Collected Company


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Collected Company


Look at the top six cards of your library. Put up to two creature cards with converted mana cost 3 or less from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Collected Company Discussion

-8Acolyte_Of_Bolas8- on Vial Werewolves | Modern

1 day ago

ProfessorPork Wouldn't Collected Company be better than Vial here considering your monster count is so high? And I'd replace Waif with Village Messenger  Flip, personally. Messenger has Haste as a human and Menace when it flips at the cost of 1 power. Other than that, the deck looks pretty solid.

Rhadamanthus on Collected company and cost reduction

1 day ago

There's no interaction between Semblance Anvil and Collected Company because you're not casting the creatures you reveal. Semblance Anvil doesn't do anything to a card's mana cost or converted mana cost, just the total cost to cast it. The only way to change a card's mana cost (or its CMC) is to turn it into a copy of a different card.

Let's be clear about a few things:

  • A card's "mana cost" is specifically the symbols printed in the upper-right corner of the normal card frame. For example: Reflector Mage's mana cost is and Primordial Hydra's mana cost is
  • A card's "converted mana cost" is the sum of the values of all the symbols in its mana cost. always counts for 0 unless the card is currently a spell on the stack, in which case it counts for the number chosen for X while it was being cast. For example: Reflector Mage's converted mana cost is 3 and Primordial Hydra's converted mana cost is 2 everywhere but the stack
  • To determine the total cost to cast a spell (short version), you start with its mana cost, apply any alternative costs that replace the mana cost, apply any optional or mandatory additional costs, then apply any cost reductions. This is where Semblance Anvil actually matters

Tyrant-Thanatos on Collected company and cost reduction

1 day ago

In short, Converted Mana Cost and Mana Cost are two completely different things.

Semblance Anvil only affects Mana Cost, not Converted Mana Cost, so it won't affect the value that Collected Company looks at.

wereotter on Collected company and cost reduction

1 day ago

Semblance Anvil isn't changing the cards' converted mana costs, it's just applying a cost reduction to cast it. On the stack when casting a card like the one in your example, you'd have paid 2 mana for a spell with 4 CMC. This is important as the spell wouldn't be able to be countered with something like Spell Snare as the spell doesn't have a CMC of 2.

As such, Collected Company only looks at the mana on the top of the card and not any other cost reductions in play.

Blo on Collected company and cost reduction

1 day ago

Please link all relevant cards in your question with double brackets > [...]

Semblance Anvil reduces type costs (creature, instant, sorcery, etc), Collected Company doesn't have the [creature] type so it's cost will not be reduced.
In your question you seem to think that the Anvil reduces the cost of anything. It does not. It will reduce casting costs and alternative/additional casting costs.
It does not have anything to do with the Collected Company though, as the cmc requirement isn't part of the casting cost. It's part of the effect.

Even if you would imprint a [instant] type card under the Anvil, your Collected Company would get the cost reduction, and thus cost instead of , but the requirement of converted mana cost 3 or less stays the same.

You would be unable to grab it.

Icbrgr on Oh No! My Deck is Ruin(ator)ed!

5 days ago

@Xica yup self mill with Skaab Ruinator is far from perfect/bullet proof. However for budget purposes and the fact that I own this decklist in paper its fairly solid. Laboratory Maniac is a gamble but that is the price to pay when playing self mill. It's a main board answer to Rest in Peace as well as for milling yourself out before Skaab Ruinator could take the game (usually by T8)... Worst case scenario he is just casting fuel... And that's why I strongly urge you to avoid noncreature spells... Every time I tried something cheeky like Increasing Confusion or Psychic Spiral or other typical spells I end up just wishing it was milling me/enabled me to cast Skaab Ruinator... This list is all in to CONSISTENTLY cast and recast him between T3-T5.

However if you don't go all in with self mill then yeah there are more options available to you to make the deck playstyle more versatile.... Like using Aether Vial/Collected Company and such.

Arcibaldone on Precon upgrade, Elf tribal

5 days ago

Collected Company would certainly be of big help. Sol Ring is banned in Duel Commander which is the main format I happen to play.As for Sylvan Library I ordered one online last week and hope it will arrive soon. I will soon make some changes: i'll add Regal Force and Mystifying Maze and other cards. Beast Within will certainly substitute Desert Twister sooner or later.

Thanks for your positivity Despionnage

Despionnage on Precon upgrade, Elf tribal

6 days ago

First off, welcome to MTG. It's a fantastic game.

Now on to the suggestions. A lot of them aren't budget, but they are things to keep in mind.

Collected Company, while not being budget, is a fantastic card for the amount of creatures you are running with many of them running in the less than 3 mana range.

Birds of Paradise is a must need ramp card for any deck running green. Sol Ring is also a must need ramp card.

Desert Twister is a little high on the mana side. Possible Beast Within would be better.

Sylvan Library is really good for card draw.

That's all I've got for now.

Good luck on building!

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