Patriarch's Bidding


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught Rare

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Patriarch's Bidding


Each player chooses a creature type. Each player returns all creature cards of a type chosen this way from his or her graveyard to the battlefield.

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Patriarch's Bidding Discussion

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Prized Zombie EDH

2 days ago

Ashnod's Altar can do good work in Zombie decks.

Patriarch's Bidding is a bit pricey, but dead on (pun intended).

Living Death is risky in EDH, but oh so fun.

Casey4321 on Rally to the Call (Saskia Ally EDH)

3 days ago

Alright some cuts.

Primeval Protector 10/10 vanillas that can get chumped by Soldier tokens feels bad man.

Vastwood Animist Not a fan of turning lands into creatures. Plus it's only ever going to be like a 4/4 because by the time 4+ allies hit the battlefield, you're either going to have the game in hand or someone is going to blow up the board.

Undergrowth Champion Not a lot of synergy here.

Gisela, the Broken Blade Bruna, the Fading Light I know everyone wants to live the dream, but if you're really focused on Allies I just think this isn't the deck to do it in.

Avenger of Zendikar Craterhoof Behemoth Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Gahiji, Honored One Malignus I put all these here in the same pile cause they fit into what I call "Good Stuff" that detracts from what I think the overall strategy of the deck should be. For me Allies is a deck that accrues value every turn by dropping one creature after another in a synergistic chain. These guys are at the top of the chain but either for me feel "Win More" which I'm not a fan of, or feel like they do something different than what the deck really wants to do. Just my two cents.


March from the Tomb Patriarch's Bidding Living Death RECURSION RECURSION RECURSION.

Mirror Entity This guy is a closer.

JoltsOfEnergy on minotuar rapage

4 days ago

I wouldnt just blindly put all the minotaur cards you can find in here. Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic can both buff your creatures. Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms and Obelisk of Urd can work for your tribal anthem effects. Patriarch's Bidding works to bring back all your minotaurs at the same time.Furthermore I'd use some good R/B commander staples. Terminate, Dreadbore, Blightning, Skull Rend maybe Wrecking Ball.Finally if you want more of a hellbent strategy for your commander's effect I'd suggest adding Malfegor and Anthem of Rakdos.

Hope these help.

Sandiego10 on Zombie Drain

4 days ago

Would Patriarch's Bidding or Zombie Apocalypse be a good one as well?

LittleBlueHero on The Cow Goes Moooo (Budget Tribal)

4 days ago

I wouldn't look at the discard effect as a downside... I would try to take advantage of it.

Swap in a few madness cards maybe something like Fiery Temper or Avacyn's Judgment can replace some of the burn or kill spells you have now. You can also run some re-animator cards like Phyrexian Reclamation, Patriarch's Bidding could be really strong for you here as well. There are plenty of ways for you to take advantage of the discard clause.

Also Library of Leng is a very overlooked card in commander that allows you to discard cards to the top of your library. I think it works wonders with Cow Commander 2.0 (Tahngarth, Talruum Hero is 1.0).

I am looking to build this guy too. can't have too many ideas!

Delta-117 on Sliver EDH, because yes...

5 days ago

I will keep this short as I don't have much time but here are some suggestions:

Cascading Cataracts (PUT AKH beside this cards name and it show then display properly), Descendants' Path, and Training Grounds this one here is useful for obvious reasons when you have Sliver Queen and Sliver Overlord. You can get infinite mana with Training Grounds, Basal Sliver and Sliver Queen.

Another card you should add is Ashnod's Altar for the same above reason, along with Harsh Mercy, Patriarch's Bidding, Unnatural Selection to give you a second way of stealing your opponents creatures, Cryptolith Rite, and Coat of Arms. Amusingly Primal Surge due to your lack of non-permenants I think this could actually do well here, use cards like Manaweft Sliver, Gemhide Sliver and the Cryptolith Rite I suggested perhaps as ways to ramp into this.

If I have more time I can try to explain this a bit better later as to why some of these should have a place here.

KingMathoro on Sliver Spree

1 week ago

Hey there!

I saw your forum post and I thought I might chime in. You see I am a sliver fan myself. I am also working on my own sliver deck that is in its heavy play testing phase right now. With that in mind there are a few things I believe should be brought to your attention based off of my experience thus far. Cards that I have gotten a lot of use out of are things like: Patriarch's Bidding, Paradox Engine, Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, Rhystic Study, Virulent Sliver, Homing Sliver, Basal Sliver, Training Grounds, Heartstone, Farseek, Prismatic Omen, Descendants' Path, Distant Melody, Intruder Alarm, Darksteel Ingot, Amoeboid Changeling, Unnatural Selection. They have been amazing at times. Now for what I would recommend removing would be Boundless Realms because you do not have that man basics, Beseech the Queen, because when will you have that many swamps, Archangel's Light I don't necessarily get why this is here, I understand why you picked Mycosynth Lattice but I think if someone blows up all artifacts then you are in trouble. Maelstrom Nexus seems unnecessary really and would be a dead draw until you have many fixing. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth seems way out of place in a sliver deck. Far Wanderings is just a less powerful Kodama's Reach or Cultivate. Buried Alive again is a card that I do not know why it is here. Cruel Ultimatum and Conflux are cards that will be difficult to cast and only have very very late game usage. Behold the Beyond is kind of in that boat too, very large to cast and won't be useful until late game. I would love to hear your thoughts and have a conversation on the above discussed, until then, cheers!

sava629 on Silver Slivers

1 week ago

i have a sliver deck and i found Amoeboid Changeling to be great for taking control of opponents creatures with your commander also found Patriarch's Bidding great for when you get bored wiped and Magma Sliver is great for powering up your attackers

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