Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Common
Weatherlight (WTH) Common

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Untap all creatures you control.

Vitalize Discussion

Tzefick on Temporal bargain

13 hours ago

Like aholder7 says, there's not many phases in a turn. There's 5:

  • Beginning (Untap, upkeep, draw step)

  • Precombat Main Phase

  • Combat Phase

  • Postcombat Main Phase

  • End Phase

So... I get that the card in question is likely not broken because it gets increasingly more difficult to utilize the card's effect, the higher value X is. Although copy spells would effectively make multiple gains with only minimal disadvantages to it. Let's say you cast this at X = 1 and gets to copy it 2 times for a total of 3 instances. Your opponent is forced to select the same phase each time or risk giving you turns with no handicap.

I'm not sure how this would interact with cards that grants you additional steps and phases, like Combat Phases, Upkeep Step ( Paradox Haze ).

As for gameplay, I don't think you would ever cast this for anything other than X = 1 and maybe X = 2. You need some serious rule breaking stuff going on before this makes much sense, as most people will cap your Beginning (and Combat/Ending phases). I'm tempted to say it is too conditional in a lot of ways for it to make sense to make as a card that isn't straight Savor the Moment .

Interesting design but I think it falls into a category of "requires too much setup" to make sense to print as a card.

I think you would need to make it a bit more boxed in to make it feasible.

Something like

Alternative Show

A more strict casting cost when scaling as even if you put in X = 100, you still get Upkeep and End step, so it has a purpose.

By handpicking the modes on the spell (like Fatespinner you allow a more interesting choice, whereas before very few people would not ask you to skip the Beginning Phase, as it's here you get Untap and Draw. Basically with this model you ask your opponent, what do you not want me to do? Untap permanents, draw cards, play sorcery speed, or attack? Untap is by far the worst step to skip for the caster, but they may get around it by other means, like Vitalize , Intruder Alarm or Wilderness Reclamation .

I didn't make it exile itself, which may be a mistake, but I don't see how you misuse it in a fashion that is already available in eternal formats in a much better way.

Since this card messes with steps and phases I would think it would be fitting to throw it in a non-standard set, so Modern Horizons 2?

jordybear2002 on Marwyn, the Nuturer Elf Tribal

1 week ago

Good deck! There are a few things that I would recommend. 1. Benefactor's Draught , Mobilize , and Vitalize for untapping and casting more creatures. 2. More card draw and pump spells. Vanquisher's Banner . Coat of Arms , Herald's Horn , and Shamanic Revelation . I know some of these aren't in the $1 but if you optimized this list I would definitely add these. Great deck and a +1 from me!

dingusdingo on Gyre Fire

2 weeks ago

I used to have a similar deck back in the day that ran Arbor Elf with Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl to ramp the mana instead. Here are some takeaways I've learned from decks like this

  1. You need an engine card to untap your mana producers. Early Harvest for lands matter, Vitalize is a really great choice for creature related strategies.

  2. You want big value mana producers. Marwyn is a great choice for ramping extra mana, but also check out Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid .

  3. Card draw helps to stabilize. Harmonize is a neat choice for mostly green. So is Regal Force or Rishkar's Expertise

I like that this deck has beatdown as a backup plan. Maybe consider a slot or two for some artifact/enchantment removal. Marwyn is legendary, so running tutor cards could help free slots while adding utility. Primal Command is a nice toolbox card, and easily castable with all that ramp. Time of Need is cheaper but more limited. Also I don't know how many of these are standard legal :-)

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

2 months ago

CyborgAeon: I honestly love taking everyones' suggestions as seriously as possible. Deliberation is usually a task I take upon myself and when I'm really stumped on a decision, I consult ShaperSavant. For the most part, I spitball with Soren841 as he's followed the deck's progress up until and including its current state and is also one of the more versed players on the subject matter (seen it in action as well). He constantly challenges the build, which drives me further to keep improving it.

I believe some suggestions fall flat because they haven't put in the hours I have into playing it, so it's up to me to explain my reasoning for card choices.

As for testing, it has its lulls where cards I want to see never show up, but that's just the nature of EDH. I almost never see Sylvan Library , but we know damn sure that cards hella good and never leaving.

