Patriarch's Bidding

Patriarch's Bidding


Each player chooses a creature type. Each player returns all creature cards of a type chosen this way from his or her graveyard to the battlefield.

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Patriarch's Bidding Discussion

TheSlowestBro on The Ur-Dragon's Dragons

1 month ago

Patriarch's Bidding and/or Living Death can be huge bombs especially with Tyrant of the Peaks/Dragonlord Kologhan. Also I'd consider Hellkite Charger as a pretty sweet little combo together with the Savage Ventmaw. If you do add in some mass reanimation then Thundermaw Hellkite becomes quite enticing to tap down all opposing flyers.

Good looking deck overall, I like that you've opted for plenty of draw and removal. +1

SufferFromEDHD on Legendary Wizards of Oz

1 month ago

+1 from me from the concept alone. I like the theme/gimmick of legendary wizard tribal in all these colors. Snuck in charm tribal too. Maybe complete the Confluence and Command cycle?

0 artifacts or enchantments? Capitalize on their absence with a play set of stax hate.

Reki, the History of Kamigawa while not a wizard would still create real value in this list.

Tribal cards like Arcane Adaptation, Call to the Kindred, Cavern of Souls, Cover of Darkness, Descendants' Path, Kindred Discovery, Kindred Dominance, Kindred Summons, Patriarch's Bidding, Species Specialist

Cynic67 on Rat Colony Army

1 month ago

What are your thoughts on Patriarch's Bidding?

Pyrra on What's Your Favorite Deck?

1 month ago

Scion of the Ur-Dragon. so many neat interactions like transforming into different things when unblocked depending on the situation. surprise Balefire Dragon, nichol bolas, or even Moltensteel Dragon then Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon in the same turn for instant KO. or Teneb, the Harvester to reanimate something.

or i just dump all my mana into the ability during an opponents end step right before my turn, to load up the grave for a Patriarch's Bidding or Primevals' Glorious Rebirth with a haste guy like Dragonlord Kolaghan or Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund. this also triggers a ton of damage off of Scourge of Valkas and Dragon Tempest

vic on What is the priority order …

2 months ago

DragonSliver9001 and Rhadamanthus Conceptually, I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that's what the wording in the quotes says. I don't see anything in the wording that makes it stack with itself. I say it's just redundant, like something having Flying twice (plus the text in quotes twice) from two Pulmonic Slivers.

The Predatory Sliver thing makes perfect sense, because it is each of the two Predatory Slivers (PS) that grants a +1/+1. PS #1 gives the boost. Also PS #2 gives the boost. So two boosts. No problem.

But our friend Lavabelly says that the new sliver coming in gives ITSELF a triggered effect when it comes in. It doesn't come in twice, so the effect happens once (no stacking).

Let's say there are no Lavabellies on the board. No creatures at all, let's say. There is a new Sliver card that I'll call Drain Sliver that reads "When this creature enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to target player or planeswalker and you gain 1 life". I have two Drain Slivers in my graveyard and I play that Patriarch's Bidding.

How much damage is dealt & gained? I say it's 2. Right?

vic on What is the priority order …

2 months ago

If I play a card like Patriarch's Bidding in a multi-player game, then several players might have creatures with ETB effects (which may affect each other's creatures. Example: Nekrataal), and I'm trying to sort out how that works.

Let's say there are 3 of us, with me as A, to my left as B, and to my right as C. What is the order of creatures entering the battlefield?

Peoyogon on Ratatouille

2 months ago

I found Patriarch's Bidding to work wonders for my rats!

Since most of your rats are 1 toughness, Skullclamp is also a consistent card draw outlet. It is especially great when a Dictate of Erebos or Grave Pact is out :)

gvazdaus on The Queen's Egg

2 months ago

I’ve stumbled across Lifeline. My meta has become very small due to the pandemic and for a variety of reasons including Crystalline Sliver and Sliver Hivelord, removal has moved toward sacrifice/exile effects. Outside of Tajuru Preserver which killed the theme, there’s little recourse for recurring Fleshbag Marauder. I understand there’s symmetry, which I remember being a turn-off for you in relation to Intruder Alarm but Lifeline seems to be a sure fire way to keep slivers in play without relying on coin flipping or having Patriarch's Bidding.

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