Patriarch's Bidding


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught Rare

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Patriarch's Bidding


Each player chooses a creature type. Each player returns all creature cards of a type chosen this way from his or her graveyard to the battlefield.

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Patriarch's Bidding Discussion

Lucky_Dutch on 666 Hordes Of The Dead: The Scarab God Primer

18 hours ago

You know the combo do you? You Play Tunnel Vision then name Patriarch's Bidding as the card you are going for, Mill as Many creatures in the grave. Next turn Play patriarch ( name a creature typ) en there you go;)

kellen.rice on 666 Hordes Of The Dead: The Scarab God Primer

1 day ago

Wow, Patriarch's Bidding is really good in this deck! I already have Tunnel Vision, so I'll add it in. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lucky_Dutch on 666 Hordes Of The Dead: The Scarab God Primer

1 day ago

Have you ever considered Tunnel Vision Patriarch's Bidding combo?I use it in my sliver deck. its great!!

cleandeceit on Vermintide (EDH Rats)

1 day ago

This deck is awesome, I may even build it myself. Although, I would make a few tweeks... probably add Door of Destinies and Patriarch's Bidding. Thanks for posting this build. +1 from me.

Hanarama on Day of The Dead

2 days ago

I would nix Patriarch's Bidding, since it would aid other decks a little too much, and would be taking away potential graverobbing targets. With all your recursion, your grave will probably be emptier than you're imagining.

I've gotten some pretty good use out of Magus of the Will when I need to recure a lot of things at once. Yeah the down side is having to pay mana costs, but you can choose non-creatures as well.

I'd also suggest adding Call to the Kindred. It's pretty similar to Grave Defiler, but you get to put a card to the field and it happens each of your upkeeps.

You might also consider running Fallen Ideal as a way to make a flying sac engine.

Gisa and Geralf are one of my favorite commanders. There's so much flavor and fun that goes along with them. I really hope that you have a lot of fun playing them. c:

Mike94 on Sliver Sliver on the wall

3 days ago

Hi! First of all cool theme!

These are the cards I would put in and why:

Why are you not running Sliver Hive?? This card is a staple for slivers. I also think that your list lacks ways to actually hit face, Shifting Sliver should work perfectly with your gameplan. Maybe, instead of Sliver Queen you could run Sliver Hivelord, since he has an better effect overall. Sliver Legion is also nuts if you have a strong board. Harmonic Sliver is also a must have to handle enchantments or artefacts. For card draw I would play Dormant Sliver, if you have drawn enough with you slivers you can sac him to Acidic Sliver or Necrotic Sliver. Instead of Patriarch's Bidding I would play Pulmonic Sliver, more slivers ftw!! and last I would play Crypt Sliver over Sedge Sliver, you already have some "buff" slivers and the tap ability is faster than the mana ability.

Still gotta say cool deck! I would love to play against slivers some day (never encountered one)

BrettonTheKid on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

1 week ago

This deck doesn't look too bad. I would suggest maybe taking out the counters because they are not really needed in commander it is just not an effective way of playing. I would keep a few but over all take out the crappy ones and keep in like 4.I assume one of the win cons is Scourge of Valkas and Sarkhan Unbroken which can be great but also puts a target on you in your play group (trust me I usually the target despite Azami is also there). I noticed Patriarch's Bidding is also in the deck as a win con with Scourge or tempest. is a deck of mine that is mostly hitting people. Some times just hitting works, and sometimes you just get shit on by Selvala, Heart of the Wilds and Atraxa.This deck still does fairly well to divi out damage equally most of the time. So if you would like to take a look and see what I have going on that works for me.

Krallion on Abzan EZ Counters

1 week ago

Those were just suggestions to try and keep your enchantments safe, you have a lot of graveyard recursion for creatures, so I suggest having atleast 1 or 2 ways to recur enchantments. Speaking of recursion, if you run enough creatures that share types, maybe Patriarch's Bidding?

Also, every black deck runs Bojuka Bog, consider adding it. Quite good

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