Now, to address your suggestions:

Viridian Joiner : this is strictly worse than Marwyn, the Nurturer , as they cost the same and have the same base power, whereas Marwyn has a way of buffing her self. It's easy to buff with minor bounce effects like Wirewood Symbiote and unfortunately Viridian Joiner is stuck unless you play Umbral Mantle or Great Oak Guardian . Umbral Mantle being the reason to consider it makes it a very narrow pairing that's unlikely to happen as much as you'd want it since it's reliant on drawing into it. Only other card that works with it is Great Oak Guardian and only makes it worth it while looping. Last but not least, it's feasibly possible to make Marwyn, the Nurturer storm off at instant speed or go infinite with Staff of Domination .

Vitalize : This was a preference thing, since Yeva needs card advantage from everywhere it could possibly get it. Feel free to swap if your meta benefits from draught. Lately my internal struggle has actually been my want for Emerald Charm as it can even untap Gaea's Cradle and destroy problem enchantments at one mana, but I digress, Vitalize works as well as you'd expect it to with its lower cost and asymmetrical effect.

Fierce Empath : This card is unbelievably integral to the deck to date, I can't stress this enough. It's a pseudo outlet that's ridiculously flexible and it being a creature can easily start tutor chains. Ex: Woodland Bellower , Fierce Empath , Regal Force , or Great Oak Guardian . You can also lead with Fierce Empath into Woodland Bellower into any three drop you could possibly need to keep the ball rolling. Tutors on a body in this context are ridiculously strong and not to be disregarded. Also an elf

Vivien's Arkbow : Now, despite making Fierce Empath a non-option as a swap for the bow, that's not to say I'm currently wracking my brain on what to remove for it (looking like Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, though not definite). Both Shaper and Soren have told me to consider it as well and in my opinion, it's a hell of a card, especially since it doesn't reveal and my curve is so low. I will be posting a HUGE update soon, with a new kill line and improvements with deep implications to the deck, however, testing is everything and I vowed to never post some update with arbitrary changes unless it changes the deck fundamentally for the better. Expect the bow in the deck eventually.

Ravenous Slime : Is only run against known flash hulk decks, if I'm blindsided, I insert it after since it's so narrow in every other situation.

Thank you so much for contributing to this discussion, as alway your feedback is appreciated.

CyborgAeon on Yeva Draw-Grow

2 months ago

To be fair, getting the opinion of ShaperSavant is like a note from the author of a book; whereas having comments from others can often feel lackluster in comparison.

Sorry to hear about your issues in testing; I had no idea how much Mana Crypt had shot up in price, so I've just got around to buying one and a few cards (like Yeva) to actually start putting this list together. Current adjustments:

Marwyn => [[Viridian Joiner]]

Fierce empath => [[vivien's arkbow]]

Benefactor's draught => [[vitalize]]
Viridian Joiner as it's better with Umbral Mantle - I feel like giving it a shot.

Vivien's Arkbow is repeatable 'tutor' effects that in the worst case scenario function as ramp, turning dead draws into gas.

Vitalize I know draught draws cards, but it also untaps opposing dorks and I've too many of these in my meta.

Ravenous Slime I believe edh is a singleton format, and the name 'llanowar elves' means there's two of them... more importantly: vs flash-hulk this is a necessity.

Alkadron on Imperious Perfect Tribal Aggro

2 months ago

Did you consider Vitalize or Mobilize ?

SynergyBuild on Understimated Commanders

2 months ago

Well, I am a fan of Selvala, Explorer Returned . A group-hug effect tacked onto a name more recognizable in its mono-green form, however, I found that Selvala, Explorer Returned gives roughly 3-4 mana on tap. That is an amazing advantage.

Take abuse of this, with effects like Smothering Tithe , Well of Lost Dreams , or Paradox Engine , use more untap-effects like Instill Energy , Quirion Ranger , Scryb Ranger , Wirewood Symbiote , Vitalize , Nature's Chosen (A favorite), Emerald Charm , and numerous other green untap effects that cost less than the tap on Selvala herself, and you can storm off through your deck, just trying to find Paradox Engine , Well of Lost Dreams , or another payoff, and you will draw your deck.

Run any number of wincons, a favorite of mine being Altar of the Brood , Cloudstone Curio , Instill Energy , and Nature's Chosen , or whatever you want, and you get to mill out each opponent.

How do you do this when you have to draw your opponents ~20-30 cards when going off? Silence or Autumn's Veil , Grand Abolisher , City of Solitude . Whatever you want!

This list is just an unbudgeted variant: Selvala Hugstorm (Semi-Competitive Combo)

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Vitalize occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Green: 0.17%