Brutal Hordechief


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Mythic Rare
Fate Reforged Mythic Rare

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Brutal Hordechief

Creature — Orc Warrior

Whenever a creature you control attacks, defending player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

: Creatures your opponents control block this turn if able, and you choose how those creatures block.

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Brutal Hordechief Discussion

neosapien on BW Tokens

2 weeks ago

What is your opinion on Brutal Hordechief and does this seem better than Sram's Expertise?

shinobigarth on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

2 weeks ago

I must be goofy, i really like Throne of the God-Pharaoh.

But then i like dumb, non competitive budget decks such as mass tokens that do nothing but use things like that and Brutal Hordechief...

MetaphysicalxProdigy on Orzhov Brutal Hero Blitz

2 weeks ago

I like your deck! It looks like you are wanting to run an Orzhov Midrange deck. If you wanted to kill them slowly over time, you would have to tailor things more towards control with even fewer creatures.

t I would recommend right now including a full pack of Tidehollow Sculler.

Some cards I think you are running that may not be that impactful: Emerge Unscathed, Blood Artist, Monastery Mentor, Despise, and Honor of the Pure. If you want to run an anthem and are relying more on your token than nontoken creatures, maybe use Intangible Virtue? Brimaz and Hero of Bladehold are already tough enough to stand on their own.

This way, Brave the Elements stays relevant because your tokens will be white (with the exception of tokens from Sorin). Only Brutal Hordechief is left out in the cold.

I would run less creatures overall, and more instants, sorceries and planeswalkers.

Try and include as many as possible of the following instants/sorceries:- Thoughtseize- Inquisition of Kozilek- Path to Exile- Lingering Souls- Dismember

And any of the following planeswalkers:- Sorin, Lord of Innistrad- Elspeth, Knight-Errant- Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Finally, there may be games where you could benefit from a discard outlet (i.e., your discard cards are no longer useful). One such card that is popular in Orzhov for this purpose is running a set of Pack Rats.

Just my 2 cents! Great deck and +1!

Kezvin on Warriors BWG

2 weeks ago

Elite Scaleguard doesn't do enough to justify its mana cost. Maybe Brutal Hordechief instead? Also, if you're using basics, Sunblade Elf kicks ass. Maybe one or two Warden of the First Tree for a late-game mana sink?

shaistyone on the value of human life

1 month ago

My first thought was that it feels like it needs some reach in order to close games out. Cards like Foul-Tongue Shriek and Brutal Hordechief.
Some other sac outlets would be good, like Bone Splinters and Altar's Reap.
And some pump, Adaptive Automaton or Obelisk of Urd.
Silver-Inlaid Dagger also seems like it would be very effective.

_Kane_ on Saskia, The Fantastic Manderwoman

1 month ago

Ill trade you a Beastmaster Ascension, a Ankle Shanker, and a Crackling Doom for you Deadbridge Chant.These three cards fit in this deck really well and I could use the chant for Meren of Clan Nel Toth.

Also. I have Brutal Hordechief, Abzan Charm, Zurgo Helmsmasher, and Xenagos, the Reveler.

Tiddilywinkus on Smiling at Death is Easy When it's Temporary

1 month ago

As per your request I took a look at your deck to help you trim creatures. Here are my suggestions:

  • Soltari Visionary can go. You have enchant/artifact removal in your instants plenty. If you are finding yourself needing more use War Priest of Thune instead
  • Raving Dead It's a fun card, but if you are looking for more consistency take it out for something more necessary
  • Brutal Hordechief another fun card, but Alesha makes use of small creatures ETB abilities more than attacking.
  • Akki Underminer Another needing to do damage to take effect, not the strongest in EDH and in ALesha
  • Ankle Shanker I'm actually doing some testing with my deck right now and am strongly considering taking this out for some more useful creatures, again i don't do much attacking with creatures other than Alesha.

mufasamike on B/W(R) Warrior Swarm 'n Steal

1 month ago

Hi! I've got a deck very similar to this, and it's my all-time favorite thing to play. I'd highly recommend 3x Brutal Hordechief, it's a great finisher once you've got a big board. Jazal Goldmane is another great warrior card, and Sorin, Solemn Visitor is crazy with a big board of warriors swinging in. Herald of Dromoka is great support for your warriors so you can keep swinging. Battle Brawler is just great value, first strikers are always nice. My difficulty with this deck is running out of cards fast, so I've been playing around with using a couple Altar's Reap on Bloodsoaked Champions because I can just bring them back. Another great 1-drop or good dashing card is Mardu Shadowspear, sometimes I play casual multiplayer and it's a great way to hit everyone at the table.

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