Brutal Hordechief


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Mythic Rare
Fate Reforged Mythic Rare

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Brutal Hordechief

Creature — Orc Warrior

Whenever a creature you control attacks, defending player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

: Creatures your opponents control block this turn if able, and you choose how those creatures block.

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Brutal Hordechief Discussion

lagotripha on Orc Tribal (Mardu)

6 days ago

I feel like this might be best stabilised and made more competitive by Heartless Summoning, allowing you to run more 4 and 5 drops on turns 3 and 4 to offset the less efficient two drops Shaman of the Great Hunt/Brutal Hordechief has some potential, especially if you run a haste enabler like Ashling's Prerogative. Mardu gets an amazing set of disruption spells, which I don't feel like rehashing, so lets hit the tribal specific stuff. If you can flood the board Shared Animosity lets them attack for stupid damage. Most of the older orcs are things like Ironclaw Buzzardiers which just don't hold up too well in the modern evironment, but Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper could be worth a try. Mirror Entity, Changeling Berserker and Taurean Mauler are in your colours.

For alternative options, Dash/etb triggers is a thing, with Soul Warden providing lifegain and cost reduction and boardwipes etc. Day of Destiny warrior legendary tribal with stuff like Zurgo Bellstriker, helmsmasher, Alesha, Who Smiles at Death Tymaret, the Murder King Zo-Zu the Punisher Brion Stoutarm Krenko, Mob Boss Heroes' Podium Hero's Blade, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Thalia's Lancers etc

Theres a lot of potentiual and modern is a very forgiving format if you pack a solid disruption package, which you can lift from pretty much any budget mardu control list. The main battle will be making sure your mana stays fixed and your creatures hit on curve, which is best learned through playtesting.

Good luck!

KUW on Warriors of the Shifting Wastes

1 week ago

Woo, black white warriors are fun.

I like Battle Brawler for BW warriors, particularly if it is T2 and Chief of the Edge is T3. Also Arashin Foremost is another one I'm fond of. Brutal Hordechief is probably not too expensive anymore and is another nice warrior.

I'm not sure about Stoneforge Masterwork but you'll see how it fits as you play it I guess. Blood-Chin Fanatic doesn't stand out to me, but again I haven't played it so maybe it works. Blood-Chin Rager on the other hand I want four of.

Raiders' Spoils is another one that you might want to try. In any case there are a lot of warrior options. Have fun with the deck!

KABO5e on Soul Sisters Tokens

2 weeks ago

If you manage to maintain some token presence, Harsh Sustenance could be good.

I also had a deck built on dumping everything into Secure the Wastes on their end step (w/ x=5+), dropping a Brutal Hordechief and swinging with everything.

Anointed Procession is gonna be good with white tokens, though your curve may not like it. :P

Anguished Unmaking's life cost shouldn't be an issue with all the life gain, but it may mess up you're curve as well.

Beio53 on Alesha, who smiles at death

2 weeks ago

Hi Pudding_PopFirst of all I really like your Agro style of attack with this deck. And making this to teach someone with in mind, I think it's straightforward enough to not confuse anyone so good on you! foxboy93 is right in most of his suggestions though as far as dealing with artifacts and enchantments as well as discard/draw fuel. Mindless Automaton in particular is an unbelievable card in my own Alesha, Who Smiles at Death deck, it does more work than almost any other card. Also, Magus of the Disk is a creature form of the disk that can be recurred with Alesha and is cheap money wise. But I don't see a whole lot of creature removal from your actual creatures, which is a huge opportunity with Alesha. I'd really recommend some cheap creatures like Bone Shredder or Ghitu Slinger, but also since you have more attacking synergy here, there are some cool force blocking cards that would definitely help you keep the board clear. Invasion Plans has almost no downside for an Agro deck like yours since you'll likely be tapped out anyway, and you can ram Tajic, Blade of the Legion into any difficult creatures. Brutal Hordechief does the same thing and drains your opponents when you attack, but you have to pay for the force block. Stern Constable will also help you discard important creatures and tap down blockers or annoying creatures, and at 1 mana, it's a game changing turn 1 play. If you'd like I'm updating my Alesha deck now if you wanna take a look at it, it's more controlling and "deathy" haha but your Agro is something I've considered making mine for a while now. Alesha's smiling ear to ear

Rzepkanut on Queen Marchesa EDH Deck

2 weeks ago

Ride Down, Turn the Tables, Master Warcraft, Brutal Hordechief, and Deftblade Elite are great political tools and combat control cards. True Conviction might be better than rage reflection since they both cost 6 mana anyways. Solitary Confinement is easy to pay upkeep for if your the monarch. Dusk / Dawn could be great too even though it can kill the queen. Cheers.

neosapien on BW Tokens

1 month ago

What is your opinion on Brutal Hordechief and does this seem better than Sram's Expertise?

shinobigarth on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

1 month ago

I must be goofy, i really like Throne of the God-Pharaoh.

But then i like dumb, non competitive budget decks such as mass tokens that do nothing but use things like that and Brutal Hordechief...

MetaphysicalxProdigy on Orzhov Brutal Hero Blitz

1 month ago

I like your deck! It looks like you are wanting to run an Orzhov Midrange deck. If you wanted to kill them slowly over time, you would have to tailor things more towards control with even fewer creatures.

t I would recommend right now including a full pack of Tidehollow Sculler.

Some cards I think you are running that may not be that impactful: Emerge Unscathed, Blood Artist, Monastery Mentor, Despise, and Honor of the Pure. If you want to run an anthem and are relying more on your token than nontoken creatures, maybe use Intangible Virtue? Brimaz and Hero of Bladehold are already tough enough to stand on their own.

This way, Brave the Elements stays relevant because your tokens will be white (with the exception of tokens from Sorin). Only Brutal Hordechief is left out in the cold.

I would run less creatures overall, and more instants, sorceries and planeswalkers.

Try and include as many as possible of the following instants/sorceries:- Thoughtseize- Inquisition of Kozilek- Path to Exile- Lingering Souls- Dismember

And any of the following planeswalkers:- Sorin, Lord of Innistrad- Elspeth, Knight-Errant- Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Finally, there may be games where you could benefit from a discard outlet (i.e., your discard cards are no longer useful). One such card that is popular in Orzhov for this purpose is running a set of Pack Rats.

Just my 2 cents! Great deck and +1!

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