Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Weatherlight Common

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Untap all creatures you control.

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Vitalize Discussion

Dark_Danda on The Number 1 Rhys Deck

1 month ago

Nice going buddy! I'm impressend and amused :)

Actually there really are some crazy shit 1 mana drops. Might I suggest some more?

Here we go:

Shit, I now realized that most of the cards are ramp cards while you have CMC 1. Okay, let's change plan then:

Hope this helps and feel free to check some of my volunteer 1 mana drops in: Rhys Redeemed: Infinite Enchantment Combo Control


LeaPlath on Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

1 month ago

Heritage Druid, Elvish Archdruid, Birchlore Rangers, Priest of Titania, Joraga Treespeaker let you turn your tokens into mana etc.

Nature's Lore, Assassinate, Bone Splinters, Death Stroke, Despise, Distress, Explore, Gruesome Discovery, Journey of Discovery, Mind Rot, Appetite for the Unnatural, Doom Blade, Druid's Deliverance, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Naturalize, Seedling Charm, Spring Cleaning, Strength in Numbers, Vitalize, Prowess of the Fair, Wayfarer's Bauble, Deadbridge Shaman, Silhana Starfletcher can all be cut in my opinion. These cards are all low impact or just a bit eh, compared to what you can do.

Unnerve should be Syphon Mind.

Nullmage Shepherd lets to turn a swarm of tokens into repeatable removal.

If you want to go in hard on tokens, you also have Primal Vigor as another token doubler, Second Harvest as a single use doubler, Sylvan Offering as a massive token producer/political card you can take advantage of especially. Voice of the Woods turns tokens into yet more tokens.

Damnable Pact is a good draw x spell, which can be political, or can be used to burn someone to death. Weird Harvest is an interesting political option, that can let you win on the spot with enough ramp.

themoma on Ezuri, Renegade Leader untap deck

3 months ago

Benefactor's Draught seems like a perfect card for the deck; untapping and drawing are its favorite mechanics. And Isochron Scepter as a means to copy an instant effect might also be good (whether it's Benefactor's Draught or Vitalize or even Worldly Tutor). The only issue with Isochron Scepter is that there aren't so many low-cost instants, so it could be a dead draw in a lot of cases.

JubaLose on Wanderer's Song

3 months ago

ShaperSavant today I pick one for testing, but cannot put in the deck before the games begin and without fetches the power decay a lot, Sylvan Scrying is underwhelming, and I feel the same about Vitalize, Phyrexian Revoker in my meta don't do much, but I know he is a very good silver bullet and deserve their spot. How you seeThousand-Year Elixir? Thinking in add elixir and Fierce Empath to grab Bane of Progress when desperated. =)

god_dammit_nappa on Most Obscure/unknown commanders/cards for the ...

4 months ago


Enter Stage-Left:

enter image description here

If you love mono-green decks, but are looking for a different playstyle, Jolrael, Empress of Beasts is the Commander for you.

She focuses on putting lots of lands onto the battlefield and staying below the aggro table. And because of her signature ability, you'll find yourself taking a break from the usual green deck-building strategy of stuffing 30+ creatures in the deck while giving you opportunities to put in answers like Beast Within, Scour from Existence, Boompile, and Desert Twister.

I made a deck list and uploaded it to TappedOut. My deck list tends to not focus on putting too many permanents onto the battlefield (usually just the artifacts or enchantments that you needed early in the game like for ramp or whatever).

Because of this, board wipes like Planar Cleansing or Wrath of God aren't as detrimental to your strategy as other traditional green decks. You can still have fun and be in the game before and after a board wipe.



Not to mention that she's probably the only general you will ever come across who can get a Craterhoof Behemoth'ed army and not die to the control player's overloaded Cyclonic Rift. Rift returns all NON-land permanents to their owners hands, but since your creatures ARE lands the table dies anyway!

Dude. Think about it. How hilarious will your opponents' facial expressions be when they realize they can't do anything about angry lands attacking them?


Jolrael is incredibly fun to play and easy to build around. The way you win is you stuff Eternal Witness and Noxious Revival effects and untap tricks like Early Harvest and Vitalize after turning your Lands into creatures with Jolrael's ability. Then you cast Shamanic Revelation, draw all the cards, and 'Hoof for the game-ending swing.


Check out my deck list that I'm currently working on: Queen of the Mwonvuli Jungle. I haven't finished the description part yet, but I'm still working on that. The deck, however, is in working order.

Drakender on Wish it were Squirrels

4 months ago

Vitalize instead of Dramatic reversal?, the only artifact you tap being Crome and having one is still circumstantial and cost one less mana and is green...

catmario on Pauper Deathtouch Pingers

4 months ago

Bazzz Thanks for the suggestion! Never seen Vitalize before and it indeed looks fitting here but I am usually not having more than one or two creatures I would like to untap so at first glance Cerulean Wisps looks just better since you can also cycle and play around protection from green. I will try Vitalize out in mtgo and see how it goes. Thanks!

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