I am trying to keep the CMC low for Collected Company where I can. I've made a fair few changes last night and updated the ones i've made today. Although Magma Sliver may not work with Crystalline Sliver I feel that its worth keeping the magma in just because of its finishing prowess paired with Sliver Legion, that combo is worth the risk in my opinion. I mean a fair amount of this deck is making Sliver Legion big and evasive so I can go face and win with commander damage. Also this deck will have Legion as the commander so its a lot more random and i'm basically top decking most of the game. I just hope it has enough draw for the late game.

Rywal21 on Humans

3 days ago

Check out Collected Company that'd be a great card to try out w this type of deck

Reaxetion on Pattern Recognition #22 - I ...

3 days ago

Meh, Jace is Jace. I mean, if your gonna hate something, he is a fair target. But I still think all hate in the universe would be better spent if it targeted Shaco..

Anywho, your views are shared by many, and I just don't get it. I could see how you would think the story warps around Jace, but I would argue that it only does so if you want it to. I have been reading the story line avidly since Shadows over Innistrad, and loosely followed it since the second Mirrodin block. While Jace seems like a key point in quite a few blocks, he also takes the back seat. Kaladash for example was all about Chandra building a friendship with Nissa, Gideon accepting a fatherly role on the team, and Pia being reunited, and Nissa developing as a person! Jace was sorta just there because he was part of the gatewatch. Worth pointing out, you mention he can leave ravnica for prolong periods of time - the story clearly states Ral Zerak is NOT happy with his comings and goings. It looks to be building a disdain for Jace on Ravnica, something that could erupt later on in the story should WotC wish.I do agree that he doesn't develop much as a character, which sucks from a story perspective, but its exactly why I can argue that he is NOT the focal point of most stories. (Although character development is my favorite part of stories and probably why I don't see him as big as I should).

As far as people identifying with Jace, I don't think they mean pompous male Mary Sue hero wannabes. I think they mean hes a wizard planeswalker. Not a warrior, not a sage, and not an elemental crafter... A wizard. Most players in their early years think its a blast to "cast spells" and "battle other wizards" as they play magic. As we get more into the game, some of us (like me) lose that sense of wonder and view it solely as a strategy game. But the point still stands for those first getting into the game. Which leads me to my next point.

Every franchise needs a poster child. Magic had a few routes to take. They could have made it a Hero or a Villain. I wouldn't be surprised if in an alternate dimension Nicol Bolas is the poster child. They went with hero though, and that presents multiple problems. 1) The hero must be perceived as powerful - otherwise why is it a poster child. 2) The hero can't change too much - otherwise it will no longer be the same icon and your branding is lost. 3) You need to make the hero omnipresent - Imagine coming into Magic and everyone talking about how Jace is the poster child. Only to never see a Jace card for 2 years. It simply wouldn't work. Personally, I believe Ajani would be a better poster child, but I am biased towards my favorite planeswalker. But if he were, I am sure he would get an equal amount of hate that Jace gets now.

Your arguments are all valid, but they are a necessity of branding and name development. So while I don't particularly like Jace's character, I will happily flip my Vryn's Prodigy and flashback my Collected Company because the game is fun, and the card is good.

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