Patriarch's Bidding


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Patriarch's Bidding


Each player chooses a creature type. Each player returns all creature cards of a type chosen this way from his or her graveyard to the battlefield.

Patriarch's Bidding Discussion

Vlasiax on Gimme Those Dragons!

1 day ago

Hello, to make this deck faster I'd cut like 2-3 lands Blackcleave Cliffs and one of Mountain and Swamp for Birds of Paradise , Deathrite Shaman and Nature's Lore .

For Dragons, which I guess you want win with I'd use ones with lower CMC since they're easier to cast and provide cool effects:

For planeswalkers I'd strongly suggest trying out Sarkhan, Fireblood

Cloudius on The Sphinx: A Menacing Mystery

1 week ago

Ravenrose Simply love the flavor of your deck. How is your meta like?

Here're some of my useful and flavorful suggestions:

1) Cryptic Gateway , Quicksilver Amulet , Belbe's Portal - These are alternate ways to cheat out your Sphinx army, just in case Yennett gets hated out.

2) Urza's Incubator , Patriarch's Bidding - Tribal staples.

3) Siren's Call - Adds to the flavor of the deck as the inability to answer a Sphinx's riddles, is as deadly as a Siren's call. Pair them off with Festival or Orim's Chant and you've a single sided boardwipe!

4) Always Watching - Sphinxes are also viewed as Guardians, commonly seen at the entrance of temples, thus "Vigilance" fits this theme perfectly. This synergizes well with Cryptic Gateway as you can attack with your Sphinxes 1st then summon more at end of opponents' turn using the Gateway!

Hope you find these suggestions useful and fun! Let me know what you think. Cheers.

hkhssweiss on Bladewing Rises

2 weeks ago

Some fun cards to run are like Patriarch's Bidding , Corpse Dance , Mimic Vat , Urza's Incubator , and The Immortal Sun . Running some rituals in these types of decks doesn't hurt as well, either that or some haste enablers like Mass Hysteria , Fervor , or Hammer of Purphoros .

Cloudius on The Shamans of Jund

2 weeks ago

+1 for an interesting tribal deck.

There're so many ways to take the deck, my brain juices are on overdrive right now.

You already got an infinite tokens combo in the deck, why not introduce more Infinite Combos:

Rhythm of the Wild - The new toy from RNA is perfect for this deck, making your creatures uncounterable. The +1/+1 Counters allows us to loop any creatures with Persist indefinitely to create infinite tokens!

There're several creatures with "Persist" that you can select from to boost this combo. Sadly only 1 of them is a Shaman.

Puppeteer Clique - While not a Shaman, I want to give it a special mention. Being able to recur your opponents' creatures in fun and powerful.

Blasting Station - Capable of dealing inifnite damage once you establish the loop with your Commander in play.

Phyrexian Altar - More sacrifice outlet as combo enabler.

Cauldron of Souls - Grants all your Shaman "Persist" for more shenanigans.

Other suggestions:

Patriarch's Bidding - Fits the tribal theme perfectly.

Defense of the Heart , Green Sun's Zenith , Chord of Calling , Tooth and Nail - Tutors up your key creatures.

Selvala's Stampede - A hidden gem, especially in a multiplayer game. Highly recommend this card when you've high costing creatures in the deck.

I'd also recommend increasing the number of sacrifice outlets and recursion spells in the deck.

Hope you find these suggestions useful. Cheers!

ZendikariWol on The Shamans of Jund

2 weeks ago

Dude I 100% confused Conspiracy for Patriarch's Bidding why tf is this here?

MtG_4Me on Deck #10 - Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

2 weeks ago

Pretty cool having Grenzo, Dungeon Warden command a bunch of Relentless Rats . But let me improve your synergy here, and turbocharge this deck.

First, I'd remove all of your lands that come into play tapped. Add a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Cabal Coffers , and a Crypt Ghast . That alone will speed you up greatly.

Secondly, get rid of all the superfluous stuff. That means all your sorceries/instants and some of the artifacts. Ok, maybe we keep a Demonic Tutor , Vampiric Tutor , or Diabolic Intent.

We want pretty much everything to come in as a creature so, regarding haste, let's put in Anger , Ogre Battledriver , and a Mogis's Marauder !

If you must, I guess you could keep your Coat of Arms , or maybe a Door of Destinies , or even a Marton Stromgald ; but I think they all are "win more" cards. Instead, let's put in an Eldrazi Monument! Indestructible flying rats is game over real quick. So you have to sac a rat occasionally, "que, sera, sera".

Now it's gonna get real fun. Since you've got a poop-ton of rats, using Ashnod's Altar will let you really utilize Grenzo's flip into play ability. If you have haste, you could then sac a few rats, play Patriarch's Bidding , and flip the rest of your mana into more rats. and Voila, game over dude.

Onto your destruction package. Just one card here, Crypt Rats ! A much more selective boardwipe, and it's on theme. You could also go with Pestilence , Toxic Deluge , or Golden Demise . Pretty much any amount of rats will survive the damage.

Now for the "Coup de Resistance". You do a big flip, after maybe an altar sacrifice, and let's say you don't have haste, but with all the rats that come out, guess what else pops up: Gray Merchant of Asphodel !

Now that's, if not "Game Over", a real big life swing.

ThePerilousRealm on Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund - Flying Matters

2 weeks ago

Thanks for looking and commenting. I appreciate the feedback.

I'm aware of the infinite combos with Hellkite Charger and Aggravated Assault , but I'm not a huge fan of infinite combos. I may include in the future though.

Not a bad idea swapping in a Swamp to help with Sakura-Tribe Elder , but I already feel like I have a bit too much black and not enough green mana. I'm thinking about dropping Shizo, Death's Storehouse , but would hate to give up the Fear utility.

Nesting Dragon + Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire sounds pretty sweet. I'll have to give some thought to including that. Not sure what to give up though.

Haha, Patriarch's Bidding would be pretty epic with Scourge of Valkas . I'll have to look into getting one.

Rhythm of the Wild is pretty awesome.

As for good old Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon , I'm not ready to drop him quite yet, but you're probably right that it would be good to swap him for Glorybringer . He just packs so much brutal utility for a low CMC. I guess the same could be said for Glorybringer .

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Patriarch's Bidding occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%