This is a deck that started as a casual deck, with really nothing incredibly powerful to threaten a boardstate. But I spent more time playing it, and wanting to make the deck more efficient. I really wanted the deck to be able to handle a multiplayer pod. I believe I am successful, but feel there is always more room for improvement. Please feel free to leave suggestions with reasons why, and check the maybeboard to make sure those cards aren't currently there.

I'm in the process of trying to made a primer for this deck and get down to the math and nitty gritty. Am very busy so I very well may take a long time to get to it. Apologies in advance, I'm not as active a player as I would like because I work long hour weeks. Thanks Capitalism!

For the time being, please take a look at some of the questions and answers in the comments where I have spent some time to explain my card choices and synergies! I also hope that the custom categories help you understand my intended game-plan a little bit.

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